Let us examine want/ rather than the elements of life and love through thought, and the dignity of desire. Want is an animal/ the elements of life and love are the essence of being human, alive by the dignity of a life elevated beyond the simple things or survival of time.

Want provides for, keeping ourselves alive; regardless of all the rest that is life on earth. Or in terms of survival: I can and will take what I need/ even if that means killing you or yours, to keep me and mine from dying; or even “its just what we want, for ourselves”. As is the essence of every army that attacks.

The current malaise of want in America; follows all the patterns of human behavior that have existed from the very beginning of human history. Just keep repeating “we want/ we want/ we want”; as one group uses whatever means or weapons are available to try to rout and ruin the other groups so they can take everything for themselves. Tearing down statues, is like tearing down flags; it is just another way of saying “this is ours now/ be damned to all who owned it first, or try to say no”. Like every flag represents, some valiant efforts for truth and life: and some treacherous realities of failure and disgrace; so do statues. In the end they have no meaning, just like flags; unless you give that meaning to them: so you can fight/ argue/ and scream.

Then we have police brutality; which is real, but are largely the results of fear. When recognizing these people are intended to approach and resolve violence and hate, while attacking thieves, looters, rapists, and so on: OR in simple terms, all the things you hide from, and run away from. The opportunities to fear simply exist; and some will fall victim; making it all but impossible to do their job. So in terms of reality: there does need to exist, a full and complete “bill of rights” so that each side in the debate of what was necessary; can achieve a realistic action or reaction that is fair to both sides. As much as it is possible to do. Fear is an enemy, and that does mean: if you have no real and honest courage/ then you cannot be a police officer. Let society decide; and the policing choose: so that both understand.

“science” has now creating its “new savior medicine”; to hide behind as reality confronts the assertion this is no pandemic. After all, a doctor who saves you from a disease he created for you/ is a savior: “right”? Don’t worry, media never lies; as is the evidence of global warming; create the possibility of error, and the people won’t change. It is an endless delusion of arrogance, so that liars can control your thoughts/ and traitors can keep on stealing from every child. I use to care, back decades ago: when investigating media. They lie/ they steal/ they cheat/ they propagate whatever they want; because you trust them. And as all things human created: that trust was manipulated into a curse/ mutilated into terrorism/ defined by insurgency/ and the basis of an inflation that has bankrupted this nation. BUT; Because you wanted trust, to be true, like parasites, they remain eating you alive. Alas, want is a liar; and in fact the foundation of every lie ever committed. Because people believe what they want.

The economic dissolution created from the pandemic that did not exist: not when looking at reality, and how many billion people there are. Seeks to destroy the people who had power, and give it all, to the people who represent the university army of insurgents. They have made great inroads, by creating fear: as all attacking armies do. Not to worry, they intend to control all the peoples they have invited to destroy you further; by giving away your business, industry, property, government, and every form of traitorous act they can form. Cause they are the great ones: who defeated America, to rule over the world. But alas, the universities are just another lie; and all the damage they have caused will soon invade their own lives as well. While that does not even include the true HORRORS and HELL the universities have unleashed onto this earth; it is at least, a consequence they will know is true. Ending fantasy forever.

From the beginning of, as recorded history proves: the human animal has ruled this earth. With only one singular objective: to get what I want/ or to remove what I don’t want. As nothing else matters to an animal. Simple as that, although wants have a variety in human decisions, the reality is always the same: I will take what I want, and you cannot stop me; which then becomes war, the various facets of hate, and nearly all violence. Which means nothing you can do, will change the animal or its wants; other than to calm the experience of society by giving to each everything you can to all, so they can have everything, they can possibly want. Which is how universities gained the power to kill you with lies, cheating, terrorism, theft, traitorous acts and more. They gave to the human animal whatever it wanted: by robbing the future, and destroying every child, and even preparing to destroy the earth. Because they know, consequences are coming! Why mutilate all of nature: “well, WHO are you going to call”/ why try to bring the same fire here as on the sun: “well, WHO could be greater than that”/ why take over governments: “its where the money comes from”/ why manipulate the people, and make them slaves: “the universities, want what they want/ and you cannot be rich or powerful or proud; unless you have slaves doing whatever you want”. But hey: as we all know, “a university professor/ elite, is just another kid, you used to go to school with”. As we all know: no gods among them/ no anything more than the rest of us. Those who make a contribution are very few/ those who steal, and prolong an education, change the world, or do whatever is possible: to get the most money from you that is possible; are a vast army. “need something”: well for a few hours work, the hospital will only charge you “a million dollars”. Don’t worry for that, you can stay 2 or 3 days; and a slave will empty your bed pan if they must.

