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As I am brought back into the Biblical book of Revelation with regard to the link “real change”. I return to the chapter 17; which is by far, the most complex writing of the Bible itself, holding numerous elements that are not fully formed by man. It says “a mind with wisdom” is required/ and I have attempted to take the simple path, forming two {looking at it from a man’s point of view/ looking at it from a woman’s point of view; both proved errant or wrong} alternate conclusions; as is twice before. So this time, I discard the simple path of man or woman, and will use wisdom {without a human point of view} instead. “it requires more”; a deliberate disconnect, with all things “human”/ allowing for only truth to decide!

Revelation 17: to conceive of the compilation of prophecy, as this is; it is necessary to return back to its beginning and assemble the basics of development, prior to the construction of what does this mean. There are three predictions for the end of our world {two ( old world Daniel 12 [Jesus does not come, or is discarded by disrespect. This earth is then, cast into fire] / and new world, Revelation 1-11) both of which promise utter destruction. Only one which presents the possibility life could go on revelation 12-22}. We are now half way through, in the last partition (the half time) of Daniel 12; and we have bypassed Revelation 1-11 [men rule the ending, unless women absolutely refuse]. Which brings us to the beginning of the final prediction Revelation 12-22 [women rule the ending]. Yet today, they refuse; because they want what they want; and they want everything for free. For the majority that means “let men pay”.

By the prediction of Daniel, by next spring: humanity will ignite a nuclear fire on earth/ which will then consume this world by causing this earth to become a sun. the sun burns, the bond in atoms for fuel; releasing gravity as it does so. Of course if you don’t believe in prophecy: that moment of ignition can come at any second, of any day, and “men and their machines” are constantly trying to do so. Using fantasy, to hide the realities.

By the prediction of Revelation 1-11: men will continue to rule, and all the elements of war, all the catastrophe’s in reality; that they prepared shall be used to destroy them, including all weapons of mass destruction; along with many other disasters, that prove none will survive; along their way to extinction. Investigate, and prove it is not so: by the realities of what has been done. You shall not, because the leaders of men worship power and destruction!

By the prediction of Revelation 12-22: there shall be a definable construction in the minds of humanity (heavens); that will allow them to believe. Something new has appeared on this earth, as a spiritual woman attempting to save this world. She does so: by taking control over a man (the moon under her feet/ an influence seen in conception, but you cannot touch). As it is, the crown of woman: to give birth to life. She brings a new child into the world. More deliberately: reality provides the opportunity, to see this world “with different eyes, and a new mind”. Even though a wide variety of human elements stand in the way; trying to stop change: the child is born; but must exist with “ GOD” for a time. The man she stands on, is used: to establish a new understanding of women in men. No more the same as history has been: she demands equality and respect. That is viewed as an enemy of men; and “the man/under woman control”: will then be hidden for the time predicted. That man would be me; as has been written of, for the last fourteen plus years. I am her presence on this earth. In recognition of that fact; my life has been changed dramatically/ she is in control. Which means functionally, “I have traded places/ reversed roles; with “woman”; to see her life, with male eyes, but now leaning toward a female mind or even with some body parts. I don’t, know how this ends, it is a dilemma, I am not allowed to search. The simplest evidence of what that is: I was painting a room, half done/ and forced to quit. I have started numerous things, and forced to quit. She has proven, “my life has changed”, not a game. She does have the power to control, but it is not with hate or violence: rather like being married to some extent. And the world says to me: “that proves you are insane, AND WORTHLESS/ blind and a religious fool”. While I say to them (You): every miracle proves you do not know, “so much”. I ask instead: listen, think, learn, search, ask of knowledge, for understanding; accept truth alone decides! And humanity says: I know all I need to know; just believe whatever I say. Reality then decides: by whosoever controls the greater knowledge, by the evidence of value; the greater life protections and planet purposes. Owns the truth, of what GOD does provide: as life itself, is a gift.

When asking: WHY, would a man be chosen to represent a spiritual woman on earth? The answer becomes: to prove, she not only has control over man/ but can change him as well. As for me: little has proven to be; more futile, than “saying no”. Just how it is. The reality established, is then: WILL women take control, “being relatively safe” and accept their new role: as EQUAL, by producing the realities in life and society, that demand respect? I have no clue: its not my job.

