It is, “the passion of moments” that give us time, as life. Time itself has no passion to exist, it simply is/ only life can accomplish that. So, then why is passion fleeting, or hard to accept as your version of living? The answer is of course: YOU. As you are the “answer/ question/ search/ time alive/ love/ respect/ and so on”. More distinctly, “the expansion of your universe (the experience and expression of who you are)” is governed by your desire/ by your own hope; for a treasury that is worth remaining alive for. Treasury means: I have become a participant in what has value to me. Rather than what has value to “the rest of the herd”/ as is the trophy of want (I want, because you want/ I attain because I win, or you lose; as is the game we play).

We then learn, that humanity is inundated by the games they play; so that the child in them never has to grow up, or take responsibility for what they have done. The game cannot convict them; because it is, just a game. Humanity wants “everyone to play”; to prove the game is life.

Unfortunately you are responsible for your decisions, game or not. The end result is: that a game does not defend you against the realities of truth/ and as such there are no winners or losers beyond the game: but only truth. Truth does not care! It simply is, what it is! That does identify pride, as a primary enemy, to your own life; and its existence to whatever degree pride controls you, is a threat to all other living things; as pride is the evidence of how much you desire the game, and its trophies.

People will shout: THAT SHOWS MY PASSION/ this is life to me! Pride is the badge of participation: the proof, that you accept life is a game, and the game is your life. Reality then understands: because life is a game, there are winners and losers/ and for those who win, the desire to “play god” will arise. For those who lose, the desire for hate, as is proven by both violence and revenge, will arise. But unfortunately for you; it also reveals both versions of you, as an enemy to life and living; and will fail, in the spiritual transition that is death. Leaving only truth, which is never a game. A participant in that truth is: pride is your own worst enemy, as it is the single most influential version, of your life as time. IT IS incredibly hard to evict pride/ and requires acceptance of the reality: all people may in fact judge you without mercy or understanding. Because pride is also a gate/ and if you remove pride: the herd will evict you. They want, what they want; and they don’t want those who are not the same.

We then turn back, to passions and how they affect your own version of living: asking, HOW does life choose its destiny/ instead of simply falling into its fate? The first clue is: that want is an abyss, because it is a “never ending” game of trophies; and you must play, or you lose; because nearly all trophies today, will simply be “junk, tomorrow”.

DESTINY is the decision to search beyond the simple elements of existence; to conceive of and attain the journey beyond self, into what passion truly is. Passion thereby comes into view, as the value you accept is true living to you. We then must understand: WHAT does truth and living and you; all come to mean, in the “open space”: that exists between the value of your heart, and the truth of your soul?

When we reduce all things to an atomic state of existence: space takes over the vast elevation of life beyond time/ because unless you are organized as a rock, space takes on an entirely different meaning. Time shapes deterioration and measures movement. LIFE shapes the expression of living, as the value of each journey beyond self. So the question is: IF the journey is beyond self/ THEN how does the essence of what is self, participate in that experience or expression of what is called “living”?

We must first identify self: by the participation of a decision. We cannot conceive of a decision, or its development as does control the shape of self; without thought. Therefore thought does come first. Without thought, life does not exist. As the ability to conceive of thought rises into the development of life, as a living within which we participate: our universe does change, and we grow the elements of our destiny.

The question of thought itself; lends the opportunity to terrorize the rest/ and as the universities of men have proven true: this earth holds a “few hundred million” terrorists; all wanting to prove they can play god, be gods, and take over control of this world “cause they got pride”. We will not be discussing that; even though your ability to propagate control over anything but “rough violence” is minimal. At the moment, the consequence of that is: this discussion ends here/ unless I change my mind.

Let us change course; to the more deliberate elements of living. Which begin with the understanding: to destroy pride from your life/ is to remove yourself from the herd, and that will be proven by the herd wants to remove you from itself. Therefore the gate exists; and if you look back, there will be no true place for you anymore; you are cast out/ unless used and abused.

