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As communism has proven again and again; as well as all of history itself: you cannot fix the reality of failed mistakes and the worship of want that leads into lies/ by simply attacking someone else who is more successful. YOU MADE FOOLISH MISTAKES; to correct these, you must understand WHAT CAUSED YOU TO ERROR/ WHY YOU CHOSE THAT ROAD OF DESTRUCTION AS A GROUP/ HOW THOSE WHO LED FOOLED YOU WITH THEIR DELUSIONS AND FANTASY IMAGINATION/ WHERE TRUTH WILL LEAD NOW/ AND who it is that can help. The foundation being you let want decide instead of truth. The critical deception: that to believe in what you want, was enough: it never is. Leaders lead by telling you what you want to hear/ that is deception, and you are a direct participant in that failure. Reality knows: RESOURCES ARE, the only difference between poverty and wealth: if there is justice and fair play “with limited capitalism”. Because when people are willing to play games with their very survival, society, government, and even military: there will always be RULERS who attack; as soon as they have taken too much for themselves. As they always do. LEARN WHY/ INVESTIGATE FOR TRUTH/ IDENTIFY WHAT DOES WORK FOR YOU/ ACCEPT LIMITS GIVE US ALL, AN OPPORTUNITY TO PARTICIPATE IN THE VALUES OF LIFE AND LIVING/ DISCOVER THE EVIDENCE, BY CREATING THE BEST POSSIBLE FORUM FOR UNCOVERING WHAT IS HIDDEN, AND LEARNING ABOUT WHAT OUR REAL CHOICES CAN BE. DON’T BELIEVE: “ITS JUST AN EXCUSE TO WANT”. DO SEARCH FOR TRUTH, BY WHAT REALITY CAN PROVE IS CONSTANT AND VALUED BY LIFE AND PLANET so we can survive in the happiness we create; by doing what truth will allow.

hurrahReality proves: that the employees of our constitutional government, and their army of insurgents (the claim of unionized government workers/ and those with a university diploma, as university gods): have sought only to reward themselves, by making us their own slaves. Taking away our substance for life, to make toys, trinkets, and trophies for their own “billion dollar (we took it all) lifestyles”.    firestorm   Bringing chaos, by destroying democracy: to claim, only they “as kings or queens/ the universities are god” know best. Their record of expertise is clear: absolutely nothing for the future/ absolutely everything for them/ absolutely don’t give a damn about life, or planet, or reality: just want toys, trinkets, and trophies all the rest supposedly owe them, for their diploma of greed, delusion, and disgrace.    needs    As is proven; by all the endless threats of extinction that we do face: they took credit, for change/ they get the blame. Nonetheless, currently: our employees, who are in fact preparing their war against us; to demand we will be their slaves: have erected battlements for war. Having overthrown our government of and by the constitution; both state and federal/ having completely destroyed the economic realities of this state and nation too/ having counterfeited/ bankrupted/ betrayed/ terrorized/ and corrupted every foundation upon which our society depends. Choosing now to invade and destroy nature itself; to prove they are gods; by our hands (since they can’t get theirs dirty). Failing the demand for greater loans: they have formed an army to attack, by using our intent for government; as a whip, and a threat to imprison, and a purpose to overthrow all forms of democracy that are left. To achieve, prove, and sustain: “yes, we are their kings/ queens/ etc”. ANARCHY now looms large, as the realities of tearing down society itself; as is the result of their betrayal; becomes the expected response from the majority. All of which shout “I HAVE A GUN”/ even more.

THAT AGAIN: DEMANDS UNLESS YOU CHOOSE FOR REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES/ AND LET THE LAW OF OUR DEMOCRACY, AS A CONSTIUTIONAL DECISION: PROVING DEMOCRACY SHALL RULE: provide the relief. BY OUR OWN JUDGMENT IN THAT COURT, our own decisions, regarding how best to proceed; by constitutional rule, and the rights of a democratic society; who now must defend itself. Because our employees, have not only failed us: they made contracts, and spent our money; on realities which benefit only themselves/ to tear us down. To make themselves MORE. Therefore the rule of law in democracy is: WE START FROM THE BEGINNING/ WE CHOOSE ACCORDING TO JUSTICE RULES OUR SOCIETY/ AND WE ADD IN, the best we can do, with what is left; after this war against our state/ our nation has been evicted. Reality rules by truth, or it fails life and earth. Truth does not accept wants: truth is truth, and reality knows what equal and justice, means.

