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NO, I DON’T hate the universities. YES, I DO despise the insane and horrifying death march into extinction, that is the curse; “university is god, etc”. The only method to stop that insanity: is to make them “people, like you and me”;  again.

The vile desolate disgrace, that is covid corruption: WHERE IS THE FLU, INFLUENZA, PNEUMONIA, COMMON COLD: ALL REPLACED BY THE WORD “COVID”/ so that the devil of descent into misery and death can rise to destroy “even you”; by the cowardice, of your fears. INVESTIGATE! Is it new/ or is it just a different name?      covid    No more “cloak (disguised by a diploma, we know: PROVE IT) and dagger (we are the nobility, we decide/ you are nothing: PROVE IT)”. No more want (refusing reality, to assume an imagination, fantasy, or delusion is enough: PROVE IT). No more pride (making life a game that you control; is a lie/ truth decides what can be done and how; life is no game: the consequences can be horrific; AS LIFE, HAS PROVEN). No more power (you are not gods; in fact you chose to destroy not to build for life: that is devil: FAILED). An investigation into the realities of being wrong, and the cost of letting a university decide: is established by truth, and the critical construction that is a courtroom designed by REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, (DEFENSE OF DEMOCRACY, FIRST AMENDMENT: US LAW); to clearly and deliberately define what our future is going to be/ because of choices that were made. NOTHING LESS will destroy a cult. NOTHING LESS will even attempt to identify a life and living we could potentially survive.  INVESTIGATE YOUR WORLD!    SO, what could the universities possibly get from your acceptance of their:  “claimed pandemic”?    nobody pays; just every child  

In all of history, nothing has proven to be more horrific/ more terrifying by its weapons/ or a greater betrayal to life and planet than a university diploma; NOT because it has to be, but because men and women choose to make it so. The cost of that truth is: our own extinction, by the collapse of everything we depend upon to survive; as the evidence does prove.  lets counterfeit so nobody pays/ but every child

University lives for one single purpose: to play god with life and planet and energy; little else is done. Discarding life (crucifying biology, as in all of nature with genetics) and the living (destroying every resource/ every chain of life or reality we need) and the consequences for what is being done, with energy and all that “universities can touch”; is extinction. Because that is what they chose, and that is what humanity has allowed for them to do. Turning a blind eye, to the endless theft/ the endless murder of life and earth/ the endless terrorism that is playing god, with no more knowledge than the smartest monkey alive. If you had wisdom: you would be doing NO such things, as risk all life and planet/ therefore the stupidest generation of people to have ever; entered into time.  what do you get to lose   failure spreads

Nonetheless; as is the endless battle to keep this earth and its life from being destroyed by universities and the overpopulation they did create, at the request of humanity: we must try to keep the last of the university death strikes from overtaking the rest of life itself. That means: we must identify and create the realities of understanding: the “university as Satan”. While humanity itself screams: “the universities are gods”/ and I agree, they are gods of destruction; the end cause, the critical choices: that have identified their curse of extinction, that is coming upon us all.  not as easy as it sounds

IF, YOU HAD A BRAIN: which has been purposely destroyed in large measure by the university indoctrination of religious failures due to the take over of all education by the critical sewage of evolution/ and a complete and intentional failure by religion, to not only allow that/ but offer its assistance to the degradation of life itself that evolution is. Surfing in the sewage, to worship at the feet of a shit-hole spewing out : what is, called university knows. But such is cult worship; only the leader has a brain; and all the rest are so busy with their head buried in the sand; they can know nothing but want. NOTHING is less true than evolution; as is consistent with reality itself, and even the tiniest scrap of intelligence: chaos builds nothing/ and yet that is the constant of a university knows. While they offer we are disciplined, and search for order identifying truth. The reality is true. Because they know only “one tiny little thing”/ as an individual scientist; and those called the elite of science, then use their imagination to create endless delusion and fantasy to support their own conclusion which is always “we are gods/ we can be gods/ we will remake this world as gods, by destroying everything that is; ;so that chaos will build it back even better. Even the monkeys areyour superior, as they know better than you. But then the universities know that; as they call “the monkeys papa”. Damn piss head fools; sewage for brains.  want is never enough

Again, nonetheless: we are faced with the curse of zombie science/ and the demands of fools, will always worship in the sewer. So we turn to the realities of this day, and remember: there is no going back from extinction or the choices that end our lives on earth.  conviction

The list of extreme delusion, and complete fantasy; due to a university predator, and its diseased cult followers, is very long; so we will only fight, identifying with the most deadly simple and the most venomous of its purposes to destroy.  socialist

As does religion; we will just reduce the description of “university knows”: to devil. For simplicity; as there is nothing complex in the thirst for blood, as does the rampaging, ravaging, rape, and ruin that is, the university “devil”.

