Critical thinking, is determined by the escape from body into life! The difference is: time does not matter/ realities do! To which the common human says: NOTHING matters but time and its body of life, because death takes that all away: LEAVING ME, with nothing! Adding “you are a fool”; because want rules their lives.

Nonetheless, thought which is the foundation of life itself, does not form as a consequence of body; but our desire to assemble and construct the values which make life worth living. Humanity replies: “I want what I want/ because that makes life worth living”; nothing less does. To obtain these things, the play games with the others to assert I have more than you.

Thought however is more distinct, and does require and demand, a diligent discipline with every decision that you make. Because it is very easy to be distracted from life, to simply be, the essence of time; which is a biological body. LIFE FORMS the basis of truth, because without life, truth has no conception of desire. Desire forms the environment, that both orders and balances the destiny we seek.

Destiny shapes us, to fit within our desire. Therefore desire lives within the order that destiny creates. The quest for balance begins. To assert “I am”; is to identify what you are not as well. Discipline proves the truth.

We then ask of desire: if I were to survive as life, for an eternity: what then, would be “the life I would live”? The critical decision of truth, then replies: first you must choose your only true direction, because a life within energy is either ordered and disciplined and balanced by its needs (love rises)/ OR, it falls into chaos (hate falls), as does then, the living in you. Both are not possible: energy is either one or the other.

Once you have completed the true task of your direction, the decisions that will produce your own identity; only then, can the true quest for either love or hate begin. Hate takes you “into hell (without value)”. LOVE ascends as you learn to be alive.

Desire for life, then seeks the value of being alive, in the grace and truth called love. Because not only is life important, but the very essence of soul (my/your, journey), is to be one “with our CREATOR”. Nothing is more true to love, than GOD . We know that to be true, at a human level, because of JESUS ; our guarantor, that we were not simply “given life” and then abandoned.

To assume: that a true reflection of what can be, “the essence of life, in the home of our CREATOR “; is not true; it cannot be done in this world. Nor should any ever try.

Instead, we search for value in love, to seek the understanding of a life without want. Want (yes I can), is the foundation of every lie; the enemy of truth. A game, is the enemy of life itself; when you do not separate that game from living; as is pride (toys, trophies, and trinkets). Power (no you can’t) asserts superiority; and that is not justified: because no matter what we can or cannot do in comparison to the others: our body/ our ability; is a gift. Even when we use it, to accomplish what the others did not do. The value of that is revealed by knowledge, and knowledge does not have an owner; it is, what it is; as only truth itself can reveal. The quest for wisdom is different: the valley of life or death, cannot be dismissed, it is your beginning (the value of life, not the value of body)/ or your ending as hate (the desire for time, rather than life). The critical quest is: can you become more, than simply human? That question turns to life, to demand: is time as a body, or life the essence of being ALIVE, more important to you?

That composition of time is a journey, and it does not seek: the values of human/ it seeks “as much as I can get”; the value of time. ALIVE, is a relationship with life itself, that is more than time will allow. NOT, the value of body, therefore The brain does not conceive of it, the intellectual has no advantage. The critical test is: can you accept life is more than: a body in time? That journey, that is life rather than body; begins with miracles on earth, and extends through the examples granted by JESUS to construct, true love and respect, is more. The intellectual hates that, and conspires against it: as he or she is left out; and has no superiority; OR each will accept, “ same for all”. No contest exists: only life or death.

ALIVE means: in the essence of energy, I have come to experience life beyond the meaning of an action or a reaction; which lives only within the creation of thought itself. That thought searches “for the door”, which creates our entrance into the spiritual world of truth. Only truth can survive eternity, every lie will fail. Which means the spiritual world; can only consist by the purity of truth, which keeps it alive.

That requires: we must achieve a level of purity, in our own truth, to survive herein: decisions must be real. Anything less will turn into chaos, that may or may not be returned to time; as a body called human. ALIVE then means: by the purity of your own truth, you shall survive. Anything less, and you will fail. That level of dimension, requires the order of constant boundaries, that are enforced by disciplines needed to survive. In that relationship with space, it takes a purity in balance to remain as the value of love. This is where gender shares destiny: because where one fails, the other lives and carries you through; into the home we create as our hope achieved. Mercy exists for love.

The question exists: HOW IS LOVE, enough to be worth surviving or living for an eternity? WHERE does JOY begin? The answer is: love constructs the value of heart, and heart searches for soul. The essence of being ALIVE, is sharing soul. The essence of SOUL: is a relationship with GOD OUR CREATOR . “the builder of a universe, and beyond”. The potential cannot be imagined or understood. But the reality can be recognized: in the miracles of this life, this planet, and your own existence in time. As a child everything is new/ as an adult, you are called to add and build for the future you hope will exist. “its called heaven”; by some: but it is not called free.

