Did you know, that time shares life with existence? It is, a far more interesting construction than it appears. But the question is: why share it with you?

Answer: my life is turned upside down, or inside out; and I now have little to do apart from waiting to see if any life of value is left in humanity at all. So, for the moment, I am just writing for the sake of something to do/ as I am corralled, and somewhat controlled by the spiritual woman inside. I AM, not unlike the cost of your own decisions; being required to change. Not as a personal choice/ but as a reality, defined by choices I have made.

NO, it is not by any form of hatred or violence, or other such things/ it is, as has been the last fourteen+ years an increasing demand: that I shall not only learn of the consequences and realities men have enforced on women; because the spiritual woman demands that I know. It seems: I will take their place, so there is no illusions about these consequences or realities; by letting women be in charge; of me. So that no important truth is left out; or so it seems probable at this point.

I have absolutely no understanding “why me”/ it is NOT, a decision I have made. NOR do I accept that conclusion, will in fact occur. Rather, my life does not exactly belong to me, anymore; and I literally cannot escape. That proven by colliding with an “invisible walls”/ being turned around by “electrical shock”; and other methods which prove: yes, I will. However, I WILL NOT be participating in any such action; other than by being forced. But it does occur to me: I guess that is exactly what women have said; throughout history/ another lesson in realities. Nonetheless, I have no clue what is coming, or not coming/ it is not my choice, and that has been proven true. I have no clue what I am suppose to learn/ or if its women who are suppose to learn; or we must learn together. Or if it is to be at all, or what is the purpose as I have no control over other men: what I do know is my life is not the same. This is simply: I only opened the door, to female spirituality [NEVER intending to stay]; simply to ask a question about life or death of this world; and lost control over, my time/ my existence, even my future. Because she had decisions to make regarding me as well. “its complicated”.

For simplicity of understanding: I have physically harmed no woman or girl/ other than, not accepting the demand “I must stay”; my only reply is, “life or death for our world” comes first. The essence of Women were asked, because: I Recognized the truth: that men cannot save this world. This is, the best they did do; after thousands of years; and we do stand on the edge of extinction, by their choices. Women because, the men know how to control each other/ but they do not know how to control women, beyond physical abuse. Women because they are different than men, and different is an absolute requirement to what we have, as a world, today. Reality proves, I have learned “to be different”/ forced to be different: but reality also proves, the only choice male had left was to use force, to demand a hearing. The constant of men is: they cannot hear, particularly when forced; because they only measure and judge. A failure before it could even begin.

Nonetheless: none of that is the eloquence, life provides in the distance we must travel to attain old age. So we begin, by asking: what does it mean to share life/ what does it mean to share time/ and what does it mean to exist?

We know, time shares experience with us, but not its expression; as our participation/ our expression, is controlled by our own decisions: based upon the experience we share. Time shapes the experience, by changing life and environment in ways that will identify truth or lies and your choice, regarding love or hate. Time adjusts for the expression of humanity, by altering the concept of truths and confronting or creating lies; to achieve what is, or is not to be valued, by you. Time tells the tale of an individual life, and all the experience or expressions that are you are responsible for. Granting to each individual life, its own “basic conceptual world”. Therefore we know, that time shapes us; and is in fact identifies who you are, and who you are going to become: because love/ hate/ and truth conceive of our destiny or fate if you fail.

Sharing means to: participate in this world, by using something of yourselves, to become a message of respect (you are important too); to this living world. Thereby we begin the journey beyond time, by accepting the values of harmony, courage, love, hope, truth, and trust. These when shared create a world that needs not to be measured or feared. Existence is survival, and survival is determined by the levels of what this environment and all its life/ can and cannot do, to or for us as the living examples of freedom/ confined by the decision, to choose. There are, threats; as they have always been. But today, there are threats so extreme, that our world shall soon be extinct, unless they are changed. The difference is: natures’ threats, are elements of risk, that remind you “life is not a game”/ and death is not a joke. University threats are: “life is a game”/ and nothing on this earth is a consequence to us; so we (the universities) can play with extinction as if it were our toy. With nature we learn the hard way, if we refuse to be instructed. With universities, they hide the reality, and propagate continuous lies/ destroying everything in their path: by pretending “they are saviors” and have a right (its all for the best). The difference is an individual threat/ versus extinction.

