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Since you utterly refuse to help, or participate in any honest way: I will write for you the fundamentals of what must change. Apart from all the massive threats that curse you with betrayal, horror, and “every bad prediction from the Bible”; there is endless more. More than I would ever care to write down/ particularly since, you have a “one in a billion” chance to survive for any length of time at all. It is pointless.

NONETHELESS; the fact life on earth exists, is much more along the lines of one in a quadrillion times a quadrillion times a quadrillion. So, reality does suggest it is still possible, until the point of no return: anyone of which, is already behind a “dozen doors” ready to open. University leadership truly is: that horrific.

Regardless, we begin; but will only go through the basics, because that is more than enough. And all humanity screams: I WON’T CHANGE/ GO TO HELL! Nonetheless, it is this world that is going to the hell humanity chose, and without true and consistent change nothing will keep you from the terrors about to be released. Because that, is what you chose under university knows, cult worship. Horror and hell and Armageddon (nature in chaos)/ and war beyond imagination as is called Apocalypse, and more. Therefrom we all, as a world: stand on the edge now, of life or death; so does, the evidence of your own truths describe.

As to change itself; I have been forced to change personally, in dramatic ways/ turning my whole life “upside down”, and utterly realizing: I have to start all over again; at 67 years old. The primary freedoms, opportunity to do what I choose to do; are gone: and more. Because this is NOT the life I lived; it is utterly different and changed: as a result, of the choices I have made. It is not “horrible”/ but it is different, and a surprise; true adjustments are required! Just like me, you made choices that cannot be discarded or changed: so you will change instead as life demands. Don’t tell me you can’t; because I won’t believe you. Reality is reality, and where there is no choice: you just have to endure it, and even accept it as your new life; or die. So don’t come here to complain: that day is dead. Changed now includes: I know men cannot save this living world; this is the best they did do, and we are surrounded by threats of extinction. It is clear women will not stand up for life, as they continue to hide. After forty years of work, and a lifetime lost to the reality of your decisions: as is, “I will NOT, simply let this whole earth die without a fight”. This does represent an intent to help you survive; NOT by leading you/ but beyond a message delivered, it does allow for help; assuming I survive to do so. The fact you run away from truth, and wallow like pigs in the mud of your failures: does not evade the reality of extinction is coming.

Facts are: no exceptions allowed. And humanity says to me: WE DON’T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT YOU/ we don’t need you. “we can’t all be wrong”. And yet by the reality of threats that are proven true: you were all wrong/ because you followed, and believed in: “university”. Make no mistake, I won’t “work for you”/ only life and world. All other considerations are: the cost of the work will be, “liars/ traitors/ terrorists/ thieves/ cheats/ whores/ murderers/ assassins/ prejudice/ bigotry/ hate; and all the rest that humanity will prove to be. Because they want, what they want; and view anyone in their way as the enemy. YOU WANT THAT JOB? Well, neither does anyone else, that isn’t another version of “hitler”; other than me, and I don’t want that job either. But we live on this planet together; and we have only one last chance to save life on earth: NOBODY gets excused. Do what you can do for life, by law; because our world needs you too.

Facts are: NO possible future exists, without true dedicated and real public trial. THIS IS, to PROVE WHAT IS TRUE; AND establish, THE PRICE FOR BEING WRONG. The purpose: TO REMOVE those who complain, and will shout “it can’t be real”/ we will do whatever we want. The cost: Fail to accept your new realities; and extinction follows/ NO GOING BACK. One final, permanent choice is all you get. LIFE OR DEATH: so choose!

In all other aspects of reality: understand this is no game. Distinct choices, as are consistent with true change: are required! These, are just the beginning.

