We come, to the question of energy; to ask in simple terms, how is this related to the essence of life itself?

While there are no simple answers to the existence of thought/ the base material of both thought and life is constructed from the forces used to identify what energies, can do. There are more than two distinct types of energy; but only push or pull is assigned to the relationships which hold humanity in a state of either life, or death, or non-existent (dissipated into nothing: so this one does not matter, existence is over).

The question of life, is freedom/ movement/ thought/ and decision. Each of the four elements produce there own version of existence. Combined they create “the base level, human condition”. Since this searches only the basic construction of life as energy; nothing else is considered relevant.

The question of death is chaos: all things known to be alive, have been lost. The evidence of body proves decay, and consumption “by something”/ or poisoned (as is the current, common human decision: demanding control). Other than poisoned: It is a violence, that ends even the conception of an individual existence here. Poison merely delays, and removes “the payback” for life/ by destroying all value left.

So the question most elemental to this discussion is: HOW can energy be contained and controlled by an individual life? HOW are the boundaries and limits necessary to impose upon energy, to create an individual environment established? And WHY, does life itself exist, as opposed to force: the description of energy in motion, or potential motion?

We begin the journey, by understanding motion is the ingredient of time acknowledged by an action or a reaction. Therefore all relative actions or reactions are elementally conceived by time, as an individual result of a directional decision or force that is applied to create an event. Each individual environment, creates its own force, decisions, or direction. Which means if that environmental result, is isolated unto itself; a critical limit or boundary is formed. The amount of force available for any action or reaction is the limit of what an individual environment can achieve within itself. The boundary that separates all forms of individual actions or reactions among the surrounding area: imposes the restriction, that some things can only happen when “more than one” unite, to create “a herd effect”.

The primary difference between an avalanche and a herd is: controlled decisions.

So the critical construction will become: how does life, a derivative of force; control or create a decision?

The fundamental answer is: freedom must exist, or a direction cannot be chosen! But as is consistent with force, that does not mean an action or reaction will be controlled. Therefore time continues, even though humanity does not. Which ponders the question: we know we do not continue as time/ therefore CAN we continue as energy? The critical answer to that is in participation: love builds, an internal respect identified by values/ hate produces chaos, and that violence rips and tears all elements of environment apart. But this is not about environment, and stands apart merely to construct elements used to identify eternity.

Eternity means: that time has no effect, because this form of existence does not act or react with lower forms of energy, that are not sustainable forever. The fundamental required for eternity is then an energy beyond what time can conceive of: which for the sake of freedoms, is greater than anything known as time. The critical question becomes then: HOW does energy accelerate into that “essence of space”/ where existence does not meet its ending by collision?

Let us suppose, that if we wanted to accelerate an object into high speed existence, by methods under our control: how would we do it? Potential energy first organizes existence; and must then use gravity or other sources of force to “make it move”. Whereas kinetic energy is in motion, and subject to all things organized against it: as would be a stream of water racing around a rock; not through it. Both of these are limited forms of force demonstrated as energy in time. Time is a predator, and will take apart all its forms of existence, including energy; until time (nothing left) ends. But it is rejuvenated “with new elements” formed, to start the various processes, all over again. Therefore our participation within the conceptual constraints of eternity; shall not be as time/ its energy sources/ or mass.

Since we have no true understanding of what else may exist: we must conceive of thought, to assemble the development beyond what time can be. That essence of life, is not given to all: but exists only in human.

We then begin, with our journey: as a description of what can human be?

Life, is recognized only within the boundaries and limits of what thought does provide; such as, “if rocks were life/ they would not know it”/ and of course they are not. But the essence of the statement is: to attain life, there must be thought, even if only at its most subsistence levels. Thought then elevates a human being above the state of animal: because the existence of thought itself, translates our lives into more than just about time.

We then get to ask, if we desire it: WHAT could life become, if not as time/ because death proves that time itself will be removed? Many never ask, and are thereby content to live within the lines that are animal/ or go beneath that level, into less. They are not important to existence.

When we ask: what is thought? The answer becomes: a relationship with energy that extends itself into the environmental conceptions of discipline/ balance/ order/ truth/ law/ courage/ hope/ and respect. These combine with the forces needed to assemble into the transparency that is described as spirit: freedom/ movement/ thought itself/ and decision. Thought is NOT an environment. Therefore it has no such distinction. Consequently to achieve an individual development attributed as an existence, to the conceptions of thought: there must be a boundary achieved.

I am NOT going farther than that, in this description.

What we can develop, is a conception of energy, as it changes from the relationships of time, into eternity; and whether life itself as a human defined by thought can enter therein.