or more simply, in America: you are surrounded by failures, liars, traitors, thieves, university terrorists, fantasies, fools, organized criminals, manipulators using media to propagate catastrophes, courts without justice, politicians who only exist to raise money, inflation beyond your imagination; and a whole list of threats that will end in your extinction. Because that, is what universities chose. Yet you are believers, as is true of all believers: discarding evidence/ denying truth/ defending lies/ demanding more of everything you want, instead of recognizing everything you don’t want; is literally all you are going to get from these lies, liars, failures, fantasies, thieves, traitors, terrorists, and fools. But hey: you can’t sustain a cult, without believers. And every cult knows: YOU CAN’T question your leaders, cause they are gods.

TO SURVIVE: as unlikely as that is/ I am still required to assist the truth: extinction is forever, for this whole world. Which means nobody is excused from “the war” to end, all the lies; and return to the truth. Because only truth survives. A lesson every university tries desperately to destroy. Because truth removes the cult, and it ends the assertion: they can be gods. Which does return us to reality comes first.

So what is reality?

Answer: life is a game, to all people who measure. The constant being: that power has no value/ pride has no value/ want has only little value/ hate has no real value: UNLESS SOMEONE ELSE, is standing in your way. So the rule of man is: to make someone else stand in your way, so that you can remove them with power, pride, want, or hate. That is the game, and you cannot be a winner, without that game! As a consequence, all forms of the game have a unique characteristic: “we must take control over you”. To achieve that as a university who prides themselves on hidden attacks, and subterfuge: WE WILL out think them! All the following crisis elements that achieve not only failure but extinction for life on earth: are used to prove, “they are gods”. Because they can destroy the things you cannot. They can take from you, the things even warriors cannot defend: by establishing FEAR, DOMINATION, MANIPULATION, PROPAGANDA, THEFT, TRAITOROUS ACTS, TERRORISM, AND THE REFUSAL TO “LET LIFE LIVE”. Their cause is power/ but their consequences will be HELL, and then HADES (ETERNAL damnation as is terrors unending).

Crisis: They are trying to ignite the same fire as on the sun here on this earth.

Answer: stop the delusions, and examine both truth and consequences. The reality for being wrong: OUR WORLD IS ON FIRE, just like the sun.

Crisis: they will soon have caused nature itself to fail, removing forever the basis of our existence as a body of life on earth.

Answer: stop them; as every single one of you understands what that means. HORRORS BEYOND your imagination.

Crisis: they will have robbed and assassinated the future, in its entirety; by destroying every resource that gives us life.

Answer: understand the future, and accept your duty to every child, and every living thing.

Crisis: there will be no water/ no food/ no oxygen (due to your fire)/ no hope on earth; because of all the things you did do; under university leadership.

Answer: remove university leadership, and identify what is true.

Crisis: soon there will be only war, because that is what the universities chose. No possibility of life, because the universities made you weapons of mass destruction.

Answer: stop lying/ stop cheating/ stop stealing/ stop destroying/ stop war with world courts and policing/ stop wanting all the damn fantasies universities dream of/ stop wanting more. And start accepting only truth can keep us all alive, and there is NO exception for that.

Crisis: without ocean life, humanity starves, and goes to war.

Answer: STOP DESTROYING THE OCEANS. And find a way to use dead human bodies as “fish foods”; so YOU can eat.

Crisis: as is the constant of every modern farmer; and so many more. There is only one thing in life/ GET ME MORE! To do that they wage war on insects, water, life, and all that universities have given them for weapons. Just like the city dwellers; GIVE ME MORE/ and to hell with insects, or anything I don’t want. And the people yell: hurrah.

Answer: understand, that insects are a base line food group, that feeds a wide diversity of life and living things all of which will be lost, when you finish killing that chain of life. All the poison you release is not found simply in the can that you dump on the ground/ but consists of many more “trillion ton” as is industrial production. You, are on a death march; because the universities lead, and you choose to follow, discarding all life to do it. Like the oceans, “suddenly, there is no more”.

