The fundamental of my work here, in all these words: reduced to a tiny few is, DON’T BELIEVE whatever you have been told, or read, or however it is you came to believe in something. Because belief is just another form of shouting: I WANT, WHAT I WANT! And that is never adequate to any purpose that allows you to survive, unless surrounded by those who accept reality in their lives, to keep you alive. The one and only benefit of war is: REALITY NOW RULES/ no more fantasy, as are the constant delusions of “a university diploma”. War STEALS, KILLS, MUTILATES, DESTROYS, AND DENIES to all life its due respect: it is never a value/ unless, the curse of human pride and arrogance leaves no other possibilities. THE CORRECT METHOD OF CHANGE IS BY THE LAW, we the people will do this! Taking care to insure, you are not forced into battle and mayhem; by the curse of pride, or the insanity of power. THE LAW IS: WE KNOW THIS IS TRUE/ THEREFORE WE DEMAND THAT OUR REALITY AS A PEOPLE UNITED, MUST ACCEPT THE COST of our lives, our duty, and our desire to live within those limits/ by binding ourselves to the descriptions we understand will protect our future. Anything other than that; opens the door to world extinction; as the universities have done. WE REALLY ARE: MORE PEOPLE, than the earth is functionally able to sustain/ because even though you look around and say, “there is more room here”. The critical truth is: there is not, because WE EAT OTHER LIFE FORMS/ and they need habitat, food, and basically everything we need; because they are life too. So you cannot take their stuff, and destroy their world, or their chains of life: WITHOUT DESTROYING YOUR OWN. No excuses, it is true!


WHICH BRINGS US TO THE PURPOSE OF THIS WORK, WHICH IS: INVESTIGATE AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE; SO THAT ALL EXCUSES CAN DIE. THEN CHANGE WHAT MUST BE CHANGED; BECAUSE YOU DO OWE IT TO EVERY CHILD, AND EVERY LIVING THING. NONE, have the right, to exterminate the future, or this world; because you believe whatever excuse you believe. PROVE WHAT IS TRUE; DEMAND IT/ form a crowd that creates the necessary courtroom, with full public view; and cause all the evidence you can gather to be open to the public for their own decision. NO MORE MARKETING/ NO MORE LIES/ NO MORE THEORIES/ NO MORE BELIEVING WHATEVER MEDIA PROPAGANDA SAYS/ NO MORE POLITICS TO DECIDE. ALL OF US: FACED WITH OUR OWN TRUTHS: proven as best we can! BY our own VOTE, DECIDE THE FATE of both life and world, EXPLAINING THE REALITY “to every child”! SHALL CHOOSE THE FUTURE WE WILL EITHER LIVE IN / OR DIE BY, because that is what you chose, instead of life.

If you survive the sewage and hell the universities have prepared for you/ by evicting them from your lives, state, nation, world, reality; “a less than one percent chance”. Your only hope to rebuild will be: a completely honest examination of the facts/ without any delusions, theories, fantasies, or whoring as has been university leadership throughout its term as “your gods”. Surrounded by failures/ consuming the future and this earth by all things horrific; to destroy every child, every life, and even the planet itself: are only part of what [the “evolution of university: let’s all be brave/ let’s all pretend we can mutilate nature into whatever we want”] has brought as chaos into this world, and into our lives through their deceit, disease, curse, imagination, and failures. Yes it is a constant theme written herein; because the plague, and epidemic of failure is so grim as to be extinction for all life and earth. Yes, they can be called gods of death: as the pandemic of arrogance and blind disgrace is worse than any living (working to survive/ rather than fighting not to die) generation before them. They took reality, altered nature, discarded the truth about energy, assumed religion so they could be gods, and cursed the world with all things only a terrorist would do. And the herd of animals, they turned humanity into; by propagating a cult of “university knows”/ has proven to be, their most effective work against life, and world itself.

Nonetheless, I search only for the few; who have remained alive; in the honesty of miracles/ the sanctity of life/ the courage of true respect for what has been given to us by our CREATOR; and the values of love, honor, hope, and all things truth can be for happiness or joy. Given that, in order for time to create “even more”/ this world must survive if it can. So the purpose here is simple: to find those who can remain alive; even beyond death. They are the workers, for a future: the people who make a difference for the living, the world, and return what they can honestly return to GOD as their own gift for the opportunities, and value received. As you can plainly tell: “they are few”/ because lying about why you work for life or world, so you can get the money or pride or whatever it is; DOES NOT count.

Let’s begin: focused on America; because it will soon be in complete turmoil, as every lie dies and they are faced with all the failures of what university actually did do/ and all the tragedy of what they did not do; as is consistent “with the deeds of devil (we hate you enough to let you die; even though you do have value)”.