Energy must be transformed to attain the distinction of eternity (not affected by the cause and effects of time). To achieve this distinction, requires thought to intervene: as a desire served. A singular decision that achieves directional discipline.

We then begin with the concepts of time: which include mass and energy at known motions in space. Motion being the relationship formed, when no energy is being applied or lost. The question begins: if there is no mass involved/ can there still be energy in motion? A much more fundamental question than it appears.

Motion implies the movement of something. Therefore WHAT could exist in the movement of energy as would be “in outer space”? We do know that elements of energy move in space; the most consistent with what is unknown about energy is called dark energy. As we know this exists, but cannot view it: other than by its effects upon mass or things identified by time. The most common form of this is gravity: as is something exists, even if it cannot be seen/ which holds this solar system together. That same gravity holds galaxies together; and it may be conceptualized: that it affects the universe itself. Thereby we know, energies beyond our ability to describe them effectively do exist/ and they even have a relationship as with gravity, that extends beyond the scope of what we know we can be.

So lets consider the cost and consequences of gravity as a beginning.

Gravity is listed as the mechanism which holds large bodies of mass together with smaller bodies of mass; thereby forming an organized existence of things which construct the basis of time.

Gravity is controlled by laws, which are formed by the truth, and forces, applied to create existence itself. Energy is the result of that force/ as both push and pull result from the developments in, and from gravity. Therefore it is a form of construction, and construction aids the development of complexity.

So the critical question here, is: WHAT is gravity, and how does it form time?

Assembly requires a beginning of possibilities: there were, “space (environment)/ darkness (the obstruction of “things”)/ cold (an energy locked)/ and gravity, which was the creator of directional movement; which can be accounted as a development through some kind of heat. These four were combined to create the mass, later described by its “big bang”. Gravity, and the extrusion of energy; made that happen. We then know, that gravity is: a primary participant in the creation of this entire universe, the initiation event of force. So if we were to understand gravity, we would understand much. How atoms were assembled is a different level in education; already at a basic level, discussed.

But lets return to the potential of an eternity, for the life of an individual human being. NO, we are NOT going to be “sucked into the sun”; simple as that.

Instead the question is: if we were without mass, “the essence of thought itself”/ and yet formed into motion that was essentially dissolved into some form of gravitational energy: can we travel to wherever that motion would go?

The answer is yes, because nothing would hinder that ride, until it achieved its destination. What does “without mass” consist of? The answer is: whatever truth itself has built. Truth is NOT an element of mass/ it is a relationship consisting of thought, and its translation of life. Rocks don’t need or use truth, even though it exists by truth. So the question now turns into: what is truth, and how do you inhabit the truth that you did choose to create? Is it an environment?

Truth defined: what cannot be disguised or denied its existence/ the evidence has spoken. Law creates the environment, by established limits and boundaries.

We then search the limits and boundaries of truth to ask: is truth an individual element formed by creation/ or its creator? The answer is yes, it is. So the law allows for each of the three: truth, creator, and creation to exist. But they are only as powerful as truth allows; and each individual human “who thinks”; designs their own contribution of value or chaos.

Can we as humans inhabit our truth? More distinctly as truth is in and of itself an eternal conception: can you deny or escape your truth? Time allows for dissipation into nothing, as energy escapes the animal, and it falls into decay. So then if you are an animal only: you do have the option to remain as an animal is. If you are human, being alive in thought, and constructing a life either towards love/ or towards hate: you gain the potential of truth knows the way. “Either to hell or heaven”: so to speak. Each is directional/ but very specific in its description of where, will your truth go.

We now turn, to discipline the question of truth, by its order: to construct the balance of what turns the tide so to speak: for life or death? If truth is a question/ then it inhabits a “frame of reference” that constructs the boundary within which it is formed. Order limits the expression of all things/ other than chaos, which is without order or disciplines. Only order builds, and only discipline constructs. Therefore truth is the balance between order and discipline as it sorts through the elements which gain life. So the question is: what are the elemental components (building blocks) of life beyond the edge of time: where all things change?

Truth is a definable: this cannot be changed/ “even if mercy, can cover it up by, something else is more important”. So then the components of truth that survive beyond the lies which will be swept, or burnt away are: trust (acceptance the decision to participate without reservations), love (acceptance, the decision to participate with value for each one), thought (acceptance, the decision to search), hope (acceptance of miracles), respect (acceptance of the decision that acknowledges “this gift/ or this danger”), desire (the construction of who I shall become), and purpose (the discipline of my duty, to be accepted as one who belongs).

Question: what can be gained, in eternity?

Answer: elemental purity alone, “approaches GOD “!

Question: why is this desired?

Answer: LOVE IS LIFE, with VALUE.



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