  1. We begin with “covid 19”; the latest version of control, over and above what has been demanded of their cult previously; this is in fact the intent to clearly move the human population into the slaughter house, and destroy the very fabric that holds them together as humanity itself. FEAR EVERYTHING/ THE DISEASE IS GOING TO GET YOU; YOU HAVE NO OPTIONS; “BUT to make the university devil, your god/ your savior/ and your emperor who has all the money, all the power, and all the options; including soon, the demand to make you die. As cults sometimes do.
  2. And the cult worshipers say: “the universities are our gods, they would never/ HELL, they are the perfect ones, who cannot be wrong, and who will never betray us; cause their OUR gods”. But alas; they already have: with endless threats, and clear decisions to discard the future, just as they discarded the infrastructure of nations/ the currency of nations destroyed by hidden inflation/ the debts which cannot be paid/ and the clear and certain intent to assassinate every child, by destroying this world on purpose, and with fervor (a desire mimicking hate). As the evidence will prove. WHY IS IT ALLOWED: and with one voice, the elder generations shout: “not in my lifetime”/ GIVE ME EVERYTHING I WANT; to HELL with every child; let them pay, not me! So the cult is just a background to hide the criminal conspiracy that is death to this world. While all the rest hold their heads in the sand, to pretend they don’t know: but do.
  3. We turn to critical truths: of the worst of the worst that is devil without exception. Are the people who have made you “the vaccine for covid”. By removing the genetic environment of nature, as is BY THEIR OWN STATEMENTS: throwing away “rna” from its association with “dna”/ the simplest possible understanding of that in genetic terms is: TO REMOVE THE WIRING (and MUCH MORE) from the biological machine. Which would mean even if the entire living robot was built, without communication at its most critical levels; NOTHING LEFT of movement or value, is going to work right. A lump of clay, with no means to move ANYTHING. And by invading the biology of all human life with millions of injections around the world; “got to be safe/ government demands it”. Whatever removing rna from their vaccine can do; either immediately or over time itself/ THERE WILL BE NO GOING BACK from that disaster. Because NATURE IS SUPERIOR TO FOOLS, AND REALITIES OF LIFE, ARE SUPERIOR TO “university devil, imagination: is god only of destruction, and fools”.    communism/ kill the "university"
  4. WE TURN AGAIN, TO THE HORRORS OF “DEVIL with energy”; and remember those who cannot even assemble the reality of thought built this life, and this planet, and gave to us our living in time. BETRAY US ALL, with their assertion that chaos builds life/ and billions of years of accidents formed by chaos builds anything is pure sewage; and contains no credible evidence to support their position at all; “just university imagination, gone into the acid bath of death worshipers, as hate consumes them from existence in time.” THEY WANT YOU DEAD TOO; as their soul sinks into HELL.
    1. NOTHING IN BRAIN IS MORE CERTAIN: than to ignite a nuclear fire, that by science papers is expected to release A FOUR MILLION TIMES MORE ENERGY BURST of power, than a chemical release does. DOES NOT EXTINGUISH ITSELF.
    3. NOTHING IS MORE FOOLISH AND BLIND AND DEGRADING TO THE CONCEPT OF A BRAIN: than is the assertion “we can contain, an instantaneous 4,000,000 times more expansion of energy”. OR NOT BE KILLED IN AN INSTANT BY RADIATION BEYOND COMPREHENSION. PROVING THEIR BRAIN IS DEAD and all that is left; can be called SATAN.


lets lieFEAR, is the death of life. Because life needs freedom to express and experience itself as valued. Fear does not allow that, causing people to hide and run away from freedom. Therefore fear is an enemy/ not a friend. But even so: for those who simply “believe anything they are told/ without caution”; the realities of life can have a terrible surprise; as all predators depend upon that surprise and lack of vigilance. So we must accept courage to live, and be grateful for life/ but we must accept caution to survive, and sustain our existence with value: the difference is “fear is not welcome here”! Because fear knows neither of these things; it merely runs away from life, by believing it runs away from death. We cannot run away from death; it will come/ no cause to fear it then: all will die. We can only run away in the desperation to “keep time”/ but time destroys a human body, so the question is why? The answer is: fear of death itself.      capitalism

The predator then says: to make the victim run into my trap, to keep them cowered in place; so as to eat them at leisure: the purpose is to make them fear/ or make them so confident in survival that they do not realize “this is a trap”. As is the case of all livestock.      hate drives society

The human being asserts: by examining the evidence with thought, as best we can; and letting only truth decide the reality of any situation; our lives become both courageous and cautious. Because we are depending upon the laws that we do understand to protect us: not simply ourselves. That value establishes faith; in our ability to interpret the evidence, in truth as “the savior of life”; as it is/ rather than as wants, or pride; would corrupt it. Savior means: it is truth, more than the evidence, that guides the living into the decisions that they will make. Every decision shapes us/ every environment creates our reality/ every hope defines our destiny/ and every true desire becomes our identity. NONE of these things can be found in fear, or running away.

The dead trap of university is god: relies upon fear to make you fail. Relying upon university to save you; letting them discard nature itself, as your guide in respect to life itself: is the worst kind of trap, as it seeks to destroy your heart and soul. Fear (I am alone, hunted by death) sends you to hate (I judge you worthless to me), and hate sends you to pride (I will win/ or you will pay for making me lose); because wants will reduce life itself, to a measure of what you have lost. Pride builds a tower to stand on/ fear cuts the tower down; to make the ending even more afraid.    zero growth

I CANNOT SAVE YOU/ nor can you save me; and that includes medicine; because unless nature allows it, even with medicine you will die. So the universities are trying to destroy nature; by declaring; even though they have no clue what life really is/ they do believe themselves to be gods. “we have had some success”. But when that success is reviewed: it enables the evidence to say; the human population now threatens this entire earth with extinction; because we are so many people. Doing so many destructive things; and the universities top that list. So individually, you have a right to say; “I appreciate my time extended”/ but as life on earth, and a future dead to this whole earth. The price of your life is the end of your child and even the planet. So the universities are certainly “god: the destroyer of a world”; as they stand shouting “this is because of us”. And all of humanity says: praise the universities, because there ain’t nothing, MORE IMPORTANT THAN ME. Not even a world.    fair warning

But then we must ask: what if, time is not all there is to life? As does religion!

That leads us, each one: to the single greatest decision of your entire existence on this earth: is there, or is there not the possibility of life beyond time? That choice, will determine many things; for you.

