fairy tales


FAIRY TALES: by the numbers. The DEATH MARCH!

(alas, there are so damn many; this is strictly about energy). YOU ARE REQUIRED; to understand, I can be wrong. But your universities cannot: because they threaten our world with extinction, if they are not perfect/ the very first time. IGNITION of a nuclear fire, just like on the sun/ IS ONE TIME ONLY; BECAUSE IT CANNOT BE EXTINGUISHED. The sun burns the bond in atoms/ just like a chemical fire burns the molecular bonds holding elements together. the difference in energy release is well proven.  INVESTIGATE THE COST OF BEING WRONG.

Machines are running, more are coming in a single second: your option to make any other choice “ignition”/ will be over forever. Trillions spent: they must lose their job, their money, power and pride to stop. Which means they must be forced: Now or never! Prove the evidence of reality is wrong; stop, or past the point of no return; our world dies.

  1. The first fairy tale of physics is: they need not worry about extinguishing the energy source; because there is not enough gravity here on earth to sustain the fire. So it will just extinguish itself. YET, they know not, what gravity is; other than a larger mass attracts a smaller mass. THIS IS THEIR PLAN/ and if wrong, it means they released an energy source that will make this planet another sun. NO going back.
  2. The second fairy tale is: to resolve gravity. The gods of physics decided there must be “a graviton” that makes the sun work. To solve the problem of solar gravity that graviton must then be 15 times bigger or more dense than lead. Which elementally means in perspective a one inch marble of lead/ would be a beach ball in “graviton”. A fantasy without any proof at all. A fairy tale used to describe solar gravity. No such element or anything close, exists in reality.
  3. The third fairy tale is: the graviton is so dense it creates the negative pressures of a black hole/ which then causes the fire to exist on the sun. Which does mean, that the entire mass of the sun is that hot; claimed to be 50 million degrees or so. If that were true, then the entire fuel source of the sun is engulfed in fire/ and it would not be able to sustain itself. Because all the fuel is burning. The fact our planet gets hot, you get hot: is clear undeniable proof: the sun burns fuel.
  4. The fourth fairy tale is: that the sun fire is the result of hydrogen being fused into helium, by heat and pressures; already proven wrong in 2012 at Lawrence Livermore lab; San Francisco. As they built a machine for that purpose and it failed completely. Rather instead: WHERE IS THE HELIUM? THE CLAIM IS: “every btu results, from the production of helium”/ so where is it? The chemical signature of hydrogen escaping the sun fire is in fact the “ash cloud/ smoke” of the fire itself; as hydrogen is small enough/ fast enough, to escape in small amounts. It is otherwise a failed fairy tale; to assume: “the lightest gas known, is what composes what they claim to be the heaviest mass in our solar system”: ridiculous!
  5. The fifth fairy tale is: that their extremely hot core is caused by “gravity pulling mass inside” just like a black hole! But alas, a black hole releases no light, and little heat if any; by their own descriptions. NOT WHAT HAPPENS HERE! You can’t have it both ways; without explaining the process/ or accepting the limits of the law. And if its kinetic energy is going one direction as is heat and light produced: how do you explain your process? Answer: “its all, magic”.
  6. The sixth fairy tale is: that releasing the same energy source here on earth as is on the sun/ will not release a radiation so deadly as is on the sun: that those within a thousand miles, won’t all die. Reality does not suggest that to be true.
  7. The seventh fairy tale is: the sun lasts billions of years without changing size; because it doesn’t burn fuel. Or as they suggest with helium fusion it makes fuel. Reality does not agree, the supernova proves that true. It does burn fuel, and that fact makes the size vary over millennia. Which does prove that the sun was bigger thousands or tens of thousands of years ago; and that changes all of their calculations, and other fairy tales about this planet, as a living world.
  8. The eighth fairy tale is: as was found on the www.iter.org site: to the public their claim was “ten times more energy than chemical to be released”. On their back “science page”: their claim was an instantaneous “4 million times more energy than chemical to be released”. ONE LIES/ OR THE OTHER: let them prove the truth! You should care: because a candle flame, instantaneously becomes a fire 63 miles high/ and thirty miles wide, at roughly ten million degrees. Releasing radiation in accordance: PLUS AN ADDITIONAL 50 MILLION MEGAWATTS, rather than a candle; and more. Since it is atoms on fire: the oceans will burn as well.
  9. The ninth fairy tale is: at “iter (a trillion dollar machine)” their literature says, they are no longer trying to fuse hydrogen into helium/ but are directly intending to ignite plasma; “to mimic the energy source on the sun”. With fifty million megawatts of electricity/ computers and machinery to generate close to light speeds. As claimed above: thereby releasing 4 million times more, in an instantaneous second (a bomb). Or more correctly a nuclear (burning the bond in an atom) fire/ that will then create its own plasma in an ongoing ignition process that cannot be stopped just like the sun. Their conclusion: “we don’t have to worry”.
  10. The tenth fairy tale is: the “deep field view of distant galaxies”; through the empty spot in space. Proves the universe is 14 billion years old. Proves through red shift of stars, that the universe is expanding. In direct denial of a law of physics which states for every action there will be a reaction: the big bang occurred in that “empty spot” throwing debris as a focusing explosion; in all planing directions. That would be do to the arrangement of the mass which exploded. So the universe, to that empty spot: is half the distance or time. As to red shift of stars: every star is known to circle or orbit a black hole in the center of its galaxy. Or galaxies are entities in space; and watching a star is measuring a star in orbit to that galaxy/ and has nothing to do with the distance of this universe or its expansion.