All the power, and all the pride, want, lust, everything hate depends upon to rule this earth: is put into jeopardy: with those different concepts of change. So then men need an enemy; to stop change. They will: because they believe; shout “Kill him/ and that change will all go away”. It does not; nonetheless water represents the power of this earth to shape lives, or take it away.

The beast of chapter 13 is the new military of men, and all their weapons of war; as would or could be described by the people of the past (you must see it from their eyes, and by their words). A dragon represents the fears of the dark, and what can be imagined: the new dragon is “the universities”; as some of their fantasies take shape, people become believers, and universities rule. The beast out of the earth: is the atomic bomb. The mark of the beast: is a belief “this is our savior/ now we are gods”. 666 represents how close, the reality of destruction for this world is going to be: the sign of a completion; is “7”.

in chapter 14 those who can accept the decision, that these are the signs of the end of time; and they must do something in order to be accepted by “GOD” for their own eternity; begin to shout for themselves. The number is small, but they make a “loud noise”, and are recognized. People make their own decisions; accounting for themselves, their place in eternity: and the harvest of this earth, comes to a close.

Chapter 15 identifies very little hope remains; as an accounting of what men have done takes place, and judgment looms large.

Chapter 16 constructs the basis of tragedy that men will assume is “caused by GOD”/ BUT, it will not be so; as these are in fact the decisions of men, and the fate they chose for themselves. All except for one, which could have been defused.

The final decision to release a reality men refused to alter: is the eruption of Yellowstone super volcano. A consequence few understand; so it will be displayed for you here. As proof: you were warned.+

  1. Your scientists estimate a 670 cubic miles of earth shall be lifted and the upper portion of that material distributed by placing it into space; with high velocity gas pressures. At roughly 80 lbs per cubic foot x 5280 feet x5280 feet x 5280 to achieve a cubic mile=147.2 billion cubic feet per mile x 80 lbs per cu foot=11.7 trillion lbs per cu mile. Times 11.7 trillion the lifting force needed to thrust up 670 cubic miles of rock and dirt= 7.9 sextillion (10 to the nineteenth digit) pounds of mass. ALL OF IT RAISING AT ONCE. Which means this entire earth, will be involved. The tilt of its axis, will be changed.
  2. To keep it simple: lets say just one quadrillion pounds of dirt and ash are lifted into the upper atmosphere. Leaving another 8 quadrillion pounds to scatter at lower levels. That leaves just 7 sextillion pounds: to fall back down into the earth from whence it came. To get that lift we need at least 3 times the force of weight to shatter the bonds, and break it free. Which would place all the weight at the magma chamber lift site; roughly about one hundred feet high at the peak; before it descends. 7 sextillion pounds falling one hundred feet: does have an immense impact, that will be felt world wide/ as well as forcing a sustained, second blast of gas into the atmosphere.
  3. As this force is unleashed, the realities of “for every action/ there will be a reaction of equal force imposed”. Causing the magma to be “forced, to the other side”. Causing the earth itself to shift as a globe in space. Causing mountains to be lifted, and then fall. Causing extreme earthquakes to appear throughout the earth itself. Causing water supplies to be contaminated, or fail. Causing tsunami’s to be unleashed.
  4. Blackening the sky, for months; and causing the world itself to undergo massive change. While rocks fall literally from outer space, onto anywhere in the northern hemisphere. “fire/ rock/ dust/ hot toxic gases: Etcetera.
  5. But alas humanity under the disguise of “university knows”/ continues to refuse to intervene. “oh well”! Just like it does with “nuclear fire/ mutilating nature/ global warming/ and every other threat that will soon make us extinct. Cause well you know: the universities are god, and no consequences exist for them.

We then come back, to Revelation 17:

To understand; the journey it does not say, which of the seven tragedies will cause this version of the overall prediction to begin: but one will come first. We then turn to the great prostitute. Prostitute means: someone who makes a living by selling their own body to be used for sex (chemicals {are great} releasing excitement). On the many waters, is biblical talk for the powers of human want, that control humanity and society. Clearly the prostitute is successful, across the planet (not a person, an organization which provides the power for people to get what they want..). But if we take a second look at what prostitute means, we do recognize: this is humanity selling itself and its future, for greed. A constant around the world, particularly induced by hidden inflation of currencies, and denial of debts around the world. Which in fact bear witness to the assassination of every child, as resources are simply thrown in the garbage.