In America, we can honestly begin by letting the people who want to be safe, who chose to be safe, who insisted everyone must obey their terms of safe, and who invaded the lives of others to force their fears onto the rest: by letting you be even safer. WE REMOVE YOU, from your jobs/ and will give it to the others; whom you threw out. After all, “can’t be too safe” now can we? Of course not; why we can call you all “hero’s”/ and as your reward for being hero’s; we are going to make you even safer. Which means in terms of government: that the unemployment roles of people displaced by fear/ shall now line up to receive their new jobs, with a minimum of education in that field. That will make them just as competent as those who held it. We can start with the IRS; and completely remove their jobs forever/ by creating a bid work in each community; being responsible to their state/ which is responsible to their federal government. NO, we will not use THE IRS book of thieves/ we will, identify what is the real income/ what society itself will allow for a deduction/ and construct a series of taxes that are VERY SPECIFIC as to what they can be used for. Such as gasoline tax, builds only roads and bridges. Or more distinctly: government becomes “of the people/ by the people/ and for the people” by altering the structure of being governed: into what we choose for ourselves, under constitutional law.

The lawyers will object: because one of the main insurgencies of universities has been to undermine and destroy constitutional law and democracy; so they will claim “we cannot do anything they don’t like”. But democracy is: BY THE AUTHORITY OF THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES, AND WITHIN OUR AGREEMENT TO BE A NATION; UNITED UNDER THESE TERMS; we not only own the nation or state; but we own the government as well/ and by ¾ of a majority according to citizen vote, and constitutional rule: WE WILL CHANGE WHATEVER WE CHOOSE. Installing the fact/ NO issue can be voted upon twice/ for at least twelve years: no vote can change what has been elected, without a greater majority percentage of the vote/ than what did choose it first.

What has been proven without a doubt is: that a universities education CAN NEVER BE TRUSTED, not with regard to anything/ not the least, nor the greatest, nor anything in between; they are evicted from leadership. They will prove evidence, never again proclaiming themselves expert; and we will provide the vote where it is needed: without media propaganda. The university priest, as is “we are media”/ as has been a conspirator from the beginning: is evicted as well. NO MORE broadcast news; as owned by private citizens. The blind mouse of journalism, is removed! You will change that entirely: into a conglomeration of individuals who organized themselves, into a watch committee of roughly one million people/ who will then be allowed to identify what is news of value to the nation/ what is constructive to a better world/ what is needed to be learned, defended, or understood by the evidence: and in all basic and more terms: WE RETURN TO FREEDOM OF THE PRESS: paying for what benefits our democracy/ not for lies or treason. Not what the editor is told to do, by a tiny few people. WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW, as a democratic society protecting itself, and demanding: the preamble to our constitution is our guide. NOT the dead meat and stench, that is “university gods” in charge.

And the people say: WE DON’T WANT TO WORK/ we want what we want; but let somebody else pay/ because someday we are going to die, and we only want what we want: boo hoo/ boo hoo; as is the endless drivel of the blind fool.

WE MUST TAKE CONTROL OVER ALL THE CURRENCY/ ALL THE DEBT/ ALL THE MILITARY/ ALL THE JUDICIARY/ AND ALL THE GOVERNMENT IN ITS EVERY FORM: that begins with redress of grievances. BECAUSE UNLESS YOU KNOW WHY this is important; through the evidence/ NOT your “Imagination”; the correct reality of construction that will provide a foundation to rebuild; will fail. FIND WHAT IS TRUE; with clear eyes, and a purpose NOT gutted with the disease that is “university knows”. These things have been dealt with; go search.

All pensions are removed; and only social security will remain: same for all. Medicare is removed/ and given to the young; within limits, because we are more important than you. Medicaid is removed, along with all welfare: and a job for each citizen will be found, at a living wage [with the exception of the young/ who must learn something before they achieve a living wage for themselves]. Which means all schooling is discarded as worthless; and instead of the indoctrination of every child into the cult of university: TEACHING WHAT IS NEEDED FOR LIFE, PLANET, AND A FUTURE; SHALL BE INSTALLED; as our choice.

Every form of threat MUST BE FOUND BY THE EVIDENCE; and realities examined for truth, to prepare and participate as best we can/ to rebuild what can survive; with whatever we have left. ONE OF THE PRINCIPLE REALITIES; that shall not be discarded is: YOU HAVE BEEN DEVASTATING to the oceans/ and all its life is going to die, because of you. UNLESS YOU CHOOSE TO HELP SUSTAIN THAT LIFE. In other words you are going to feed the ocean with dead human bodies/ you are going to clean it up/ you are going to use different methods of aquaculture that are sustainable/ and remove those which are not. You are going to revisit agriculture; and keep it alive/ instead of poisoning, mutilating, or devastating it everyday. Or more simply: everything the universities have done, with few exceptions: are going to be removed or revisited to prove what will survive, to become a future for every child. INSTEAD OF YOUR CURSE: “well, NOT in my lifetime”. If you ain’t dead/ IT DID happen in your lifetime: because that is what you chose. LIFE OR DEATH: CHOOSE!



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