With regard to those who now threaten lawsuits, and have proclaimed: “no get out of jail free card”. We then enter into: the very critical truth of what law does mean/ and what real justice will tolerate. There is no mandate, and no law depicting the potential to transmit a personal disease: AS A BUSINESS LIABILITY. We are not “your keeper/ you have responsibilities that are strictly your own”. Those duties are NOT transferable; and if they are: THEN EVERY DISEASE, AND EVERY POTENTIAL TO SPREAD ANY FORM OF DISEASE; is equally transferable to the courtroom. And the whole nation shouts I WANT MINE.

So who would be responsible for that critical “potential to transmit”? The legal answer is: those who are “the university experts”/ and every university shall be the defendant. Every major medical industry such as pharmaceuticals; shall be joined; in the failure to do your job and protect the people/ with more than just your GREED. It is a breech of contract: when those who are most responsible for providing ALL THE INFORMATION, in ways that ALL THE PEOPLE; understand/ AND THAT MEANS; every tiny little bit: fail. Ignorance nor avoidance of your responsibilities is an excuse: YOU are the soldier on guard. Desertion has consequences; so say the lawyers whose greed has no boundaries.

The civil trial that is appropriate and designed against media; for blindly and irrevocably causing the crisis of human suffering and debt: which they reported in absolute clear CULT WORSHIP of “university knows”: HAS A COST. And they are legally responsible for the information they submit/ the fear they use mass communication to cause. Just like “the war of the worlds on radio”; so many decades ago/ the public HAS A LEGAL RIGHT not to be influenced by fear. The right of the media to publish “you must/ you must/ you must: FEAR DAMN YOU FEAR”; IS LIMITED to the reality that has been proven. But never includes a relationship with insurgents; whose intent is to overthrow this nation or state. That is treason. The only question involved is; are you conspirators/ or are you fools, used by the cult of “university is god”: because you have no brain of your own. As is consistent with every cult and its member flock of animals. By the degree of your knowledge: the legal right to inflict financial damage on you exists.

We now stand on the edge of civil war: because those who have been disenfranchised from their lives/ by governmental interference, university insurgence, and media mocking. Have joined with those who have a limited right to complain/ SO THEY CAN SHOUT, AND SHOW YOU THEIR ANGER; at what you have done: with cause. The mobsters have directed them to “government”/ but the reality is: YOUR ANGER BELONGS DIRECTED AT “THE UNIVERSITY EXPERT”; WHO DID in fact cause all of this distress, and failure.

But while you contemplate that fact: make no mistake, FAR MORE DEADLY AND HORRIFIC REALITIES are being done: to cause our very extinction; because of university cult worship (where no brain exists). Or we would not be confronted with OUR NATURE BEING MUTILATED INTO OBLIVIAN/ PEOPLE TRYING TO IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE “just like the sun”/ resource losses beyond the possibility of survival/ or a future literally assassinated, because you didn’t care enough to protect your child. And that, is only the beginning.

REALITY STATES;  in like accord with the intent to gather money and power, from those who have been accused of not participating in the best public interest. IS THE NEED, FOR A CLASS ACTION SUIT;  “against university itself”.  just as the drug cases, and other chemical contamination cases that have arisen prove:  WHEN YOU KNOW, THAT WHAT YOU ARE OFFERING/ WHAT YOU ARE MARKETING; for the purpose of money and power:  MUST NOT DO HARM, or you become libel for the damages you have caused. In terms of university: they know, that roughly 75% of graduates; WILL NOT find work in the education they paid for. BUT THEY WILL ALL, be forced to pay as if they did get the job expected by their parents and themselves. Adding insult, to that injury: is the demand:  NOBODY ESCAPES THE UNIVERSITY DEBT. proving they are in greater control, than even the US IRS.  The damage of insurmountable debt/ the failure of promises, that are absolutely marketed by universities, to gather money and power; as the result intended. The reality of JOBS RIPPED from the rest of society, to pacify the unrest they caused. The intentional overrun of business, industry, and government: to place their own puppets in human resources (hire only these); so that enough money would be found to pay the universities first. Are all proven failures to society, and to the students: who were baited with one version of graduation means/ but then switched to another version of; “we have to take their jobs/ or we starve”. The universities will ravage us; by that debt/ and our parents will hate us, for driving them into bankruptcy, just to fail the purpose of that decision.  A few are expected/ 75% is a clear decision based in the marketing, and purposes of fraud.  All for me/ nothing for you: be our slave.

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Jim Osterbur

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