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Let us now go back to reality, one last time. To discuss the distance between what humanity has chosen/ and what is true to life and planet for living, beyond the curse, and the plague; of “university is god”.

We begin with the clear conclusion of three things. One of eternity/ one of tragedy and disgrace/ and one of the disciplines necessary to survive.

Of eternity we can easily recognize: when talking of life, we are not talking of biology at its core essence; but the placement of atoms, the energy associated with those atoms, the composition of movements within those atoms, and the basic environmental definition that allows for the limits and time of our own distinct decision with regard to the boundaries set into place; for our own discovery of life itself. Life being placed within the composition of why does movement exist? The answer being: it is not a kinetic motion/ it is not a potential motion/ it is, the gathering of parts; so as to create a relationship of value. Which does assume the title of “thought”.

Therefore when you consider the conclusion of life as time; what we are to understand is, within the atoms of our existence: the value of what we gather by our own decision, constructs the destiny of our own thought. As thought we achieve the discretion: to be what our truth will let us be. And humanity says: “I don’t really know what I want to be”/ I only know I want more of what I want”; and it (the human dimension) proceeds within “thought” to identify the differences between life and the cause of death. The end result is: whatever you do truly value, will become the only home you can build.

As to tragedy and disgrace; nothing is so errant and wrong, as the university decisions to play god/ and discard all respect for life and planet; as is the evidence of everything they do. Building stories out of fantasy and imagination; claiming such delusions and sewage as is evolution. All of it; proving without doubt/ you have no future. But did do in fact exactly as you intended to do as humanity on earth under university leadership: NOT IN MY LIFETIME. Which by all the decisions you made; proved, your purpose was to assassinate life, planet, and even your own child. To pretend you were rich; to your own eternal shame.

As is the composition of that; proven in this day; as an element of “all or nothing”/ as presented by university elite; claiming a pandemic that does not exist. To force you into civil war/ and a war to end this earth: the question is why? So, let’s ask: did a horrifying biological mutilation (the beginning of Armageddon) already escape the laboratory? Are they worried: now with a million people all ready and willing to destroy genetic stability, as is nature itself as a genetic miracle: THAT ENDLESS THREAT, will take over the planet/ if not disease, by their own release? (a warning: the only conceivable solution, is to destroy all the people who can! therefore I strongly recommend, that you police yourselves “with vigor”_) Even “the weakest mind” would know: we cannot survive their ignition of plasma; and the planet turns into a sun/ so its lets be emperors now; or never. Perhaps one of the asteroids that are slated to come VERY close to earth’s orbit within the next decade; has them worried of impact; another end of the world. Or is it simply; they begin to understand: on the precipice of our planet turning into an oven that will not support life/ there is no future here anymore. They know we will soon run out of resources. They know we will soon be overwhelmed with poisons. They know we will soon run out of water to drink. They know overpopulation has reached: “the death throne”/ we killed ourselves. They know that Yellowstone volcano is menacing with truth; and a thousand more; including a world filled with weapons of mass destruction. So, why not claim “its all or nothing, right now”/ and discard life to its end? Answer: they are “cowards, born into disgrace”; because they won’t participate for life: just want, as animals do.

As to the potential for a future: it is grim, and the possibilities of survival are small/ because you failed life and planet and your own selves/ your own child. BUT UNTIL IT IS PROVEN, that we have in fact crossed the last point of no return; there is still some degree for hope. Certainly not because you earned it. But because EVERY CREATION OF LIFE AS AN ENTIRE WORLD of the living; deserves one last chance/ even if you do not. Because LIFE IS PRECIOUS, and it is not easily found.

So let’s begin:

We will start with the one single reality of threat, that is not human induced and demanded. That would be Yellowstone: the biblical threat of “one hundred pound rocks falling from the sky” in the last days; would in fact fall into that category of prediction. Or, it could be, a large asteroid predicted to come fly between the earth and moon (2029, I think); strikes the moon instead: which could litter, this entire earth with “hundred pound rocks falling from the sky”. But without prophecy: we know, that we can depend upon a reality once released; that would in fact be horrendous to life. A blanket of debris that would encircle the earth, and cause it to cool; altering weather; releasing a pulse of energy that is more than likely to cause this atmosphere to detach from the planet surface; releasing constant winds beyond the ability of life to sustain itself. Because today, there are few trees and leaves left to intervene. The claim of it will counteract global warming; fails, unless there is extreme volcanic activities in the oceans. Which means tectonic plates must move/ which produces tsunami waves/ and coastline earthquake changes. Don’t worry, due to extreme amounts of weight distribution due to ice melt: likely anyway. NONETHELESS; Because the ice sheets cannot be replaced, unless there is enough “heated water” to produce an endless surge of humidity as rain or snow; onto the poles; where it can then freeze: there is no other way to replace the ice and stop the oven of sun heat; from consuming life on earth. But make no mistake; there will be even more earthquakes and volcano’s, as a result on land. The earth will release all those trillion tons of poisons you have injected and dumped into the water supplies; and all the earth of humanity will fight and cannibalize for the last of the food and whatever water they can find. “the first death”. A future thereby means: whether the risk is high or not, by altering Yellowstone volcano/ the cost of not knowing exactly when the consequences will be, now or far into the future. Is not nearly so grim as being wrong; as is true, of nearly everything the universities did do!  Must in fact simply be set aside, and we must endeavor and work to release the pressures that can and will make that volcano erupt violently. Simple as that, it is not optional/ we must.

