Consistent with need, the reality of what change can mean: comes to the forefront, of what we must all desire, as our lives and society and world of the future. Therefore we search in the distance of our minds, for what can we become; that is not here today.

Ultimately, without respect for life, world, and GOD; there is nothing but tragedy coming. Therefore respect MUST be dealt with as a primary decision, that cannot be removed or altered as time goes on. Respect means: YOU WILL give credit to the work that has been done, identifying the miracles that are true, of all the realities within which we have found our lives worth living. There is no such thing as “university knows much”/ they failed, because they chose to want what they wanted; rather than to think for life and world. IT IS TRUE: that before “a chicken or an egg, came to be, FIRST there was thought”. Because thought is the builder of life, by its translation and comprehension of truth. We, as life on earth: never try to “interpret or identify GOD “; because that is beyond our humanity; and respect demands it. Be grateful, be thankful, appreciate the love JESUS proved could be; and do your best to live a life that is “worth supporting, for an eternity”. Because that is what you ask.

In more mundane things, the elemental truth of being human: literally is about love or hate, as these are the foundations of every life beyond an animal. LOVE ASCENDS into the essence of thought and value as its own version of perfection; as best we can. While hate descends into the chaos these people chose; as their own decision to participate in destruction and death rather than love and life. An animal knows little more than want, because want is all an animal needs to survive. By wanting something, the values of life and living are reduced into the chasm; that focuses on just a tiny few little things to survive and win the game. To lose and seek revenge. Either way, it is as the universities say: “choose just one little thing, and let that be enough; to build your entire career upon”. LIFE IS NOT like that, and it must rise above the chasm of little things which only know what it takes to survive on earth. TO ACHIEVE an understanding of this entire Creation of miracles; so that an endless path to search for our beginning appears in you. As love reaches out; to bring you near. As thought refines the decision of your heart, to become an identity alive, in the value of Creation itself; as is evidence of soul.

As to living here on earth: we all do know how to share. We all do know how to investigate our reality, and determine a direction that will have value; instead of just living “for now”. We all know, that if you never put anything back/ then the day will come when you reach for a resource that no longer exists. We all know, that work is the essence of life in time; because it builds a future/ and without it, you dig a grave.

We can easily change the power of this world, with limited capitalism: we agree by our vote/ this is the limit, for any person to hold power over us or our world. We agree by our vote: that in order for all to attain the value of their living, sharing the reward is necessary. The consequence of that is limited capitalism shall be used to determine: a boundary line, for property ownership and other.

We can easily change this world, by removing weapons of mass destruction with world law, and world policing (a force of all nations): that THEN governs our leaders: by bringing them into court, before the world. To seek justice by our laws, as we the people; governing you. Simple laws, that identify what we will protect, and what our freedoms mean, and what the liberty of our vote as one world: shall entitle ourselves, and the rest to do or be; or enforce what we shall not do. Because aside from this time on earth; we must hope for, and assume life must go on for another thousand years, or more. That would be impossible, unless true change is made.

It is elementally true, and cannot be refused: that love and hate do not belong together/ as they are truly separate realities of time on earth. Therefore they shall be separated physically; so that those who “want what they want: to HELL with the rest”/ can be divided from those who know life is worth more than just want. Determine the space needed, and identify the solution; so that life can go on. Love will survive. But hate will seek war, because without love it cannot survive: they will kill each other. But first they will try to divide and conquer you. Keep it in mind, and keep them separate as best you can; removing those things which allow a threat to mount. Remove the worst of the worst first; and lock them in their own little world, to fend for themselves.

It is elementally true and without doubt: that human population control MUST be achieved/ and all methods necessary to accomplish that goal shall occur. But it is women who lead that fight; as it is primarily their bodies which bring forth life. Sterilizing men will NOT work; because just one man can fertilize “an enormous amount of women”. Which literally proves, there is NO ANSWER there. Simple but absolutely true; women create children/ therefore women are in charge of that truth of life or death for our world. If they fail/ they fail themselves, and their children; just as men have already failed life on earth/ by the threats which surround us, created during their time to be in charge. Nobody immigrates unless the nation in question has complied and proven that to be so. We the world can enforce it.

EVERYTHING MUST BE BALANCED WITH REALITY; you cannot do, what you cannot do; but if your choice is to build a future where you can return to what is best for life and earth. Time will be allotted for that to happen. If you fail, all life on this world will fail with you. People will shout and scream: THEY DON’T WANT TOO. But reality will prove, as a world, we have no real choice/ and you must; just as we must: for life to survive. An example of that is: agriculture is addicted to chemicals and more. But the first examples of dirt that will not grow anything; including “weeds”; has begun to appear. The leeching of pollutants into the aquifers, has been increasing due to chemical concentrations as “sixty years” now goes by, and realities of what you can continue to do/ and what you cannot continue to do; begin to surface as a warning of what is coming. The constructive balance in that change is: to continue farming, because we cannot simply change everything. But to “bid out” various areas of ground; to those who will weed it, instead of chemicals; balancing what can be done, with what must be saved. Giving nature, life, planet, and your own living; back to the essence of love/ and the reality of working as neighbors and friends. Those who weed successfully, gain the right: to become farmers (set into business by society) as time passes by. YOU NEED a cultivator, and the time; at a minimum for row crops/ OR, you will start with five acres of less: so that YOU KNOW, what is needed; society will help. UNLIKE the past: in this world of far too many people, with NOT NEARLY enough resources to continue as you are. There is no reality left that makes it possible for individuals to take everything they want, regardless of the rest. That means with limited capitalism, and the opportunity to know where we stand in the “equality of things”; those who put in their time successfully, gain their fair share, because of the work they did do. You WILL, work it out/ because you can, and you must.

