The curse of money, is a constant in human existence. It lets the powerful be powerful; the proud believe they are more important/superior; and it leads others into slavery and disgrace. While some benefits exist for excess money, they are few.

Money is: a tool used by society to define who has the right to lead/ who will be forced to follow/ and who gets to control the resources, thereby controlling others. Money is not in and of itself wrong or bad. Neither is realistic wealth, as the value of work and making decisions that benefit society itself; sustains us all. The curse of money is when too few/ control too much: and the reality of men is, they always want more, and they form armies to get more, and armies have generals who take advantage of fear both against society, and its soldiers. They then have their way, without regard for the rest; and as history proves: that happens nearly every single time. Liars/ traitors/ thieves/ terrorists/ prejudice/ apathy for all other things/ and more, all come out of the greed for money. To prove “superiority, and demand LOOK or LISTEN to me”. Unless of course it goes wrong: which then becomes, look at them; “its all their fault; etc”.

Reality then attests to the fact, that we do need a more literal method of keeping the peace: than what money is today. To achieve that goal, money must be changed to become limited above the level society decides “is enough for anyone”/ you have your share; now get out of the way, so we can get ours. Which is limited capitalism: by vote we decide how money will be controlled in this society/ by capitalism we will demand; it is your job, to collect your money/ not ours to give it to you. We owe each citizen: an opportunity equal to our own; a fair and deliberate chance to be equal in life, work, and money. To achieve that: limits are created to control the wealthy/ and limits are set into place to protect the poor/ and the vast majority will all know where they fit in (same) the “grand scheme of what money can be allowed to do; now belongs to us all”. This limits and controls all but the worst of greed and selfishness; as comes from the demand for power; one way or the other. Those however then “highlight” themselves, and they will be picked out for the decision of society to make. To further impose a greater sense of equality: money can be divided into two platforms. The first part of your paycheck up to the bottom limits; is for “food money”; making what the rich can eat; even the very richest, largely equal in “the grocery store” with the poor. Because once you use this money you don’t buy food anymore. The rest of the money supply “normal”. The currency supply must then be tightly controlled, and the opportunity for government employees to create a debt, or demand a tax: removed to public vote, rather than a vote for someone to vote for me.

Elementally: society itself NEEDS ONLY a very few laws (applied to all equally) to establish what is, or is not allowed in this society to do. We need very few rules (applied to individuals, to prove power over you). Which means WE THE PEOPLE CAN easily define what they laws and the rules we are too allow shall be by our own vote. The curse of power will try desperately to discard and deny this opportunity of democracy; but will fail. Take control over the writing of a law; and when it achieves the level of not less than seventy percent: it is, then the law of this land. But will come back for review and potential change every ten years: until ninety percent by vote acceptance, with the words and proven realities: does arise, as valued by us. Then once every twenty five or so. Rules shall not be accepted unless 75% agree, and it will return for review at every second round of voting in general election: yes or no, this needs to be changed. In the third general election that change will be voted upon.

We now own three basic foundations of society: we will control the currency, and debts for ourselves/ we will limit and control the money and property claim of individuals by our vote/ we will decide the law and the rules of this society; by ourselves as we the people. BECAUSE ONCE THOSE THINGS ARE ADEQUATELY DONE; they can and will remain true, throughout time; with only the slightest need for adjustment. Which leaves government; as a military force.

Reality proves: those without protection will be overrun, by those who want more. As a consequence the military exists, as does policing; and even weapons of mass destruction. By establishing true world law as determined by all the people of this world: which then controls the leaders/ rather than the nations. We can establish policing over those leaders; and bring them into world court. For public review: demanding what their own nation demands/ or what this world demands of their nation. That law will be simple, and include what the planet and its life needs to sustain a future. Penalties shall be decided with the laws we the people shall create for the life we inherit as our future. NO MORE individuals decide/ we decide. The policing shall be from all nations/ their primary platform of operations shall be aircraft carriers; with the logistics required for operations shall be spread around the world; thereby controlling them, just as they control us. You will pick only the best of humanity, to be these soldiers of the world. All weapons of mass destruction shall be removed safely. And the world, shall breathe again. Every soldier/ police, and every citizen shall get a bill of rights; that will not be dismissed by leadership. It will be spelled out in clear and certain terms: what you portion/ your responsibility, of keeping the peace shall be. No more mobs, no more abuse, no more authorities/ or citizens; without responsibility for their own actions.

