Let us begin with, “values shape our lives”/ a reality proven: when viewed as the result of what physical fitness can do; or what too much food will do; or laziness; or other. Values determine where we will put the things; the decisions; that we treasure most. Sometimes, people simply get lost; in what other people have done, or should have done, or could have done; and they wander into the shapes of these consequences. Even so, time gives us many options when we are young/ and takes them all away when we are old: which gives each one, their own ability to determine what truly is valuable to them. A necessity, because when you die: the only thing that remains is what will become your truth in eternity. If what you value cannot survive that truth; you dissipate and vanish forever.

So, the question is: WHAT do you value enough/ to become your own living truth?

Only you, hold, or choose; the answer to that.

The human reality then demands: WHAT IS ETERNITY, that I am desire it enough, to commit my life to more than just time? But that answer is hidden: because truth cannot remain disguised, not even in your mind; by the lies of want, or pride, or belief. You must choose: by the purity of your own desires/ you must establish the distance you will travel beyond death, by the love, hope, and respect you achieve now. Truth “holds no harbor” for less.

Even so; some things can be identified for you. Such as: all forms of reality prove the evidence, that you body cannot come into eternity with you/ it is abandoned, and left for recycling to the next generations; that they may have time; just like you. Simple as that: the body cannot and will not come/ it is strictly formed for time; and when that time ends, so does the body you did inhabit.

Which leaves us with the only conclusion: that life and body will separate in death/ as reality does so clearly prove true. The question then is: WHAT EXACTLY IS LIFE? Because when they separate, it is clearly NOT body! Therefore we examine reality to assert: our life is the energy, that gives us the freedom of movement, and choice. Freedom is at its core description: the option to make your own choice/ to do, what you personally choose and desire to do. Movement is the description of energy; the force necessary, to make mass move/ to make the possibilities of change exist. Choice is: our relationship with thought/ because without thought, movement is nothing more than a mass (rock) rolling down the hill; even if the conception was possible to experience that as freedom/ that too does not exist without true thought. Therefore thought is the essence and core existence of life itself. Although without energy, there is no freedom or choice.

We therefore need: an IDENTITY/ we need, ENERGY we can control/ and we need THOUGHT to attain the ascension of value, and desire (the essence of love) that gives life its meaning and hope.

In the critical discussion of freedom; as time will teach: there must be limits and boundaries/ or this will go bad. Therefore laws erupt, to establish boundaries. Truth identifies itself, to conceive of limits, before the consequences are grim. But life itself guides the direction that we will go, by the direction of our own choices. Therefore a critical conception is: WHAT DIRECTION can we go? The answer as time proves true: resides as, love achieves life as valued: hate descends from life to prove violence discovers fear: and for those who simply survive, “they will be lost to the dust” as time ends for them [they chose, “to go nowhere/ to end”] as is their right to do.

ONLY LIFE MATTERS; the rest does not. Therefore pay them no heed; as hate will fail; entering the fear they discovered/ and want is the basis of lies; so the “survivalist”: can only share delusions, not life/ not even dust, as they will disappear forever.

What is critical then is love, respect, and the values of your own heart. As these identities shape the decision of where our soul will wander. Without respect, “you will enter the prison of your own heart”/ because it cannot survive, until you learn truth. Without love, by its own truth; which is a purity that never gives cause not to trust; thereby earning the right to ascend into eternity, as shared space is our home. By the decisions of value; you shape the relationship to be earned with energy.

So the question becomes: if life is not a body of time/ THEN HOW, can the existence of life itself be maintained, without distinct borders and limits placed upon that identity? WILL IT NOT, just expand into extinction? The answer is: as we see the miracles which surround us all; on this planet. “the imagination” of what life can be, “is truly UP TO GOD “. Not us, because after all: life is a gift/ not our own creation. As a gift we shared with existence, it is our opportunity gained through respect: to ask, what can life be for me? The question is then: WHAT is existence? The reality is: HOW do we share it/ and WHERE shall it lead?

Existence modulates experience with expression; to identify what is both true, and valued by you. That functionally participates, as time owned by you/ and you owned by time. The shift from one source of order, to the other source of order/ is disciplined by what we hold true, as the balance of life, by thoughts we create. Even so: the shift in disciplined existence; hides a key. Between these moments, is the door to an entire spiritual world. So the question changes: into where, will truth lead life? That answer is fundamentally chosen by love/ but it experiences existence only by truth/ and none participates as an expression other than by trust. But make no mistake: the spiritual world exists only as truth/ and truth allows, that hate exists too. Which means: purity, not desire will determine what you life can become.