Then starts the extremely long line of trouble and threats; that are attributed entirely to the decisions of men and their universities. It is more than I care to address/ and it is worthless unless you at least begin to construct the possibility, life might survive? So, I abandon it.

In other ways and means: in overall descriptions there are some simple realities you will accept, or you will fail; and be lost forever/ a world of life destroyed: and there will be consequences beyond time for you. I guarantee it.


  1. learn what democracy can do! That would begin for example right here in IL with: NO tax hike of any kind for you. But as the governing body of our democracy as is called WE THE PEOPLE: it is time to consider taxing the politician, and all the people funded by government graft and corruption; who received the money stolen/ got power or pride or wants by our slavery; which includes the medical community. Where reality proves: you were a traitor.
  2. No you cannot just wish it all away/ and every debt of every kind; that was “the hurrah of humanity throughout these last decades”. All screaming LET THE CHILDREN PAY! Will now face their truth; and it will not simply be, “whatever you want”.
  3. No you cannot have air conditioning anymore; but must aggressively work to counteract all forms of need and realities associated with global warming. It is immediate, and without argument/ you will do it, or fail life.
  4. No more poisoning the earth; period/ go back, to nature is sacred in all ways. Respect this earth or die: simple as that.
  5. No more university is god/ no more university is expert/ no more university is leader/ no more university decision matters: YOU WILL gather the evidence, identify what is true, investigate the cost of being wrong. And MAKE AN HONEST DECISION ON CRITICAL MATTERS BY VOTE, that has nothing to do with what you want, or what you believe. TRUTH DECIDES! LIFE MATTERS/ not the individual animal, that you became; to your shame.
  6. World law is your only hope to survive your numbers of extreme human population/ without clear and true working together in support of life and living: there will be only death.
  7. The foundation of justice, is happiness. Because unless the majority are happy, the end result will be war. That functionally means: YOU NEED TO FIX ALL THE TRAGEDIES AND TROUBLE, between men and women, so that life can become “the best it can be” here on earth. Find a brain, and this will make sense. If not, the living dead; have you destroyed already.As to me: the fundamentals of life, are elemental in nature/ life as a human being is movement; as when all movement stops: the deceased, is called dead. Time is a measurement of that movement; and the action or reactions that will be created; due to your decisions. Laws are enforced, and one of those laws is: when you have reached the limit or boundary of an environment/ you must ricochet, to move in the opposite direction; or you will be forced to stop and die. I have come, to the very end of male existence; having joined with female; “to walk” these last fifteen years. I have come to the boundary line of life or death. Life requires a ricochet (to accept, without damage, that there will be change). That change has become female by nature; NOT in human conceptions of homosexual or transgender which are fantasies; developed by lies. But a reality: beyond this point of instruction to you, all that is male; that could be done, beyond this work, as it is: is war with you. I have surrendered that entirely; to accept only the law can save your lives, this earth, this everything miracle that exists: which is elementally female. NOT because they are better; they are equal/ but they are also different in real life terms, than men. Where this goes for me; I have no real clue: it is a female world, what separates me from that, has been removed. I begin again; with no prediction as to how it ends, or proceeds as a development of life or eternity. It simply is, whatever this will be. NO surgery, no drugs, no anything other than “miracles are ok”.  As for YOU,   YOU: ARE IN CHARGE OF LIFE OR DEATH for this world: BY YOUR OWN CHOICES. I did do, my job/ our job; as the spiritual woman and me. I am not your choice/ not your savior/ not your threat: I am irrelevant/ NOR AM I YOUR EXCUSE.  THIS IS; as it is:  humanity itself, that threatens this world!  Nothing more or less; other than Yellowstone. I have provided information: rather like a hurricane coming/ prepare or die: by making appropriate decisions;  simple as that. Whatever is left for me to do; is not male. Exactly what that means: I have no clue? I suppose, it is only fair to assert: that the environmental source of energy itself (as an identity constructed for life): there is constructed by the limits of a boundary between what is outside (male) and what is inside (female). Both must be joined to achieve Creation/ but then separated, to become time. This is, “the most basic description” of “OUR CREATOR”. As to me: I AM, far more complex than you expect in many ways/ and far less complex than you believe in others. Stated because no matter what the excuse is; there shall be those who attempt to make you believe, that this long listing of threats and corruption and realities that will not simply disappear/ is all just about me. Obviously it is not/ but ridicule is a constant; and if that does not work, violence usually appears next: because people want what they want. So, I will tell you of little things; to clear the air, on what can be used. I have quietly or slowly “run away” from women who presented an opportunity; that could have been romantic or desirable/ it is more simple to appear “Undesirable”. Because of this work, and the fact it always turned out: I must leave/ and that was true tears. So simply avoiding it was better