Reality must save this earth; even if you don’t want to work that hard; It is not a choice, it is true. Love is better than want. If you choose for love and respect, you will build a better world; than history has ever seen. That is your choice/ but it will not be accomplished unless: men and women learn to respect each other, and choose for life, rather than sex and manipulation.

And the people all say: I WANT WHAT I WANT/ AND I WILL CONTINUE TO WANT WHAT I WANT/ AND I DON’T WANT TO SHARE NOTHING, with those other people; BECAUSE I WANT IT ALL. But alas, reality replies: without the deliberate destruction of resources beyond all possibility of survival as a planet or life on earth/ there is only one way forward, to conserve what is here, and participate by sharing with a purpose that allows for we all care for each other, life, and planet. To further illustrate that fact: population and efficiencies of machines now predict that a level of at least 50% unemployment will easily exist soon. As resources deplete, people will be discarded and pushed aside; even much more than today; including murder. Chaos will erupt/ mayhem will take control: war and cannibalism is all that will be left. And even if you hide in the most remote places on earth; somebody will find you; and they have needs and wants too. Add in all the tragedies you have collected and saved for the collapse of human society on earth/ the extinction of everything; and as the saying goes “you don’t have a prayer”. Unless you accept, the limits and boundaries of what can be done; by understanding how life can be changed. To be happy without wants beyond truth/ nor money beyond what is fair. Happiness is about friendship, romance, love, trust, truth, hope, discipline, order, peace, harmony, joy, and a future with the promise of living. To attain that, you must share, and accept caring for each other and life and planet; as a distinct part of your lives. Sharing the work presents more time; sharing participation in the value of things we can have and do for each other presents the possibility of friendship and values beyond self. Etcetera. You can easily find your own solutions; if you quit wanting selfishness, and accept life itself, is better than want. That is your beginning. If not/ then you will eat your children/ or they will eat you.

It is elementally true and without doubt: that nature is better than men in all things of life and survival. Therefore it is nature that leads the way, and it is men and women who will remember to respect the truth: WITHOUT NATURE YOU ARE DEAD. Keeping in mind the sanctity of nature, and protecting the reality of this earth, and all its needs. You will choose for life; and that includes what you do not wish to do: as is people will be allowed to die when nature calls. Dead bodies will be crushed and prepared for “sea creature food”; because you have nothing else to spare. You will clean up what you have done/ and you will return to what you know by the evidence is sustainable and survivable and without exception: you will do the work/ instead of being lazy, blind, and foolish. The water/ the livestock/ plants/ everything, even the oxygen in the air/ the rotation of this earth and its ability to create wind storms; EVERYTHING, is under attack because of men and their universities. Because the greed of want/ and the selfishness of pride picked your brain out; and fed it to the squirrels or other. YOUR CHOICE has been to remove all possibility of a future, and kill every living thing on earth: just to get what you wanted, the easy way/ or by playing games/ or by playing god. To avoid reality itself with lies! The cost of being wrong, about eternity: IS VERY HIGH. Which means never has there been a more foolish or blind generation than you!

The list is long, but you already know it; or will understand it for yourselves; so it is pointless at this time in the history of earth. The probability of your survival is extremely small; but we will leave room for hope. Until the point of no return has pasted; after that all hope is gone/ and mercy will exist no more.

DO NOT BELIEVE: GO TO COURT AND INVESTIGATE FOR YOURSELVES WHAT IS TRUE, AND WHAT IS THE COST OF BEING WRONG, AND WHAT HAPPENS TO THE FUTURE BY THE EVIDENCE IF YOU FAIL. Do the best you can, so that no one can deny the finding of your courtroom trial. To prove what is necessary for life/ or to prove the reality of death, as the choice you made for yourselves. Simple as that, because you aren’t children anymore. You are LIFE OR DEATH, for this world; and all its potential for a future. It is not a choice you can avoid/ no fantasy will save you: CHOOSE LIFE OR YOU WILL GAIN DEATH, by every horror imaginable; because believe it or not, that is what your universities have chosen for you; as their chosen chaos on earth. AND YOU FOLLOWED, worshiping them as god. It is only fitting, their fate should be your own.


as for me, I did do my job.


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