We do, need to discuss the critical fundamentals to life or survival or eternity; because the monkey cult of “university knows”; has been effective enough; to take over your world. To your shame! Included in that death march, TO UNENDING CATASTROPHES; is the reality of the sewage monster, called evolution; a religion without any basis in fact whatsoever. Other than adaption, is real: and integrated from the very beginning in the design of a living body called life. It is literally “I knew this would be needed and advantageous, so it was included, in the design created by thought”.

While it is true, that a believer has so dramatically tied him or herself to the chains of what they want to believe; that you cannot open the door to their self made prison. They cannot hear you/ they cannot see the evidence/ they cannot conceive of reality or value or thought: they simply believe; as is the constant in all religions, and particularly in “university knows religion”; as is the worship of the damned.

And society says: “they are gods/ and we worship them as gods/ because they know everything; so YOU are the liar here! But let’s examine the facts, even though the vast majority live and worship, in the sewage of “monkey brains”. Fact one: our world is threatened with extinction; from every side due to university influences. Which does include healthcare; because human over population is one of our greatest threats. Fact two: our world is threatened with chaos, because genetic mutilation of nature itself, is the ongoing reality of “university knows”. A fact that will become HORRIFIC, beyond all possible imagination; and humanity says “I don’t care/ IF they buy me one more minute of time.” To your eternal shame! Fact three: our world is threatened with nuclear fire, the burning of atoms “just like the sun”/ here on earth. When asked: science says “don’t worry, the fire will just extinguish itself, not enough gravity here on earth”. ALL LIFE hangs in the balance/ and even the solar system itself is threatened with what these do. And humanity says: I don’t care/ they will figure it out. Even though reality proves without doubt: you only get one ignition to prove life or death of our world/ because YOU CAN’T extinguish the fire that burns atoms. Fact four: every resource is being destroyed/ every child is being assassinated, because without resources, they have no possibility for life. Fact five: every water source is being ruined, and there will be war so extreme; it has never been like that, since the beginning of time. You have three days or less; and nobody is going to give you their water/ because then they won’t have enough; so it all becomes polluted with death. Fact six: weapons of mass destruction will be used/ it is without doubt. Unless you replace them with world law. Fact seven: every chain of life/ every ocean of life/ everything that leads to life or death; by the hands of your monkey kings at “university knows”; is marching to death; with only the tiniest and irrelevant decisions made for life, or world. As is the evidence of “satan” on earth. Then we look at global warming; no you cannot stand it, nor can the rest of life. No you have nothing to eat, because you destroyed it all; and now you must be cannibals or die. No you cannot breathe, because you consumed all the oxygen with your fires; down to the percentage that makes you believe you live now on top of the mountain, where you fight for a breath of air. While every government filled to the brim with “university monkeys, who mimic the dead”; are concerned with hiding every reality/ destroying the economic lives of humanity on earth/ and lying so consistently, that they now believe: the march to death isn’t real. Because they want, what they want/ as do the people who are willing to believe anything but truth. Because truth demands change, and change means: you won’t do this (the universities are god); anymore. They are the dead; as that is where they lead.

Just look at your eyes “your favorite part”. Lubricated with slightly salty (to keep out contaminants) tears. Able to turn and focus at will (no small thing). Eyelashes to keep the dirt out (necessary). Eyebrows to add elegance and design to your face. THEY MAKE THEMSELVES, and hook to your brain “interfacing, with a billion miles of circuitry”. Only the most contaminated diseased stupidity of a human race could ever accept the concept of evolution: which is “we built this all for ourselves, one piece at a time; without a brain, a tool, a talent, or a thought to go with it”. UTTER SEWAGE; as only thought can attest to the translation of a concept, a reality of design known and built to work, set into the compositions that would be needed to keep such a truth alive. Did your car build itself:_______ ?

Thought does come before the chicken or the egg. Because without thought, the force to live does not exist.

That brings us to the inevitable possibility: were we designed, and abandoned? Where does original thought come from, if not by accident? What can be described, as our connection with eternity; as beyond this earth: our only known reality of fact constant with the human brain, are the conditions: of space/ time/ energy/ and mass.

WHERE does truth construct the opportunities to learn: about more than time?

The first possibility is answered with JESUS as biblically written. HE DID give enough factual integrity, an outline of love, and a critical respect to the concepts of OUR CREATOR did not abandon us. Rather there is a plan, if we choose to participate. Go argue with Christianity, if you wish too: but not me. As I need not defend it, I accept HIS LIFE is sufficient to prove what is true. Your eternity is your own/ NOT mine.

The second concept is far harder to prove; and it does NOT allow for any elemental searching/ as your monkey gods of university; sit in wait, for anything they can abuse or use for the power to destroy; THIS ENTIRE WORLD.

REALITY then begins with this.

Critical to the understanding of thought is force, because force moves all things. Therefore the question is: where does force divide into energy or thought? We search the foundations of law, to identify truth; and assert: LAW DOES NOT enforce itself/ NOR does it create itself. This whole world functions by law, and the realities of energy as controlled by laws which govern the existence of time. I leave this alone here/ whether you like it or not.

Our connection with eternity is much the same as above: WE ARE built as living bodies in time, out of atoms; which were used to bridge the gap between energy and mass with life. That fact does not escape the truth: only thought can do this. Therefore thought exists, and we are elementally; “the essence of an atom”; which does house an environmental force, contained by laws. Those laws which govern an atom, and keep it in suspended rotation so long as time exists: are built, and balanced into us. Unless we force chaos to rule that environment.

Developed into the difference between life (I am), energy (I can), mass (law rules here), space (equals freedom to move), time (measured existence), eternity (shaped definitions), and thought (I rule); are the elements of what these 7 foundations for truth in living can accomplish. The critical construction is this: that nothing moves without force, and that force is conceptualized as “ GOD “! Therefore our CREATOR is a GOD of FORCE. What we are given or allowed to control as the force created by our own lives within the truth of what thought can do; elevates or descends from the purpose of life as depicted by JESUS, which is love.

We then turn to space, as the freedom to move within ourselves, in whatever direction destiny or fate will allow. If we were to conceive of, and grant life is “just one individual atom”; the atomic space within our own bodies would then be equivalent in scope “to a universe”. We translate that beyond the elements of physical force, to accept: what we know, is not a reality which cannot be changed. What we are, is not limited too, nor is life denied that it cannot be: “simply an atom”. Instead of knowledge, we assign wisdom to the duty: beyond all possibilities of my own design or decision, is the miracle of who and where I am/ in a place of miracles, which can and do teach me the fundamentals of life and living. Wisdom acknowledges: “the CREATOR” OF ALL THAT EXISTS, and me/ and you; can then in fact surely identify and build “even more” for HIMSELF. Which does bring us back to JESUS; as it is HIS words and HIS life which invite us, into an eternity with “ GOD “! IF, we so choose, to abide in that truth, reality, and respect.

The critical truth of eternity is: just like life was given to us, to be human/ that reality can be changed into “substantially more or less”. Fate is the chaos you chose. While destiny is the reality of what you chose to build. So the question of your own eternity will be determined within your own truth. If you cannot sustain a world (your world) beyond the dimensions of an atom: then perhaps that will become your universe. If however your destiny is to share with GOD ; HIS WORLD/ then we literally have no real comprehension of what that could be, not by size or reality: as miracles on earth do prove. The question of happiness, is equivalent to love and its desire through hope/ not size, but the truth of a life that is a blessing to me and you as one. It takes friendship, and truth, and respect: to sustain a life beyond time; as all measurements fail. And life is then, either happy or sad.

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