  1. STOP ALL MAJOR THREATS (they are listed); AND TAKE ALL POWER AWAY FROM UNIVERSITIES (no money, no right to decide, no tools, no threats or you die); AND DENY THE OPPORTUNITY FOR CHANGE FROM GOVERNMENT (we will do this for ourselves); CHANGE THE COURT (judge the judge/ demand first amendment redress); STOP ASSASSINATING THE YOUNG (end hidden inflation); IDENTIFY WHAT YOU CANNOT LET GO WRONG; AND MAKE DECISIONS FOR LIFE AND PLANET COMES FIRST. USE WORLD LAW, AND WORLD POLICING TO END WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. LET TRUTH DECIDE, NOT WANT. The religious recognition of those threats is Revelation 16
  2. Cutting down trees is dead, unless you planted them: if the atmosphere detaches from the planet/ this world is lost. Without the habitat that is left, extinction of life, will suddenly “be proven, all gone”. Never again; and you know not, what vital chemicals or realities within the chain of life can or cannot be lost: without destroying everything. This is the first bowl or wrath Revelation 16: 2 Because every living body, is the result of highly intricate chemical compositions and concentrations and so much more only the worse kind of fool “would consider themselves; gods, like university does”. YOU DON’T know/ you only want. As is proven by pollution, poisons, mutilating nature, radiation, swallowing endless pharmaceuticals, and more.
  3. You will stop fishing in the ocean, with all trawlers; and use those vessels to clean the sea. The food lost will be compensated by sharing as a world; what you do have to eat. YOU WILL start then feeding the ocean life, with dead human bodies; because you have robbed the sea/ just as you have robbed everything else: with rape/ ransacking/ and the curse of the damned (kill them all). You will stop all coastline aquaculture; as it is nothing more than a sewage pool for growing diseases, to destroy the ocean world. This is the second bowl of wrath Revelation 16: 3 Once you are suitably repaired, the evidence will decide when, where, and what will be allowed. BECAUSE it is the same as eating your seed (or destroying it with genetic mutilation, etc) for next year/ alive today, but extinct tomorrow with no chance to survive. NO, your life is not more important, than the future of all life on earth. YES you do get to die; if a choice must be made.
  4. You will accept global warming is real, and take the appropriate actions to save this planet from the “holocaust” that will result if you don’t. This is the fourth bowl of wrath Revelation 16: 8 First on the list is air conditioning, and then it extends into all phases and facts regarding the burning of fossil fuels and pollution. Massive change must come; which includes insulation, and more.
  5. You will accept that Yellowstone super volcano is volatile, and we cannot as humanity on this earth let it explode: the consequences will be horrific. Which means we must limit the gas buildup underneath: so that it cannot explode. By drilling and containment of the chemicals to be released. Fail, and more than one billion people will die, with more who follow. This reality is depicted in Revelation 16: 17 as the “seventh bowl of wrath”.
  6. ALL WATER SUPPLIES, shall be examined for truth, and chemically tested for true accuracy; allowing NO further potential loss of water to occur; as you fight to deliver, what we can stop from being lost. YOU WILL protect life, and earth; ending the horror, as is caused from the curse of “university is death”; or you will die. This is the third bowl of wrath Revelation 16: 4
  7. Every part and every piece and every need as is consistent with zero or less, human population growth: SHALL BE TAKEN. No nation is exempt, and you SHALL hold them accountable; by insuring NOBODY from a nation or group that is not cooperating with that demand: shall be allowed to immigrate. THEY WILL FACE THEIR TRUTH, AND THEIR CHOICES, as the reality they chose! This is the fifth bowl of wrath Revelation 16: 10; as reality changes to death, and humanity recognizes “now, there is no way out to survive/ not even as a world”. NONE of those people or nations: shall be granted any assistance in food, water, resource, medical care, military or other. Until such time as they do comply in real world terms, identified by the truth of what has been done.
  8. You will stop NEARLY EVERYTHING, the universities have taught you to do; and return to life comes first/ the planet shall not be gambled with/ nor shall there be any allowed to play god. YOU WILL take control over government: by replacing leaders with not over one hundred “one page” laws already chosen to take their place. So that each knows and will learn: what “we the people” is. This is the sixth bowl of wrath Revelation 16: 12 as this world dies, the three evil spirits are: hallucinations that bring terror; and cause humanity to do unspeakable things: which can only end in world war.
  9. You have your start; to understanding THIS IS NO GAME. Adding another “thousand realities of failure” seems pointless; and will not be done. Unless you find a brain among you, and begin to think for yourselves. By the extent of your failures, fantasies, and outright stupidity formed from greed, selfishness, hate, and more: I regard that as highly unlikely. EVEN SO: YOU HAVE YOUR CHANCE, AND IF YOU REFUSE TO DO ANYTHING/ AS IS THE REALITY OF “HUMANITY ON EARTH”. THEN YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE.
  10. And the world of humans shout: “you can’t threaten us/ we believe you are nobody, and we are doing great”. As your world collapses around you, and every possible escape becomes closed as is A TRAP; designed by university is god. Not your savior: but I do bring the message, “change or die” FOREVER A WORLD LOST. As is so clearly demonstrated by “let’s bring the same fire here as is on the sun” (one million mile long flames/ heats you from 94 million miles away); and the universities say: HELL, WE DON’T HAVE TO WORRY; “cause there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire/ so it will just extinguish itself”!
    1. So now you tell me: WHAT IS THE PRICE, for being WRONG?
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