If there is only time, and the end of that time; courage has little value/ the power to defeat your enemies, and control your wants regardless of the others; means more. “time is mine; selfishness expands”.

If there is life beyond time; at least as a possibility: an entire universe of conceptions does arise, as value places life through its experience and expression on an entirely different level; and the door to love opens up. Where miracles are the evidence, and respect generates a cause: the value of life itself does rise as well.      nobody

So the question is: WHICH ONE IS TRUE? Is there life beyond time/ or is there not? The universities say: “nothing exists beyond time; evolution proves that life has no value, its just an endless delusion of life and death by the magic of what chaos can do”. So they worship chaos; and have done their best to bring chaos according to them “back into our world”/ to change things by playing and proving their god is chaos.

If you don’t believe in miracles or respect for the value of this earth; the evidence of that love, even for you. Then you need religion.

Religion says: we can believe; therefore have anything we want in eternity/ so long as we don’t question the evidence or look too hard for truth. That is belief versus faith: which is only truth can guide us, only the evidence can prove what our thoughts can achieve.

The Christian religion offers: that JESUS is the guarantor of eternity is about love; by placing his own life in between the human power that was overwhelming humanity on earth/ proving, “to HIM”; nothing was more important than love and respect. Proving by the evidence, that HE was not simply claiming an understanding of that; but did indeed have more understanding and ability and even love than anyone else who has ever lived. I find the evidence of HIS life true, that is my testimony to you.

Your testimony to what is the most important decision you will ever make: shapes your encounter with this world, and its humanity. Just as my decision to accept eternity exists, and love will decide: has shaped mine.  love is

LOVE says: this is the singular device, that gives life structure/ without that desire and design, purpose dies and consumes hope. Fear attempts always, to defeat love; by cursing life with death. Eternity responds: I have given to you enough to survive; beyond that are the decisions that you will make, because freedom is mandatory, and identity cannot be left to anyone else. Just as your life is a miracle you don’t understand; the value of your eternity cannot be measured by you. The question of life or death is simple: do you choose for love/ or do you choose for hate? These could not be “more opposite, in the direction” that you will go. Can’t choose/ then your own eternity shall fail: it is not optional, CHOOSE!

IF YOU “BELIEVE IN LOVE; even though it might fail”/ then you do believe in eternity; because they are locked within the respect needed to form that relationship. The vital energy, to bind ourselves to trust! IF, you do not accept eternity is real: then either hate or apathy has a greater hold on you than love.

It is, belief instead of faith; because no human laws exist to prove what is true: only thought can enter here. Thought declares the evidence created by miracles of life beyond our conception; is truth enough. Whereas faith, is a human dimension; thought is not.

I will repeat this warning: while it is true, that being human does give you a freedom to curse yourself with hate; and what you do to those who do not hold love as their own purpose in life; with only criminal consequences. The reality of attacking “the children of GOD” is very different. IF YOU cause their eternity to be lost/ only the deepest darkest fears and terrors will be left FOR YOU; with no place to hide, and if it is “Loss enough”/ your price will be for eternity. “stick to your own kind”/ for your own sake, for life is precious. Even so: those who believe they can defeat the CREATOR OF MIRACLES, AN ENTIRE UNIVERSE; beyond your conception/ could not be greater fools.  planet to explode

To eliminate the question, “as to me”; a tiny bit more is added.       Life is dimensional, which means it exists within the layers of energy, as the participation beyond time allows. Love is a journey, a vessel that lifts us beyond time, in the honesty of a relationship that is beyond fear; a reality that only trust can provide, and only truth can prove is valued enough to risk the cost of being wrong. Time is a biological reference, to the distance our decisions make between life and love or hate. The spiritual world aligns with the soul, and wherever truth can survive; participation will begin. Within these basic things, thought arises to compensate for isolation, as we build the identity “I/you” alone can create as self. Oddly enough; one of the most significant events of my life was: when attacked “by the spiritual world of hate” while young. I learned if I cannot avoid it: then I must defend against it. Which turned the night into a time for sleep, and a time for searching; rather than as people do, simply dreaming or other similar pursuits. That reshaped my world, and I was never truly attacked again/ finding no need for sleep beyond the realm of the body has recovered:; the quest for true learning began. Adversity then is not always bad; if the direction of life builds.  law of life

As to my life today; what was male has been overturned and rearranged and just mangled into submission. The end result seems now to be, that my journey into life itself has taken a turn into the biological dimension that is apparently female. As spiritually the description is; entering into a giant world of biological machinery, as a tiny life. Everything is different, but as always: before any understanding will arise, I must identify the elemental knowledge required of this place, as I search beyond the description of self; to understand where life will lead now. It is neither better or worse, simply a different development within the parallel fields of gender: inward, instead of outward. I consider it a balancing of dimensions in me; as time trades body for life.

I expect: that we are done now/ as the journey turns from a message to you; back into the realities of life beyond self for me. If you believe mine is an easy journey, it is not. If you believe it is a free journey/ it is not. If you accept, the spiritual world is open to all: it is/ but unless you are true, and extremely well defined in your own acceptance of reality; it will be a very dangerous place for you. Nonetheless there is mercy, for those who earn true and real value as love discovered, by time.

