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In America; your politicians have become “hitler (we own it all)”/ your legal profession “the SS (we will make them fear)”/ your society “the Jews (they are attacking us)”/ and your nation awaits the invasion from the Pacific (people are EVERYWHERE/ anything is better): because bankruptcy and ruin (everything controlled by university; is a lie: the most vile and insidious a serpent [crawls in through any hole it can find] as has ever lived ). As that, open the door to HELL. And they will be adding in; because the failure or death of one or more: means “NOW we can have their stuff”. The price of covid; and the curse of “University is god”. Congratulations; you earned it! You fail yourselves/ therefore, I leave you to your failure, now.

The reality of it is very simple: occasionally, when I get “less cooperative”; male as I used to be is allowed to come out. GIVING ME, a very real example of what my life and work would be; if not for the spiritual woman inside. THIS tiny expression IS “male in me”; as I use to be. Created by an action, gets another action, gets another action, gets another action in men: and then there is war. Because that, is what men do. End of your rope: it comes down to anger, and then if failure, as is hate unleashed occurs; it will turn to force. All because men for the last forty years: could only conceive of apathy, or I want more; who gives a damn about anything else. Answer: none! All were consumed by greed, selfishness, arrogance, bribes, and the intent of pride as is to WIN; give me my trophy, toy, or trinket. All of which are realities I despise. So, we could not work together; because their fight to consume the earth and destroy its life for a damn trophy/ is absolutely NOT MINE. I utterly refuse to accept any responsibility for your lives, or your choices: every effort was made, to extend to you, the option to learn better.

I AM through fighting with you, or letting male simply be male: because the only thing you will receive from your war is HELL, and the END OF LIFE ON EARTH. At 8 billion (which is probably 9 billion) people; nothing men depended upon will remain working. The game is over/ reality sets in. Which does mean ONLY THE LAW can help us now/ and it takes a woman’s perspective to consider the consequences; rather than simply fight about it: to keep this earth alive. Make no mistake, women can and many times are: “just as bad as men”/ but they are different, and at the core of it, they generally choose differently when push comes to shove. The cost of male is shared responsibility for destroying this earth/ the cost of female is hope, and basically everything men don’t want to be. But I refuse to be a destroyer; as that is what I have spent my life fighting against.

Nonetheless, from time to time, “the anger, leaks out”.

In this case: the reality of politics is, the curse of universities in charge of our democracy has been quite simply. THEY STOLE EVERYTHING THEY COULD/ THEY LIED MAKING PROMISES THEY CANNOT KEEP/ THEY LED WITH STORIES, FANTASIES, AND DELUSION, INTO A DEATH TRAP FOR THIS WHOLE WORLD/ AND THEY BETRAYED LIFE, NATION, AND CHILD; for nothing more than their own versions of a trophy or toy. Making the future itself fail life and planet. As is the evidence of both debt and claimed assets (hidden inflation). As is the evidence of media corruption and conspiracy to hide it all, or run away (with few exceptions). As is a dying world in every sense of the word. So given that reality of failure: when any new politician arrives, they do quickly learn, or discard the truth: this nation or this state runs only on lies. And nobody is allowed to tell the lies, or point out reality: because the people would rebel against all politicians (can’t have that). So the lies continually grow bigger/ and the bribes continually grow bigger/ and the armies are assembled on both sides: because they all know, this is going to end in war. But even so: politics are not politics; as is plainly seen in the election cycles, where the candidates are chosen by the curse of a university army (let them be our puppets on a string) conspiracy to destroy democracy itself. The insurgent army elects/ the bigots and failures of media corrupt and conspire (the army generals): with the money stolen from us! The sewage called “Hitler” is formed in substance; by that purpose. Every politician is his or her own individual; and they cannot be grouped by one brush stroke/ just like the universities: there are those who betray us all, and those who don’t. And the herd says: “THAT AIN’T POSSIBLE”/ we are free, we can’t all be wrong. But alas: from a very early age, in America, the entire nation of children are given over to the religious indoctrination of “university is god”/ and the brain washing, or propagation of failures and fantasy continues: through your television sets and media, until your dead. Surprise, you don’t know what you think: “the universities do that for you/ just like every cult that ever existed”. No brain allowed: FOLLOW the leader. “not you”: take another look at your masks/ when all the evidence of reality proves “no pandemic here”/ except for the cult of university is god, failing life.

As to the legal profession: that does not include policing! And you would find yourselves little different than those who are the police if you had their job, at this time. The curse of universities teach the scourge and failures of a dead plume: to instigate and control mobs and mayhem; by always threatening “with a gun”. The police are soldiers of society; given the job to simply stop “mobs and mayhem”/ and that is never easy to do. Because every mob wants to be a predator, and take or devour, whatever they can get. No law here IS the purpose.

