SO, LET’S CONSIDER: what truth really means, in terms of the planet! And Identify this fact, along with all the other facts that threaten our extinction/ this is possibly the least visible. The truth is: this earth turns completely around “noon to noon/as proven by facing the sun”; in 24 hours. That means at the equator, where the distance is roughly 25,000 miles around to the beginning again: this earth travels at the equator at just over one thousand miles per hour. That, is simply the math.

While it is complex to identify all the facets of how the atmosphere/ air; came to travel at mostly, the same speed as our earth. What we need to know is: WHAT happens if that air does not continue to travel at the same speed as our earth. We can simply look at other planetary objects to know that answer: answers a few questions.

AS TO OUR EARTH: the atmosphere stays connected to our planetary mass; due to gravity/ but that does not greatly influence its speed; except over time. When the air moves with us; all things on this planet are at peace. When a hurricane occurs, we get to understand, a tiny little bit; what happens if that air does not move with us. As the earth moves it does move a tiny bit faster than the air surrounding it/ because, that air extends above the earth to a level that lets gravity become less and less of an influence. Therefore surface air is moving with the planet/ and next to space that very thin air is not “bits and pieces are being left behind”{over time}. Over time, more and more atmosphere will lose its grip on the planet; as distance gains influence. What does keep our atmosphere tied directly to the planet in conjunction with gravity: ARE THE LEAVES OF TREES, and various plants helping it do that. By picking up the leaves which fall down in fall: you do learn they have weight. By observation: we easily learn that every leaf on the planet is lifted, and becomes turbulent in its reactions to wind. With an immeasurable amount of leaves lifted across the planet: all that weight moved; keeps command over the wind/ and our atmosphere remains locked to the planet. With an extreme amount of trees in particular cut down or burned etcetera: the ability of this planet to retain its grip on our future/ as a planet then lost to the consequence of extreme wind: ends our time on earth. THINK, don’t just believe, whatever you want to believe: reality does not care what you want/ it simply is, what it is.

Lets consider the costs of changing everything the universities did do/ BACK TO WHAT NATURE CAN SUSTAIN FOR US; what we can do for ourselves. NO you cannot simply wave a magic wand; and return life to life. YES we can choose the best we can, and work to complete the cycle of repair that is consistent with our own reality.

Do you need too? Well, here is an example; my mom died a year and a half ago/ and her grave would not grow a single weed; during that time. Because the cemetery tries to control their weeds, and make things look pretty. I tried to grow grass in the field next to me: came up/ stunted and died; because too much poison. Others have complained: I bought dirt in a bag/ but it would not grow anything. So now lets look at the reality of that, and expand it because: all the [fertilizers, herbicides and stuff: salts] farmers use: so they can control several thousand acres/ rather than 100-300 acres; without doing any real work. Not only is there pollution in the manufacture/ there is pollution in the collection of resources/ environmental damage and chemical contamination of the water supplies (everywhere). BUT IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE; to simply claim all that has been lost due to chemicals; can just be put back together quickly. Reality decides, not want. But if you fail to accept: there are consequences/ that build up over time. You will lose this earth, and you will starve; because past the point of no return; there are no choices left. Reality basically says: the universities taught you the easy way to avoid the reality of consequences/ by simply denying they will exist. And all humanity said: HELL NOT IN MY LIFETIME/ SO I DON’T CARE. This is great. Make a better choice; stop assassinating your children: or go extinct. It is that simple.

and all the farmers will say; WE HAVE TO DO IT THIS WAY/ OR, you won’t have any food! Just like the fishermen on trawlers, that “take them all”/ which means, they don’t leave enough for the next generation to survive. Or predator fish moving through the oceans to find/ or seals/ or anything else which also eats what we eat.

With farmers, they will argue it is the genetics alterations,  that have made our grain abundant: ITS GREAT. But reality states:  what they have done is to remove all diversity in each specific version of what they do want/ and that opens the entire plant species to invasion by disease or other. So instead of a plant pandemic, isolated by nature! We will have an species catastrophe; and for instance in the case of corn: that is a grass;  JUST LIKE your wheat/ rice/ barley/ oats/ livestock feeds/ and more. in the case of corn:  just one basic plant family is responsible for sustaining all their genetic mutilations.  Because without that specific gene:  they can’t do their calculations on what to change/ because the rest are different. and they breed that specific plant family to near extinction now:  very little production. ON AND ON; in a reality that can only explain “extinction”.

JUST LIKE manipulating genetic codes in animals, humans, and mixing them altogether; to play god; as does happen millions of times a day. Opening the door, to complete chaos;  in every conceivable way. AS IS, the beginning of this with their new vaccine; by throwing “nature’s order, discipline, balance, respect, and all other elements of thought: out”.    AS is the decision of your evolutionary gods in university. they want chaos, to “prove evolution”/ BECAUSE THEY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, but fantasies, stories, and arrogance. like other religions (we have a book) have done:  killing you to prove they are gods, or even all life on earth; as is “satanic arrogance”;  is not a problem.


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