Critical to love; is a shared existence; love does not develop and blossom, unless it is participating in a relationship worth keeping: as is you are the essence of my joy. That foundation of experience, is not truly attainable in this world, unless you share yourself, with someone of the opposite sex; who not only truly respects you, but ultimately is willing to die for you. Because you are, the destiny I have chosen for me. That value does not exist, without cost; unless it is truly reciprocated in full. Therefore we ask the question: WHAT, does it truly take, to become a lover in the essence of truth itself?

Lover does not mean sex/ nor does it exclude sex; rather sex shapes the relationship we share as male and female together. Where sexual truth is “elegant, carefree, disciplined, orderly, hopeful, fascinating, courageous, thoughtful, gracious, timed perfectly, and balanced for even the world to see”; love will bloom, and the world itself will not matter. That cannot be attained by “animals, lusting for body”. It is the acceptance of desire, which then leads to the journey that will become our path. Desire then constructs passion, just as passion constructs commitment. The value of our time, is respect. The value of respect is: that truth will open the door, to our ability to find trust in each other. The value of trust is: where it belongs as truth accepted and deserved, is a world beyond self, that opens into an eternity as one. Therefore lover becomes the claim: you are my purpose for life; just as reality has proven, I am yours as well.

The spiritual world however, has its own distinct direction: each will choose, until reborn in the decision of what will become true for you. If that does not include your lover, then you will be separated. It is a very interesting place, “with a great many doors to choose from”. But each door has only one exit: if you do not understand the destiny of this place/ then you will not leave it, until you do. The critical quest is purpose, and the critical desire is: what are you willing to pay for, with your life?

It is most easily described by my own experience: I entered through many doors, but my only true purpose as a life that remained in time; was to find the means or methods for this world to survive. Finding no possibilities in male; I finally opened the door into what is “the female dimension” of life. Just to ask a question: HOW would you help this earth survive? I was pushed in; and cannot escape; without a full understanding of what it means to be female. “its complicated”; but make no mistake it is an “equal life”/ even if it is not by any means the same. Female is way more different, than any man can comprehend; and that is the truth. The spiritual woman “in charge” of this place; lives in a more pure state of being than do I. After a long battle over the differences between male and female; she is now in charge. I DO NOT know how it ends, either in time or eternity. Its complicated.

BOTH LOVE AND LIFE, REQUIRE COURAGE AND RESPECT; nothing less will do, thereby you must set your heart and soul to the understanding; what you want has no meaning; it is an excuse to die. COURAGE gives you life, RESPECT gives you a relationship with that life; less does not define truth, or trust.

Courage is to love/ as hate is to fear: inseparable. Time gives you the chance to experience both, and choose which one is for you. While pride says; I CAN have both/ it is absolutely not true. They are opposites, you must choose; and there is no true middle ground. One direction or the other; CHOOSE.

The decision of this day: is consistent with choosing for life or death of this earth/ all of it, both life and planet; because the evidence proves that is the cost of being WRONG. Or more specifically extinction of both life and planet; because the universities have been creating the tools to do that very thing. They are guiding you into submission and fear, so that hate will keep you at bay; until they complete their mission which is: to play god. It will end with your extinction; and the evidence of that threat surrounds us all.

THAT MAKES YOU: either life by your choices/ your death by your fear and apathy towards time and earth. YOU CANNOT have both/ NOR can you wait and see, if extinction will be true: as you have no second chances beyond the point of no return. NOTHING SHOUTS THAT MORE; than those who are trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun. Burns your skin from 94 million miles away in summer/ radiation that would kill you/ burns atoms for fuel. Once ignition occurs, and machines are running right now: there will be no turning back. Just like there is no turning back from letting the universities go further with genetic mutilation. Life or death for this entire planet: IS NOW OR NEVER. CHOOSE.

as to me: there is NO ELEMENT of homosexuality in the statement of “a spiritual woman”; from another dimension being in charge of me. IT IS, so far beyond what you do understand; as not to be worthy of discussion. Simply understand: “its between female and me as male”. The fact that I lost the battle for control; 51-49% only indicates: things have changed. ANY MALE, regardless of lies: will never be tolerated here sexually: it is the death of your own eternity to try. Simply being male friends, working together normally, or in any other sense of companionship; nothing has greatly changed. As to women and me: I am NOT informed, as to what has or has not changed. Not my decision to make; believe it, or not. As to the value of the spiritual dimension having entered into my time on earth: SHE, is responsible for these “last two years of work”/ as I would have quit on you. That was not allowed; and for another dozen years or more, it was SHE who balanced me enough, to create the work; that moved past, “they don’t deserve to know anything”.