The critical truth of IL is:  that all the money trouble, is caused by simple thievery; nothing more or less. They wanted more money/ they took more money, because they could: to give it to their invading army of university diplomas (we are superior/ we get more). UNLESS, we take control of our government, by constitutional redress law: there will be a 20% tax increase and more no matter whatever you choose “for the so-called fair tax or not.” No doubt: only the beginning/ because your university gods demand pensions and more;  way beyond your ability to pay! SO, BE A DAMN SLAVE; because it is the only way, they take all they want. Because the king as spoken, therefore the rich will leave with your job/ and nobody will replace them; in a state run by enemies of democracy: the sewage of a university run society. Then, the slave must do as he or she is told; because you have no choice, but to starve. BE YOUR DEMOCRACY INSTEAD; PROVE IT, with law! WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE. OR IT WILL BE CIVIL WAR, as bankruptcy and homelessness among the white population too “:swarms the state”; with HELL (civil war begins: you took away my life)! Their intent is 20 BILLION divided:  to collect $6,666.00 from 3 million workers: one way or another. Every business that stays will try to collect that expense from their customers: how is that not true? MEANING YOU.  Prove democracy/ prove no tax increase at all! Nothing is free; including “fair tax”. Unless you are a university god (we know everything), who  continues to claim:  WE ARE THEIR SLAVES. failures everywhere IN CONTRAST TO THAT:  IS Constitutional redress, both state and federal; wherein our legal right as a democracy is to bring our employees to court. Establish proof of the evidence, by subpoena; and other decisions. Which then allows we the people to decide for ourselves: WHAT SHALL be done with our state NOW. AS IS, OUR DECISION, NO LONGER THEIR DECISION.   as is, WHETHER WE ALLOW, ANY form of tax increase/ pension plan/ or cause for debt, we will no longer accept. TRUE DEMOCRACY, not a vote for someone to vote for me: INSTEAD, I & you;  will vote on what matters to us all.  OWNERS/ not slaves.  “they are not the king/ they are not gods, who cannot be questioned/ they are not the government, or the law, or the authority: THEY ARE EMPLOYEES, HIRED BY US UNDER OATH, to do the job for which we allowed them to be employed by our own work and right to participate as a democracy.” REDRESS is the law, that gives the authority of government: BACK TO US, as our legal right to be INFORMED BY THE TRUTH, in order to make our own decisions.  To be absolutely clear:  THE CONSTITUTION, both state and national; by our consent;  IS THE GOVERNMENT, AND IT DOES CONTROL, AND DEFINE THE LAW, as those who came before us, contracted with each other to declare:  THIS IS THE STATE OR NATION THAT WE WILL BUILD. Here in the preamble; here in the liberties and rights to be free;  here in the job descriptions that limit, and bind our employees:  to the rule, WE ARE THE OWNERS/ NOT YOU.

With the citizenry afraid of what the universities can do (they have words/ we will be humiliated). Together with complete control over media: the universities have become;  a common criminal organization, as is consistent throughout history. Thugs, and fear; come in all forms. The travesty of covid however:  covid issues   is a fools game, that only begins with money. They come to take from us our very democracy. THERE IS NO PANDEMIC/ UNLESS, the death rate exceeds substantially: the reality of what is statistically expected. IT DOES NOT, as seen in the current tables below. because it does not prove to be a pandemic/ the refusal to back off, and let society be at peace: is treason (you chose to attack us all).  Read carefully, and recognize this includes presumed covid/ rather than fully determined covid, in many cases. They CANNOT, and DO NOT TRY: to differentiate between who died of pneumonia/ influenza/ or covid.  Going down to the national weekly count: the story is differentstate numbers page 1state numbers covidthe death count for IL in 2019:  110,012/ CURRENT COUNT for IL week 39:  78,476. Requires 2426 people to die, per week; till the end of the year: to be same as last year. Claims for testing is invalid; as they cannot differentiate between the common cold and covid accurately, or reliably. That too: is simply collecting money/ and demanding trillions of dollars FROM YOU;  us debt covid  for a vaccine: that is entirely modified by men; to exclude and dispose of the genetic disciplines, balance, and order of NATURE.  disease stats  And not needed, therefore prove a pandemic: or be charged as an enemy to this society. A ONE PERCENT increase in death rate; in a nation of 333 million people: is an additional 3,330,000deaths. The infant birth rate is roughly ten thousand a day of new mouths to feed. The immigration rate is over one million more per year. The world infant birth rate is roughly 400,000 per day: GROW UP! BECAUSE WITHOUT REAL AND SUBSTANTIAL BIRTH CONTROL:  NOBODY LIVES, for any real length of time. Someone has to die/ or someone else cannot be born. like it or not! cdc numbers page 1

