ANY HOPE OF SURVIVAL FOR THIS PLANET; begins with, humanity must be changed. Realistically in so many ways, you won’t recognize it anymore. I give you the possibility of “one billion to one”/ but hey, its called hope. That would be because: the animals don’t want change/ hate does not want peace/ religions believe in want “NOT GOD “/ AND the people who remain alive are few, and even among them, far fewer have retained even the least amount of courage possible. So your odds of change do not exist: UNLESS true devastation, as would force change occurs. That is no doubt coming; and if “the dead will rise”/ perhaps they could still find a brain, rather than the sewage of a university cult. Time will prove what is true.

Nonetheless, it is NOT my job to save you or judge you or lead you: which means EVERYTHING of life or death for this world, “is on you”.

But I am here to help, if you can be found alive; even a tiny few.

So we begin: nothing is as important as investigating the universities; and their terrorist actions/ demanding pure change, as is consistent with: you have gone so far to the edge of extinction/ that you may never exist in any form, again. That question will be formed when truth reveals what is true. A world issue.

The second most important decision is Yellowstone super volcano; and mediating its potential to erupt. A world issue.

The third decision is: that humanity MUST achieve zero, and dropping population growth/ by all means necessary. But only women shall decide for themselves. Men are advised that a vasectomy is not their answer: as reality proves the universities filled you with lies, and personal tragedies. Women are advised: wanting a child when you are young is not enough/ and you will restrain yourselves until the age of thirty, or the world itself will fail.

The fourth decision is: no resources no life and no future/ let the young decide for themselves if they want a future: they will pay the price. That includes the oceans/ the water/ the oxygen/ the heat/ the recycling/ rebuilding/ reusing/ complete and utter changes in social reality; and ten thousand more failures of university; that must be removed.

The fifth decision is: no you can’t will become a constant, as reality moves to assert: OUR PLANET IS MORE than your want. As reality enforces the truth: EITHER YOU CHOOSE TO PROTECT ALL THE CHAINS OF LIFE/ or you go extinct too!

The sixth decision is: everybody needs to speak the same language/ accept the same evidence of what is, or is not to be allowed: so that this world can live. EVEN IF YOU cannot; because a world is more valuable, “than you”. That requires world law, and world policing; and the end of weapons of mass destruction.

The seventh decision is: religion SHALL identify what is true in each and every different version/ so that reality can teach what is real to life and eternity: rather than whatever people want. Because if we don’t get along/ we won’t survive the turmoil of change. We must get along as a world.

The eighth decision is: that an education is to prepare children for the REAL WORLD, as a foundation for life and a respect for planet is mandatory/ NOT the raw sewage of a religious cult worshiping itself, as is the damned and the dead; of too many, called “university elite, or expert”.

The ninth decision is: fundamental to all human change with value, is the translation of knowledge into understanding; that can then be understood by the masses as they consider their own decision to apply themselves to keeping this world alive or not. That elemental foundation: is not formed by a diploma/ but by the evidence of truth, as knowledge will provide. NOTHING about it, is based upon theory or beliefs. Instead you will learn as best you can: by providing a written, but short, in plain language they can all understand: what is in fact known. BY THE EVIDENCE OF PROOF. NOT the curse of fools as would be evolution, for instance.

The tenth decision is: that peace and harmony requires a realistic comprehensive developing description of what we the people accept as the foundation of our nation and society. THE LAWS which govern every individual life equally. Formed by their own vote. Then the laws which govern how business/ industry/ religion/ resources, and more. To define how they can and will behave in this society by creating what their guidelines, in pollution and all things are. NO MORE voting for someone to vote for me: we will decide for ourselves, and reap the benefit, or endure the curse. In America: the constitution is ours/ not theirs. And if we attain a three/fourths agreement by vote among ourselves: the constitution is changed. By judging the judge; we the people shall determine what the courtrooms shall now become.

The eleventh decision is: we will change the money, to remove excess power, pride, and ability to control the rest/ by using “limited capitalism” as our power to retain authority over our nation, our government, and our society; AS WE THE PEOPLE. But before we get there: the endless fraud of universities counterfeiting assets, and destroying societies with debt/ SHALL come to an end. Which means the numbers you hold are worthless or less, as they are the evidence of how much you stole from your own children. How much your leaders destroyed this nation on purpose for their pride. To do that: CHANGE WILL OCCUR, and we the people SHALL DECIDE what that change is going to be. Taking the authority of democracy, and becoming OUR GOVERNMENT decides. NOT our employees.

