Destiny is determined, by the desires of your heart. Every desire is a direction, and every direction leads to its own version of a destiny. Therefore the heart shapes your own personal world, by allowing the desire you choose identify your decision to participate as self, or beyond self; by your own design. A true desire is: the expression of either love or hate/ as they are opposites; each forms its own distinct environment of purpose. They share, “absolutely nothing”; and cannot be combined. The consequence of that, is chaos in those who try. Chaos builds nothing; therefore a destiny, other than hate, will fail in you. Hate then becomes your companion.

Love is the opposite, therefore when building the desire for love, an ascension beyond self rises with you, to become your soul. The critical question is: WHY do some choose hate/ while others choose love?

The answer is: an experience that serves to establish value! Or more distinctly, what you value; becomes the foundation of your home; inside, where no one else is allowed. Because only trust can open that door; only truth can honestly define “the key”; and only love can knock, and be heard. Hate is not a value/ hate is an excuse, NOT to participate in life; because you have judged the others worthless to you. Being worthless, you then get to play god; and do anything you want “with the trash”. Do you see the difference?

Critical to desire is purpose; the understanding of a value worth participating in, as determined by the respect “this deserves”. Without respect, purpose dies. Without respect desire fails to ascend, beyond itself. Without respect destiny dies, because hope will fail, when life in time does. Therefore respect is a path that leads to life itself.

So the question is: WHY, is life important? The answer is far more complex, than it appears.

We begin with the journey of life. In order to accept desire, you must first appreciate a value in living. In order to find value, it is necessary to accept the disciplines of law and truth decide. Because without law and truth, there is only chaos, and violence; which we all know, has no true value. Therefore we know, that unless you accept order, discipline, law, and truth; there can be no balance to assemble the journey we must individually take, to achieve even more. LIFE begins, past this doorway of time; as a journey into Creation itself. Or more distinctly: without an eternity to conceive of; life in time is limited in value and scope. An environment shaped by money, health, and opportunities; instead of the more elemental description: of a destiny, for the living in soul; that does extend beyond time. The journey into Creation, is far more diligent and dedicated; than anything less can be. Nothing is left out/ nothing beyond truth can come/ nothing less than respect will survive/ and nothing short of true love and trust will complete the test: “do YOU” belong here with GOD !

Some will argue: the price for that is too high/ with absolutely no guarantee, I will get what I paid for! Those have no clue, and they will fail: therefore be happy in your time, and avoid hate/ because there is a punishment waiting. Others demand, I will hate/ therefore “fear me”. The critical test is then: DID YOU, or did you not; destroy or harm a life, that would have lived into eternity? Because if you did do that: your fate is sealed, and your punishment is eternal/ just as the life you stole from GOD would have been.

Nonetheless those simply educate “the value of love/ and the differences, between heart and soul: or hate, its chaos, and violence. As we all know, by their continued communication: the universities worship chaos, and they build weapons of violence to extend and expand hate. As their contribution to this earth: IS FEAR.

IN CONTRAST to that: is the value of each individual life, and the respect that surfaces to begin a journey beyond the limits of time; as does our relationship with Creation represent. This Creation on earth, contributes love is here! Simple as that, love can be seen, in every living thing, every part of environment that is more than it had to be. Granting for humanity, all its freedom and grace and decisions to identify self; by your own terms of endearment/ or less. Few are so unlucky, as to experience less than that: it is the reality of “by human choice”/ the body can be mutilated, and the cost of chemical contamination, can be extremely high; even if not for you. The extreme complexity of a human body, is nothing compared to the extreme complexity of building a human body; with all its parts, pieces, and perplexity. And the universities try desperately to destroy LIFE itself/ by mutilation and chemical contamination: to your shame, as a human world. Not only do you let them/ you encourage and support them.

Even so: Creation is the formation of life, and its ability to conceive of realities that exist, by our relationship with time. So the critical test becomes: is life, a reality of time and body/ or is life, a reality of Creation by the existence of thought, and its ascension beyond time, into our own relationship “with miracles”? In death, the body is abandoned entirely/ and goes into disassembly for the next, or other generations of life. Therefore time ends/ as does this example of living by movements in mass. But even so: it is the energy that represents life/ it is the movement, that represents living/ and it is thought that assembles the elegance of Creation itself, as a miracle for life to examine, and create: “who, then am I”? So the question is: can energy be inhabited by life? So, the question is: IF LIFE IS THOUGHT/ THEN WHAT IS THOUGHT, that it assembles an environment that lets us live?

The value of the question: searches for the beginning of time! Because where we begin, holds many clues.

“let’s just end with;  destiny is a desire pure enough, to sustain itself for an eternity”. To achieve that, you must become as if “its truth, is alive”.


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