Love exists, because life knows happiness: a body balanced from side to side, a body that exhibits not only what we need to survive, in nearly every case; but more than that works with happiness, hope, trust,,,,,,,; as is the grace of movement, the valley of thought, the treasury of hope, and even a journey beyond time, if you have courage enough to go beyond self. Or more distinctly: “from dirt and water and life (the energy to build)”; our bodies build themselves, in woman. A true feat of complexity so far beyond our comprehension; that anyone who denies the truth “biological life is nothing less than a pure miracle”/ as universities do. Is tragically “without a brain”. Yet universities say: we can do better; with the new tools they created/ claiming we can be gods now; because they can change something in not less than 6 billion combinations of genetics. Yet biology builds itself, operates all the machinery itself, conceives of reproduction itself, heals itself (while medicine either adds poison/ or simply destroys parts), gives us freedom of movement and choice. The opportunity to love or hate. A world to play in, or work in; with values in both. Or more simply: WHAT WE HAVE BEEN GIVEN BY NATURE, AND PLANET; as a gift by which we do survive, and are happy; so long as the others don’t steal that from us. IS BEING GAMBLED WITH, by those who cannot even understand, as is evolution vomit: THAT NO BODY IS BUILT ONE PIECE AT A TIME/ YOU NEED IT ALL AT ONCE, or whatever might live, simply dies instead. “got a heart/ but no blood: got blood/ but no lungs: got bones/ but no joints or connections: got a body complete/ but no skin: got the parts/ but they are all just laying “loose” everywhere (hernia): and literally a million more; just for human to exist.

Yet the universities say: “we can do better/ we are gods”; because they can change something. And to accomplish even the slightest educated guess after crucifying “a million lives” in the lab: they remove the genetic parts that preform : the decisions which operate the biological machinery. “Its too complicated/ evolution doesn’t need it”. If you knew your mechanic; had no clue what steering, accelerator, or brakes were for/ would you let them remove it? Because that is exactly what they are doing: by claiming to be gods. LISTEN DON’T BELIEVE/ SEARCH FOR REALITY, DON’T ACCEPT WHAT YOU ARE TOLD: IS ALL LIFE ON EARTH NOT WORTH THAT PRICE? IT IS YOUR DUTY TO PROTECT THE LIVING/ NOT FALL INTO THE SEWER OF FOOLS, who claim they are gods. Prove what is true; and even remember this: once you accept the vaccine of HELL. THEY ALSO DEMAND, now you owe these few $6 trillion dollars/ or ONE HUNDRED MILLION WORKERS; OWE $60,000.00 EACH; for the vaccine as that is the promise. Oh wait; you don’t suppose anyone would lie; for that amount? Do you think they might force advertising with money, and illusions to make you fear, and endless propaganda? Why no, “universities are god”/ after all, they were just your former classmates; what could go wrong? You owe your child/ you owe your world: TO BE ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN. YOU ARE READY AND WILLING TO ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES OF YOUR DECISION! BECAUSE BEING WRONG CAN BE HORROR UNLEASHED, WITHOUT A SECOND CHANCE. LITERALLY DESTROYING THIS LIVING WORLD. Because you said OK, or you said, “I won’t care”. After all, “university experts” are not like lawyers who “take it all”, and throw the victim a penny or two before ejecting them. “they are gods; who would never say: well better safe than sorry”; and go buy a new penthouse with your money; by using your fear.

In case you missed it: in America, six trillion dollars promised to pay; is sixty thousand dollars per vaccine/ per each of one hundred million people. Almost one in three; but hey, if you get 300 million vaccinated: YOU ONLY HAVE TO PAY, a mere twenty thousand dollars, for each dose.

Alas you don’t have it! Not to worry, they can raise taxes. “you refuse”; not to worry, how much damage could 6 trillion dollars of counterfeit (nobody is going to pay) do to a nation or its economy? HELL WE DON’T CARE; its all business? Well, reality states: not only are these the resources every child will need/ it is the confiscation of property titles, by giving you numbers that have no meaning beyond a lie!

Oh wait; I forgot, “the university is god”; and gods never make a mistake or take advantage or threaten an entire world with extinction. You know; “cause they’re gods”; right! After all, just because they were former classmates; doesn’t mean a damn thing: they went to school, where evolution is THEIR god. 

that proves, they can’t be wrong: RIGHT”?

don’t you worry now:  because trump promised 6 trillion/ and biden promises “that ain’t nearly enough”; we will do MORE.  HELL, what could go wrong?  right.

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Jim Osterbur

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