An angel is the translator of truth beyond what is normal for humans to know: this composite of knowledge; goes to where the rest of humanity is not (searching for life)/ where living is hard, because so much of life and resource itself, is missing. We see “the spiritual woman, of chapter 12”: but the scene is overwhelmed with the scarlet beast (a military machine of intensive and true death) which has made people highly upset (blasphemous names)/ but represents a weapon they dare not approach (horns and 7 heads “university). The question presented is: “why is there a woman involved”? How is it, that she control the beast? The answer arrives in verse 4; dressed in the clothes of kings and fitted with the jewels of royalty. She is holding a golden cup described to be “of all lesser vile things common to man; that they did to women”. In summary: she tells, “either you will fix all these things of tragedy and disgrace by men; for the sake of women, giving them an equal place in life”/ OR the beast of men will be released, to do what men made it to do: particularly to themselves. The prophet who writes: gives her the title of verse 5; as like most of those in his generation, “women are considered no more than slave or possession: not equal/ and not entitled to respect”. With regard to the woman: sitting on the beast, representing control over the beast. Which does mean she is in charge: as is the constant of royalty proving a right. The cup holds her complaint: and it is entirely about men; which is why the man involved is betraying the vision. He will not accept the rights or power, of woman. So she is dismissed as worthless or the enemy: because what appears in the cup: is what men have done to women. And it is horrendous as history can prove.

We then have a viewer, rather than the prophet who writes: as is today’s version of male interpretation. He conceives of: what this really means, is the woman wants to destroy our religion, and our lives as men! He refuses, Basically: Shouting rise, rise, and kill her; protect yourselves. Or more distinctly women shall not be equals.

Change then occurs: We then have an outsider looking in from this moment in time: describing what has been seen as “more than anyone could have expected”. So truth intervenes and begins to explain: it starts with HOW did a woman come to be in charge of a military weapon of great importance? The answer is depicted as: the atomic bomb was used “once” in war/ now is not being used: but will come to be used again: because the abyss of want that is human: will force it to be used. Men cannot stop that, because it is, as it has always been: their way. So the weapons of mass destruction have been disguised as “woman in charge”. But; Once released, it will take many if not all; to extinction. Therefore the image is given to the design of woman; because men have made it to be, “Less than a warrior”; so there own fears will be lessened. Woman means: even to call it “a peacemaker”. Yet that is a lie, they simply choose to believe. The men, and their universities: use “woman” to hide the truth of how horrendous they have been.

Verse 9 a different view, a different reality: the seven heads, represent the seven various branches in study, found in universities; the hills represent a work in progress/ not finished. The woman sits atop: because she has proven a wisdom beyond their own.

There are seven kings: kings are rulers, and they represent nations that will become in distress all at once. One will remain powerful over the rest/ while another, that will assemble forces for war, has not yet arrived. It is weapons of mass destruction that they will use. To prove extreme arrogance, and total disrespect for all life and planet.

Verse 12; war changes the powerful, and they die. Allowing ten armies led by others that will arise to take over nations after this dispute. They will grab weapons of mass destruction, that are left: and declare themselves “King”: but will be lost quickly, as those weapons are used too. Verse 14 suggests there are some survivors from these wars, at least initially, because they want to make peace. Weapons and military; no longer exist. Kings will say no we rule/ but the people want peace, no more war.

Verse 15: spiritual truth assembles a summary: the power of those who sold themselves for what they wanted are very many. But weapons of mass destruction and the military have brought them to their knees, now begging for relief. Those in power will point to the universities (the prostitute, who made all the destruction possible)/ as the creators of all this, their grief and horrors and hell; and there shall be horrors against universities committed. The power to let this happen, shall exist.

Verse 18; the woman now represents “the peacemaker”; replacing men, who will then rule over the nations, for life and hope. While this prediction allows for a few to survive: the truth of what humanity, and its universities have done is more severe than that. Complete Extinction is all but an absolute certainty.

Babylon is America.

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