YOUR CHOICE WAS: to turn away from the herd as is consistent with animals and their wants/ to assemble the critical confrontation that is: WHAT WILL LIFE ITSELF, mean to me? That elemental division between time and eternity, is fundamental to the ascension into a destiny, as created by you. NOT built by you; but intricate to the desires of your own heart. Therefore purpose arises as your own participation in the building of an eternity. Eternity means: without the measurements of deterioration. Therefore only the purity of truth, can participate without producing an ending: as is your truth, has died/ bringing your life to its close.

We then begin “with a heartbeat”! The critical essence of a choice to investigate and determine what does life mean to me? Or more distinctly in this realm of intensity: what pushes out/ will then be pulled back inside, to construct the value you personally do assign. NO life is measured/ but every life is defined by its own truth, and that truth elementally forms a purity that either assists with desire and its foundation in happiness/ or not for you. NO life is judged/ but every life is determined by the value of your assistance to “these rest” who live with us as one. Thereby every life seeks “its own kind”; because happiness is not the very same for each one. The distance we seek to separate ourselves from those who do not make our own lives happy; “forms the universe” of our own design.

The purity of truth, defines our soul! Soul means: an opportunity, to share GOD’S WORLD ! Therefore, it is based upon your decision, to be “the best for life and universe” that you can become. That is not a decision, it forms out of the purity you earned in truth accepted, as the foundation upon which you live/ as is the realities of every life, and every thing that does survive.

Passion exerts the influence by our own design, upon the world of others; that are then affected by the choices we have made/ and they us, by their own participation in our lives. That means: to be passionate is to accept, we must participate; even where reality is less than we desire it to be. The critical comprehension is: that without life to participate with/ “there are only rocks and space”. As a consequence to that, life itself and the living as are valued; become very important to existence, and even eternity itself. The value in living is life, and life is the value we share as the living. As is evidenced by all forms of life in their living: we must be “happy, with our place in this world” to properly produce what we are able to share.

Therefore the next elevation of life and living is to both recognize and achieve what can make us happy: as all of humanity will attest too/ as they play their games, to see who gets to have the most/ proving “I win= you lose”. So the critical question is: WHAT HONESTLY does make you happy? But we cannot conceive of that unless we can define happiness itself.

There are five values in happiness; each of which is a transition between what exists, and who am I. #1: to survive is not enough, I must survive within the values (as I see them) that make me desire life itself. These are all elements of time. #2: truth is the only value that can create its own boundaries, and thereby becomes an environment. That means you must live within your own truths, and where those truths live, identify your happiness or compliance with chaos. #3: rising above chaos is elemental to the construction of anything; and that includes yourself, your family, and more. To achieve balance, through discipline and order, requires you to accept only truth can decide what real happiness or value is. #4: the development of love, occurs within friendship, and is identified by the presence of respect. Without respect there is no love, and all friendship is limited to its own reality. Love is: the elemental rise, of a shared life, because we chose to care for/ rather than to judge, each other. #5: to ascend beyond time, is to give desire the essence of hope, and trust the environmental relationship between us, as is called “our truth”. Where truth is consistent with courage, the rise into joy begins.

Understanding self, then begins with: “if I were joy”/ then I would and could live here! Less than joy, can be measured; and is therefrom not consistent with eternity. JOY is: “a relationship with Creation, as it was meant to be”. That fact identifies a path, to the beginning of an eternity.

Here we must complete the task of constructing what we can know: by recognizing throughout history, the only proof we have of “eternity”; is in fact JESUS as written of in the bible. NOT by religious comprehension/ but by its essence of evidence, as has been verified sufficiently: to conceive of his life, his values, and his ways. These are elementally taught, far better than I can: by the bible itself. Again NOT as a religious (just believe) statement. But as the critical thinking applied, when it is life you choose to gain from living/ rather than just time.