I do wish you well/ but cannot save a single one: I am NOT “your answer”. You must choose differently to save yourselves from extinction; and the very first decision you must make is: “university is not god”. The second; the universities must be questioned, and all threats revealed. THE CONSEQUENCE OF BEING WRONG: GIVEN THE TRUTH IT DESERVES.  a nuclear fire

I should add: that the purpose of every life is to be happy/ but those who choose hate, fall into chaos, and then begin to plot and plan on how to make you the same “can’t have more than me”. The identity of happy is: a passion shared as “we/ not I”. The creation of life is, at the center of energy, there is a space for expressions and experiences, that are neither force or failure. Thought begins here. You conceive of life as “biological dust, formed from magic (evolution talk)”/ it is not. I conceive of life as energy formed from the atoms required to give shape and substance to the creation of time. Therefore life as time lives and dies by the ability of those atoms to conform and control the energy they exude. But energy is not the result of force, the potential for force, nor mass: rather it is the originating desire to move. That desire is not subject to atoms/ atoms are subject to it. The search for eternity is then: the quest for a desire that lives beyond the meaning of time. What we cherish, forms the boundary and limits of where we search.      monkeys in charge

It is, to your shame; one final thing must be added again: that I am not homosexual, or any other perversion of that purpose (either as male or female). NEVER approach me as male (you got a penis or had one/ you are male) wanting sex: your eternity is at stake, “for terrors unrelenting”. You are warned. The differences posed by “the spiritual woman and me”/ are not truly of this world; although I am/ she is not: it is a different dimension, participating through me as time shared: complicated/ you won’t understand. Nonetheless love is a vessel, that lifts us above the elemental conception that life is either an action or reaction as is give to animals. Love is a distinction beyond self, that rises into the conception of what we create, as a value to this universe; where life is precious, but love is the treasure all search for. It brings true happiness, when alive in the values of hope. As to me: time proved I could not find an answer for this world in male/ you will die and go to extinction, if not replaced. My search then turned to female, and “what would you do”? It ended in the spiritual world of female; because woman trusts no one, to any real degree. Her answer: let women try to lead, because their only true answer is law. So the law was used in my work, the reality of balance was added by the spiritual element of woman in me; “unexpected, but true”. And now, having completed this work, for this world; of “change or die”; the reality of being trapped by the spiritual world of female; has consequences. I do NOT know how this ends; it has failed to remain my choice: other than “let love decide by truth”.

You cannot apply any of that to what you believe is true; because you have no knowledge of its source. THOUGHT is required, to grasp more than “an action or reaction”/ thought is not of this world in time; therefore it requires you to participate in life, not time. The difference is: what you want has no meaning/ what you believe has no purpose/ what you desire leads into the direction your life will go. My true desire was to assist in saving this world of life; and it led to female, because the cost of male is: our answer, to every critical decision; is war. Because people turn life into a game, when they are not fighting to survive. That game leads to consequences; which become anger, hate, and violence/ theft, cheating, betrayal, and more. Which leads to chaos, and all forms of want, without options to survive. Which then leads to power, and the intent to play god with life. While female is subject to all those things; her critical decision is not based in war: because they know, we will lose/ which does make them depend upon the law. So it is not the elemental essence of female by choice/ but by reality: that gives them at least the possibility of helping this world survive; because war does not. As to me, and a dimension that is neither male or female exactly; I simply rely upon one single thing. That GOD can do, whatever HE chooses to do; and if that would be HE makes me a female/ then a female plumbing and all I will be. If not/ then believe it or not; I am trapped in a world, that is basically 51% female; giving her “In charge, of any and every important, or desirable decision”. And I remain 49% male (I get shocked, “a thousand times”/ run into invisible walls/ and more: to enforce YES YOU WILL; a war between male or female in charge; nothing more or less”). I don’t know exactly how it happened; but my whole life has become “second place” NOT equal to her desire or decision in this our life together. It’s complicated: Turning my life upside down; to essentially become “the woman in this relationship”: being SCHOOLED, in the realities of how men were NOT kind or fair or acceptable to women throughout all these generations (your turn now). The truth is, most women have not been treated fairly; BUT, the reality is a lot of women have not treated men fairly either; when they have the chance, to be free. Immense change is required: IN YOU. “its complicated” in me. As to life confronted by: this is how the vast majority of women live, and so will you. Thereby understanding what they put up with to live, with men/ I would have to say, “its weird, tits are weird, the chemicals tits produce are very strong, and literally make me feel, female (when they are pushing); I am really not happy with being vulnerable, most of all”. Or more distinctly, it feels like all the anchor points of being male have been removed; and I am caught in a whirlpool, being sucked toward the center vortex; where only the true realities of woman can be known. My only real concept is: “WHO, ME”? Not scary, just different; and becoming more so. Like every other part of my education, in all things: “into the truth, or at its edge; you will go”. It is literally NOT my job; to ask why you should know that; and its enforced.

The humanity in me, gives this warning: that only truth survives in eternity, or beyond the limits of time/ therefore you must accept your own truth, or change your truth as best you can: and not lie/ or it will be fatal. “only truth survives, in the spiritual world”! It is, fair warning: that for most of my life I searched to be “the best a male can be”; reaching its peak, after decades of work; at the same time I needed an answer for this world. Only one tiny, nearly indistinguishable spot; in the entire dimension of male revealed the door, where spiritual female resides (what would you do?). No other access is granted, and when I went through: it was sealed behind me, and made absolutely clear, you will not be allowed to go back: you made a choice, to not let this world die by male/ NO “second chances”. Ending that entrance forever. Which means: you are not allowed to claim the same experience as I. To the world itself: as the ten commandments state. “judge not, lest ye be judged”/ is a truth I will not avoid: judge not, it isn’t your eternity/ and you do not know what the GOD OF THIS UNIVERSE, will choose for HIMSELF. NEVER forget that, it is not your choice. Never forget, it is not your eternity, your life, or your responsibility to choose for someone else: each must live or die, by the choices, and the consequences, they make. Right or wrong. As for me: I DON’T need to be responsible for anyone other than me; I make enough of my own mistakes or failures, and I don’t need to add more. So don’t judge, but that does not mean laws cannot be written to divide and separate FAIRLY, and without distinct prejudice. Just like the animals, when resources are scarce, or predators are about; we live together better, and safer; when we are all the same (we agree, and think alike, even look alike by happiness; real love is that). Only hate is judged, only the laws define what rules our lives as a society. It is when people judge for themselves, pretend they can be gods “they know”; that chaos becomes our world in time. Only truth “Knows”; therefore only truth decides for life or earth! Not want or pride or power, As are: The three human elements, which give you the most grief.