The courts and lawyers and congress however: are the infidels causing strife and the disintegration of democracy itself. By aligning as always with power, to perform the task of splintering democracy into a weapon in every hand/ and a hate diseased by the greed of university whoring: to prove, we can make you fight, and kill yourselves. Lawyers attack threatening anything or anyone every business with money, property, or something to lose; if they don’t obey.  Alas the predators, are loose. Judges attack, and destroy the purposes of democracy, by infiltrating it with the university rebellion “we can do better than democracy/ we don’t need no damn constitution” WE are like kings/ who can stop us. So damn superior; we the powerful who own the court; want the people dead; or slaves or ruined in time: SO THEY FEAR. Producing the end of freedom, discarding the rights of liberty, and pursuing the power comes first in all forms of dysentery as is: the intentional replacement of democracy, “with universities know”. As they steal, and kill the future of life and planet and child: with complete apathy, and true intentions to deny life “equal with us”.  We could threaten to sue business as well: for taking away our freedom/ participating in this rebellion against our democracy? Alas, but then they would be just pawns, NOT participants in OUR democracy: how is that fair? And then there is congress: where the children who only want to play all go/ where toys and trinkets and trophies are the only things that matter; along with how many lies can you tell. And where life is: how best can we play with the state or nation as our own personal toy; our treasure trove of possibilities, because we can vote “for selfishness”? No courage required here; its only a game, to deceive as many as you can. “don’t worry: the universities teach exactly how to do that”; they have a gift. One hundred years of studying people to manipulate, market, tempt, and control: to get what they want. As with covid: we now see these professions working together> attacking business to make them destroy democracy for the university dead. Together the three represent “the puke and vomit show; whose only true purpose is to prove power wins/ the constitution is dead”.  Threatening: IF YOU DON’T DO WHAT WE SAY: and force the population to obey us. THEN WE WILL STEAL YOUR LIFE AWAY, TAKING EVERYTHING THROUGH A COURTROOM SO BLIGHTED WITH THE PLAGUE OF UNIVERSITY SEWAGE: we promise nothing will survive, that you want. The insurgency hates democracy (we are gods); as do all the people “like hitler” who ever lived. Constitutional law states: in the preamble;  1st amendment (they separated the people/ denying access; 3rd they located a thief, and a traitor in every business; 4th they violated and consumed my right to be secure against unreasonable searches and seizures; 5th they confiscated my right to liberty (our decision/ not yours); 6th they assert guilty until proven innocent by the evidence; proclaiming a pandemic that does not exist; 7th they stole our freedom, by refusing a trial as is consistent with democracy to decide for ourselves; 8th wearing a mask is an excessive fine/a punishment demanding OBEY THE RULER; or we make you fear the courtroom; 9th there is no marshall law declared/ because there is no pandemic; 10th they made democracy their whore (we will steal the money) and prostitute (you will work for us or die); pimping the nation for the sewage of power; 11th the power of democracy is our authority as we the people/ NOT YOU the employee; 12th you are not free “to vote against us as state or nation”; you hold no such  powers; 13th they enslaved us; by stealing our rights, our jobs, our property, our right to work, our freedoms and liberties, our hopes and everything that is called “true democracy of the people, by the people, and for the people”. BY MAKING THE ILLITERATE: as is a university cult worshiper;  FEAR. they horrified justice in the fourteenth amendment; by declaring themselves and their cult “gods”/ who hold all the rights; while we are their slaves. Using government position and employment: to aid and abet the insurrection and rebellion whose true intent is to see us, and our nation or state: be dead.      “the living dead: are those who with every step they take; they are closer to the HELL AND TERRORS they chose, instead of life; as it was meant and designed to be”. The damned follow!  The 15th amendment denied; as the curse of a university takes control over every aspect of our lives, our communications, our press, our everything needed to protect and defend ourselves; FROM A DELIBERATE ATTACK inside the walls of our democracy. 16th: we are the owners here/ and we the people by three fourths vote; can change our democracy for ourselves:  EVEN SETTING THE TAX/  SUEING THE LEGAL PROFESSION/ AND demanding REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES;  on government employees or more.  MAKE THEM PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ AND THE COST OF BEING WRONG: THE THREAT, NOT THE THEORY.  COVID TESTS ARE NOT PROOF OF A PANDEMIC: CLEAR LITERAL DEATHS, without any interference by fraud; ABOVE THE EXPECTED AVERAGE IS!  But hey, as with all believers: truth, reality, evidence, and nothing else including consequences matter. because “you, the cult worshipers of university; believe”. its a herd, “you can’t all be wrong”/ right! HELL CAUSING our planet to burn like the sun; can’t have any consequences for “us”/ right?  After all, the university purpose is just to change everything to prove they are gods; rather like the monkey world in “wizard of oz fiction”. An entire nation without any courage (lion)/ an entire society without a brain of its own (tin man I think)/ and straw come to life, and wants biology to change (no heart); so they all go to the wizard. Because its all just a fantasy world of “university imagination”.  to your shame! FEAR, FEAR, FEAR: “ITS THE UNIVERSITY DEMAND”/ AND THEY CAN’T BE WRONG; right?