That is the fourth foundation of society: and you need another, because without resources; regardless of the cause: there is no future. So as humanity involved, you will investigate/ examine/ identify the cost of being wrong/ and deliberately choose for the future you will be allowed to inherit, or pass to your children: because you did or did not do, what life and planet and a future; needed you to do. NO GAMBLING WITH LIFE OR EARTH. You can piss your money away with gambling if you want: BUT NOT LIFE OR EARTH. The fifth foundation.

There is a long list of more; but pride is a terrible thing/ and all you have or want is pride, sitting on the beast that is all you did do as humanity: to destroy the value of life and planet. BEGIN with RESPECT: OR DIE. Find your brain.

The constant plague of human is: “WE WANT PRETTY, PRETTY, PRETTY; TROPHIES, TOYS, AND TRINKETS; AND THINGS OTHER PEOPLE WANT”; as is pride. To prove we are superior “look at me, listen to me/ we want to live “like gods”. But if you don’t keep the foundations working; which are the basis of what keeps your life, and your world alive; with some degree of peace and happiness. Then: “your whole world/ your future,” falls apart, and enemies come quickly. Pride is like belief: we just want, what we want/ and nothing else, for free. That is of course the Christian religious promise: “all you got to do is say JESUS a few times, and give money to the church” and presto, nothing else matters, “you get an eternity of anything and everything you could possibly want”; cause its all free. WHO could ask for more? As is pride rules here.

The constant curse of humanity is: I WANT MORE! It is a never-ending tragedy of disgrace, that has existed from the very beginning/ and it will not go away. So we must consider: what can we do/ when any form of power or pride demands, they can and will get more from the rest; to prove they win/ you lose?

Limiting money, and asset control; controlling currency and debts: “so all get their chance”; does the most to control greed and selfishness. Making our own laws so the power is ours/ not theirs, contributes mightily to peace and harmony. Controlling resources, so they are responsibly dealt with: to achieve a future is mandatory/ but will be hard to enforce, as the world shouts MORE/ DAMN YOU, MORE! Limiting the military will incinerate power, and give we the people room to be free/ but this earth is not free anymore: and that means trouble. Religion will mean trouble as well, as people shout I believe; when all the evidence of our reality proves: society must choose differently than what you want. Pride is a constant, and will grow wherever the seed is not eradicated.

So, to get a grip on the future of life, and human society means: to accept, the herd of human animals itself, must be dismantled. Because a herd does not accept, nor does it know more than want. Truth must lead, not want: by the evidence/ not your theory, religion, whatever reality does not prove. That does not remove religion: you can believe anything you want/ even the sewage of evolution; its your life/ its your eternity, forever. But truth (as best we can) must lead; not want.

Removing want is the means to recognize “I/we are human: not just feeding, fighting, or rutting animals”. To remove want: you must replace that with the values and intensity of life, love, and the blessing called peace. To do that, hate must be separated from the rest. Because hate pursues violence, and all things which cause disharmony to occur. Hate is distinguishable by: the only thing that can fix this is your death/ your fear/ or your punishment as I judge you worthless. Consequently, these elements are recognized; and the quest to understand anger (it can be fixed) is removed. Separating means separating: which leads to removal from this society; go make your own. As that is accomplished: human relationships will flourish and bloom.

The tools of real government MUST be recognized and implemented.

