Preparations for a long cold winter, for the homeless include: a plastic bag underneath your clothes will do a lot to keep you warmer/ enough plastic bags collected for at least 6 inches thick; and placed inside a larger plastic bag or something to hold it all together. To lay on will keep you far more comfortable and warm; than anything else. IF I was making one for me: I would put a few bags inside one with the plastic handles intact/ and then make a chain out of sliding another bag through the handles of the first, and interlocking them one after the other. then forming a rectangle by running the chains back and forth/ then perpendicular to those: continuing with that chain or another. I would interweave the chain like a rope, to make a “plastic cloth like structure”;  with a few bags inside, create some volume, for air cushioning/ and then top that with another chain woven “plastic cloth blanket” until comfortable. For heavier people, or a more sustainable loft: you need to layer plastic bags together to form a “locked block”, which is then put in the chain bag or laced together in a suitable way. once done, a heavy plastic bag is used to enclose the whole/ or a sheet of plastic is then sealed on three sides to form the protection bag. Bear in mind; these are moved (dragged), and as such weight is a problem. there is also “packing styrofoam, shipping materials (preferable water does not matter), but cloth and so on;  can be used, particularly in the cold.  I have used “hair irons” to seal plastic/ but it is not recommended if you have options.  IF YOU WANT TO DO a good job of it:  you need to arrange a “suitable selection of cushioning materials; to put in the bag” and wrap them with a rubber band; circles cut from an inner tube, etc. this acts to reintroduce loft (cushion and heat; air) to the mattress material. if you have a little money, and want to help them out simple:  buy a 1.5 inch thick 4×8 piece of styrofoam sheet; cut it in half/ reduce it to 6feet or a little more/ and wrap that in glued, heavy plastic to keep the styrofoam from falling apart. that insulates and provides realistic relief from the hard ground, and most moisture problems; add a small rope, strap, or webbing; to pull it/ tie it.  netting would be helpful; as a sled to move “property”. (problem, it can blow into traffic; etc). Realistic solution make sure those who use it know to tie it to something. 

protection is a vital concern to the homeless; reality states; only true self-defense (can’t be used against you) methods are useful. these include an airhorn/ a suitable chemical smell to release (people are educated to recognize)/ coveralls/ cell phone alert; such as those used “for the elderly” (push the button in emergency; it calls for you; something like this). a usable, weatherproof camera; that can be hidden well. Ideally for the purpose of all people: camera’s today can be made in “chain link” style necklace collars; that can then be taken apart to put on hats, linking bands added to put on coats, more. With motion detectors, battery time is extended; as a chain link different elements can be added and shifted to where you want them (one in front one in back); someone approaching to close to fast: a signal siren goes off/ strobe lights go off. GPS signal, and picture sent; once every ten seconds or so: to “an operational” storage or person on duty. Even the potential to release a chemical signal that either repels, or calls for attention. Even the opportunity to send an alarm if certain other elements are present. including additional batteries; this type of tool represents a significant safety improvement. Opportunity to eject a memory card for later pickup; with a signal sender; if very serious.  For the homeless; then tokens to be used, at the laundry-mat  “on one day per week only, during these hours”. coupons for food only; to be used only during these hours. gathering up restaurant food, grocery; that will be thrown away. so on. if you want to think long term use a “lowboy trailer” and pickup;  to pull around a load of wash machines; hooked up where you can; best if you can lower it to the ground. put up a tent; temporary clothesline for drying;  one day in advance for a place to wait/ notice to the public. THERE IS, “plenty of labor: for all needs”;  to help. in the cold, it is better to use a laundry-mat.  IF you must: warming areas, can be created by simply laying down a lattice of 2×4 with “heater hose + a circulating pump; (suitable furnace, but can be hooked to engine/ preferably with generator )” underneath; .5in plywood on top