YOU MUST: choose for life. YOU MUST: choose what is best for the planet. YOU MUST: choose to let the future survive, and stop killing every child. YOU MUST: accept limits on resources, protecting every chain of life, stop the destruction, and control the pollution from all sources. YOU MUST: stop destroying habitat for other creations of life in both the ocean and on land. YOU MUST: accept limits and boundaries as world law applies. YOU MUST accept limits and boundaries on money; so as not to create war. YOU MUST: understand what you are voting upon, and then vote for the law itself; so as not to allow corruption to rule the planet. YOU MUST: stop the horrors and terrorism of “university is god/ university knows/ university is the expert/ university decides; and so on”. YOU MUST: choose for yourselves, by accepting only truth survives or builds a future we will survive/ want is evicted, pride is destroyed, power is very limited to only what must exist. If you fail, you will go extinct; far sooner than you believe is possible. You must; identify and establish measures to reduce the pressures under Yellowstone volcano; or it will erupt/ and you WILL be very sorry you did not. These are only some of the realities that must be faced/ unlike your governments; lies, fantasies, thefts, and delusions will not be accepted.

YOU WILL: RESPECT LIFE AND YOUR CREATOR, AS TRULY SACRED; and do no more damage to this world. Or, the consequences predicted in the bible, will be unleashed. IT IS YOUR CHOICE.

And the university elite says: “we are gods/ there is no other”. We are your saviors/ there is no other. We are able to do anything we want/ because there are no consequences for us. And the university elite says: only “dust to dust” is true; so the grave is nothing.

The time has come to choose: GOD AND NATURE ARE FOR REAL, VALUED AND SACRED, described by the evidence of truth and thought: THE CHOICE OF OUR LIVES, the very breathe of heart and soul/ or, the university is god, who believe chaos is their “magic”, shall take control over life and earth? CHOOSE! Because they stand ready to change your world, your nature, your lives forever. No second chances; one or the other: forever/ no going back. CHOOSE.

Like me, you have only one true choice: life for this world, protected by our choice; as is “consistent with my own participation; the consequences of my own decision”/ or pride, as is the demand of want and power. Your small child has none; only you decide, their: life or death.

I will add one element from my own life: my 9 month old nephew died of a brain tumor, but to make matters worse. After surgery the hospital staff failing critical communications; extracted roughly 20 ounces of blood from the child (one third or so, of a babies entire blood supply). I was there, my mother yelling let them do their job/ I turned away for short time to quiet her. When I looked back the first bottle of blood was removed (10-12 ounces)/ I was in shock at that, he ran out, one minute later I gave chase to get his blood back. Failing to find anyone, I ran back to the room to take him to the emergency room: to find the second person had just removed another bottle of blood from the baby. I was shocked; calculated “they killed him/ its over, the damage is done/ there isn’t time to stop the destruction to organs and brain and body this caused”; and then I left. It was late, dark out, nobody to be found; and in truth I was not thinking straight. The child did survive the rest of the night/ I was back at 6 o’clock or so: making the hospital KNOW. He added blind, recovered a bit, and then died some days later. While it could be said: I should have done more/ the reality is, with roughly one third the blood drained out of your own body; and the consequences that would cause. It is not always good, for anyone’s benefit; to do more.

TODAY YOUR CHILD “stands roughly in his same spot in life”! Tragically impacted by the consequences of whatever caused his brain tumor (probably chemicals at just the wrong time). Tragically impacted, by the reality of trusting “the university diploma, makes no mistakes”/ they do. Tragically impacted: because he had no real choices in what became his death.

In a similar sense: my participation leaves much to be desired, even though I did do the best I could have done; at that moment in time/ because right or wrong no longer makes a difference once the choice is made. No intent to do less than the best I could existed; just as it does now. But as it was back then: when deciding what I could do now; needing to convince the people in the emergency room/ getting him there/ waiting for blood to come/ people to get set up/ decisions to be made. Ended with there just isn’t enough time to make a difference for that child. The damage is done.

To some extent I suppose; finding the child did survive the night/ made me far more determined NOT to stop less than: EVERYTHING I COULD DO; regardless of “the odds”; for this world.       So, I work for life, I RESPECT the life and time given to me: and expect that there is value in what I do, or have done for this world.        One of those things being a method to generate electricity  without excessive pollution.  in addition to what the video shows: it is realistic to accomplish the same thing on land, with water. But you have to add a container to add the pressure with air or weight or other to make it work/ and you have to include methods for removing heat from that water which serves as the energy source through pressure. It could be used in skyscrapers; an elevator section removed so the necessary tubing into the basement would be included. like air conditioning: it is the heat you remove, that presents the internal energy capable of being used. AGAIN: submerged in water two independent forces exist; vertical force and horizontal force. The efficiency by which these are separated from each other determines the force available to be used.