  1. There is NO such thing as government/ except for the contractual guidelines of a constitution, and the laws which implement that authority to use these rules to achieve our benefit as a society by we the people. People are NOT government; they are individual employees, who have promised to do their best to meet our contractual needs by law. A job is just a job/ unless it turns into a crime against society! They have NO POWER in or among themselves: because all power arises from constitutional realities, or the law given to be our interpretation of the society we have chosen for ourselves. BY INDIVIDUAL VOTE. NOT, by a vote for someone else to vote for me. My vote on the law itself, IS MY DEMOCRACY from those who would steal my rights, hopes, or future.
  2. Even so, realities of time and society require people to do the work of enforcing our laws. Which brings us to the three primary elements of failure.
    1. Tax collection is to be dismantled in its entirety; and every location as is suitable to the public; shall provide bids to be taken for the work; and renewed with every general election. The tax forms (run through this maze, “like rats”) and tax laws shall be removed: to sustain a fair tax that everyone understands/ and no one can manipulate to their advantage. NO MORE taxing anything you can. Tax shall be a percentage of income/ and it ends there: so that every citizen knows exactly how much “these individuals” have declared for themselves; that they deserve. NO MORE, “let the children pay”!
    2. The courtrooms have been degraded to vomit and failure; and MUST be repaired with a clear choice that is to judge the judge, in his or her actions or reactions in our courtroom; are proven true. Therefore protecting ourselves as a society involved. The curse of the court is proven: power rules, not democracy or justice/ and that must end. The jury exists, and its only true job is: they shall decide for justice was true/ they shall not be imprisoned by the judge; or his/ her, rules or innuendo: but they will perform the singular task of deciding IF THIS WAS, fair play for all. Thereby judging the judge, lawyers, and more: BY REMOVING a judgment that was not fair, or causing trial to return once more. Let the judge decide the law/ let the jury decide justice, AS IS ITS PURPOSE.
    3. America has become a society for liars/ cheaters/ thieves/ failures/ fools and their fantasies/ traitors/ terrorists/ whores (money is everything)/ counterfeiters/ and all that has no value. Including no more selling “trash”. A curse upon itself, and this world. A reality to be changed, and a fate to be altered or you die.
  3. an education is about preparing for life and living and society as a world; NONE of that is accomplished in America. As all preparation is for mimicking the college professor, and being indoctrinated into the religion of “BELIEVE ONLY WHAT YOU ARE TOLD”; as is the mainstay of every religion. “we have a book/ the book is god/ never question the book”. All theories shall be removed. Foundations for life itself shall be found. Elements that form a happy and peaceful society will be built. Debts shall be removed, and colleges shall be allowed only to collect a percentage of income from a student whom they helped to achieve a job that is consistent with what they taught.
  4. Healthcare is dependent upon three distinct things: HOW many people are able to accomplish this task (educate more, correctly)/ HOW many resources will be used for this individual life (reality decides, not want)/ WHAT we the people are willing to pay, for each individual life (there are limits). In each case: the curse of media shall be removed (the doctor is not god; its just another job, that does not deserve the debts, or other realities; being charged to get that job). The violation of the courtroom lawsuit, shall be reformed to establish justice; instead of theft. Reality will rule/ not want! Organized crime shall be taken out of healthcare/ and extortion shall end. AND MUCH MORE.
  5. Social security is everyone’s pension plan, and there will be NO OTHER. It shall be a percentage of GDP and no other. Medicare and the rest shall be dissolved; and it will be divided & distributed to the people who get to receive it; through their own “county organization”. With the restrictions required to insure equality shall rule.
  6. The curse of society itself, is media, and in particular news. The constant of university is: we are here, primarily to manipulate (don’t let them think)/ tempt (get them in debt)/ direct (make them believe)/ control (teach them worthless things such as evolution)/ distract (make them fear)/ deceive (teach them to think, “university cannot be questioned”)/ and populate society with all the propaganda (listen only to us) that universities or its version of; pride and power through the rebellion (tear it down) against democracy (we are superior/ we are better/ we are “king or queen”; to hell with the constitution); as universities can direct media to do (stay in line or be “blackballed”), cheat (lie and produce false experts), steal (never let it be known, what those in power did), or terrorize (demand the universities are god; and never let them be questioned) the citizens to keep them as a cult (believe just believe). Little is more bigoted (we are the mob, the only ones with power)/ prejudicial (we are the value, the only ones with rights)/ failure (nothing exists, but what we want)/ or fantasy (the evidence does not matter/ not even the reality of being wrong; “gods”) than a university or its primary means of attack (ridicule the rest) and control (insure the money decides); as is the news. CHANGE ALL OF IT; and let only the evidence be presented, as news. With clear and certain definitions that create both sides of any decision; and in particular the costs of being wrong. No beliefs/ no experts/ no theories/ no cost of being right, unless it fully and clearly defines the cost of being wrong. As is mutilating all of nature will become our extinction/ gambling with nuclear fire, will become a greater terror than can be imagined.
  7. There is literally only one real response to the realities that we face as a world. From this point forward: ONLY WHAT IS TRUE CAN OR WILL DECIDE (as best we can)/ by the removal of all want, theory, beliefs, etcetera. Reality proves by the evidence/ therefore the evidence must be gathered to describe and determine what is the truth of our situation as a world. The evidence is already here: that demands, you SHALL NOT make any decisions, or go forward with any delusions, that are not deliberately “trying to sustain life on earth, for another thousand years”. Anything less is failure, to life and world; and you will pay.

    or more simply: universities have given themselves the right to do anything genetically they want too/ because now with covid 19; nobody can question them or their ethics or their consequences. Even though NATURE IS THE VALUE OF LIFE AND BODY/ WHEREAS humanity has proven to be the war and destruction of life. So the real question is: WHO DO YOU DESIRE TO SHAPE THE FUTURE? A university, or the nature which gave you every miracle on this planet?

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