The primary method of sheltering the homeless is: to create very small chambers in mobile units which can then be trucked around the city to vacant lots/ or placed in buildings in necessary. Since standard sizing is 4 x8 that is the size of each independent room/ basic size is 40-50 feet long for trucking purposes/ one small window, one small heater, one small light bulb and one plug in in each one.      These are then placed in a square with a controlled entry area on two opposite corners. A small shower and two toilets is basic need/ preferably with room for a wash machine:  this would take up “one space” on a line building; minimum: for “community use”. And if you want to be kind; a gathering space, where food could be cooked; in cold climates. In hot climates; let the roof be raised to create ventilation with screening. These are, strictly male or female shelters/ with the exception of family units; which will allow for a door to be inserted in-between the two rooms. It will have cameras to insure peace/ and it will be: by invitation only, among those who are living there; monitored by reality/ because if they fail to “police themselves” (with policing help when needed)/ they can all be thrown out. The community can be disbanded, and removed.     Just for clarity: the building must be able to be strapped down for high wind areas/ it needs a fold down bed with two “board supports”; one for lifting and controlling the bed/ one for folding down as a table, bench, desk, type of installation/ you need a bench on one end that allows for storage, and you need common milk crate containers to go inside that bench, and potentially more to be used as supports for the bed itself; as they are then storage and easily moved or handled, while being small enough to stay out of the way. The heater goes in the middle under the bed in a fireplace type of setting as is needed for hinge mounts; and it could contain one of the fake electric log heaters for “atmosphere”. You need an hand operating “rat screen” in front of the window to control violators of the peace. A suitable door can be made of plywood, with metal enclosing the insulation and a simple lock; a small window on the opposite side in the preferred compound 4 line buildings set up in a square to enclose the area; for the sake of community and the inhabitants living there. A second window then;  for viewing the compound would be best. The secondary “utility building” needs to be not less than twenty x eight feet (for twenty to thirty people/ with an additional building joined back to back for “larger community (double everything)” if the funds are available:  space to congregate for some. A valid work for the inhabitants is required: each living there shall work one day for the rent/ one day for the food/ and one day for utilities and transportation per week. If the city does not provide a realistic job; or arrange for private day work; through public or private means: they have the week for free.  if you have a job:  but cannot afford a place to stay; it is fair, to save enough to get that place.  let the city decide. But if there is work provided, you shall do the work; with realistic respect for reality (it is fair) and safety/ if not, you are evicted. There can be “public money” used instead of common money: but if there is, upon gathering sufficient public money as a worker: when it is requested you shall grant them a true and honest exchange. Enough money: means you do not need this anymore: the opportunity for better, is real. The decision is simple: “not exactly a home/ but clearly not being discarded by the others: therefore an opportunity with respect.” Do the best you can, and all will benefit. A line building, would generally have a flat roof;  is built upon an iron frame for moving purposes; and is either loaded onto “a donahue style trailer”; or with wheels that can simply be inserted into the framework. Correctly done, the line building will lift itself, and with wheels inserted and a pulling tongue attached; a one ton pickup should easily move it. IN suitable locations: solar panels can be attached to the roof; and create electricity for sale.  reality states: that IT WOULD be better, if not only regulated to specific for gender or family; it should be regulated for race as well. Bear in mind: that 95% if everything the “university has ever said or done is wrong”. including race;  the reality is, and will always remain: that distinct groups perform and get along better; when no outside influences are added in. NOT because of color; because like in the animal world:  there are a dozen or more individual groups of antelope for instance; all being equal; but not exactly the same. When they stick together, they all act the same (no infighting); when you combine them with other groups, in case of any little panic; they all run on top of each other (blame the other), causing chaos.  But then: “the university god is chaos” so why be surprised? There is NO ROOM for pedophile or rapist or murderer: let the community decide. Choose, “an empty or abandoned lot, building etc; SHALL be considered open for placement: tax shall be abated until they leave. IF the property is sold or to be remodeled, etcetera:  the line buildings or compound will be removed; based upon an appropriate time line/ not over 3 months. But construction shall begin, not less than 3 months beyond being evicted for; this just and appropriate cause. A small rental fee could be included, if fair. current realistic costs for unit materials roughly $600.00  with about a day labor for two; when properly set up. 

When located in a building it will be necessary to lift the buildings a foot or more off the ground; on blocks: so as to lay sewer and other utilities on top of the concrete to achieve that necessity. Realistic Opportunities for a bus ride should be present.

