The foundation of democracy is: that we all surrender to the law, that is fair and justified to life and earth and a future for every child. That makes the law our superior, and in that moment it does become the government of our lives/ regardless of the rest: the enforcement of fair and equal and justified law confines us, to our own decisions; or it releases us, to the values we all enforce as our society separate from the rest.

The destruction of American democracy, turns out to be very simple: first it is made into a game, where realities are not allowed/ where “every voice that can bring turmoil, is highlighted as freedom”. Then comes fear (the threat is everywhere, I cannot survive), belief (I want what I want), and obey (its the only way, we must band together and remove all individuality; to be a herd). The consequence of removing the values and virtue of democracy itself: is to undercut the law, and assert superiority (we have a right)/ is to destroy courage (our lives are more important than your freedom or liberty). The consequence of removing the laws by enforcing evidence and truth shall decide; by the doctrines of WE THE PEOPLE are ultimately in charge here/ is to give the voice of a nation, over to the propaganda teams of entertainment media, and its so called “news”. The consequence of discarding nature itself; to spread the curse of “university is now god”; as proven by overtaking genetic nature, and enforcing “evolutionary changes”/ is, the end of our world. The consequence of believing the universities cannot be “that wrong”; when in fact they are deliberately trying to ignite a nuclear fire: WHICH MEANS THEY WANT TO BURN ATOMS FOR FUEL. Is an earth, that becomes a sun; because every assertion they made, to assume knowledge of how the sun works: is a fantasy or delusion without any basis at all in fact. Even to the point of “ not enough gravity to sustain the fire; so it will just extinguish itself”. But then once you have unleashed Armageddon with the covid vaccine/ for a pandemic that is not pandemic: in reality, it is fair to say, if the earth becomes another sun/ it may well be more merciful; than the alternative of being human on this earth engulfed, by TRUE HORROR.

Within the law, there can be only truth; to achieve justice, by the evidence; as best we can, with eyes and words and realities of that decision deliberately spread out among all the people; so that truth will reign over our decisions. Any failure in that social duty, is a sign that we are being attacked; by those with “other plans” to control or destroy our lives and our society from within or without. The current attack, that is the insidious departure from democracy and its law: as is “covid 19”/ proves how fragile humanity and its law, truly is. They claim “FEAR, THE DISEASE IS OUT TO GET YOU”. Thereby making all the people BELIEVE THE UNIVERSITY IS YOUR SAVIOR/ WORSHIP THEM, obey them without question or evidence or truth. As is being done/ as is being forced upon business, and every organization, as is being used to force families, and friend apart: the first steps, in overthrowing any government. Taking control over public media, and constantly enforcing: FEAR, DAMN YOU FEAR/ BELIEVE, “SO you won’t die”/ OBEY, and surrender your options, your ability to feed yourselves, your anger against the world! REMEMBER, those who don’t, should be feared and revolted against/ they are “as the plague”; thereby separating society even more, through the assertion; “we are protecting our lives from chaos/ we are the righteous ones, when we attack, “those who won’t obey”. Its the new version of “Nazism”; and it will soon change to more aggressive actions and reactions; because the vast majority of men; never change, as history proves. Fear makes them aggressive/ and when threatened “they are taking my stuff/ OR, making me a slave”: weapons are drawn, and blood is soon spilled; because hate has gained a purpose.

In America: the pattern of attack has been changed to a more severe “intellectual desire”; which is, we will make them WAR AGAINST THEMSELVES. In that action, there is only the waiting, for their own guns to inflict their own defeat. But alas: the real cost will be, they destroyed their world, and destroyed their future; because the last of the resources are now gone. Thrown away, as the final tribute to their decisions “we can make garbage mountains/ to HELL, with every child” (not in my lifetime); so there.

Soon, the new vaccine will be distributed to billions; whether they want it or not/ because the righteous will not be refused: “they won’t die”/ because of you. Which is the foundation of whatever they want to do, to enforce either you are “going to get this vaccine”/ or you are going to die; as will become their cry. A reality that will not be unlike “being Jew in Nazi Germany”; as they all shout, “we have a right”/ YOU are a threat to us. Even though it is a lie; lies do not matter to human animals. Because when you reduce life to predator or prey, you have removed “human from life”. Propaganda and fear does that; and it is everywhere, without a cause beyond your television and media screens; shouting, “we are all going to die/ WORSHIP AND OBEY, the universities”; they are god (can’t be wrong/ and as a cult they cannot be questioned; they are god. It is the same insurrection as in Nazi germany: take over every powerful position and remove all opposition, by asserting fear. Even though no true cause exists; that does not matter, because the curse of power (we have a right)/ the demand for pride (we are the superior ones)/ and we want, what we want (the basis of every lie) have gained control over life.