for both. I have been given many opportunities to study the various elements of human behavior; always asking “BUT WHY”/ which turned out to be an education with value for you, in this work. I have put on a bra (only a piece of cloth; can’t make you woman/ can’t make you not a woman. It does however prove beyond a doubt, “who won”. It forces me to admit, the argument is over!); not by choice; rather in a fight between the spiritual woman and me/ “it was a sign, rather like a horse’s bridle; proving who won/ because I cannot refuse (she knows my every thought; we are joined); the cost is high (she has the ways and means, to enforce; and prove she gets to decide)”. Its complicated/ but that is simple to you: a battle between male or female controls. You do understand it: you do understand, when I testify: “without the spiritual woman who joined me, “15 years ago”/ I would have been at war with you”. Her deliberate contribution; of days past: ONLY THE LAW will work. Nope, you are not always right; life is not always simple. I can honestly say for every man: I don’t like being changed or controlled (always having searched for the purity of freedom itself. And the response of every woman in any sort of even possible, romantic opportunity was STOP THAT. Adding in, “don’t you care about me”/ am I not more important than that; and the plotting and planning and tears begin. That needs change too.). But life says to me:  either change, or extinction will occur for this world. It is a choice:  only a fool would not choose, the world comes first.  NOT savior; a reality facing all men/ a consequence facing all women. Truth leads, “by a woman’s touch” or we fail our world. Because what men, and their universities have been choosing: is extinction. The game is dead/ NO, you can’t continue the delusion of playing god. REALITY MUST DECIDE, by a different direction and desire. AS is, “women are different”/ it is, their turn to try.  When asking “how different”:  the answer replies, “time, is an action & a reaction (one causes the other)”/ as is the essence of male or female in this world. Because men have failed life and planet: neither will NOT continue as it is. CHANGE OR DIE.
  8. In other terms of living (you don’t get to guess): I have pushed and shoved people, into revealing themselves/ to themselves; when I felt it was absolutely necessary for them (never a desire). but; I generally use the fastest method available. I have gotten to the point: if you insist on control, without truth or knowledge/ even if you don’t know what you are doing; choosing pride and want over reality and its consequences/ then go ahead, and I will just watch it fail. Tired of the fight, that should not be: LET TRUTH DECIDE/ not pride. I have been accused of “mentally incompetent”/ by those, who cannot understand: the price of participation, beyond time: Is learning how to survive? There are very deliberate decisions that must be made/ failure, occurred in the first step inside. Because I became trapped by indecision, and then chose “to be on the safe side”: which was absolutely wrong (fear is not allowed), and reality proved that true. The decision was: “having a couple of false teeth, because of an accident”/ the question presented: those are not what GOD gave to you! The question is then: should the body be mine/ or is it a gift, that is sacred and never to be altered in any way? The proper answer is: it is, entirely mine; as an opportunity in this life/ and I may do with it as I please. By understanding simply: I must also pay the price of my own decision. Or more distinctly: the spiritual world is truth/ and only truth can survive therein.  In the separation between male and female;  the entire construction of what is “my body”/ has died to become our body. The consequence of that is: change. Which means: what is true for me, is different now, than what is true for you. A reality that occurred due to  “our world threatened by extinction”. It functionally means: both male and female MUST JOIN TOGETHER, in truth and respect;  in order to save this earth/ nothing less will do. “My loss of control” is a sign: men have had their say/ this is the best they did do: and yet our world stands on the edge of extinction. Which does mean: let women try, they own the right! They cannot do it on their own/ but neither can men. Nonetheless on an individual level: Everything about you, must be given to your own decision/ so that you can be your own truth. That is the price of survival; but then comes the quest for identity: what is the decision of your desire. That is enough, for you to know/ but make no mistake, the spiritual world IS, a dangerous place; but it is also a very valuable expression of life, and the journey through experience into thought itself. Thought is an environmental ascension, into the laws that govern truth and reality. “it is, the governing of energy”. Energy is the governing of life; you may not know “the realities of life itself”. A purity throughout, that protected by truth, discipline, respect, order, balance, love, courage, and values in law. NEVER attempt to enter, without the purity of respect/ or you WILL, either die, or become schizophrenic (unless you can recover; by returning to only truth decides).
  9. Eternity then whispers: where love exists, a value has been found; achieve the search for life.  Mercy is a very different thing; it seeks the distance that trust will allow. Or more distinctly: it allows, that you shall not corrupt beyond this level/ at this distance. We then ask: what is life as eternity? The answer replies, the opportunity to seek and share life, with GOD ! CREATOR OF ALL THAT EXISTS, and beyond. To participate, as both friend and child.  JOY, is the destiny of pure love. What is, “more precious than that?”

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