Nothing, is a greater disgrace to life and planet; than are “the universities”/ while there is truly much competition for the most vile, and deadly disrespect to life and planet throughout history; none have achieved a greater level of impact for damage and destruction than a university diploma. Simple as that, without any chance of being wrong. Of the many realities which prove it true; one of the greatest failures of humanity is: letting them play god with life. Literally nothing is more disrespectful to life itself; than is that; and you as the cult worshiper of university is god, participates as their fool! Let us think for just a second; as you have no greater attention span. Asking with simple purity: WHAT happens if a genetic change causes a catastrophe: because the building of every body of life in nature itself; is so far beyond human comprehension/ that the monkeys of university are certain to cause that destruction. And will fail to “put it back”. What happens, when a chicken cannot complete its shell? What happens, when life cannot rise, or control its heart rate? What happens when blood is fouled, and cannot sustain life? What happens when your leg is attached to your head? What happens when a disease invades plant life; as they have destroyed all the basic defenses of most plants in order to achieve higher yields? What happens, when you think “like an alligator, or snake, or pigeon, or cannot think at all”; because they ruined the framework of thought itself? What happens, when you are literally as if zombies; because that is what they chose/ and you allowed them to do it? Genetic structure; not only arises in the construction of DNA/ RNA molecules; but the cell must contain the ingredients/ the collection of instruments (genes) constant to create a communication within the collection of information that is genetics must be understood by the cell and the body: which then becomes the factory of life. Or more simply: multiply a billion times a billion times a billion times a billion; and you get the basics of what is going to create a living organized body for life: without the life yet inside. And as the most simple minded fools ever born in the history of this world: you BELIEVE, your universities cannot harm you; but will dry away every tear. They will in fact do that; as your tears run out with terror overthrowing life itself: soon to be your fate, without mercy, as that is what you chose. To your eternal shame, religion and all/ because even if you didn’t support them personally; you certainly did nothing whatsoever to stop or even complain: THAT NATURE IS SACRED! To your shame. You have achieved your goal: WINNER/ THE GREATEST FOOLS IN HISTORY; is you.  While all race to the abyss of HELL, and more;  none more so, than those called “American”. Which makes their leading religion of evolution; “devil”/ along with all those who worship it as true;  the same.

REALITY KNOWS: that the majority of large corporations; are all looking forward to the day when every small business has been destroyed/ believing they will gain. Believing that there is no end, to the counterfeiting and inflation of government currency; because as the “universities say; NO consequences for us”. The nation however is not so fortunate as to live in delusions and fantasy; and must identify with reality; because unlike the curse of a university in charge of government; they are not able to just “keep the money all for themselves”. As predicted in Revelation 18, there will be consequences; even for a university diploma; because that is where they led the nation/ and that is where you followed. “damned” means: you will not escape the consequences of what you chose to do/ because they are real, and fundamentally, the description of your own decisions. Including large corporations; catastrophe looms large: the greatest moment in the history of this nation arrives. Choosing: TO LIVE, OR DIE AS A WORLD/ how proud you must be! Choosing: whether the universities remain your god/ OR REALITY takes hold, and brings you back to life. There are no second chances; what you do choose, is literally what you get “forever”: THINK FIRST, because death of a world; is at your door. And you cannot refuse! A literal and true investigation will prove it is so; OR you can wait, until all purpose for hope is gone.

There is elementally a need for work, which must be allowed. To accomplish that, it will be functionally necessary to install “limited capitalism”; as a method of proceeding in government; while acknowledging the end of all real economic stability has come. Because the universities stole, betrayed, terrorized, and lied endlessly to achieve their ends/ not yours: which was to play god, get all the toys they could think of, and promise “if you let us be millionaires without any complaints; we will take away every tear”. As all lies are: an abyss of promises, without the slightest reality to get in their way: “in other words the perfect politician”. 

But the road of lies, without consequences has come to its predictable end: tragedy everywhere/ leading to extinction for playing god with life and earth.