CRISIS: you believe you are gods, by university delusions. You believe they are your saviors, even though a greater enemy to life has NEVER been born.

ANSWER: wake up or die. INVESTIGATE the realities of what you do, and the consequences of being not only wrong/ but right, as is agriculture; “yes we got more; TO HELL with anything else”. But alas: to hell is where you go too.

Without provisions for a future, you have only death. Destroying everything you need: means you murdered yourselves.

We add to that: the curse of the damned, “we will make you fall too”/ the curse of the dead, “we will make you hate too”/ the curse of the fool, “nothing bad can happen, to us”/ the curse of the failure, “we want, what we want”/ the curse of the diseased, “its all the fault of someone”/ the curse of the thief, “you owe me”/ the curse of the terrorist, “you are worthless, and judged dead inside”/ the curse of the traitor, “I will make you blind, deaf, and then DUMB”. And the university curse which is: “we can play gods, because we have trophies, guile, and hidden weapons of war”.

As to the claims of racist, reality proves you wrong: life is more complex than just “you owe us/ regardless which side you are on: BOTH scream it is true”. Neither is correct! The American history is: to avoid war in europe, and to steal land here/ the white europeans came with genocide in their hearts. But even so: somebody was going to die/ because the earth did not support what humans chose to do. Whites won, simply because they had better weapons from centuries of endless war. As is consistent with WE WANT OUT/ so they gave no quarter, nor mercy. With the black race imported from Africa: reality knows, by historical evidence, that it is their own black people who sold those who came here: for money. And in all probability, as genocide always is: those who killed wanted MORE for themselves. Either way, slavery was not murdered/ even though it was bad. But the constant throughout all of human history is: those who can, make slaves out of those who cannot defend themselves/ cause they don’t like the work. Not every slave owner was bad/ but those who were; no doubt could be horrific; simple as that. As to later on, with civil war: the black people are largely misled, or critically disillusioned. Many white people died or were mutilated losing families, property, and more on both sides of the line: to free those black people. On the north, they wanted to hold the nation together, and keep the constitution intact. On the south, they wanted to retain possession of their own lives: because slaves cost money, and the war was about, “NO, you are not going to be paid” for those slaves. Which meant freeing them, was instant poverty, starvation, and homelessness for most. So what would you choose? Reality insisted: freedom is worth more/ and the consequence of that is: those in the north, and those in the south both agreed on one thing. THE PRICE OF THIS ACTION WAS TOO HIGH ON OUR LIVES; and they took revenge on the black people for the next one hundred years. Unfortunately the black people were simply the victims of not being fully armed with weapons of value/ and no justice could be found for anyone; so hate flourished. The civil war, then became a color war: as both sides learn to scream, “IF NOT for you/ this WOULD NOT, have happened to me”. The reality however was greed, without respect. Because their world was turned upside down too; and many of the whites, became slaves themselves too. Because poverty can do that; even more so than being a slave to someone who then stands to lose, if you don’t survive. With poverty, you can simply be abandoned, or you can be judged: to die. Failure all around, as is the constant of men and their wars, their decisions based upon pride. Which surfaces constantly, wherever it can.

The corrected method should have been; that over time, the work would have been traded for property: so as to give all parties the opportunity to adjust, without extreme measures. Instead, when Lincoln died; the south was abandoned, and then invaded by those who wanted to “get rich quick”/ by taking for next to nothing, what they never earned.

RACE IS; regardless of the color, a reality of nature as is given to the herds of animals/ as a true need to keep the others out. Because whenever a predator arrives to take its toll/ IF THERE ARE “immigrants” among us: then the herd falls onto itself, and the predators feast. Because those who are not like us; do not move, think, or act like us/ and that makes all surrounding them fall down too.

You want what nature does not allow: a reality based upon conclusions that you do not own. You are largely animals, with few true humans (we are more than “just wants”) among you. That means you cannot sustain a living when mixed together; because there will always be, “another catastrophe because of what people do”. And then its: EITHER YOU and yours/ or ME and mine. That ain’t no game, and it won’t be cast aside, when life or death stands at the door. Universities have led you to make every possible decision you could have: TO DESTROY THIS EARTH AND YOURSELVES. The concept that there are no consequences will die.

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