And the world of humanity, or in particular men in their worship of university; created a cult of worshipers, so as to create “the believer”. Because a believer needs NO evidence nor truth/ he or she simply believes; right or wrong is irrelevant. Because they are locked inside their own prison of beliefs; where everything is what they want, and that is all that can be allowed, inside the gate. Therefrom the believer cannot be reached: not even if you drag them out of their cell, “with all the truth and evidence NOBODY can deny”. Because even if they stand for a moment or two; they will crawl right back into their cell. Because the world out side of their wants, is frightening! Want/ nor don’t want: does not matter, only truth. The cult has been so successful, that only a tiny few remain alive. That statement comes from the reality of measurements/ which then lead to judgments. Measurements lead to animal, because an animal has only the mental acuity to measure. Nearly: All judgment leads to hate, and as a consequence of that, when measured or measuring the humanity leaves, and predator or prey begins to take control. Whether you step back from the edge, and return to life as a human being alive/ or fall into it, and prove the presence of predator or prey is your only choice; is entirely up to you. I experienced that once when young, was suddenly horrified at where this path led; and stepped back from the edge. To be far more cautious of everything in the future of a brain. But DID NOT forget the lesson: NEVER measure or judge ANYTHING; because it always leads to tragedies rather than life. This is a basic lesson: learn it or die inside.

We then turn to conceive of eloquence: the defining moments, of life or death to our own eternity, by the choices we make in love or hate. As nothing is eloquent or desirable about hate/ that is merely the chaos of those who pursue it. What is eloquent, which means: to turn from simplicity, the measuring of life and time/ to accept the journey, the destiny; that is beyond every form of imagination known to human existence. By identifying our own participation in that endeavor, is to offer “our/ my love, is true”. It is, the eloquence of time, to prove that statement, by contributing the value of love, that is you.

Even so, love on its own; does not survive. Truth survives, and respect identifies rather than measures, your participation in the world of a thinking human being: as that proves, what life and time, by our own decision; gives us each to be. Value is the distinction of “a life or reality, worth sharing”. Hope is, the destiny we conceive of; because it is the direction of our heart, the foundation of our own soul, and the participation that will endure our own truths. More simply, it is truth that keeps us alive, it is love that gives us the desire for life, it is heart that conceives of direction, and it is value that determines the levels of our hope. The destiny of a cherished soul {together we shall live}.

Age gives us the desire to know, what is beyond this limit called time; this experience called life; and all that freedom as expressed by thought can become. The critical answer is: we do live as thought, even though without a living body we are not identified by time. Without thought, there is no recognition of life/ no element called body as is the building block of our proven existence. That makes time a limiting existence, that must share its participation in our construction; as the experiences that express our innermost thoughts. So the question is: IF NOT a destiny in time/ then what is life by the presence of our own freedom, to become? The answer relies upon thought to exist, beyond the limits of time (I measured) or body (I was this).

To construct, we must begin with the pieces that can be assembled to create that which is far more complex as is the proven existence of thought. That means what you build, you build with realities formed from the presence of thought, as are utilizing the definitions and directions, of both truth and law. Who are you then becomes: the truth of your existence, your realities: formed this.

Here, the essence of “your truth”; becomes known as “what does your heart yearn to be”? Where heart signifies the values, and the foundations, that are alive inside. Thought lives, but not without a heart. Therefore the essence of a desire must be constructed. I stop here/ and will NOT continue; as the curse of university knows, is a vile contaminant, and a poison to the soul; that will literally do anything it can to destroy this world. To your shame.

Space, represents the distance between life or death: as the great chasm between time and eternity, is whether you can change from chemistry, into thought. While we are a living body of time, that represents a distance few are willing to travel. But in death, the chemistry dies: and your choice has come to the point of no return. What is true, will then decide. Life is formed within force, and force exists because of thought: therefore to assemble time, reality creates a distance from that force, so there can be “time, for you to think”. In eternity that time is removed, and force exists for those who achieve balance. Destiny seeks love through hope, and it will be rewarded for truth.

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Jim Osterbur

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