There is only one true survival left: dethrone and discard the universities in their entirety; as a valueless disgrace of putrid vomit. OR end life on earth, with nothing left but cannibalism, war, and HELL. And the people say: “they are gods/ and we will not dethrone them; cause they are gods; and what have we got left if we remove them?” the answer of course is: at least the possibility to survive/ before nature itself is completely defiled and entering death, as will this earth. In well over fifty years of leadership, the universities did only one thing: they chose with complete selfishness/ and you followed, with complete selfishness; and that has become a world plundered/ every child and every life assassinated/ a sea soon dead of all life/ a world turning into an oven/ human overpopulation exploding into oblivion; and soon to turn entirely into world war, with all weapons of mass destruction. Because each and every one; wants more than they have/ with only extremely few exceptions. In a world that has already been raped, ransacked, ruined, and destroyed; but for the very last fragments of hope. Soon that too will be gone, as reality forces you to realize the university is god; they are SATAN (a religious word meaning the destroyer of a world).     The people you trust 

For survival you will recognize: no more greed/ no more selfishness/ no more pride or want or, only very little power. Because we the people are SO MANY; in a world so devastated by human apathy, disrespect, corruption, and disgrace: that you literally have no other choice/ but to be extinct. Go ahead and choose; but you only get one real answer/ and too late means, that too will soon be gone. So we play, as if you had a brain/ when we all know, cult worshipers of university as god: have no brain. They are believers, and the foundation of all belief is: I DON’T need to know nothing/ I DON’T need no damn evidence/ I WON’T think for myself: because I believe, which means everything is decided/ and it will not be altered, because I believe. Like every religion before you; a reality without a brain: because the university you cannot question; plays god over you. Even though once the cloak is removed: “its just your former classmates”. 

We must work for needs, and be content with fighting to save this earth and all its life that is left: doing whatever must be done to accomplish that very thing. Your universities and “great men”: will vomit and spew EXTREME ANGER, at such a suggestion. Because it removes the game of life/ discards all their trophies and work to be gods above you all: and causes them to be equal; a reality akin to murder in their eyes. But, they are what they are; and must simply be ignored; as we search within democracy to achieve what they could not and would not do: TO FIND LIFE, RESPECT THE PLANET, IDENTIFY TRUTH, AND ESTABLISH JUSTICE; because that will keep us alive. If you do not fail. Such is the basic reality of truth, that you must attain in order to remain living on this planet. Whether you like it or not: want is dead/ or reality itself will die, and all the world with it. Because your universities are not gods/ only death; as is so clearly proven by the evidence. But then we all know as a herd: YOU DON’T NEED NO DAMN EVIDENCE/ because you can’t all be wrong, THEREFORE “the world is perfect/ and nothing can ruin it for us; because you are gods too”. Now ain’t that right? Sure it is; why such little things like the people trying to ignite plasma on fire “just like the sun”/ CAN’T burn you alive; because their fantasies won’t allow that/ after all they are “gods”. Even though when it ignites: ATOMS WILL BE BURNING; just like the sun/ and the very same result, will come here. Well until the planet explodes; because it is simply not spherical enough; once the oceans burn. Don’t worry, just because Yellowstone will explode; you are gods; and everybody knows: “consequences be damned; they are THE UNIVERSITY”/ AND THEY will never die; why that is for humans/ and the cult knows, “they ain’t human/ they’re gods; who can’t be questioned/ or required to prove what is true; versus what is an outright lie, or just plain fantasy”. To your shame!  But then you can’t be bought or influenced: isn’t that right? 

And all the herd says: we can’t all be wrong/ WE BELIEVE; DAMN YOU, for your unbelief; just a damn atheist; “THE UNIVERSITY IS god’ you miserable fool you. SO BE IT; as reality continues its march to poison every water source/ discard and destroy every resource/ curse every chain of life: by university decisions. And let us not forget: having decided since they know nothing of what genetic RNA does/ “they can just throw it away”. Because it interferes with being god over life. EVEN THOUGH, RNA is the communicator that identifies and creates the biological forms of identity, that elevate life from a robot; into a living creation. So don’t you worry now; after all you don’t use your mind anyway: right/ HELL NO, says the herd; but alas, they are wrong. Just like being wrong with believing “YES WE CAN” control the same energy as powers the sun. “hell, what could go wrong”! To your eternal shame; you let them do these things;;; because you were never intended to be animals; as you are. Instead you were born to think/ which you cannot; because the universities stole your brain. Believe it or not!  Because you are too smart to be betrayed. 

