It is fair to say, “that life has given to me a lot, in this form of existence called a human body”. It is also fair to say; that I owe to life itself, as is the summation of everything truly called a miracle. For that cause, I work and have spent my time for the purpose of its survival as a world. Even though humanity works only to be extinct; by university knows decisions/ and the plague of media propaganda, and manipulation.

Your failures are extensive; your lies are extreme; your betrayal of respect; your terrorism against life and planet are enough, to destroy this world: to your shame. That is the summary of human existence on earth. Because the reality is: existence is about love/ everything else, that is life/ or hate. The summary of everything else is want; and want is the foundation of every lie conceived. Which is a primary foundation of hate; but not the only one.

So, let’s talk; for one final gasp of life, before human decisions shove it over the cliff/ and extinction becomes forever. I leave it as an American decision; since I live here; but also because you have claimed yourselves to be “THE LEADERS” ever since world war 2. You claimed superiority and the prize/ you get the initial cost of being wrong. Because that is what you chose.

Reality proves in this land of 333 million people: that less than one in 333 people are willing to stand up for life or planet/ as that would be one million people; and one million people are not to be ignored. You cannot do it. So let’s ask: is there one in 3330 people in this nation that are willing to stand up for life or planet/ as that would be one hundred thousand people out of 333 million; and their voice would be heard, if they were serious about what they do? The answer you cannot do that either; because the evidence proves you will not. So let’s ask: is there one in 33,300 people who would stand up for life or planet becoming only one of ten thousand people; in this nation of 333 million plus immigrants and so on. There may be ten thousand people throughout the nation; because that is not enough, to be heard; so we will never know if they exist/ unless they are very rich, and buy media; which will not allow them to be heard. Because power is power, and it hates competition; unless there is war. You don’t get rich, by choosing for life or planet; so that is extremely unlikely; as is who truly wants to be equal/ when you have been rich.

We have then summarized and proven true: that you will not stand up for life or planet in the numbers that can succeed in turning back the apocalypse of failure that is “university knows”. You will not stand up for life or planet to turn back the Armageddon of mutilation that is going to defeat the sacred value of life: that is university plays god. You will not participate in democracy, because you want to be rich/ and as a herd of animals all wanting, rather than thinking or respecting life: you threw this world into HELL. Because an animal at best: can only believe what it believes. Since you can believe anything you want/ that means, evidence and truth, right or wrong, lie or reality has no meaning to you. The world, and everything else: is whatever you want it to be/ or believe it to be; and that is all there is. Because life does not matter to you/ only time, and money; as is the summary of animal. But hey don’t worry, the universities have your solution: “dirt to dirt baby”/ ain’t no consequences for us; just whatever we can get, and that is all. So, who could possibly argue “with university gods”/ after all, they own your soul. Don’t you worry, their god of evolution which is chaos: “is coming to save you”/ cause you know “that is what chaos does” right! Go ahead answer that question: chaos is your god, “built you out of pieces, that just magically appear: without even a brain”; right?

You are, who you are: simple as that/ truth is what It is; and no amount of effort is going to change the truth, that as animals; you will not think for yourselves. But don’t worry; you can hate/ because that is a primary foundation of want, and want controls humanity. Not love/ not life/ not reality as would be the planet is important: just want. For all but a few.

I have done what I could do for the few. A few more gasps of breathe; and your done. Because all the evidence points against you/ and what is true, will always prove to be true. The human experience is: we can change, and redirect our lives to better things/ more desirable decisions with a future. But few do/ and when confronted “with pride or change”; only a very few choose change. The reason: humanity worships its games/ because you don’t have to think with a game; you can just play “winner or loser” in all its forms. LIFE REQUIRES that you think for yourself; DEATH REQUIRES, that only what is true can survive. Which means few do, beyond time.

And the university gods say: YOU CAN’T PROVE life beyond time exists! Therefore we have every right to our games, and our lies, and our power struggles; because nothing else matters.

And the foundation of evidence says: THAT EVERY MIRACLE OF EXISTENCE, EVERY CHAIN OF THE LIVING, EVERY PLANETARY BALANCE THAT SUPPORTS OUR HAPPINESS AND HOPE; says you are wrong. Therefore everything that is, the sacred truth of what is real; but clearly more, than simply an accident: identifies with the truth, LIFE IS MORE than time!

As for me: I have indeed surrendered the male conception of war; to resolve this issue of life or death of a planet. The female solution of law is the answer; resides with them/ as nothing can be done, as forty years have proven, as “Just one man”. Even though the law is enough; without a crowd, it has no meaning to the people entrusted to enforce our democracy. They work only for power. The evidence of thought, realities of being wrong, consequences of failure; have only proven, “your apathy is stronger, than your will to survive”.

The elemental task is then; beyond the scope of my own work/ and relies entirely upon you.  But hey, don’t worry: because you can believe anything you want/ why worry about truth? Ain’t that right!

And the world shouts back: “nothing has changed/ this earth CANNOT die; we have nothing to fear”!

But reality shouts back at you: you are now over one person standing on every agricultural piece of ground/ and all of life must eat, not just you. You have overrun the oceans, to near extinction and collapse of all living systems. You have mutilated and sterilized all the plant foods you eat/ and confined all livestock you eat; so that one disease can take them all. You have spewed trillions of tons of toxic substances throughout this earth/ causing radiation poisoning as well/ along with common radiation levels (its all great) that will soon interrupt biology. You have prepared endless weapons of mass destruction. You have allowed and supported the crucifixion of all life on earth by university manipulation. You have built, trillion dollar machines whose only purpose is to ignite atoms on fire “just like the sun”; here on this planet. You have disrespected everything, including yourselves/ contaminating life with hate, and apathy. You have chosen to warm this planet soon beyond survival rates. You are consuming oxygen beyond its ability to regenerate for life. You have removed trees, and will cause this planetary atmosphere to accelerate. You have altered the weather patterns. You have reached maximum capacity water usage for the planet; caused extinction in massive amounts/ destroyed habitats forever/ failed the rivers and streams and oceans with fertilizers. Dumped excessive amounts of salt on the ground you depend upon for food; and it will be a catastrophe. Counterfeited all your currencies, by inflation (claiming assets that are not true) due to university lies, debts without end: with full media cooperation; conspiracy and deceit/ which is treason. Prepared for war throughout this earth at every level. Destroyed chains of life, and attacked resources as if they were a plague to you. Just to start. So no; this ain’t the same world your humanity lived in before. THIS IS YOU. And you, are a failure to life and planet. “but don’t worry” you said: quote, not in my lifetime/ so your plan to assassinate, and destroy this entire world almost succeeded.

Making the only question left: can you find your brain? “without the cult of university and its media plague of disgust controlling what is truth”. Because the constant herd “roar (we want to be predators/ but aren’t, until becoming a mob)”:  IS, WE DON’T GIVE A DAMN. Won’t keep you alive/ and you know that is true! ALAS, let the children pay, now comes true.

Just in case it is still being done: the reality of lead poisoning in children or adults: primarily was always do to the food cans being sealed with solder lead. The easy way, to serve food was simply heat the can, without a pot. That melted the solder, and it was eaten with the food; you can taste it. But a child of the poor, has no real choice, nor does someone who feels they are starving/ eat it or die. Unfortunately simply squeezing the lid (as is done today in this USA) is not as good a seal/ but it is sufficient; and it has made a difference.

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Jim Osterbur

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