The critical truth, of our situation, as nation or world is: even though few recognize it, we do stand on the edge of extinction; because of what universities in particular have done. Do they not lead: who can argue with “FEAR COVID”/ AS a direct result of university knows, and media commands. It is however true, like all human animals; given one tiny grain of sand, the desire for pride immediately claims “I KNOW/ I KNOW/ I CAN’T BE WRONG”. Even though the evidence is tainted, and the observer; largely blind.

When confronted with evidence that is true: the immediate response of the human animal is to hide, and run away/ or as a predator they ridicule, and look for any excuse to assume: “either I can’t know nothing/ or they know better; even if their evidence is less, than one grain of sand on the beach”. So the reality of my work is: that YOU MUST THINK/ it is not optional, and for the tiny few who do think as a human being alive in time; you must work to communicate: even if you believe whatever you believe, THE COST OF BEING WRONG HERE, IS WORLD EXTINCTION! THEREFORE, we are all invested in the reality of what our truth, and our direction, and our future will become: because of what is being done, by universities, and their diplomas; in this day.

NOTHING is more certain of a need to know: than are those machines several of which can ignite a nuclear fire today/ along with more machines coming that will ignite a nuclear fire soon. BURNING ATOMS FOR FUEL, and the universities say: “not to worry, not enough gravity here so that ten million degree fire; will just extinguish itself.” WHO COULD BE MORE BLIND?

AND THEN, are the million or more geneticists; deliberately trying to mutilate all of life into CHAOS; in an effort as the religious do; “to worship their god of evolution”. And in their words: FORCE evolution to come back. By destroying life as we know it. “in their words: don’t worry, in another billion years or so/ life will be great again”.

The DISEASE, OR PLAGUE of university knows: that is attempting to make life extinct, and even destroy the planet by fire/ so it can change this solar system: to prove they are gods (Satan: destroyer of a world). Continues with its lies, that you cannot complain/ nor can you know what is true: because you must fear covid 19, and obey whatever you are told to do. In other words: DON’T THINK for yourselves/ BELIEVE. As is the constant of every cult, that ever existed. I TELL YOU INSTEAD: DON’T BELIEVE/ SEARCH FOR THE EVIDENCE, AND PROVE WHAT IS TRUE, BEFORE LIFE IS EVICTED, from this planet and all its time. A day that is certain to arrive, unless you choose to fight for this world; by demanding a trial, to inform the world of what it does mean: to be WRONG.

NONETHELESS, that fight is up to you; because after 40+ years of fighting for life alone/ it is absolutely clear, you won’t let the evidence decide. Instead the predators among you; have been effective, in their ridicule. EVEN THOUGH, the reality of your own evidence literally has nothing to do with me! YOU DID THAT/ not me. I simply inform so you can think, and make decisions for the future that will allow for life and planet to survive. But both predator and prey respond in their own ways: TO DEMAND, DON’T YOU TELL ME NOTHING/ THEREFORE I AM INNOCENT of the consequences. But alas: the end of this world, or nature destroyed by chaos, or resources gone, or a thousand more life ending threats of extinction: DON’T CARE, WHAT EXCUSE YOU USE. Because all that really matters was: you ran away, to let life and planet die. Because you chose NOT TO CARE enough; to even try. NO EXCUSE, will be given to you! YOU SHALL be found guilty, of participation in destroying this earth. Only those who do fight for this world, WILL be given mercy!

Regardless of that, if you are reading this: then you are at least willing to think.

Therefore, I will advise you of this; at least in America; because it will matter for a small amount of time. In the predictable coming depression to start end of October 2020; because the GDP has dropped 32% in the first half year. And the chain reaction will soon begin. It is important for you to have 4-5 months of food on hand if you can/ and that includes those whom you might wish to help. Because a depression will close too many businesses; removing the chain of production, resources, delivery, etc; from continuing. Therefore what you need becomes scarce and fought for. 4-5 months worth, to stay out of the fray; is worth providing to yourselves; for that amount of time/ because if a realistic response, which means a courtroom with redress to decide for ourselves; does not occur in that amount of time. Civil war will begin; and it will be horrific. It will almost certainly become, what starts the end of this world; by all horrific means. Because truth says: you are barely surviving as humanity on earth now/ and the destruction of even a little more: IS WORLD WAR. And that does not even include the loss of water supplies, and so much more, all pointing to extinction; standing like a skyscraper about to fall upon this human world.

So then: collect a little if you can/ but be certain, endless amounts of thieves, traitors, liars, failures, and fools surround us all. Make a decision: but be certain, nothing is more important than your own eternity. Live like that/ think like that/ work like that/ fight for this world of Creation, because we all owe it; to our GOD . Even if miracles are not enough for you/ then you owe it, for the life you own. Its called RESPECT.

Regardless of your beliefs or interpretation: I simply present information; and offer the advice.  Such as: YOU CANNOT honorably CHOOSE TO JUDGE ANYTHING OR ANYONE; only the law can and must, when It is truly necessary. Simple as that: TRUTH ALONE DECIDES! Truth IS NOT your possession, or your decision: it simply is, “what it is”. End of the story. Therefrom, when confronted with reality, and a need to know: we MUST identify as best we can: what is true/ and let the evidence decide from that moment on; as best we can. The value of life, creates law: when power is evicted. Therefore if the law is not “perfect enough”/ it is because power has corrupted it. Power is the intent and the desire (in almost every instance) to play god/ by someone; through the disease represented by believe, want, and pride.

The rights of society are governed by laws/ whosoever creates those laws, thereby governs society. As a consequence to that: we need to create the laws which govern us, for ourselves. We need to demand NO ONE ADDS OR SUBTRACTS to the laws we the people create; unless it is by our own vote. If you cannot adequately do your job within the definitions we provide/ then you shall NOT keep that job. The realities of living in society are governed by taxation: as they pay for the things we share. Nothing is more corrupted than the money; as a consequence; IT MUST be made constitutional law: that no currency change can exist, except by our own vote. NOBODY gets to create a debt for the public; except for our own vote. And nobody gets to present a law for that vote: UNTIL it is agreed by at least 70%; that we now know exactly, what we are voting upon. Nothing less is democracy.

In the realities of governance; are the elements of force: yes you must comply with this. Given appropriate and just laws with proper enforcement: that presents us all with peace and harmony. BUT BEAR IN MIND: the police are “just like you”/ and they don’t wish to be harmed anymore than you: even though their real job is to confront violence. Which means fear will erupt, just like you. The one real lesson of covid 19 is: TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT YOURSELVES/ because fear makes you wear a mask. Fear makes you wary of everyone else. Fear makes you afraid of dying; and thereby willing to discard respect and reality; just to prove, “you cannot hurt me/ or you MUST obey me; because I ain’t going to die for you”. Take it in perspective: because your ignorant fears, are exactly what the policing people must deal with their whole working lives/ only they have guns and more to be concerned with. That is not an excuse/ but a reality. That is not a bandage to ignore problems with policing: but an intent to remind you what a fair and literal “JUSTICE” would be. In the search for life in harmony.



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