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The difference between “universities and I”, is as simple as the difference between religion and knowledge. Religion like universities, feel a need to fill in the blanks with whatever fantasy they can agree on is possible. Then declaring themselves “they’re gods’, chosen children (we know it all, or will get it all because we are so smart)”.       I don’t know it all, and I never will in any lifetime that could be constructed on earth. However when confronted with the values of life and living, then each journey becomes a reality conceived by, “life or death”; because life and living cannot be fully  known, and will not be measured by the limits of time. What will be found as the elevation of knowledge, is “not me”/ but consists entirely within the definitions of truth, by law. In contrast: Fantasies die, only truth survives; and unlike the wants of belief, reality has no conception of mercy. Only thought, can do that! The unfortunate curse of both religion and university is: as governed by men, “they want what they want”; reality, nor the value of life and planet, does not matter for much. They want what they want.

The grace and truth of biological life is: that we are built, of very tiny parts and pieces that come together to form the complexity of a life embodied with thought; which can then attain its own value by the decisions and direction, that life will accept, in the destiny of its own freedoms. None of that is by accident, and all of it is the construction of thought; as it assembles the base realities of energy, into the compositions that can be identified with truth. Truth survives; because it is elementally the foundation of what laws can do. Life survives beyond time, only as the existence of its own truth, within the elemental constructions of what energy can achieve. So the question is: can we inhabit energy? The answer is: just as death proves, “the body itself is not life”/ life must then prove, that it is energy as a participation in thought; that gives us the freedoms to choose, and assemble ourselves into direction. As is the constant of energy: the realities of either push or pull/ action or reaction, identify choice. All the rest is “a middle ground” of escaping debris. So the question is: when only one true direction exists, for any distinct identifiable truth; then where does that truth go? The answer as produced by the cost of being human is: either to love/ or to hate; because what is in-between will be cast aside, as unable to survive. The question of destiny or fate is: fate established by chaos, will be destruction. Destiny established by value proven true: is then as this world of miracles will prove, an intensity beyond our own imagination/ as we the entire human race, cannot compare with all that life and earth have already taught us, does exist. Because thought came first. Search for your soul, by letting your heart go free, in the journey beyond self: where life is truth.

If you stop wanting/ you will stop being depressed, and you will stop lying as well. If you stop measuring/ you will stop judging, and then hate will go away. If you let miracles be the evidence of life itself; the opportunity to love will appear. If you stop believing what you believe; to let only truth decide by the evidence: this world won’t, be such a simple place, and fantasies will stop. All this, when truth rules your life; and more if it ruled the world. There is then,  within truth itself; “even a place, for life beyond self”.

Contrary to expectations, the eternal quest is not for love, but for hope: the value of living beyond self: Where destiny searches for life. Life means: the disciplines, the order, and the balance of laws created by an eternal energy source, are more than simply freedom; these construct the decision that lifts the source of thought into hope. Hope then lives as the essence of love, but confronts us with the decision to live, because the value of what exists is far greater than to be, what does not exist. Hope is then a judgment, but it is not a measurement of time. Instead hope seeks eternity as its source of discovery, and asks: what can I be/ what can we become, to establish all that love can experience, or express. It is, a very delicate dance, because at the very edge of energy, where eternity takes place; the value of what can be, is confronted by the realities of what cannot be sustained. While humanity believes predator and prey are “too violent”. The foundation of where balance divides those who can, from those who cannot; is truth. Truth is not merciful, it is simply truth. GOD alone is merciful, and it is our duty “to mimic” HIS ways. Even so, energy (the core expression of existence) has no friend or enemy: it is simply, what it is. The quest, to be prepared for that is entirely your own. You cannot buy it, or any other method of circumventing reality: truth will decide.

And this world of humanity, then says to me: “I want, to believe, what I want”/ which means, truth doesn’t matter. Nonetheless, as is the constant of hope; I will search, and accept the values beyond self. As for you: the power of reality, can be found in hate/ a warning, do not be proud. More distinctly: choose life, by choosing justice (the values which produce peace, harmony, love, and joy). These then summarize the work, of presenting you with the power of choice, and the importance of life. JESUS presented the essence of love, and the potential called eternity; in the presence of GOD . A far more distinctly valuable lesson, than is “a life without either”. I am, simply “a messenger”: sent to tell you, either change and accept the realities of life and planet/ or you will go extinct. Believe it, or not.

Work for a world that can survive, rather than crying, whining, or believing “I DON’T have to do NOTHING”/ because that is just not true. Accept the decision: I am, a participant in this world, and what I do individually DOES matter. This world, MATTERS! JAMES FRANK OSTERBUR 7-7-2020

FAIRY TALES: by the numbers. The DEATH MARCH!

For forty years+: I have said to you “DON’T simply believe me or anyone else”. We MUST investigate the evidence/ identify the cost of being wrong/ and understand the consequences of what we the people of this earth MUST choose to establish; a life and planet which can be sustained. Anything less will fail: because excuses will rule, and liars will come. You MUST think; because in this overpopulated world, already at the edge of extinction: when you are forced/ you are dead, NO options left!

THAT INVESTIGATION STARTS: WITH THE PEOPLE AND MACHINES, TRYING TO BRING “SUN FIRE” HERE TO THIS EARTH. If that becomes, a threat/ rather than science: THEN you will know, it is life or death; in all the rest.

Reality proves: many among you will attack me, claiming “I have ulterior motives, and intend to do you harm”/ as is the constant. My statement to you, is as it has been for forty years: “I don’t care about what you believe/ or think/ or do, that is roughly legal/ how you live/ or what you accept to be true”. That is your business; your eternity/ not mine. IN CONTRAST to that however, is what I do care about: THE FACTS which point, to the only possible conclusion at this moment in time; which is, it will soon be impossible, for this entire earth to remain alive! THAT does affect my life, my DUTY to this world; even if not my own elemental desire for eternity. If you do not change yourselves/ you do destroy my world, my life in time; you do destroy all the life, and all the miracles, which are important to me; you do destroy the future for every child and living thing on earth. And that has to be confronted with reality. Since you have chosen not to think, or depart from the cult worship of university/ I simply write this in witness against all of humanity on earth. NOT in judgment of you; to underscore the truth: I DID DO, what I realistically could do/ as my own “gift, back to my CREATOR”. For all I did receive in this life given to me.

The consequences of games men have been playing for decades, threatening our world, and all life/ which humanity cannot under any circumstance “win”; are all entirely constructed by you. Discarding life and planet are entirely constructed by you. Destroying habitat, resources, extinction, water, food, overpopulated, and all the rest; are entirely constructed by you. Or more distinctly as with university; they are the results of men; who want to prove how powerful they can become. A reality of threat none will survive soon: because all the evidence shows, “the games of men, and their universities” are achieving their goal of proving just how destructive humanity can be. So, while my decision has been: NOTHING could be more important than life or death of this world; other than my own eternity. Your decision has been: “we can be gods”/ if we destroy or threaten to destroy an entire world of life. WHO can stop us! Answer: it is true GOD can easily stop you, in a single second/ but that assumes HE would choose too. And the base reality here is: ARE YOU WORTH THE PRICE? Because without true change in you; men will return this earth, to exactly the same outrage and extinction of life; as is the edge of horrors, where we stand today. Making it worthless; to intervene. “You, have declared yourselves, too smart for me”/ after all, “you have a book”; and a book is never wrong. Now ain’t that right? So, I leave you with a message; find it or not/ that will prove, you did, have your chance to change and work for life: instead of burying the information in the sand; as the vast majority have clearly done.

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