I REMIND YOU WITHOUT QUESTION: THAT I AM NOT, THE DECISION YOU ARE ENTITLED TO MAKE! I am merely the messenger, telling you plainly and simply: that your world has changed, your universities are choosing very badly, and the truth of that evidence is: YOU WILL CHANGE/ OR, you will go extinct. Not a game, reality. EVEN IF YOU RUN AWAY TO HIDE; THAT IS, YOUR DECISION; when life or death of our world, is the cost of being wrong! You will NOT be forgiven; STAND OR DIE.

Do not assume: I AM NOT your leader; ALL CHANGE IS ABOUT YOU, humanity is the threat/ THEREFORE LIFE OR DEATH IS DETERMINED BY YOU, as each human on earth decides: LIFE IS SACRED/ OR NOT!       THAT DECISION: has nothing to do with me; other than my job was to deliver this message; and I have so done.

YOU ARE: however to understand: after thousands of years in charge; men have brought this world to the edge of extinction (as the best, they did do). That fact dismisses you from leadership, and turns to women to decide how best to proceed. NOT LIKE MEN, but as is like women: to gather together and vote on the laws that will improve our chances for survival, by protecting both life and planet. To then bring that choice to nations or the world: as your choice. BY VOTE ON THE LAWS, not by politics; GOVERNMENTS CAN BE CHANGED. BY LAW: LIFE AND SOCIETY WILL BE CHANGED. It is, “up to you”; because men have already failed. Their universities: have formed the greatest threat life on earth has ever faced: even to changing this solar system itself, by igniting “the same fire as on the sun” HERE, on this planet.

I can help women understand: if they so choose. It is my guess; that is why things have changed between the spiritual woman and me/ to make certain I do understand: NOT MY CHOICE! She has made that absolutely clear; a reality you would not understand. A consequence to me, being fully defined by “growing tits, as are (strictly female)”; because nothing about them is male. MORE SIMPLY, no escape/ OVERRUN, and literally without options!  that is not a game either; so let’s just get this done, for life and world:  one way or the other.

WOMEN DO DESERVE THEIR CHANCE TO TRY;  IT IS, THEIR WORLD TOO/ THEIR EXTINCTION JUST LIKE YOURS.  NOT because they are better/ SIMPLY, because they are different; and different is all we have left as a world.  THIS IS NOT A GAME. REALITY BY THE EVIDENCE DOES PROVE THAT TRUE; INVESTIGATE, “don’t simply believe”. FIND TRUTH.

seeing it in print”; the reality of taking charge over this work; thereby me: was clearly, in fact necessary. As I considered “40 years of work, fighting for life: enough”. But had no concept: the universities would choose to try to take control over this world;  when they make you fear, they get control/ when they make you believe, you forget to ask questions/ when they make you obey, and change the laws to enforce it, causing all organizations to stop being active: they become rulers, and you become their cult. When they destroy your options, making large groups of people beg to survive: they create war/ and people forget, the universities are deliberately trying to destroy your nature, resources, chains of life, & your world.  you forget, the threats of extinction beyond war.  The reality of their failures/ then becomes your failure; Thereby opening the door, to demand “WAKE UP”. One last time.    For we have past the point of second chances:  your choice for life, is now!            NO, there is not one single thing, I prefer about that statement of fact. This is, a VERY PRECIOUS WORLD!   You have no right to kill it/ but I have no power to stop you; if you choose wrong.

 I am in fact grateful, not to have quit; as this is “your last best chance” to wake up;  or die. Your decision not mine; but I did finish the work, “with help” apparently needed. Simple as that.

No matter how it turns out for you: I did my job with help.

We now: turn to the shape of life itself, IS as a component of energy. Without energy, there is no delegation of thought, nor boundaries of life, nor limits to be defined by truth. Therefore the critical component is: WHAT IS OUR PARTICIPATION IN ENERGY ITSELF? WHY, does that exist? HOW, do we make it our own? WHEN death overtakes us, and the body is left behind: WHERE will the essence of life called soul, “go”? WHO, decides?

