Reality is not so simple/ and life is not so blind; as a human being driven by want, belief, or pride! These three fundamentally establish all the basic behaviors of humanity; with only the direction of love or hate; to alter or change those decisions. Want is the decision to escape life itself, by living on a much lower scale of existence; that does not desire to know, any truth or any cause or any desire that would be ascending to new levels of understanding; as begets wisdom. Want is simple: I can do this/ I can get this/ I can conceive of manipulation or control, or even violence; and take this away. Or more simply knowledge beyond these things are useless, because life is about money, possession, the game of trophies/ trinkets/ or toys; and control. Therefore lies erupt, because control of humanity is not limited to truth. The majority of People like their lies better: “now I can play god/ or in lesser versions winner, or even loser”. Belief is the decision to want what I want/ and thereby none can deny me what I want; when I believe: because no truth or evidence is required. ONLY, whatever I want. But the price is: you cannot continue to believe, whatever you believe/ UNLESS you lock the world outside; which fundamentally places you in your own prison for protection from any decision that might alter or change what you believe. Pride enters through these two things; want and belief. Pride is the recognition: I have made life a game/ and all these participants, are now going to prove I win; or I have a cause for my revenge, as loser. To achieve pride, gossip rises from the tiniest things; and becomes “truth to me/ in a wide assertion of fantasy, assertion, and stories than have no basis in fact”: other than that one tiny little thing. A case in point would be my dad: who just before my ears were damaged greatly/ I had mentioned “I like quiet, to contemplate this world”. After my ears were damaged on equipment he owned/ was told, this would happen; because it had to others (and would not listen). He assumed, for twenty years; my complaint of ear damage was just my avoidance of the work, and more (lies, all lies)/ even though ALL THE EVIDENCE said no. pride would not allow him to accept, he participated too; in that ear damage: which of course leads to other things as well/ not including a long line of police, court cases; to demand action for life and planet: etcetera. Make no mistake, I loved my parents, and they loved me: but pride is a horrible thing/ and in fact, it had to be unleashed (I pushed, in the direction he had already chosen to go: pride broke open/ and then reality proved, there was still love inside) at the end; so as to recognize the damage it had done. Eternity does not exist “as love”/ where pride chooses the destiny. The failure to release it, is eternal death; for you too! Others do and did the same thing, “with gossip (tiny bits of information; become mountains of knowledge built on fantasy/ much like most of university knows)”; one grain of sand, does not make a beach to play on. But people make it so; because they like to play; it gives them conversation. Multiple times throughout my history, a single grain of sand; becomes an entire world of imagination does this. As I am sure they do to you as well; at least for most. Gossip is a terrible thing, just like pride, want, or belief: because truth does not control any of them/ lies, assumption, and expectations do. That does not mean religion is bad, because people believe what they want to believe. Rather in methods and meanings that are beyond the simple assertions of human existence by want: the intent to grasp what will death mean to me/ is no game.

The point of the story is: that we face multiple challenges, that do not accept lies; in order to achieve even the possibility of a future left, for this earth. The damage is extensive/ the threats are real, and cannot be avoided: because they will bring extinction as their only consequence of note. A counterpoint is: leave religion alone/ each person has an ultimate right, and the undeniable freedom: to choose what death does mean to them.

In all other venues of dispute; and there are so very many: the word of the universities, is NOT to be taken as true/ fair/ worthy/ accepted/ or in any way valued. UNTIL THE EVIDENCE OF NOTE, and the disciplined realities of truth, have not only invaded their stories; but proven beyond the shadow of a doubt: we may consider this trustworthy for now, IF THE CONSEQUENCES OF BEING WRONG/ are not horrendous. As is most of the things they do.

You literally have no option: if you wish to survive on this earth: OTHER THAN TO PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ and accept that the value of life and earth, is no game. Therefore none shall play god here/ not one, or they will be executed as a world terrorist. No exception is allowed: but do understand as is the difference between “anger and hate”. Anger has a cause, and a reason that can be turned around/ hate does not, without the lies, and deception; it is simply what it is.

YOU are not judge/ the truth is judge, and the law is our grip on reality; as does exist to protect us all, from consequences we cannot endure. The price of being wrong/ the cost of hate; is why human law exists: make no mistake, it is not a game either.