The twelfth decision is: that without respect, you have no relationship. Without respect there is NO love. Without respect, the value of your friendship will fail. Without respect those who did do the work and took the risk and benefited life/ OR are a danger to life and world: die to you, and discard their heart. Because you were not worth the price. YOU MUST FIND RESPECT for each other. And YOU MUST FIND RESPECT FOR YOUR CREATOR, and if you fail to respect JESUS as biblically written your future is in danger; even if you begin. NOT as a religious anything. But as a testimony given to humanity: that gave rise to love in this world, and explained eternity, as the potential we could attain. HIS LIFE IS WORTH YOUR RESPECT/ JUST AS THIS ENTIRE CREATION AND WORLD OF EXISTENCE: REQUIRES YOUR RESPECT AS WELL. Or you, can go extinct.

As to the propaganda used by the cult of university religion worshipers, and their zealot priests, which call themselves “the news”. The constant as is with all religions: is yelling “BELIEVE/ BELIEVE/ BELIEVE or you die”. No evidence of real value/ no subsequent construction of what the costs of fear will become/ no elevation of life, by offering the opportunities to understand and deal with the truth of the situation by using “the brain of all society”. NO NEWS; just propaganda, and religious fervor/ as has been the constant of media, universities, and politics for decades. You can tell a cult: “the leader(s) cannot be questioned”/ nor can whatever they say be examined, investigated, or be produced by the evidence: “just believe/ we are gods”. As is the worship of university; and the bowed down “save us/ save us/ save us; as religious dogma takes over”.

The extreme failure of media, the utter arrogance and disgrace of university, the foolishness and blind subservience of politics, the lack of rights as is the proven insurgency against democracy, the foundation of business and economics under attack, and the critical links that society needs to function being destroyed as fast as possible. ALL POINT TOO, AN INSURRECTION; whose only purpose can be the take over/ or the destruction of America itself. As reality proves: unlike universities, REAL LIFE DOES NOT survive in a fantasy world. It takes courage, and life needs the opportunities to succeed. Those are under attack by news and universities and politics, along with their helpers of policing and the rest. As the curse of hate, and the consequence of fools: driven by the university diploma make their attempt at a rebellion which puts them entirely in charge of life in this nation and across the world. Gee, I wonder if they released the biological weapon on their own/ after making it to play with: “we will get rich/ and be powerful/ and nobody will be more proud than us”! As is the constant disgrace of men.

Testing is pointless, and can only be used to further the insurrection against democracy itself; by giving power to those who hate you. As is proven by everything they do: to destroy the nation, the fabric of society, and its economy through their work”. OPEN YOUR EYES, AND WAKE UP. What is important, are the consequences which then prove what we should or should not do: and with 80% having little or no symptoms at all; testing is for fools, and merely drives the incessant thirst to get paid for nothing; as is so common among all university graduates.

Come august: with fair and accurate reporting to prove what is true: we find out what is real by the deaths/ and a clear resolution to sort through those deaths to establish: WHERE THE HEALTHY and young enough to survive would fall. While every disease will find a few, that are not resistant for some reason or other/ if these are not many: it is no threat of any kind. Because the old and weak, do have to die to make room for the young: IT IS that simple; even though it takes money from those who keep these people alive, “for the clear purpose of making money”. Boo hoo to you. LEARN/ LIVE/ FIGHT FOR YOUR WORLD/ AND UNDERSTAND WE WILL SOON BE EXTINCT AS A PLANET; if you don’t wake up. Because in the greater scheme of things being destroyed by universities: covid 19 ranks as barely a single tear.

Anybody who pulls their own head out of the universities ass: would know, that is true.

