Controlled Energy sources, are limited too: the balancing of gases (you push on me, and I will push back)/ the disciplines of flow (there will be an reaction to each action) , particularly in the mediums of fluid such as water/ and the predictable order of a solid (I cannot be defeated without cost). In consideration of these things, the concept of a machine which generates electricity due to the disciplines of a fluid moved; should not be beyond your reach.

In the “billion dollar gift machine”: what we are looking at is simply, by example. If you have a glass of water/ and you put your finger on top of a straw to lower that straw into the water. The straw remains relatively empty except for the compressed gas/ until you release the top, in which case water pushes the air out, and seeks its own level at the water height in the glass. So conception is: if we can mechanically eliminate the water from our machinery so that the straw cannot refill: then whatever height of water rising above that level on the outside of the straw; does represent a movable weight that can be used in the running of our machinery. Which is to generate electricity.

While you cannot simply use energy against itself: which would be to have machinery that pumps out as much weight as does enter the machine; a perpetual motion machine does not work. BUT since the discipline of fluid energy can be considered “a cross of both vertical and horizontal energy”; each being equal. With the correct order of solids, such as steel; to control that flow: we should be able to separate out a horizontal motion or flow (to pump out the water/ that is separate but equal, to a vertical motion or flow (to drive a generator). It all depends upon the efficiency and stability of valving and seals. It is the escape velocity of the water in the straw, that decides what amount of power or energy is available to be used. The efficiency of the pumping that will determine if it works. All mechanical motions use energy to create heat; so that heat does consume some of the energy.

The question is: DOES more energy in water exist, than is simply weight? To answer that question we look at another example: the weight on the bottom surface of a tank containing water, is determined by the weight of the water/ per square inch or whatever. That is simple and direct, BUT if we look at it another way: as if the weight of a container holding a cubic foot of water said to be 64 pounds; is stacked up like bricks. Then as we add “water bricks” one on top of the other; they add simply 2 water bricks equal 128 pounds at two feet down/ 3 water bricks equal 192 at three feet down and so on. BUT if you are a person inside the water/ it is only the atmospheric pressure that affects you down to 33 feet. So we have a difference in energy between the constant of weight, and the realities of pressure. ANY significant difference between the realities of energy in a constant situation, as are the disciplines of flow: should be harvest-able under the right conditions.

The question is how; and there are a variety of possibilities which might prove useful. Only experimentation, and the presence of thought; will prove what we can or cannot do.

Some will always argue: IF HE knows how/ then why did he not just go to the patent office and “MAKE SOME MONEY”; only a fool, gives real world opportunities to be rich away.

But alas, since very young: I see this world has being attacked by men, and capable of dying at any moment in time. Throughout the forty plus years I have been fighting with you: about the cost of what you are doing/ threats of extinction and more. The one overriding reality of my life has been: I CANNOT simply do anything I might want too/ because one second too late, in generating enough information to change your mind; AND PROTECT LIFE AND PLANET; would in fact be more than I could bear. So, until the point of no return has pasted/ and this world is dead now; even if you are not. I don’t deviate for more than a few moments; to simply distract myself and recover the sanity you steal; before fighting for life and world again. If you were not insane/ my life would have been very different. But you are; because not another single creature on earth; would intentionally destroy themselves with blind stupidity and beliefs. That makes you insane. That makes your belief, particularly in “University is god”; beyond insane, to become “satanic” by its purpose. Which is to prove “yes we can be gods”/ when you cannot even recognize evolution is for; the worst of fools. Or igniting a nuclear fire makes you SATAN (the destroyer of this world). Or mutilating genetics; makes of you the worst A DEVIL can be. Or, destroying the water supplies; brings you the apocalypse (THEY ARE, utterly insane/ every single one; because death is inescapable for them all). Etcetera.

Unfortunately for life and planet; after forty + years; I no longer fight with you/ as reality has proven you believe ANYTHING THAT IS NOT DEFINED BY YOUR WANTS; is an enemy to be defeated. A war to be declared, and a mob to be assembled; so that nothing can come between what you want/ and what you intend to take; even from your own child. GO DO THE WORK, yourselves; or die. The information has been given; and if you care nothing for the life that was given you, or the planet that gave you time/ then you have no value, and are without a purpose to my time. I did do, the work given to me. ALL THE REST, IS YOU!


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