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in all things fundamental, to the search for survival in this date and time: are the soldiers quartered in every house/ that are media, news, or entertainment. There to make you fear/ to scare you with images of death and rotting corpses/ to inform you that a gun is your answer, that violence surrounds you/ that you must believe whatever you are told, and never question the authority of a university to control your lives, elections, work, EVERYTHING. The reality is, for most; being human has been lost to the curse of a university cult, and its priests of news and media; knows best. NO, you may not think for yourselves/ NO, you may not question any authority but your own/ NO, you may not have access to the courtroom/ NO, you do not own this democracy/ NO, every schoolroom belongs to the universities/ NO, religion fails to challenge/ NO, THE FUTURE IS LOST; because behind every closed door: is the horror and treason “of a university mind”. NOTHING PROVES THAT MORE, “THAN THOSE TRYING TO DESTROY THE FOUNDATIONS OF NATURE BY MUTILATING GENETICS/ NOTHING PROVES THAT MORE, “THAN THOSE TRYING TO IGNITE ATOMS ON FIRE”/ NOTHING PROVES THAT MORE, THAN EVERY RESOURCE, AND EVERY CHAIN OF LIFE, EVERY ENVIRONMENT, EVERY FOUNDATION NEEDED FOR LIVING; BEING DESTROYED. And the media (the chain of command; taken/ not earned), and its news (our right to know); provide only tiny glimpses, of terrors coming. Because, it is owned by only a very tiny few; of the greediest/ and most power hungry, people on earth. The question of survival, the reality of a future for a single child: is found on each and every “garbage mountain” immersing the truth of what this generation did do. With their single purpose; NOT IN MY LIFETIME; of thereby; gorging themselves on every child.

The foundations of human and all biological life, are not a game to be played with: even when your life is in jeopardy. Because a single life/ or even a million lives in this world of 8 billion people; is not enough to jeopardize the rest/ or their children/ or life on this planet. A fact that denies “save them all”/ and rescues “only the strongest, and most able should survive, in order to keep this earth alive”. As is NATURE established through predator and prey. NATURE chooses for all/ people choose only for themselves: the difference is, nature survives time/ individual people do not.

The extreme complexity of all biological elements: has not yet begun to fully or completely reveal itself; by any actual element of fact/ even if some information has been gleaned. What is absolutely clear is: HUMANITY CANNOT MAKE A SINGLE BLOOD CELL/ CANNOT MAKE A SINGLE SKIN CELL/ CANNOT MAKE ORGAN OR MUSCLE OR BRAIN OR NERVE CELLS OR EYES OR ANYTHING THAT IS FUNDAMENTALLY PROOF OF WISDOM, IN CONNECTION WITH BIOLOGY ITSELF. NOR will they ever; because the foundation of technical expertise as is associated with the living body, its recreation of itself as “baby”, its functioning composition of “brain work”; and all the rest. As is built upon identifying and using the chemical building blocks of atoms; in the direct association of sorting and sustaining a biological body; from “food and water sources” as is known to create life. Is a level of thought without the construction of human interference. YOUR SCIENTISTS; CANNOT EVEN RECOGNIZE, THAT EVOLUTION IS AN ABSOLUTE FALSE, SEWER OF LIES! AND YET THEY CLAIM, THEY can be gods over life/ and change genetics in everything; in order to make life better. They cannot; it is the shit pile shouting I am god/ to a human life that is beyond all that shit can claim or do.  The veil of secrecy and arrogance must be removed; and replaced with:  THE SACRED TRUTH OF LIFE ITSELF/ IS NOT, TO BE TAMPERED WITH.  by anyone!

Building a human body, LITERALLY REQUIRES, disassembling chemicals into atoms/ rearranging the atoms into a viable network of order; balancing that order with disciplines through the laws which govern interactions in all things. And doing it on a scale of incalculable complexity; with regulations of the work; accomplished on a billionth of a second scale for some things/ with extremely accurate chemical compositions the female body makes: to accomplish that task. YOUR SCIENTISTS: DO NOT HAVE A SINGLE CLUE: ABOUT WHERE THE FUNDAMENTAL BRAIN FUNCTIONS COME FROM/ SO ANYTHING THEY DO, CAN IMPACT EVERYTHING ALIVE. Nor do they even know what gravity is/ and yet claim they know enough: to gamble our entire planet “with a nuclear fire”!

So we look at a very few tiny examples: asking the question WHAT, can go wrong/ when humans play god with genetics; EVEN stripping out RNA from the genetic molecule; so they can claim the money from a vaccine, associated with covid.

And reality reminds you again: it is true, that to build something completely different, such as a brain; out of “stomach contents”. Does require the disassembly of those chemicals; into the realignment of atoms. To accomplish that: requires repeated jolts of “high energy”/ and then the transportation of those atoms, to the new order of things called human.“…..Just one tiny fragment of the work required to build a biological body of life.” All within the female body, with only sperm to initiate the process of life. Science claims: 3 billion pairs of DNA genes on a strand of thread, that not only combines with billions of possibilities more; inherent through the realities associated with RNA. But it builds itself/ finds it way into every cell/ creates every organ and bone and blood/ and is smaller than the head of a needle in size. And your “scientists” say: we can do better!

So today HUMANITY ON EARTH: IS LITERALLY ON TRIAL! BECAUSE, if you let them continue trying to play god/ THEN YOU WILL get their work, and their decisions “as your only god”. INHERITING from your science: the world of chaos they made. CHOOSE! But NO, second chance.

IF YOU FAIL/ THEN YOU FAIL ALL LIFE AND EARTH! INVESTIGATE, AND ESTABLISH WHAT IS TRUE: in a courtroom, so the least amount of dissension as to reality of the evidence, can be made possible.






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Signs and Symptoms


Both COVID-19 and flu can have varying degrees of signs and symptoms, ranging from no symptoms (asymptomatic) to severe symptoms. Common symptoms that COVID-19 and flu share include:

  • Fever or feeling feverish/chills
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Fatigue (tiredness)
  • Sore throat
  • Runny or stuffy nose
  • Muscle pain or body aches
  • Headache
  • Some people may have vomiting and diarrhea, though this is more common in children than adults



Flu viruses can cause mild to severe illness, including common signs and symptoms listed above.

Flu Symptoms


COVID-19 seems to cause more serious illnesses in some people. Other signs and symptoms of COVID-19, different from flu, may include change in or loss of taste or smell.

COVID-19 Symptoms

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here in America; the people believe “the media/ the universities” will protect them; and tell them everything they need to know.  In contrast to that; a decade or so back; an ethanol plant was to be built very close by. it was in the media; “be great”.  So, I inquired at the state of IL water survey: as to whether the aquifer they intended to use could in fact support that plant production?  they told me:  the entire aquifer would be dry in about 3 years. When asked:  WHY ARE YOU NOT INFORMING THE PUBLIC (hundreds of thousands affected)?  They said to me:  WE CANNOT/ OR WE LOSE OUR JOBS!  But if they come to us/ THEN we can tell them what we know!

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