  11. The eleventh fairy tale is: that atoms are composed of the same types of energy sources/ that nothing goes beyond the speed of light, other than electrons. They admit: they don’t know where atomic energy resides/ nor do they know how it retains a balanced state.
     In contrast to that, a theoretical truth is: that you cannot contain a kinetic high energy; without an opposing force to control it. We then examine atomic energy physically and know: the source of that energy is atom spin. Because we can achieve the understanding: that a mass spinning at extreme speeds DOES contain energy to be released. BUT it does not contain that energy UNLESS an opposing force exists to balance the energy of a mass that spins. “like a ball on a string” being circled around your head: the string keeps the ball from exiting the orbit. In an atom the proton is kinetic mass/ while the neutron is dark energy anti-mass: of slightly greater strength. We can measure the speed: because we know how much energy is released in an atomic bomb: with a specific atom composition. Extreme speeds over the speed of light as would be in evidence in that atom and its electrons: discards the concept of time for this universe as decided by “university” entirely. BUT this balance of mass and anti-mass (as is known to exist) DOES open the door to solar gravity. Because if kinetic mass in motion outward as heat and light, is the opposite of anti-mass: then that anti-mass does enter the core of the sun without heat; and cools the fuel deposit of mass that is burning as a sun. Thereby sustaining with balance; the nuclear fire as it does so/ while creating “solar gravity”. Each state of energy (both push and pull) is an independent dimensional state, with separated expressions; but joined together as one: both travel in the same direction, at the same speed.
    1. We then add to that: Einsteins theory is Energy=mass times the speed of light squared. Proving with your evidence that speeds greater than light exist. In fact although the theory is mass times speed =kinetic energy with speed as a constant is simple and plainly “nothing new”. Other than the assertion of light times the speed of light equals energy. The atomic bomb was built under the assumptions of speeds greater than light. And by the consequence of energy released; that has been proven so. Energy however is not a consequence. Energy is a force, and force does not exist as an action or reaction: but what causes those movements to exist. A completely different reality. As to the speed of atom spin; it has to do with the creation of an atom, and the violence of “the big bang”. Neither is relevant to this discussion. The earth is threatened, and even this solar system: with the creation of another sun: here as earth engulfed by nuclear fire.
    2. Their assertion of speed, their assertion that electrons speed at far beyond light speeds: which is consistent with the realities of a moon orbiting a planet (mass). Identifies extreme flaws in their assertion of “time, as or of this universe”. Thereby discarding all assertions of university; “we know”. Which does include: all forms of dating assume, “perfection within the atomic environment”. A reality that does not exist, as variations will occur.
  12. The #twelve fairy tale is: that a supernova is a star running out fuel, gets even more dense in the core and that is what causes a supernova to explode. In contrast to that: it is necessary to discuss another physical law of thermodynamics completely discarded by “university”. Or more distinctly HEAT CAUSES EXPANSION to occur; it does not make the core of a sun entirely on fire more dense. So, in their world of fairy tales; the opposite of thermodynamic laws occur/ and the opposite of density takes place in order for heat and light to escape. Yet they have no conclusions which allow for that to happen/ and they have no idea why solar flares or solar tornado’s exist. In contrast is reality: as can be seen on a candle flame: the heat makes the fire rise from the fuel, and create space, so it can be controlled. We now see the sun from the inside by understanding, rather than fiction. IT BURNS THE BOND IN ATOMS, between energy forces, FOR FIRE; separating them. As is a known physical possibility, with proof on the sun. Thermodynamics lifts the fire from the mass underneath; allowing for separation to control the heat influencing that mass/ which is cooled due to dark energies separating from its atom. A solar flare is more mass being sucked up, because it is a pocket of elements less dense; adding to the fire to make a flare. A solar tornado is less mass being sucked up due to denser area’s of the mass underneath which leave an opening for heat to be sucked down onto the surface, loosening that mass for burning. We then look again at the supernova: and examine it for reality: when the fuel mass has been sufficiently burned off, to lower the flame causing more fuel to be added to the fire. The sun grows in response to more fuel. When the mass is small enough; thermodynamics does not lift the fire high enough to keep the mass from overheating the fuel source. Therefore even more fire results. When the mass overheats sufficiently to basically act like an explosion of fuel into the sun fire. The sun then goes supernova: and IF THAT MASS is still big enough: IT WILL ENTRAP THE CORE MATERIALS with energies opposing outward forces so large. That the inner materials MUST turn back upon itself: because it cannot stay as it is. That fundamental turn around; creates a black hole and its dark (pull) energy in contrast to kinetic or push energy. Process involved in this are not needed here.