I remind you: dead is dead/ there is no going back, for a world lost from time. You only get one choice/ and you only get one last chance to make a difference for life and planet and child. If they mean nothing/ then you are done. If they have value: WORK FOR LIFE AND WORLD. Simple as that.

Instead of a sad note: I remind you that love is the essence of hope, and hope is the environment of life; therefore life says, “trust what truth, and the value of courage can do”.

Instead of “university is god”: I remind you, that it takes a billion or a trillion or even more living individual cells, to make your own individual body, plus more to keep it alive in the things you eat, use, etc. that means they MUST all live in harmony and peace with each other, controlled/ disciplined/ orderly/ balanced/ and with respect for each other/ sharing existence with caring, and even forgiveness; or you die. As is nature’s way! The universities offer chaos, mutilation, species boundaries destroyed/ genetics crucified/ weapons of mass destruction/ trying to ignite a nuclear fire just like on the sun here on earth/ and all that is destructive: including resource destruction, pollution, overpopulation (no balance), thievery, corruption, FEAR, and all that is to bring HELL on earth; as nature itself collapses, and this earth changes; from all of what they do. They cannot stop themselves, they are the damned, the dead, and the vile. Which means either you stop them: by going to court, and proving the consequences for being wrong/ thereby making your own choices; or life and earth go extinct. TRY USING YOUR BRAIN, instead of waiting for the television to tell you, “what you think”.

ONE LAST CHANCE: TO PROTECT YOUR WORLD, because past the point of no return, and “living or not, this world is soon to be dead”. GET OFF YOUR ASS, OPEN YOUR MOUTH TO COMMUNICATE FOR LIFE, DO: WHAT YOU CAN LEGALLY DO.

Stop: or, there will be soon; a moment when the poisons overtake the water/ the resources are destroyed/ “a thousand new biological diseases” have been released/ war begins/ nature itself collapses/ a nuclear sun becomes this earth/ your bodies can no longer be recognized from genetic chaos/ and ten thousand more: indeed the universities were god/ “CALLED SATAN”. This world is now gone.

STAND UP FOR LIFE; or your own decision is apathy and fear/ as is the work of “university is god” right now; by trying desperately by shouting “covid” : as is their disease: to spread fear throughout this world/ give us complete control. BY Shouting “only the universities can save you”. BUT ALAS, they are the enemy who attacks.

And the world says: “I ain’t going to die, if I can just stay hidden or run away”.

And reality says: you are going to die, if you let fear misdirect you from the true causes of extinction. The worst of the worst: even you can understand, what igniting a nuclear fire could mean (4 million times greater, than a chemical fire). And the universities say: we don’t have to control it, because there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire. So it will just extinguish itself. “too bad about the radiation though”: cooked and exploded, in a millisecond if close. Yet you don’t fear, because the cult of university has no brain.

As to covid: it leads to Armageddon, and more/ unless you find enough heart, and courage to ask: what can we do, instead of fear? The answer is: as with every disease, and every type of infection. Fear will not save you/ but stupidity will not save you either. We do what we can do, without being afraid/ without destroying society itself by the lack of work for too many/ with protections from the vile cost of healthcare, particularly for workers involved/ and a deliberate decision to participate in the ways and means that are effective. In any large group of people, someone has always had a “health issue of some kind”. Which is in fact the means nature uses to keep the population balanced (without prejudice) so one species does not take over everything (the opposite of university). While no one should seek death, we all must face it: whereby eternity then begins. Which makes this entire lifetime, nothing more than “a moment”. Eternity matters more than time. Make your decision: do you/ or do you not, trust that eternity exists? Because if it does for you: then face the uncertainties of life, with the certainty: “nothing in this world, gave me life or body: it is a miracle beyond our comprehension”. That makes death the same: a reality beyond our true comprehension, but where miracles are true/ then so is the extension of that miracle beyond time as well. Each starts their journey “as less than a seed”; which grows into body and time. Each dies, to release the “dust of time”/ by redefining life as energy, and the environment called truth. Only truth survives. Choose your truth carefully; identify yourself with the decisions and desires that are pure enough to be sustained! Because if you don’t identify yourself correctly (I am this)/ then you will lose the environment of your life (energy contained), and dissipate into space.

What you want, has never mattered in the search for life/ it gives you nothing but a base for lies. Pride is only a game, and the term winner only has a meaning “for a moment or two”. Power is the demand for superiority and control or a slave; these have nothing to do with happiness, hope, life, or courage/ they simply end respect, which is the descent from life into death. So your decision is: to respect life, as its own true miracle (a gift, an ascension into time). You can respect JESUS as the guarantor of eternity (we were not left behind), shaped by love; by the evidence HE left for us to consider/ or fall into disgrace with fear everything, as the university cult demands. You can construct the value of love to be your heartbeat, and you can accept the relationship beyond time as your truth; by understanding the disciplines of thought will bring trust. Or as does the universities: you can claim “a trillion independent accidents” all came together in discipline/ order/ and balance to create what only thought can do: in a mud-puddle; and “presto” there is life; a billion years later. But alas, without a brain, or a tool, or a food source, or anything realistically possible, as is required, to sustain itself.

We cannot avoid death/ most of the time we cannot avoid disease (our bodies handle it for us)/ we cannot use fear to survive; it won’t work. Proving only courage is a path, and only life is an action that we do participate in. To react (I can run away to hide) is to believe “we could be gods in control of this”. But reality says: as nature will prove; if you fear the world you need to survive, even the predator will die; because you, are now extinct. You gave your life; your time and opportunities as well: away, to fear.