Organize yourselves to accomplish the law of redress: OUR DEFENSE AS A NATION OR STATE/ against those who have threatened our existence, our democracy, our future, our lives with their own decisions. It is the intent to damage, or destroy; that proves a politician, judge, or other; is a traitor. It is the complete disregard for life or earth; ignoring, disrespecting, or arrogantly deserting the realities of being wrong: that convict a terrorist.

It is, the vile nature of a lazy fool; that will not accept their responsibility to keep this earth alive for the next generation: claiming again and again and again, “not in my lifetime”. Instead of respecting the fact: we do have a duty, to every child, and the unborn as well. Even to every life on this planet that is not human; because we are tied completely together in the chain of life: that is our world alive.

there is, nothing so vile as “the university monkeys” which threaten our world. Its not derogatory;  they chose the monkey as their god/ their “daddy”. Just like they chose an arrogance so extreme; that it mimics and defines the religious term called satan.

Regardless, as at all times in the past 40+ years of fighting for this world, they are certain to point to me and say:  HE AIN’T NOTHING/ HE DIDN’T DO NOTHING/ DON’T LISTEN TO HIM, HE is worthless. But the fact is:  life or death for this entire living world, “because of them”/ has made it impossible for me to do anything but fight for this world;  by elevating truth in consequences. Which none wanted to hear; and all basically ran away. As to me: I will agree, you need not listen to me/ I am NOT your savior, god, or anything else. HOWEVER YOU WILL LISTEN TO YOUR OWN EVIDENCE OF EXTINCTION IS NEAR/ or fail yourselves and literally go extinct, because truth is in the evidence. That has basically nothing to do with me; other than the presentation, which others have prepared. For my part, I have from time to time suggested to “the deaf and blind”; that there are other ways. But you have no ears or eyes to see with:  as is the constant of cults/ we cannot think or question, it is NOT allowed. The test of whether you live or die as a world; IS NOT DEPENDENT UPON ME/ rather IT IS ENTIRELY DEPENDENT UPON YOU.  therefore do not be distracted; even though they try/ I have no meaning to your decision for life or death of this world:  IT IS ALL YOU/ no part is me. I made my decision, & I did my work; I am NOT your excuse, or theirs:  the rest is you!

I suppose, it would be necessary to mention “the spiritual woman and me”/ as that is a reality in my life. Even though you have no idea what that is:  without her, this work would not exist/ as the male part in me would have warred against you; years ago; for destruction of life and world. She refused that, directed me to share information; because no matter what you did with it/ the end result of extinction would be coming anyway. By the law, women protect themselves; nothing more/ nothing less; that is the fundamental protection of female. By the law we progressed; and built what you needed to learn: to save this world from yourselves. That is your choice/ it is not ours. Even so, the cult of university can never understand; “what is beyond the monkey”/ in terms of death. So I will not try.

I am required to submit:  “we did our job/ not simply I did my job”/ so that it is clear; we have been inseparably bonded together; and she is “in control”. Regardless, of how you interpret that, the reality is: together, “I and her” fought for you to survive. If you continue to refuse; that literally has nothing to do with either of us. YES, it is more complicated than you can understand. Believe it or not: the reality is “I lose a tiny bit more male” every single day: NOT by choice. The evidence of how life or eternity will turn out for me, at this point; is not yet clear. There is NO transgender, or other non-biological description:  but unlike you, I live in essence;  both the spiritual and physical worlds. That has consequences too. “It’s complicated”; more than you can know. The spiritual world, literally “wins”: purity rules (it is, the power of life). I have no say. It use to be different; the first twelve years or so, we worked together, I was basically in charge. Today, I am not, even though it is my work: nothing is free/ life requires I must earn, what I possess. I AM reminded, “it is only fair”/ and must agree, that is true: hard to be “on the other side”. Even so, the biblical version of Revelation 1-11 would have been the cost of continuing as I was: you will not understand. Nonetheless;  I will be grateful; as I had NO desire for that to become true.  SO, I DID search for/ and I did open the door to the spiritual world of female:  in search of what would you do? I am trapped, between: male would be war with you, for the destruction of life and planet/ whereas female, “is so different/ utterly without war” but no true freedom left. War is NEVER, the correct answer.  The rest, is written here, as this “newspaper as I see it to be” was done.


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