So, let’s look at reality: the universities have been educating people across this earth, on how to submit genetic biology to human intervention; particularly in the last twenty years or so since the adaption of CRISPR. Which allows “even the children to play god”. Now that millions are trained to mutilate and destroy nature itself, by injecting “anything” they want into the design and sanctity of nature itself. They have nothing to do, but experiment in laboratories. NOW since covid 19; all these people and more have a job to do: which is inject genetics that build every body of life on earth: WITH SOMETHING; doesn’t matter what, so long as nature isn’t respected. To prove they are now gods, and will take over life by mutilating genetics. OR MORE DISTINCTLY NOW, SINCE A DISEASE OPENED THE DOOR; AND FEAR IS PROPAGATED THROUGHOUT THE WORLD: NOW THEY GET TO DO ANYTHING THEY WANT/ AND MAKE A FORTUNE, BY DESTROYING WHAT KEEPS US ALIVE, BUILDS OUR BODY, AND IS LITERALLY LIFE ON EARTH! MEDIA is the method of making “anything true” so long as you have enough money, power, or pride. All hail the universities as god: do they not get trillions of dollars now/ claims of savior? Every vaccine is built this way: by introducing what is NOT as nature would choose. Every vaccine is propagated with the word “safe”/ even though it is just another “nazi-like human trial”. Every mutilation of nature: is a distance beyond what is safe, and will end as Armageddon: NATURE DIES, BECAUSE CHAOS WAS INJECTED/ and like AIDS or all the rest/ cannot be removed. So this entire world of life, is then extinct, as time ends for us all. Nature is an ascension beyond chaos, that allows for all atomic elements to live in peace, by creating harmony among the biological efforts of what can be done. The universities live to inject chaos/ have fought for fifty plus years to destroy nature deliberately: because then they believe they will learn how to put it back together by understanding what they did to make it fall apart. Rather like building a bridge; which has “a thousand intricate components” if you want to include everything. But alas biology has an infinite amount of components, and they have absolutely no clue/ other than as monkeys do, “to throw their shit at it” and wait for a reaction. One major mistake, and all life dies/ EVERY DAY, the multitudes of universities playing god, do their best to insure that horror is coming.

This is no game

as to the disease itself; covid. The claims of infection simply recognize the degree of pandemic fears as has been generated/ and the intent to provide evidence “no matter what” to prove what they want to prove. In reality however, as with all disease; there will be an infection rate, and it is deaths that decide just how grave this will be. People do get sick, infected, and so on: it is a part of life/ and if humanity had shut down all its work each time somebody got sick; we would not be alive. Killed by your own fears, for failing the future. NOT a pandemic, just a means of crucifying human society in order to take control: so the universities can become “the gods they want to be”. Just before their consequence and ours is: ARROGANCE, PRIDE, FEAR, FAILURES, AND POWER HAS MADE US ALL EXTINCT.

But hey: the universities are your god/ and you don’t need to do nothing to save nature itself, or the planet; because your backup plan is: TO BLAME THE REAL GOD , for not doing HIS job in your mind. Which is to stop you, from being you. To stop you from doing what you do. And to make you with force; do what has to be done: or its all HIS fault. Now ain’t that right!

As to universities itself, the reality is like all trade groups, that then become organized crime: if enough money can be found/ they will create a job (one way or the other) for themselves to do. But of course the rest must pay. The only real difference is a step beyond unionized (all speak alike)/ the cult worship that is consistent with religion works to define, an idolized worship of university that will prove: HELL NO; NOBODY QUESTIONS OUR god/ our leaders. They cannot be wrong, they are god/ they got a book: BELIEVE, ONLY BELIEVE, AND BOW DOWN to worship, or we beat you into the ground. One way or the other. A society so overrun with idolatry of “university is god” as is America: cannot rise to think for itself/ their brain is dead, media sold it “for a few pennies more”. To your shame.

or, more simply: just because media, or the university expert declares it is safe; has little to do with anything. And these “are just a grain of sand on the beach”.

Even so: nothing quite adds up to the cost of where humanity has made its commitment to demanding: “the same fire as is on the sun shall be ignited”. By building a machine, which will allow a massive amount of fuel to be injected into the plasma they create: so as to insure “ATOMS WILL BURN”. As is the fuel source of the sun. but don’t worry: they assure us all,

that “there isn’t enough gravity here on earth to sustain the ten million degree fire, which burns atoms” SO IT WILL JUST EXTINGUISH ITSELF!

No problem, unless of course/ that doesn’t turn out to be true! Which translated means: our planet becomes a sun.

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