There is an elegant truth to love, time shapes the destiny; because we choose to create the home we then share. Unlike a house, love lives. Unlike survival, time will not interfere in the realities of what “our love” can be. The value we then desire, is coupled to the purpose of each heart, built upon the foundation of miracles as is the evidence of GOD HIMSELF. Nothing else needs to matter, but truth. Without truth nothing survives; but with truth, entire destinies of life and living do arise; to share the existence of thought, and change the creation we did make; into definitions of life that will become our own.

The individual truth of every identity is: that we are, what we chose. While realities of time and living will shape the adventure that is our time on earth; only hate or love will decide the path we take. “while the animals” search for wants, and live for trophies: to be alive alters that identity into soul. Soul searches for life, by encountering creation itself. Not to contest, or contend, or beg/ plead/ sacrifice; or worship: but to understand, that existence itself, is neither simple or plain. Instead of the delusions of “a university monkey” spouting evolution. The reality of miracles could not be more clear: the level of thought and creation involved in all of this, is so far beyond ourselves; that there is no connection. UNLESS we are accepted, into that creation; by GOD HIMSELF. JESUS provided an insight, and became our guarantor (that we are not simply left behind); but only you can enter into that path toward the beginning of life. By understanding the grace and truth: “love did this”. Even if predator and prey exist; they exist to balance each other, and that exists to prove there is no predetermined judgment upon any single one. Each must live their own life, and each must endure their own mistakes, or realities, or purpose whether it is for good or bad.

In this particular day, the consequences of human behaviors are: that trillions of tons of poison exist in our environment/ endless pollution of everything/ resource destruction that cannot be sustained/ heat release that will cause our world to die/ oxygen consumption beyond what this world releases/ people trying to ignite atoms on fire/ genetic mutilation of everything/ a world filled with weapons of mass destruction/ complete economic destruction around the world; held at bay with endless lies that will now fail; and much more. Because people want what they want, and they don’t want to be told, they can’t have everything they want; including playing god with life and planet. The end result of it all is extinction: because that, is what humanity chose; both for all life, and itself.

You can argue about why; but the end result of leadership is “a university diploma” did this; as they hold all others out. You cannot argue about genetic chaos as is coming; as universities did this without assistance from the rest. You cannot argue about the curse of physics, threatening the very planet we live on. Etcetera. Religion offers: GOD will not let this planet or ourselves die/ we believe; as do the university worshipers as well (NO consequences for us). But alas, reality does disagree, with wars and more to prove it is not a valid argument; as these are the decisions people make.

People of course make their own decisions regarding the population explosion that will destroy us, because you did not stop. Healthcare is a cause; but humanity is the bigger cause.

There is Yellowstone super volcano; and it will erupt; if not relieved of its gas pressure/ which people refuse to do. Making it a human decision, not “ GOD “.

IN THE END RESULT OF EVERYTHING: comes the truth, that we do or did make the decisions that become our future as life on earth and in eternity; whatever that may be, for you or me.

So, the only real question of life and being human is: with threats of extinction, that can easily be proven true; without even trying. IS YOUR CHILD worth keeping alive? If he or she is worth the price/ your only choice becomes: “massive and immediate change” in order to keep this earth from extinction.

That is not a guess: investigate it in a courtroom open to all/ so that none can doubt, or excuse themselves with misinformation. Investigate and prove what is true; and what are the consequences for being wrong. Thereby determining the future by our own vote; as would be consistent with real democracy of the people.

And without saying it: everybody wants: HELL DON’T DO THAT. Because then we become responsible for what we did or did not do. But you are responsible anyway, because all this happened on “your watch”/ you chose the destruction, and you refused both reality and truth. Accepting the universities as your god/ not your Creator. You have no excuse. You have only this one last chance to change directions and fight for your world of life by nature’s rule/ fight for this earth by understanding 8 billion people have “changed the rules”; or let everything, including your own child die. Because you were too proud to admit: all of this was wrong. And that again points directly at the universities who lead/ but they cannot lead, unless the people follow, or just don’t care. That is you too.

You have your message: “change or die”. It is the truth, which means whatever you believe does not count for anything; as truth will decide for everything, and everyone. Whether you like it or not.





or more distinctly: is your fears worth losing your face to a mask/ all romance possibilities/ every organization/ most businesses/ civil war/ for a few numbers of people most of whom die: because they are old or sick? Is it worth losing your nation or your house or your future? Is it worth letting the universities play god, only to find out later: WE HAVE LITERALLY BEEN DESTROYED!

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Jim Osterbur

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