Cowardice is the most severe form of insurrection: it not only gives life and society away/ it engineers all the traitorous and terrorist actions that will follow. Cowardice has overcome this America; as is seen in every face with a mask; but as reality does prove, to stand against the hordes, does not make you a hero or wise; as the mob begins to rule. The opportunity to leave as history would suggest is lost: when in fact this is literally the beginning of ending life on earth; leaving no place to go. The coward is life’s whore; “nothing is more important than my life”/ which means all the rest can die: TO SAVE ME. Whereas courage understands: time is simply a “blip, in eternity”/ and nothing is more important than the truth of what that means. The universities stole that truth with its propaganda; claiming life came from chaos/ over billions of years/ one piece at a time/ without a brain, or a tool, or a food source, or anything else required for life to live: but they took over education, and indoctrinated every child they could into their religion. Because a cult is always a cult; and truth never matters in a cult (they make their own “truth”).

Therefrom we begin again, and again, and again; whosoever works for life and planet. Recognizing the futility, has no value: this is, life or death of our world. As the vaccine is a horrifying curse upon life itself; as time will prove beyond the slightest doubt: all the various demands for power as have been men throughout history, will be realized. Because UNLIKE all previous attempts: when your genetics have been mutilated beyond repair, and every body of life gives evidence this is so! The human animals/ THE MOB OF HORROR; gone past hatred into HELL: will find themselves dissolving into Armageddon (nature in chaos). And will then turn against the universities and everything they stand for, and everything that supports them; and biology itself will be torn limb from limb; either by living or by the mob;  as the truth we have been massacred; becomes true.

But, why worry, after all:  soon we will run out of drinking water, and the Apocalypse will ignite; as people learn “they are going to die/ unless they steal from the others, and make them die instead”. AS IS; the constant, throughout history; as then begins “now we can sell the water, to those who die without us”.  But with a billion guns, bombs, and so much more:  those who shout DISEASE will be the more effective ones.  Because they threaten with an enemy you cannot see/ a fight you cannot escape; a fear, that will invade even in your sleep. As every coward knows:  that is enough, to drive you insane/ so, every traitorous act must be done. 

Don’t worry, what could go wrong:  when fear drives the world?

I leave you with this reminder: one of the favorite “witch doctor chants of university is”: that the biblical flood of Noah/ could not possibly have occurred. However the real life evidence is absolutely clear: fossil fuels are known to be various life forms gathered together and then buried all at the same time. NOTHING else exists that can do that, other than a flood. World wide distribution of fossil fuels, some buried thousands of feet deep, and even in the oceans: are absolute proof that Noah’s flood did exist. The fact it is so extensive proves “an endless amount of life” was lost. I will even offer how: “a large planetary body coming close to this earth in a passed by orbit”/ would exhibit a very great gravitational pull on both masses; increasing over time as it comes closest, and then pulls away.

Just like those who are trying to ignite “the same fire as is on the sun”: will upon a single ignition; cause this earth to burn “as another sun, changes this entire solar system. Proving the great abomination did occur. Just another gift, of “university is, YOUR god”.

When you discard nature (mutilating genetics)/ you discard this Creation of life, and align yourselves with the university is now our god. That decision, combined with intentional genetic mutilation: is your purpose to say “GOD, is no longer here”. That decision: changes the clear definitions of thought by GOD which did establish and sustain life on earth as miracles we cannot even imagine/ INTO, the universities are now in charge of life, and its ability to survive. Because you want what you want; the lies consume you.

There is no real proof of a pandemic, even if there is proof of a disease they released upon you by university knows. BEFORE YOU ACCEPT “the university is now god”/ and there is no going back to nature; forever lost. Only the most insane people would not accept: “we need to see the evidence/ not, the propaganda”. But then fear is an enemy in our midst/ and belief in the propaganda: “universities as god”; is a delusion produced by cult worshiping mongrel dogs [or do you prefer “gestapo/ SS]”. A reality that owns no brain of its own.

And the university expert says: “its not propaganda its truth”. While reality says: where then are all the dead/ are they everywhere? Where are the lives catastrophically impacted by the millions (one million out of 333 million is only one out of every 333 people): how is that alot? And the claim is one quarter of that, with lies and liars in charge. Where is the proven separation from influenza or pneumonia? How many thousand times has “everyone in America heard: FEAR/ FEAR/ FEAR/ BELIEVE/ OBEY”? Where is the proof, the danger is so severe; we must all surrender our lives, families, organizations, society/ and fall into poverty; because you say, “its true”? Where is REALITY WITHOUT TAMPERING, with the evidence; an unreliable test is not enough? Where is democracy in charge; when the clear purpose is to create PANIC? Where is truth without fear or the suppression of real life evidence/ AS IS THE JOB OF A real life, COURTROOM. Because just an “expert” is not enough. Where is leadership that understands: we must not panic/ nor believe whatever we are told, without the foundation of value, or the reality of real life courage to find as a nation, WHAT is true?


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