And all the humanity on earth say: THAT IS NOT WHAT I WANT TO HEAR/ TELL ME, WHAT I WANT TO HEAR/ and be done with catastrophe and disgrace and failure and fools. TELL ME WHAT I WANT TO HEAR; or be dead. So, I will tell you what you want to hear: you can be very proud/ you are the epitome of want ( the foundation of every lie)_ in fact you are so good. You stand alone in the history of this earth, the superior ones: who traded this earth, for a chance to play gods “In your brave new world”. Since you are gods, who could argue that you need GOD OUR CREATOR anymore? So when HE LEAVES this earth; because of your shame and disrespect of both life and planet. THEN, YOU REALLY WILL BE gods, of everything you chose to do; completely without pity, because of course: that is what you chose.

So, I will tell you, what I have told you from the beginning: the cost of being WRONG, is our own extinction, without any second chances. Because the things that are being done; CAN LITERALLY CAUSE THIS WORLD, AND ALL ITS LIFE TO DIE! Not a game, a reality called “university”. I HAVE NOTHING to do with that reality/ as I made every realistic effort to demand: YOU MUST understand the cost of being WRONG. Your constant response over forty+ years: YOU, are nothing, YOU are worthless, YOU better not do anything we don’t like, because we can hate you in an instant. OR, all but a very tiny few: just ran away to hide. TODAY however, time has run out; and you will make your decision for life or death of this planet/ because it will not continue as it is. LIFE AS CREATION MADE IT/ or, the insanity of universities and their delusion; they can be gods? One or the other, because you have crossed the line; and nothing else is left. LIFE AS GOD MADE IT, and intended it to be/ OR UNIVERSITIES play god, and you get to live in their reality “such as, let’s push nature into chaos/ to bring back evolution; or ignite the same fire as on the sun, here”; until you die: won’t be long! Simple as that/ they believe they are gods: reality will prove differently, and you will scream; literally without end, until dead.


for all videos produced by me:

  this video link is constructing solutions    2 hours

Without an enemy, you cannot have a war/ and all things fall too, the truth: of what you can and did or did not do for yourselves or your world. With an enemy, the door opens to hate/ stealing/ lying/ cheating/ disrespect and ridicule/ “its all your fault, even though we are equal”/ and I don’t have to be responsible for myself, or the things I chose; because I can blame you. Without fear, there is NO excuse for power, and no one follows or believes; because freedom becomes important. Without power, there are no leaders; because no army, nor major enemy can be formed or found. With true law, the value of life, and living is written. With enforcement of that law: the creation of democracy exists, as the truth of what we can and will be. But without reality by its own truth leading the way; there is only fantasy to hide the cost of what is being done. Fantasy is a delusion hiding the lies of many, under an intentional blanket of confusion. Truth has no enemies, only liars. Liars have no friends, because they worship power over you more. The enemy of life, is a foundation that cannot be sustained; because the inevitable reality is: this becomes our road to extinction. And humanity says: “this is easy, so let’s travel it for awhile anyway”/ but being easy, they hide from truth, and pretend the universities are god, and will keep the foundations of living from being true, “for us”. As all liars do, they will fail; because truth cannot be defeated/ it will return, as if it never left. Only the price goes up.   this video link is:

Every liar is a judge, in his or her own heart. That ultimately means, you have claimed the right “to play god”. The cost of that decision, “is a piece of value in you, in life itself; is lost”/ the price of life for, someone else diminished [the question: is this worth fighting for]. Because there is no foundation for playing god, you measure and accept; “worthless or less, to me (claiming to then, be god over a life)”. That is a violence that leads beyond hate. REALITY then reminds you: Let the law decide, protect the law so that it is fair, choose justice where you can, be at peace within the law; because there is no other way for society to exist. Failure Excuses hate, and brings what war will do. Just like the refusal to accept what is true, brings war instead. Truth decides, or realities will die.  this video link is: 23 minutes.