Unlike humans believe: time is the measurement of space/ not of life. Or, more distinctly, the journey towards a destination identified by emptiness, energy, or mass; is a decision rather than a step. Steps are the decision to walk away from the point where you begin: “LIFE, starts there”. So, the critical question is: why, would humanity, walk away from life? The answer is: we must, because our journey must include the decision “for a destiny”.

When we have achieved that decision, and understand what our own true destiny would be/ only then, may we search for life itself. By entering back upon the path, where life began. That obviously does not mean you get to be, or should try to be “an infant; etc”. It does however mean: the value of what we desire as destiny, will be measured by what we left behind. The critical path “to life, beyond self”; will be understood by what you chose to create within yourself: “to fill the emptiness”/ that is time defined by space, mass, or energy. We then search: for the values of space, to construct I do have a life to my self. We search in mass, to construct: “I am god over myself”. We search in energy, to construct: “I have choices, that will matter to life; sharing space and time with me”. So, the question is: WHAT will you construct within those parameters, to identify what you personally will create; as the foundation of your own home?

The more simple method of translating that, is to understand self: “my self” says: that will a life to myself is important in order to identify and discover/ “more than self”, requires participation by other life. It is that other life, which displays the value of respect, love, desire, hope, dignity, courage, trust, and more. Without that participation, my knowledge of existence would fail.

The more simple method of translating that, is to understand self: “my self” says: that while mass as body is, an extremely valuable resource when it is working/ it also serves to remind me, there are limits and boundaries to mass, and I am NOT “GOD” over myself.

The more simple method of translating that, is to understand self: “my self” says: that energy is a two fold experience and expression of force/ which can either aid and abet the values of your heart: or try to destroy you instead. Making it absolutely essential to position myself on the side of which direction I wish to go.

NOW the question is: having defined myself in the development of time and space; by constructing what can become eternal/ are there any who would join me in that pursuit? The answer is: no, we cannot tie ourselves together as one life/ thereby experience the same journey of our existence; rather than my existence. Unless we can express, the very same purpose and desire for living. Thereby “shared space, as in a home”. VERY FEW, can in fact find this type of love; because more than anything else, “humanity wants/ binds itself to pride/ or functions only as mass or energy unleashed.” Discarding life to pursue the power of a game, to make life: a body/ rather than an existence. Which does require you to participate beyond and above “simply being an animal (we want more/ we want easy/ we want superior)”.

just for clarity:  PRIDE is an enemy, that will war against you; in the spiritual world. It determines, if you will be defeated or not/ even from love. Remove it, from your life; or you will truly be sorry, if not destroyed. FAIR WARNING: pride includes believing that your love is superior/ the spiritual world includes those who have been lost (they are many); and cannot recover: it is not your job to judge. Leave them alone/ OR, you will join them. TRUTH DECIDES, NOT LOVE!

PRIDE is a “roller coaster ride”; that starts from a singular beginning/ and then climbs to assume and create all the terrors and failures and thrills of the chase, that makes life into a game; you chose to participate in. Ending at the single beginning; which ultimately had very little to do, with the ride you just chose to take. like gossip, pride creates its own storyline; so that it can be, whatever you want it to be. But want is a very dangerous thing; as it leads to every lie, that was ever used. LIES lead to death. Just like the university wanting to discard respect, and the threat of retribution for playing god with life:  created evolution to hide in. Alas for them: that choice only intensified the cost of playing god.

I suppose, it would be best to “speculate on religion”/ and consider what it means to believe; other than what pride wants or hate desires.  Reality states: that life is filled with diversity/ and in that diversity all forms of existence are welcomed as life; with an equal need for respect, and acceptance. Given that, as a test for the possibilities of an eternity: is JESUS quote, “within MY FATHERS’ HOUSE”, there are many rooms. I personally grant that to be:  even if you do not achieve the values necessary to become as if “children of GOD”.  There are, entirely separate worlds; where lesser versions of life do exist/ in their own definitions of desire.

While this might assert “aliens” to some. The foundation of life itself is:  that we are not in fact alone, in this universe. SO SAYS:  THE EVIDENCE OF  GOD   as is absolutely clear, in the endless miracles of life in this our presence as time; in space, as mass. The critical exchange, between male and female: does in fact identify, “very different levels of existence: that are equal” as life. The value of that fact alone; should relieve the cost of compositions, that are not simply whatever you wish to believe. The value of your life, is shaped:  by what proves true in you.


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