The blind leading the blind; is a constant with “university leadership in all ways and means”. As they never consider the reality, never consider the consequences outside their “one little thing”/ and never admit to being wrong, because then they can’t pretend to be gods; losing power, pride, and their own wants. The cost of covid 19 is: like all other diseases of which there are many; wanting it to go away will not work/ so they believe they can control it, even though in all probability they started it (intentional or not); and get paid trillions because of it. Human immunity causes disease to mutate generally into something less toxic, because of that immunity: some will die, as diversity decides. Universities as always are continually attacking diversity in all ways and things; to destroy it, into “now its all the same”; plants/ animals/ humans/ living/ working/ whatever (mix them all together, until uniform). So the critical curse is: a university diploma, and especially all its mutilations/ poisons/ tragedy of everything they do. The current intent to control is: take away all freedoms/ and punish anyone who does not do what they are told to do: discard and destroy all organizations/ remove the ability to organize or assemble/ attack any dissident who questions the authority/ and in general establish the tyranny of fools, who believe themselves to be gods (cause they are so smart and superior; we are the trash). Yet they fail, and they made this nation fail, and they will make this world fail, if they can: as university leadership destroys the foundations of life, world, reality, work, business, and more, with the endless fantasy truths don’t matter (we want what we want). To their shame!

The costs of removing society from its people/ denying their ability to earn a living/ discarding their right to retain housing, food, etc; with that business or industry employing them/ removing their children from education, romance, earning a living, socialization, EVERYTHING; ALONG WITH THEIR PARENTS. Is an insurgency against the nation itself. Because there is no pandemic, the numbers based in context: do not add up to a catastrophe; which is inherent in the word called pandemic. Which means these actions can only be called into treason against the USA. You took too much, you gave too little, you consumed democracy itself, you orchestrated an endless stream of money to yourselves, opened the door to the replacement of nearly all workers with “robots and the like”. Constructed a war against organizing against you and your ways as is an open rebellion against democracy itself. Claimed deaths, which in fact do not matter in the real world: as is all those over the age or ability of participation: as is the sick, weak, and old, etc. THEY DON’T matter, because they no longer keep this earth alive, or participate in some form of doing so; beyond spending money. We all die, its a fact; when you don’t literally contribute anymore; the critical truth is, “life is done with you”. Even if, nobody likes that fact, including me; and I am 67 years old: it still remains a fact, and in a tremendously over populated earth/ we all need to live with it, or die with it, as nature calls each one. LIFE NEEDS LIFE, TO CONTINUE ON; BECAUSE OTHERWISE WE DIE, from the failure to contribute to what life needs, can be met. Discarding that means: the future is nothing but war, as reality proves; it is better to die, trying to live; than just lay down and be sacrificed by another who now lives in hate. Because of what you did not do/ or chose to do, that we all know WON’T WORK for long.

There are a wide variety of diseases: NONE OF WHICH, even though they are more serious diseases; are attacked as has this disease been attacked. AIDS/ TUBERCULOSIS/ SEXUAL/ and many more. Double the death rate from vehicle accidents: and we get the same result: you willing to ban all vehicles? You willing to let “the leaders, claiming to be experts” LOCK YOU UP? With what amounts to be, “a different version of the flu”.

The reality of numbers will come in soon: describing who among the living members of society that are important to the future of humanity itself; are dying. The rest don’t matter; even if they do matter: because life will fall victim to the disaster of fools, believing in fantasies if we don’t accept; disease IS something we live with/ instead of burying yourselves in a grave (hide/ run away/ fear) you dug; “so you wouldn’t die”. HOW DAMN STUPID IS THAT!

Reality will prove: as is true with all disease. If this particular area is experiencing a high infection rate/ then realistic steps should be taken in that specific area: NOT THE WHOLE DAMN STATE or NATION. To achieve any real life effects with this plan however requires the complete disassembly of “university knows leadership”; as is EVERYTHING: is gathered together, and reduced in size and scope, so that only a tiny few can control it all. As is seen with: drive and just keep driving, so we can all go to the exact same places/ and be controlled by the tiniest few people possible. So they can play god; and we can beg/ pleads/ prostitute; and increasingly turn to drugs to escape into a hole, that will bury you in the ground; if you do not stop.

The greatest disgrace this world has ever seen: is a university diploma. To your shame. AS IS NOTHING or barely one percent of all the universities have done; benefited life, more than it consumed our chance to live in peace or harmony with this world. But then, the people who are so blind they can believe in evolution: could not be assembled in any other way, as even a monkey knows better than that. Your finger has more perfection of design, and value in it for life; than your whole human contribution to the living; as a university diploma.

Yes I do have a problem with people who believe they are gods, and pretend they are so damn smart; they know everything. But in fact have proven; what a tiny little bit of all their fantasies, were true: AND YET STILL, THREATEN TO MAKE THIS WORLD EXTINCT. By playing games.

IT IS common for any initial infectious disease; to take the weak, sickly, and frail first. Along with those unlucky few who lack the immunity needed. After that, the real impacts on life itself, and how we live occur. Or more simply: the initial period of infection in any location, IS NOT the important one.

Disease is like any other predator: it seeks to make the population more likely to survive, by trimming the excess; and thereby balancing the needs with the realities, as best it can. By using the most democratic method of all: whosoever lives/ lives, to keep the rest healthy.

OR MORE DISTINCTLY: entire nations cannot be economically disemboweled for a few old and sick people/ neither is it fair, for the young and healthy to lose their future, or discard their work, or be thrown into the streets to beg with their children; because a few people die out of 8 BILLION OF US on earth. Whether you like it or not! REALITY MATTERS “even if your university gods, or your media propaganda champagne , cannot comprehend fantasies DO have consequences”.

I PREDICT FOR YOU: that when reality surfaces, the cost of these consequences will be a different world. Either for life and planet/ OR EXTINCTION will rule, and not be turned back. Because you have been living on lies, blind to reality, and as selfish as a human world could be. Destroying the future for all life on earth, by the cost of letting universities play god. That would mean: you WILL learn to live without want, so that peace and harmony can result. You WILL learn and accept world law, rather than military’s rule. You WILL learn that resources are not for free, and your child deserves a life too; beyond the gates of your HELL; as chosen by you. You WILL learn: the universities are your enemy, more than friend; because they have been playing god. You WILL accept sharing is the only way we all survive/ and you will protect the rest of life on earth and sea, along with this planet: or we all will die. You WILL respect LIFE no greater value in truth, GOD OUR CREATOR, NATURE the builder of life, JESUS (because HE gave love its truth), and LOVE because it is the reason we desire life, and hope for time, or beyond. The list of change, is long; because your enemy made it so. While it is true that “parts and pieces” of universities have a value. It is not true, that they can play god; not now/ not ever again; or we all die. Because the evidence will prove EXTINCTION for our world, is in fact very near. WE GO BACK, TO WHAT TRUTH REVEALS: THIS CAN WORK FOR LIFE, and a FUTURE! Or you go forward into HELL, if you refuse.

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Jim Osterbur

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