People assume, “no body/ no life”. But in reality it just means no body/ no time. The spiritual element of life; that which is life, rather than time: is the desire for movement. Or, that which gives energy its source; to produce force. The critical difference between life and energy, is not force, but thought. A description that sustains the elemental demand of life itself. Thought is to life/ as body is to time: you have no relationship beyond “this moment”, unless truth allows that it can be so. Therefore we do have three primary relationships to achieve the dimension of an existence: the desire/ the thought/ and the truth. When we assemble the attributes which each of these give to life; construction says (the only sustainable desire is love); while thought says (the only sustainable environment of experience and expression is respect); while truth says (the only sustainable relationship we can create, is with the laws that will not change). Each of these represents an element of eternity, that will not go away. If they are “not for you”; then you will find yourself descending into hate or the delusions as are common to “universities”. (anything but truth and reality). The critical connection between eternity and time is: the spiritual world. It is the gateway, beyond self, into a world that conceives of life. It is conception, because you are your own Creator of the life you can live in eternity: if accepted by GOD. You get to be, good or bad; what your own truth allows or defines; how is that not “fair”? The spiritual world identifies what is true in you, and adds whatever purity you can accept: time alone grants the opportunities of change/ the spiritual world does not. So, if you enter “earlier than death”/ the essence of your own truth, can be reborn into something else; if that is to be (so long as time is true).

The world asks: HOW do we know this is true? The answer is: that miracles do not lie, the balance of nature, the descriptions of planet, the realities of love, the disciplines and order of body, the value of time itself, and the treasury of life are all critical truths which embody the certainty of a gift we did not earn; is the life inside us all. When confronted with death: we must ask of ourselves, what is the evidence; that life goes on?

While it is distinct and clear, with absolute certainty: the body itself does not go on/ and in fact recycles to be used by other living things that are to be born. The understanding of that cannot be misunderstood: no life here/ and humanity believes “therefore it knows”. BUT REALITY PROVES; that your life in time is a gift, and not simply a body; because no degree of human intellect can participate above the truth where nature is found. You have no clue. Therefore we must look for evidence in thought, rather than “Imagination or belief”. While religion has its place; it fails to “walk into the light” so to speak; and is cemented into place, by time long past.

With evidence through knowledge, we gain the definitions of our world; and can then begin to place our existence in this universe. Such evidence is as a benefit of university: the reality of atoms, the beginning descriptions of energy, the value of our sacred nature through genetics: begins the journey into time. Not life/ but time. As we search: the discipline of knowledge constructs our bodies out of atoms/ while the order found in atoms assembled through balancing the source of elements, we know to exist: shapes our world called human. Or more distinctly, when we die, these things scatter “into the dust”. But we also know: that energy itself as is created and confined by atomic dimensions: serves to conceive of where does that energy originate from/ what is it exactly/ and why does it not simply fade away? In that conception: we find order, as is clearly removed from chaos, to become the disciplines that are consistent with energy contained over time. We know that order and discipline are balanced: or it would evaporate over time and cease to exist. Therefore truth, in its creation of laws is evident and valid. Where we know truth exists: we know, that thought can also exist. Truth is the extension of thought, just as law is the extension of truth. Therefore we ask: what is truth? And are confronted with desire. Desire is …………..”a step too far”. The discussion ends.

To move forward in religion, to move forward in laws of society, to move forward as a world: the reality is, there must be a vote/ change is determined by 70% acceptance “of this as it is”. Change beyond that is determined only by a higher percentage of the vote saying yes. Unlike California; there are NO small issues in voting: these are restricted to “life changing events for us all”. Which means: they will be “in like kind” with the ten commandments or constitutional amendments or similar. As simple and plain as possible/ as short and clear as possible; so they cannot be misinterpreted by many.

To represent the finding of evidence: As is consistent with the current covid fears: reality demands, “that a separate party” such as would intentionally be the press if it were true to its purpose/ or others outside healthcare, politics, or university. Would investigate: all the people declared to be positive for the virus: to find out, how many experienced any health issues of note/ how many hospitalized (who benefited/ cost of care)/ how it compares to the flu or pneumonia/ and all the various suggestions the public might ask for you to make. So as to get a fair and honest resolution, by statistical information; most of which should be “true enough” for the rest to understand. A fair and deliberate web site questionnaire; monitored for “fair play”; could be used: for the public themselves to present data, as their own personal quest to understand; by doing it for ourselves.

To discuss the cost of : “let’s wait and see”/ I suggest you start with trying to ignite the same energy source here as is on the sun. they say they can do it, and have spent trillions to do just that. Ask “what about the expansion/ what about the radiation/ what about a fire that does not extinguish itself CAN WE NOT SURVIVE. Which means we cannot “wait and see”.

For religion: I offer this, Daniel 12 offers a time line for the end of this world/ it begins with “the great abomination rises”. Which clearly is, trying to ignite the same fire as is on the sun, right here on earth; a fire that could turn this planet into a sun; same NUCLEAR fire/ same result. THE GRAVITY is in the fire itself. The first experiment that could have ignited a nuclear fire occurred on “april fools day 2012”. that started the countdown. First death “like the old testament; the law can save you”. The second death “like the new testament” love mercy and respect for GOD can save you. The third death or half the second death is 667.5 days (666 for tragedy, one day for judgment, half day for what follows judgment). We are in the “third death”/ that calendar ends in the spring of 2021 around april 15 somewhere. Evidence offers instead: that we are within the second part of biblical Revelation 12-22 “due to the spiritual woman” I have described. Various elements suggest, if you do not “find yourselves a brain” before the Daniel calendar is up: that is going to change. Go ahead tell me, “if you can wait and see”/ because there is no going back. After all, “what could go wrong”?