To understand: we must construct the disciplines of what truth can become. That is not “for you”/ as reality proves you, and your university gods; accept nothing as being sacred. The building blocks of order, as do identify why the composites of life and time exist: is not “for you”/ as reality proves you, and your university gods; accept nothing as being sacred. The balancing of all facets that lead the journey into life: is not “for you”/ as reality proves you, and your university gods; accept nothing as being sacred. Time is for you; in the creation of your own identity/ and thereby both the direction and the destiny from which you will arrive at your own truth; thereby exists, as your decision. As to soul (a relationship with CREATION ITSELF); as grants “more than mercy” will allow; nothing is more certain, than it is not your choice/ it is only your invitation to try: to knock at that door/ to ask forgiveness through that door/ to accept, that the purity of your own value, your own contribution to living, is love; if the door opens to you. Therefore love decides who will come beyond the limits and barriers of time; but not as a composition of purity, rather as the identity of your own truth, and your own decisions: as time prepared you to make.

I will say, a quick thank you to universities; in their search for some answers, they did discover “the atom”; which aided my own understanding significantly in my search for destiny. Fundamental truths are very different than the constant of men which is: to then take EVERYTHING THEY CAN, from anything of value. The cost of universities is: nothing is sacred/ nothing is valued/ everything; “is a treasure to be plundered, ravaged/ raped/ stolen/ terrorized/ and sold as a traitor does. Which leaves the balance of their work: lacking in all accounts. But for the limited value, I will personally say thank you. Reminding each one: ETERNITY comes for us all/ make amends as best you can; because more than you can imagine is ahead.

As to media: we all know, we need a job that keeps us alive/ so we all do some things we know should not be done; to survive. The degree to which you make those decisions defines the path you will take. I for one, stayed in a tractor that was damaging my ears; way to long (believing they would heal)/ but it was not to be so. I stayed because of my nephew’s death; and how that interrelated to my parents. But the cost was high, and I did know better than to allow that to happen; a sacrifice. Other sacrifices were made along life’s journey; as are consistent with us all. So, I will thank media in all its various forms for what they did do, in terms of value. Because this work exists as a demonstration of threats; that are built upon what was reported by someone, or some form of agency or work before me. The balance however, of all facets that have been joined together; to make people understand/ lacks truth. The foundation of REAL evidence and REAL need to know: has been discarded for greed, and all things selfish. Giving rise to the truth: our world stands on the edge of our own extinction/ and it shall not be erased, without true and very significant change humanity is unprepared to make. Which is your fault too. But then how many people: would have honestly chosen for life/ instead of self? A question nearly all: construct lies, to defend themselves, from their own truth.

Regardless, the foundation of humanity is that we must protect ourselves first! Because without life, shaped as body: there is no time. But the balance of that is: without the truth that forms the living of a life capable of surviving as a value beyond time; there is no soul. Heart is the sign of your message, asking: “knocking at the door called soul”. Heart means: you do understand, life is more, than time.

I suppose, something should be said regarding relationships as well as passions. As to the women I knew, sorry it could not have worked out as you desired/ life had other plans. Love is not a lifetime commitment: it is a value beyond measure, that trusts time will allow for more. it does not guarantee you get whatever you want/ as my life has choices too! Even so:  A world is more important than you or me/ love states survival itself must come first, or love fails for all. In that regard: If we cannot walk the same journey, then we cannot share the same passion for a purpose that proves what we do care about most. Although male and female are very different; that does not make male or female conceptions wrong/ it only means they will be different. The one thing I did learn, as an education was: NO, love cannot just be simple, and end/ because heartbreak will be left behind. Therefore relationships that cannot extend into time, as a journey shared with value/ should not begin. Because there is only so much time; and women should not be burdened with time spent, that will not gain a future as one. Even if love is kind and pleasant for the moment; the cost of separation, will not be worth the price; survival is required too. Its complicated: sometimes a body is needed to be shared/ to survive, to prove love exists. But that is a commitment, and it does not come with chains/ the best you can do, is the best you can do. But make no mistake, your decision is your decision/ and that then becomes your truth; regardless of which way you turn. Life does not allow for “less than true”.

The one thing I wished women could understand; as a gift to them: was defense of body, is not fundamentally complicated. Any weapon that can be used by you/ can also be used against you: which means, you must look in a different direction than that. And all women said: I don’t want to defend/ I want them dead: that would impact me too. But reality states, to defend allows, “like a skunk”/ sometimes the best defense is to insure the attacker does not want to stay, but turns away, allowing for escape; even if it does affect you too. Simple tools as jewelry and so on, would gain the “opportunities needed”/ and be ready at any moment to deploy. Some suggestions of those tools were provided on (a site I no longer own or support: I only support the one site left;  but the homepages should be found through  look in menu or navigation).  IF you want the links reconnected; you can ask. I will provide the name for someone to reconnect the links you desire (there are thousands); at whatever rate he or she would charge. I have spent all I am going to spend; trying to convince you of anything beyond DON’T DESTROY THIS WORLD. Write a comment on this site; and I will provide that information as a link under the “websites” link already in the menu.


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