One hundred thousand people died; in a nation of 327 million plus undocumented people; equals not more than one per every 3,270 individuals. 80% or so being of extremely old age or sickness. Pushes your “healthy” chances of dying into the less than one in ten thousand area. In contrast a 3% birth rate; constant throughout the twentieth century equals 9,810,000 new births in this nation this year: wanting food, water, resources and more. And what do you know; people quit dying of flu, old age, food poisoning, etc. To achieve a pandemic status, more people must die than are being born: zero population growth. In this world today, that means ONE QUARTER OF A BILLION PEOPLE PER YEAR/ must die, to even consider it a pandemic. The difference between a traitor and those who make a mistake is: the traitor continues to insist you must believe. The difference between life or death for this planet and its future is: those who betray you, are focused on only “one little thing”.  this video link is:    trial exhibit  24 minutes


The foundation of all wants, or don’t want: is an animal lives in or for this. As is: “nothing truly matters, but look or listen to me”/ life is nothing but what I want or don’t want; because everything is about me/ without wants, life has died; it has no value/ without want, I have no cause to live; I am lost. Because being human relies upon accepting truth will decide/ not want. An animal, is either predator or prey/ a human being, rises above the simplicity; to achieve thought. Where there is thought, love to build/ or hate to destroy; will exist. Love extends the decision to share because we care, to all life that will not destroy it. That is a courage, a value established beyond self.   7 minute video  the link is :  Whereas hate hides itself, until the moment of destruction; so as to damage even more. Love builds from hope/ hate chooses fear, and falls inside it; because they know what vengeance would do. Want forms depression, because this is all there is. Love discovers passion, and ascends within desire to achieve truth within the elemental passage that is your own soul. Nothing is so elementally true, as is the miracle of life itself. Where passion by the evidence of its love exists, the future of life remains “within that miracle”. Respect knows your truth itself, will remain “established, even beyond death; as love or hate, or animal”. Love is, the single greatest treasure (life is worth living) in this universe. Hate digs graves, including its own; because there is no true value in its survival. 

The cost of policing is: failed university instructions/ too much, separation from society itself/ and fear. Fear and the failure of respect; gets people killed on both sides. None of which can be resolved by simply blaming a police department or its workers; because the decision to weaponize society, makes all aware of the cost to be wrong. “a two edged sword” cuts both ways.  Every video is presenting information in a way NOT intended to threaten or convey more than I must; so that it will not be abused by universities. Every method of defense can also be used to attack. Every level of participation can be misunderstood; resulting in harm, if it is too explicit.  the videos depicted here are all found on   or revelation 1:16 minutes

Treason, is the intent to lie/ while doing grave harm: $3 trillion dollars=$30,000.00 per each of 100,000,000 people of new debt. The bribe is $1200.00 “to help you”/ while someone else gets, the other $28,800.00. Fantasy merely delays, and enlarges the destruction called: truth.

In America; the foundation of actual work produces between 3-4 trillion dollars/ all the rest that is claimed (search GDP) is a promise to pay, an illusion of work “only with numbers”; producing debts, that cannot be paid. As is true of many nations today; claims of ownership, by the numbers of money, as are an insurgency stealing from life. By allowing just a few, in charge of the counterfeiting currency by claiming an a rise in assets valuation. The reality occurs: To buy, and thereby will control everything; because property control is “the nation”. Like Israel did to Palestine; the numbers of money along with bribes that seemed better than reality: so Palestine laid back to enjoy the ride. Only to find: Israel had secretly, bought their nation back; one piece at a time. 

Daniel corrected 22 minutes

 The plague of humanity is “yes we can”/ the cost being yes you did create war. The reality: you cannot survive the changes you have made: fail to correct your tragedies against life and planet or you will go extinct; soon! I am not your savior/ I am a messenger telling you; change NOW, or you will be extinct forever. Because what is true of the evidence, condemns you to inescapable catastrophe/ or dramatic change now. Get up, and do whatever you can do; because your “university worship”; has led you to this edge of extinction. CHANGE that too, and find truth!

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