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This site, is dedicated to the truth; that our world is being jeopardized: by leadership, and where the bulk of those ideas come from. Nothing is more elementally certain of that, than what is found here. In terms of covid the CDC tables: found below are evidence of that, “not a pandemic”! Other descriptions are: that the work seems disjointed/ because I DO NOT lead. Which means you are confronted in ways that give information, but do not allow you to focus. Unless you pick something important to you. NO believing allowed: THINK FOR YOURSELF, by accumulating the evidence/ understanding the concept/ and determining the wisdom of “right or wrong” and what that means to life, planet, and future. Some videos exist: as bland as I can make most of them; so you do not follow or believe. I provide information: YOU provide “thought”/ and hopefully we come to the same conclusions. So that real work can begin; because this world cannot be saved by only a tiny few. Life is not a game. Instead as is so evident in all of life: it is organized with discipline/ established by limits and boundaries/ confronted by the need for balance, even if you don’t like it/ and constructed with respect, and a value established clearly by thought; as the evidence of life itself. As without thought, NO understanding/ decision/ structure/ or other exists. In recognition of how deliberate thought can become; the reality of NOT adding more than is necessary exists/ to never assist the male temptation (men make war), to destroy even more. No permissions were gathered for any video, or other: as no intent to make money exists/ and the free exchange of evidence that is consistent with saving life, child, and earth; are a reality that needs no further explanation. Links are provided; unless “they escaped”/ no intent to use any content without recognition was made. Even if not perfect! I have fought this “fight”; including trials; for the last forty plus years; because life or extinction is no joke. It takes “a multitude” to make a difference, by using and creating the law we need/ because the powerful, never think beyond themselves.

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Jim Osterbur

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