mandatory democracy


There is no need to argue: verified proof however is mandatory, as in just a few weeks (mid august); we will have evidence as to the real threat of covid 19 that exists. IT IS HOWEVER absolutely necessary to separate the cases of death: by the reality of age, the consequences of real illness that affects the outcome, and the overall truth of what it means to be “healthy/ turned sick”. While the curse of fools will complain any life lost is bad/ NATURE keeps us all alive, by replacing the old, sick, and unhealthy with children to take their place. Which means: this is an accepted solution to the problem of a human births, explosion. Like it or not; no great cure is likely to come. Which means we live with it: OR, you choose to hide in your own coffin/ by your own choices.

The foundation of democracy itself is: WE THE PEOPLE HAVE RIGHTS (you can’t just make me), FREEDOMS (I have a choice), AND LIBERTY (together, we make the laws that we enforce on ourselves). Nothing of covid 19 destroys that foundation/ and there is no law to assume any form of leadership or ownership discounts or denies the truth, that is WE THE PEOPLE shall decide for ourselves. Those who want to wear a mask can do so. Those who do not, risk little more than themselves. The realities of work and society however: ARE NOT subject to leadership. These are elements of life or death, and they are MINE ALONE/ NOT yours to decide. Which makes every business, and every form of social gathering: a personal decision; NOT a governmental one. Which makes every incorporated business of any kind that is clearly not “personally owned, as an individual”: also LEGALLY UNABLE to make those decisions for someone else. Even if it is “your store”: if you demand financial or legal protection from government. You lose your right to decide if the public can participate in that store, UNLESS WE THE PEOPLE choose it shall be so for ourselves. Discarding these fundamental rights: is akin to anarchy, and rises to an insurgency against this USA.

LEARN, and bear in mind: just how many trillions of dollars the medical and healthcare industries have collected due to this covid 19. How they have avoided all supervision, and may now do anything they damn please as a result of your fears. Even taking over governments, establishing the power to overthrow democracy, and all the pride of saying “we are your gods/ we alone are your saviors”. And then consider: these people have been making diseases, for the military: OR, just so they can then find a cure: TO SELL TO YOU. Media is merely the propaganda machine for the powerful/ and once the powerful have destroyed every small business: you have no rights, no nation, no future, and they will sell this nation to foreigners just to insure you don’t come back.

You cannot come into “my house”; tie my hands; and take, or take away, whatever you damn please: nor can you seize my right to attain or buy primary needs or access, as is being done with covid 19: refusing admittance unless I obey your rules. Or not at all, because you say so. You cannot destroy or take away my business or relationships, or refuse me to gather with others as I choose: you have NO legal right to do so! You cannot use your fear, as a weapon against me. You cannot claim: this “expert” has all the rights of a god/ and we have none. You are not “the government of anyone/YOU are not “nobles or kings”/ YOU, are merely our employees; and nothing more”. NO true democracy exists: by voting for someone to vote for me. We do deserve TRUE EVIDENCE/ NOT your decision/ your judgment/ or your fears, invading our lives. We the people means: WE CHOOSE by our own vote/ whenever we do so demand it. Taking that right, from those we employ as their oath states: to insure our constitutional government/ OUR CONTRACT with each other: proving this is who we are. That fact, is not to be mangled or destroyed. As is established from: “consent of the governed”. We are, as the declaration of independence states: “all created equal”. These are the fundamentals of this nation. And there is NO RIGHT, to inundate the nation with fears you choose to create/ the penalty is removal from the right to inform.

ASK yourselves: WHY, does the “university diploma” try to take over the world, at this particular moment in time/ by using media to drown out every other voice or right? Answer: because those who rule over life; know “time is short/ and its now or never”. They can’t mutilate all of nature, throwing it into chaos/ or ignite a nuclear fire/ or destroy every resource: without killing themselves too. Even hatred, knows that: “So the game accelerates: of making you fools”. WHY? They want you to fear them as gods/ by proving yes, they could kill this world; proving “satan exists”.

While the constant is: “you can’t make us fear/ this herd walks together”. The reality is: then you fear as one, making each other fear even more. The consequence of fear is an opening door, into your own heart. If that extends to life or death inside of you; it will give access to your soul/ and you can lose your eternity. The question is WHY? The answer is: because life or death is more decision than truth. The decision towards death, forms predator and prey even in eternity. While the decision towards life, is an elevation of value, which ascends by love through the distinction that is “worthy to join the rest”. Whereas the trophy of a predator: lives “by eating its prey”/ death exists as terrors which rip you to pieces: the more prey they gather, the longer it is “before they eat themselves alive”. Love, the essence of “being human alive”: exists only, through the challenges of participation in peace, truth, harmony, courage, hope, value, and respect for each other. Beyond the limits of time, is the eternity that belongs to energy. The question is: will you dissipate; enter chaos; or define your participation, in a new world of life. A reality conceived by: “life, is an energy under control, by our own individual decisions”.

In America, the reality of this day is: that the predator of universities know; has built a trap, with covid 19 fears. Forcing their believers into the abyss of wants that cannot be sustained; using fear to destroy their connection with work. This has inundated the nation with debts that cannot be paid. Realities of life and world, that cannot continue or life and world go extinct. The prey of society are now being forced into submission: whereby their grip on the value of life by our own decision is being ripped apart. The cost will be: that now, whenever the few who hold “all the power, to control your want”/ can in fact simply disembowel the nation, by letting the currency fail. It has already been destroyed; only lies continue to let the games exist. Reality then says: either humanity will rise to control that bankruptcy, by law, through democracy/ or as is the most common response, they will want, and then turn to civil war. While the foreigners wait, to ransack and rape the pieces left, “when, citizen hell, is done”. As always: differences will divide/ and genocide will follow; as every gun finds a hand, and their world fails without hope. Because when money is your god, and the universities are your enemy, whether you accept that or not: you chose to dig your own grave.


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