The path most prevalent in JESUS ways; search for GOD/ rather than time.

The elevation of that purpose, is to find in love, the compassion and participation of miracles; that are elementally, a vision of what our future could become; if in fact we were eternal. Therefore the question is: does time/ or does eternity hold more value to you? They need not be separated, until we realize: it is this reality of choice/ that made the pride of men, cause HIS death. It is no different today, as pride has not changed; and the realities of proving life is not a game: causes pride to fear itself. Humanity hates that, and proves “if we just kill him/ we never need to be confronted with anything we don’t like again.” Which includes how religion was born: “we will make this our own”/ keeping only what we want; rather than what is proven true.

Nonetheless, LIFE rather than time: is not a game. Instead of going with the herd after all that it wants. You must choose to journey into the realm of disciplines, that find order within the miracles: to balance living with both life and environment itself; to create a home. The herd never creates a home; even though it chooses environmental wants. A home is the distance we cherish as one life becoming family with all life. Participation is not limited to “just me or mine”; but to “our world shared”. There again, as we learn so well on this earth: you cannot include everyone/ because everyone will not share or care, and in fact choose hate; instead of the elemental rise that comes from love. Reality does not care about why: it only recognizes the truth “this is what you chose”. Therefore distances arise to separate the variables which make us “happy”/ from the realities which seek to take that happiness away.

we then ask: IF HUMANITY has a different passion, and the vast majority do/ then what is it, that makes them believe in realities that will never truly make them happy? Their answer is WANT/ PRIDE/ LUST/ AND THEN POWER. Want to make their lives easier, to give them an excuse for lies/ pride to prove they are the ones you must listen too, or seek out, as the trophy proves/ lust to establish the dominance of chemicals in their lives, “the winner, over you”/ and power to force the rest to do “what I say; be what I demand”. The critical composition of that is a herd: because without a herd, you have only life or self or love or GOD (all combined as a participant with you or not).

The herd provides: although I want what I want/ and don’t want nothing else. Sometimes that is not available to me, unless I take it/ when I can’t: The herd becomes my army too. When all (the majority) combine into a mob, in order to take what we all want to take: The herd then shouts, “I got some too: we win”, and they rejoice, even when standing on dead bodies who had no say. Followed by every lie that can be formed, demanding “we had a right/ or we had to do it/ or other”.

The critical composition of life is: we participate to honor the question, what is your truth? The critical composition of self is: we stand on the crossroads, with every decision that we make, and either honor will come/ or its disgrace. The critical composition of love is: every participant deserves respect, until they prove hate. That means no games can be played/ and truth alone decides what is fair. The critical composition of “participation with GOD “ is: although loved as HIS own Creation of nature on earth; the value we represent is distinguished only when our choice prove. We do recognize and respect HIS contribution of life, and all things earth and even universe is true. In that journey, towards the value of miracles: we shape ourselves into the disciplines, order, and balance that love deserves to inherit.

The herd does not know any of that, because it lives, “with few exceptions” following the ass, of another/ stepping in what that brings to the experience and expressions of living. Many fail, because they want more than they have: which translates into all forms of “if the army won’t join me in getting what I want/ then with deceit, plotting, planning, temptations, manipulations, and all the rest a lie can do”: I will take from the darkness what I need.

The human being alive: does participate as a value beyond the measurements of time/ the realities of body, or color, or size, or whatever it is that makes us different and unique. Life is not a trophy, and it cannot be sustained as a lie. Therefore to participate in life: there is only one path towards the destiny we shape, as our own truth. If that truth is bad/ then you are “bad”. If that truth is respect, love, dignity, and all that has value; then you are indeed proving to be “alive”; beyond the limits and boundaries of time. How that ends up for you, is determined by your own purity. NOT perfection, as there is none of that here. But the purity of purpose that you design into your own desires, the expressions of your own love, and the experiences that design your proven respect; for a world beyond self.

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