IS THIS SOCIETY “NOT Jewish as in world war 2”? they attack you with failures and fantasy and threats without end: to destroy everything; as has been their work over these last decades in particular; when universities controlled it all. Today with covid, they attack even more: claiming FEAR IS YOUR ONLY SOLUTION/ FEAR OR DIE/ FEAR LIFE ITSELF/ FEAR SOCIETY/ FEAR YOUR OWN BODY/ FEAR THE PLAGUE OF “those who don’t know, what you know: because the universities made you so smart. One damn childhood student “like you” says FEAR; and this humanity says “the university cloak protects us/ they won’t let him or her be wrong”. But alas, those too, are just like you/ and they don’t know one millionth of what they believe they do. Like all cult religion: they only learn to believe, what the leader says. Can’t be true you say? Well let’s look at evolution: their religion, taught to every child, infiltrating every other religion: as an outright lie/ without the slightest bit of evidence in standing. As is: CAN YOUR BODY EXIST WITHOUT ALL ITS “PARTS AND PIECES”? GO AHEAD, take out your heart; according to evolution, you only get one piece at a time/ so you don’t need blood, or muscle, or lungs, or organs or anything else. Why sucks: that heart will just become “another you”/ cause you know, evolution only needs “one piece at a time; and without even a brain; its going to build something great”. Cause you know “its magic”. To your shame!

As to the people of the pacific and much more: it is a guarantee, “any sign of weakness or bankruptcy’ as is the constant of this american day. And there won’t be enough planes, ships or boats to take all the people who want to invade and own “america”. Simple as that; and if you don’t stop the foreigner from owning property here immediately; nothing but civil war, that then starts world war 3 will be left for you to do. Because your universities leaders; gave away your nation/ and you will have to fight to keep it from being lost forever. NOT with guns; because you cannot survive it: take a look at Syria and more. The results of war are well documented. CHOOSE DEMOCRACY AND TAKE YOUR NATION BACK. From the failures/ the fools/ the traitor/ the thieves/ the liars/ the terrorists/ the whores (only money matters)/ and extinction of this world.

AS to satan; the university arrogance, which attacks life and planet to destroy us all. Reality says; and genetics prove: they are far worse than the nazi’s were. They merely hide it better, with constant promises and propaganda about how they can be gods; and make life even better for you;  by adding CHAOS/ and risking the very essence of nature, life, and planet itself; by playing games.  after all, you don’t need no damn resources; or a job; or a life:   you, “are just in the way” of making themselves superior beings.  After all, isn’t that what being gods (in the sewage that is their brain); is all about?  “can’t be”? Well consider the truth of their evidence: they don’t know why genetic RNA exists/ so they have been currently “throwing it out”; cause its too complicated; and they’re gods; so they don’t need it right? its only nature; right? They also don’t know where anything regarding the disciplines of thought, in all its forms of behavior/ heartbeat/ muscle control or anything else that is not “one of four combinations: in their conception of life”. so, what could go wrong/ as they spew that mutilation over a world: THROUGH YOUR BODIES “WITH A NEW FORM OF VACCINE” (proving they are gods; by experimenting on the cult of university worshipers who won’t say no;  cause the university is god/ right).  all aboard, “the titanic is leaving port”/ and we all know:  “it CAN’T sink”/ because men are gods. “the monkey ate its own shit”/ and now believes it doesn’t need to know nothing;  “cause they’re gods”. And you are brainwashed fools; for letting them be so blind. Utter failures to life and planet: by letting the dregs of human waste, try to ignite a nuclear fire “Just like the sun”; here on earth.

All of which; is more than the male in me can stand! I literally do, need female to control: because even though these things are all life or death for this entire world. YOU must save yourselves; and reality proves you to be blind, stupid, deaf, mute, lazy, cursed by university, and a plague to yourselves; because you want to be “a herd”/ instead of individual humans alive: with a brain of your own. Life is sacred, the planet is sacred, the human body is sacred, all the living creatures and every miracle on this planet is sacred: and university says “its all garbage/ and we will do better”; by replacing Creation with our chaos/ to prove evolution is god too.

I find no hope for survival in men: this is the best they did do/ and they cannot do better; because men know men; and all the doors are shut. That leaves only women to try, “to save this world”. And the vast majority say: “we like it the way it is/ let men get what we need or want”; in exchange for sex. But alas: this world is overrun with human population; and the creatures we eat need to eat too. The chains we need/ they need too. The reality of resource and habitat and a life worth living; are all part of the world of everything/ and it dies without happiness of its own. As will you.    FEAR won’t save you/ the university is your threat; just as much as is your own want, and pride, without a brain; even more.

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