cdc numbers page 2

BEFORE COVID: in 2019, week 40 ending October 6 (2,730 deaths) top line; percent of total deaths from pneumonia and flu was 5.2%. Bottom line, week ending June 2, 2020 week 26 (1,179 deaths) percent of total covid related deaths was 5.9.  Total yearly US death count for 2017 for Influenza and Pneumonia: 55,672 “the table does not go a full year/ for date to date comparison“. politics

IL GOVERNING:  the demand to remove democracy, and proclaim themselves as king; as is seen here. the first three lines are constitutional up too “Il supreme court.  the claim of greater powers than are appropriated to a we the people own this democracy:  are not.  in evidence of that fact: is the take over of life and business by an authority embodied; as dictatorial: which means it cannot be:  “democratic by fact”. powers of government   has produced nothing but corruption, and absolute cult worship of university. they have been given more money to fix their problems/ BUT ONLY USED THAT MONEY TO INCREASE our DEBT LOAD.  The US constitutional tenth amendment: identifies WE THE PEOPLE shall not be discarded from our democracy. But in every sense:  our ability to control our constitutional government, shall not be denied.  more distinctly: we will not be dictated too/ as WE THE PEOPLE, are in fact, “THE OWNERS HERE”.ten amendment Nothing can be fixed, by even the suggestion of more money;  because the corruption of IL government:  proves to be a sewage hole/ with only a tiny few fighting for us. INSTEAD OF, against we the people, “who ain’t their cult of university is god”. We are the slaves/ not a democracy any more.  “does not empower the governor…….”.governor Changing that requires redress of grievances! THIS IS OUR CONTRACT MANDATE, the demand which forms our direction, and our decision: about what you, the employees;  shall lead us too. This, PREAMBLE is our contract, aligning with duties, to protect ourselves: to fight for each other. Thereby, to accept the union of creating a state, by and for governing ourselves; within these specific purposes. Everything else: is defined to be what we need, as an individual or society:  to be happy within that democratic purpose. il preamble

they have done NONE OF THAT!

While for the purpose of election; the claim is: taxation will be lowered to the masses/ the reality is, THERE IS NO LIMIT, to any decision they would make. As is seen by covid, and through the curse of a governor who will not obey the law: and exceeds his authority greatly. No constitutional defense against demanding; if the rich cannot pay all they want/ then the electorate must pay; because we all know this state of IL governing body CANNOT LIMIT itself, from guaranteeing itself anything the universities or politicians want. equal protection

NO equal protection is given/ the very opposite is true:  as we truly have been betrayed, by those who want us to fear. SO THAT WE CANNOT protect ourselves, jobs, lives, children, houses, business, etc:  from their insurgency against us all.  This section: serves to discard the protections of our constitution, and is thereby repugnant in its nature, and contempt for our democracy. The separation of power is inherently what defends democracy itself. Even so, judicial review of the legality and procedural fairness; is our protectionseparation of powers