Discipline states, that you should comprehend the realities; even if you cannot grasp the order of it. To prove you were told. No excuses left. We therefore begin with this: providing information to the general public “that lives where I live”/ regarding the first death (choose the law, to fix this) in Daniel 12 prophecy. They chose to “wait and see”/ with a very tiny few suddenly changing their mind “just a little” in the last couple of days before that time ended. We then entered the second trial of time “death of love”/ but, that is beside the point. I WAS required to push away any consideration people allowed “for a fan” to share the work (no you did not win or lose, the game/ you did not play, participation by apathy or delusion is not allowed). Because life is not a game. The spiritual woman inside: “takes the direct route”, to push them away: “you did not come in time to work; both family and community”. Therefore removed by failure; from that moment of prophecy. OR MORE DISTINCTLY: only those who work for life and planet honestly, putting their own lives at risk, their own needs or wants second “because life on earth is worth that price”; will be accounted as a participant. NONE, “from the seats” will be counted. None of those who say “I was thinking about it”; will be noted as “the living”/ that has no value. YOU DO understand the concept.

As to society in general, it is like your politics: one side shouts “MONEY IS THE ANSWER/ GET OUT OF OUR WAY/ WE, want it all”. While the other side shouts, “I WAS BORN, I HAVE A RIGHT: GIVE ME WHAT I WANT/ it don’t matter how much work and effort you spent: I AM HERE, AND I WANT MORE RIGHT NOW.” the US politician then shouts back from one side: elect me, and we will throw away the world, just to prove we are winners; and got the money to prove it. While the other side shouts back: elect me, and we will throw open the doors and all the world will walk in, proving they cannot defeat us all. Not realizing just open the doors, and a billion people will walk in within four years time.

Alas; that is NOT even the complete or total, human population increase; that will occur in those four years: well who cares, “university is god, right/ no consequences for them”.  [don’t you worry now; geneticists have lots more “designer diseases” prepared.  they just need to insure, “they and theirs” don’t die first]  besides one good war, and the population will be less. oh wait; no resources:  good thing fantasies don’t care. After all, the universities are god; aren’t they? they scream: WE CAN give them all they want; changing all of nature (everything you ever cared about) into chaos/ bringing the same fire here as on the sun/ hiding every form of poison, by destroying every form of survival life needs. HELL, WHAT COULD GO WRONG!  “they are gods”/ right?

Proving lots of business (hurrah), extreme competition (OH NO), and no resources (HELL has come) for anyone. Because the earth is full, and the universities (your former classmates) made themselves great, made themselves rich, by destroying everything they could: by shouting we are greater than the politician, we WILL give you everything you want. TO HELL WITH THE FUTURE/ let the children die! But alas, “not in my lifetime” is ending with WAR/ CANNIBALISM/ FAILURE/ THEFT/ EXTINCTION/ AND HELL; as the cost of your wants. Pride and the illusion of power; are all they really gave you for throwing away this earth and its life; as the consequence of your wants. You DO UNDERSTAND the concept. It is a finite world, and through the universities especially: there is NO RESPECT, for anything/ just fear of death, and want for more. Heads buried in the sand; to hide from reality.

So then if I get to end this work: the reality is, “now you know”; it is no game. Lies won’t save you/ and neither will fear. CHANGE, ACCEPT TRUTH DECIDES, REPAIR WHAT YOU CAN; or be extinct.

oh wait; silly me, I forgot “you have a gun, or a match, or a hate that cannot be quenched, or can have as many children as you want/ because after all, “you have rights/ and ain’t nobody going to tell you what you can or cannot do”.  Right? RIGHT/ damn you for messing with my mind. Now ain’t that so. YOU, don’t have to believe nothing, that YOU DON’T want to believe; right! Right, after all   GOD (I paid my dues/ I am OWED)  will never let this earth die; RIGHT/ after all, media didn’t tell us NOTHING; and they talk for gods right here on earth; GET OUT OF OUR LIVES.  “right”?        “reality don’t mean nothing; to a true believer/ especially to a true cult worshiper, as is this USA, in:   the university is, “your god”. right.      “evidence don’t mean nothing;   because media is “your brain”;  right!       DON’T YOU DARE, “think for yourself”.  and this entire human world says: WE WANT WHAT WE WANT;  and there ain’t nothing you can do about it, but leave.  So, I search for just a few, saying you must too.  And, believe it or not, “I left” to join the spiritual world/ but it sent me back to fight for this world.  Too precious to abandon, without a fight! 

The message:  CHANGE, AND CHOOSE LIFE AND PLANET MUST COME FIRST;  OR, this earth shall die, and humanity will become extinct.  is now entirely yours to deliver “the rest of the way”.  I have finished my work.

Love hopes for you, but only you can decide what the future will bring; according to what reality will allow. If you do not “hear your soul”, you will not come.

This then ends, with the singular truth: I am only “the messenger”; bringing you the information, collected from your own sources/ bringing you, an education you achieved from no where else/ bringing you the difference between life or death as a world: IS THE DECISIONS, THAT YOU, AS HUMANITY ON EARTH will make. It is not “ GOD “ who condemns you: that which threatens, is all but one, “earth threat”/ entirely by the choices you did make; by the realities of choices your universities, media, and governments did make; and by the complete failure of your respect for life or planet. THESE THINGS THREATEN. Not me/ NOT GOD, the CREATOR of this world: just you, and your universities who believe they can play god without real life truth or knowledge of what they do. I, am neither friend or enemy to you: I “delivered the message: change or you will die/ so says the evidence of your own real world truths”.

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