Revelation 16


REVELATION 16: “if humanity fails”.


the first verse: It means, humanity decides to let the universities go ahead with their mutilation of genetics (the nature, in every body of life)/ and the result will be Armageddon {nature in chaos}.

      1. every living thing in the seas will die; from pollution/ over-fishing/ climate change/ and all the things men do; with knowledge and greed/ but no wisdom or leadership for life. A perfect storm of “university knows”.
      2. The fresh waters to drink fail life on earth; as would be consistent with trillions of tons in toxic waste; suddenly escaping containment. “lets say an earthquake”. Or the consequence of decades, without restraint of any kind; applied as poisons, to the earth; by university decree.
      3. Climate change accelerates; and without ice, no cooling in the summer exists/ all temperatures rise, and all life begins to die. The earth turns into an oven; by university knows, leadership. The power of men to say: hell no, I won’t change NOTHING. As WOULD begin with air conditioning stops.
      4. Biological warfare begins stripping life from this planet. As is consistent with nations/ universities/ industries/ even people all trained to mutilate life by university decisions and greed.  NO respect is established: WAR ERUPTS against life itself: all restraint is gone:  the universities get their way; “lets play gods”. All discipline and order/ all balance and thought evaporate, to leave the truth of what you chose.. Don’t you worry now; says the cult leaders of university. After all, endless amounts of radiation and laser strikes from “its all great vehicles and more”; can’t possibly hurt biology. After all the universities can’t be wrong: take climate change for instance/ media says: DON’T worry, THE UNIVERSITIES GOT THIS. While a few media argue, (can’t sell a conversation without an opposing view);  but none heed, as the foundation has been laid: WE DON’T need to do nothing.
      5. The great human war to end life on earth begins: with all forms of HELL, as chosen by men. The apocalypse (everyone is an enemy/ NOTHING will keep us alive). It starts with terrors of the night;  biological nightmares changing the bodies of life on earth; to what has never been before. The truth of what Universities did do, with genetics arrives. THEIR god of evolution has taken complete control over nature itself. Chaos is now everywhere. Every chain of the living has been broken; and the world of humanity knows; there is no further mercy: they will, soon be EXTINCT. HATE EXPLODES!
      6. Yellowstone volcano erupts, with more force than it is possible to adequately describe: changing this world. Causing even more volcano’s to erupt as well. Proving GOD has left you to die. Because of the choices: “the university is your god”/ that you made come true. Alas, the best they did do: was pure arrogance/complete disrespect: as is the substance of the religious word, called SATAN.



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