Believe it or not: it is the wealthy, that keep taxation down; because they can afford to fight it/ or fight against it. IT IS THE POLICITICIAN who then evades constitutional law; and corrupts the state; by sinking it into an abyss of promises they did not, and cannot keep. Changing the tax system of collection DOES NOT REMOVE THE FAILURE OF THE POLITICIAN, to accept limits and boundaries as is constitutionally required.  fundamental principles They are the insurgency of failure, and treasonous reality of a conspiracy to enslave the masses, and rule over the state as emperor’s did do: by giving all our money, to their “buddies and pals, at the universities”. Take for instance the 129 million dollar stadium box at the UofI / or the 151 million renovation (to pretty it up) on the assembly hall both in Urbana IL. And all the pension plans and benefits of their educational army: that lives in rebellion against us all/ demanding we are “their slaves”.  13 AMENDMENT USA  THE GOVERNMENT PENSION: which is primarily educational retirees; who can retire after twenty years with full benefits and even more: DEMANDS THIS ELECTROATE SHALL PAY; 137 billion divided by 12 million: currently equals $11,416.66 per IL citizen, babies and all. When divided by the actual workers who pay the bills: let’s say currently 1 out of 4. that equals “ YOU OWE/ THEY COLLECT AS “THE PENSIONERS”: $45,666.00 EACH. And the price of that WILL go up, as more retire and demand the same. As is the reality; that does not include those who will be added in as time goes by. Why did they do it: BECAUSE you can’t force your way on the rest, “without a large ARMY; TO THREATEN” AND VOTE.  14 amendment USA They took away your face/ your right to organize and therefrom defend each other/ your businesses and jobs and joy/ your income/ your liberty and freedom:  WHAT IS NOT AN INVASION/ BY USING FEAR.  And gave it to these others!right to be secure

THIS LAW has been violated, and usurped; by those who want and demand they are the power/ and OUR DEMOCRACY IS DEAD. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE BEEN ATTACKED; by those whose claim is:  it is their right, TO BE AFRAID. their claim: WE MUST BELIEVE, anything the university expert says, and media propagates; as “the university gods demand”. Which literally does prove: “media, is their weapon of choice”! But fear, never defended anything: including this state or nation or world. It does however construct the constant of war: which is every invading army, demands of those it now subjects to being ruled. YOU SHALL FEAR US/ YOU SHALL OBEY.  YOU, are no longer free/ your job/ your business/ your property/ your liberty to earn a living/ your right to participate in society; without interference other than for criminal actions: HAS BEEN TAKEN AWAY.  So the universities, and their army:  can sell you a trillion dollars worth of their vaccine/ and declare themselves to be your saviors.due process

Or, more distinctly: they have declared themselves to be “THE NOBILITY”/ THE ENTITLED ONES, to give themselves “anything they want”; and they did so. Because we are reduced too: as nothing but their slaves. The universities are their king/ media, the enforcer: proclaiming their expert is our god. Adding in an endless assault of fear, and propaganda; that includes “all hail the hero”/ BECAUSE they are superior to you; and deserve A LOT MORE than you do. Which translates as BE THEIR SLAVE. IL redress


The claim is: we pay double what the rich pay under the flat tax system now/ but if that is true, it means absolutely nothing will change except our taxation will go up- because as always in IL. Their failure is obvious/ and a breakdown of the law: convicts this government of a conspiracy to defraud and deny our own democracy to us. Giving away our substance as a state; primarily to the universities who are insatiable, and they literally own the government/ and puppet master the leaders: as any examination of who gets our money will expose. REALITY SAYS: that those who employ you, have been ransacked and raped; by the people who want you to FEAR. Be fools who will believe cause in that fear, they assert and assume WE WILL collect all we want from the anything they are told. NOT a pandemic.  cdc graph covid   The fears, rather than the evidence by truth;  regarding covid. is a deliberate insurgency designed to remove, particularly the white middle and lower classes from their claim to wealth and a job. by constructing the fear necessary to consume their economic lives. the universities HATE YOU; and their elite;  want you to realize and recognize; “I still hate you from public school, even fifty years ago; where they could not compete”. Their demand is SUFFER, “like I did”/ because they drowned. not a pandemic/ far right is current. this is an insurgency; specifically designed, to hurt and destroy the white middle class.  BY MAKING YOU BANKRUPT, AND DESPERATE; TAKING AWAY YOUR OPTIONS TO MAKE A CHOICE FOR YOURSELVES: even giving you a disease. They THEN, get to play god with your life!   They want you at war, with yourselves: so you are too distracted: TO DEMAND AN ACCOUNTING FROM THEM!cdc covid chart

Proving without doubt, and with absolute certainty: NO CHANGE IN THE CONSTITUTION SHOULD OCCUR; until we have a full and true redress of grievances: TO ESTABLISH WHERE DID THE MONEY GO/ and who did in fact destroy our securities, and the basic foundation of our economic realities. It was NOT we the people/ and no change is more critical than to understand: WHO DID US WRONG/ AND WHY DID THEY DO IT. Opening the door to real criminal process for the guilty. Because lies are all we have been given for decades; as the curse of university knows/ universities are god; destroyed the living we did earn. They have proven beyond all doubt: they cannot raise taxation to remove the problems they created. BECAUSE THEY JUST KEEP ADDING MORE DEBT. learn what your constitution is:  Because the constitution governs the law/ and the law governs, what can and cannot be done: by our employees/ our contract for union as a state or nation/ and for ourselves, by the independence called “my own choice”.  By the law: our liberty, to decide for ourselves;  OR not.  By the law: THEIR DUTY, or not. By the law:  we the people, SHALL decide what corruption is; whether it is in the courtroom/ or congress/ or governor/ or other.IL constitution index

I have news: not only is it constitutionally illegal, to increase a debt thereby making it impossible to repay. THAT DECISION CONSITUTES A CRIMINAL FRAUD HAS OCCURRED; and the people owed the money, have every legitimate right to punish the criminal. The people from whom that money was taken/ those people who had their lives ruined by THIEVES; equally deserve to punish those criminals by law. NO IMMUNITY EXISTS; for an employee, who fails their oath of office. Which is: to obey the laws, the limits, and the boundaries of our constitution; both state and nation.  bill of rights  When the reality of the offense, is to damage, and betray: the people you were hired to protect. TREASON is noticed, and the path to proving the truth: is governed by redress. OUR RIGHT, to take our employees into a courtroom, and demand a true and accurate accounting: so that we all KNOW the truth; as best we can.   this is the measure they want to replace/ BY AVOIDING THE LEGISLATURE ASKING THE PUBLIC FOR MORE MONEY.  THIS IS DECEIT; IN THAT, THEIR INTENT IS TO RAISE TAXES/ BY LETTING YOU BELIEVE “IT COULD BE MORE FAIR”.limitations on taxation

THEY WANT ONLY MORE MONEY, SO THEY CAN CREATE MORE DEBTS/ AND KEEP ON SPENDING FAR BEYOND ANY FORM OF TRUTH. THEY GIVE NO ASSURANCE, NOR TRIAL TO DESTROY THE CORRUPTION THAT HAS CONSUMED OUR STATE.  We need to fix our state/ by assembling peaceably : to enforce our right to own this state and this nation; as a true democracy. Which does, require LEGAL (we have rights in a courtroom, as the owners here) of REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES.amendment one USA

BEFORE, we do anything else; and that means a true and accurate accounting MUST be done. To prove what is true!  Only then can any form of politics, or taxation;  be trusted, when we the people are “back in charge”: to protect ourselves. IT IS COMPLETE FAILURE:  to give thieves, liars, traitors, whores, failures, fools, cult worshipers of university, and the people who refused their oath of office:  even more opportunities to CHEAT/ ABUSE/ AND USE US ALL FOR SLAVES. How is that not true?  This article proves embezzling:  as individual pensions/ for use by individual people:  as are funded by confiscated the rights and the property of other individual citizens. IS A

The real solution is: far greater democracy, as would be consistent with LIMITED CAPITALISM. The result is: that we the people set the limits and boundaries of income/ both high and low. With true democracy: WE THE PEOPLE MAKE THE LAWS OURSELVES, so that we rule over ourselves. Because it is not gold that controls society/ but law, and whosoever makes that law: does in fact rule over society, so long as resources are available to keep society working, and alive. THAT WILL make society, and businesses itself, “more fair”.    

OUR LAW, is to benefit and protect ourselves: as is the purpose of democracy. OUR DEMOCRACY, is to achieve the best we can, as a society governing ourselves. OUR DUTY, is to enforce the truth:  that our employees do NOT govern us/ THEY WORK FOR US.  having been given that job, by their sworn oath of office:  to obey our directive, and assemble for us, the values we have dictated in our own preamble of direction:  designed purposely to control and define,  by what definitions; their job exists.  WE DO HAVE A CLEAR LEGAL RIGHT:  TO DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY, CLARITY AND UNDERSTANDING, THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE FOR OURSELVES, AS WELL AS THE CONSTRUCTION OF PENALTIES FOR FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH YOUR OATH. no number of death makes this suspect

extreme tampering with the elections in this USA and this state of IL due to fear mongering is the norm; by anyone who finds a method of doing so. case in point the universities who want money and control. Even though it is the start of the flu season;  creating more fears with covid/ means more votes for “university/ spending money for university/ and no controls on university mutilation and experimentation at all.”

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