I am reminded once again; that humanity believes “the universities/ governments/ education/ etc” are all as simple as the name suggests; “an army” we cannot defeat. It is not so, because there actually are no real elements to any organization other than: the words which organize it, and the people who accept those words as their “bible”, to be followed without question. So the real truth of universities, governments, and more is: that they are simply individuals, who have organized weapons to be used against the rest. The weapons of a university: is propaganda (believe just believe), fear (what you don’t know/ is what we do), power to control (we will make you with the army we made; of weapons “like disease”, you cannot stop), pride “we are the winners” (making you losers: so be quiet); and more.

That is largely irrelevant until they take too much/ endanger too much/ control for the sake of destruction too much/ and fundamentally become traitors and terrorists even to the point of endangering all life on earth.

So, I return you once again, to the very simple truth: all organizations are merely individuals, who used to go to schools just like you. Who among your old classmates was a god? They are all “just people”/ but people with weapons, and controls, you are not allowed to own.

Like governments: only just a few, control all the rest/ make all the decisions/ decide what is good or bad, right or wrong, worth doing, or discarding even against all the rest. Because power does what power has always done; and that is to protect itself, even when they are wrong. Same is true of universities; as it is not a place for thinking/ rather like religion it is a place to memorize, mimic, and believe what you are told. OR, you don’t graduate; and you don’t get a job you went to school for: because their army controls it all. And like religion: if you are not one of us/ then you are not going to get a job among the rest of us. Which means: DON’T QUESTION your leaders, their book, etc. In physics that is particularly true, because little is proven flawless; which makes confronting them a matter of theory; and those few, who are called “the gods of physics” hold all control over the fantasies being used.

Like other elements of human life, fairy tales are largely irrelevant and worthless to challenge: until the day they as with physics, genetics, chemistry and more: they endanger our entire world, and control now, our own extinction from this planet. Becoming traitors and terrorists as the very same time.

To confront their army of cult worshipers; that will and do believe anything they are told. Requires an endless amount of effort as with all religious fanatics: because believers are locked in their prison cell with what they want to believe; and nothing else matters whatsoever. Because that would upset their world of now, “my life can be easy/ since I cannot be wrong”; because I believe.

NONETHELESS: REALITY PROVES WE MUST CONFRONT THEM; BECAUSE THE CONSEQUENCES OF THEY ARE WRONG/ IS AN ENDING TO LIFE ON EARTH. Such are the choices they have made! EVEN THE IGNITION OF ATOMIC FIRE, just like on the sun; overtaking this planet. And literally turning it into another sun. OR reducing nature itself to absolute chaos. OR, the poisoning of water supplies leads us to catastrophic wars never before seen in intensity; because there is less than 3 days: before you get water/ or you die, or cannot fight anymore. In a world filled with guns, etc: even you should understand that truth.

Therefore fairy tales MUST be confronted with facts; even if the believers will not stopping to believe until reality proves them wrong. Proves them dead, along with this whole world; because they are believers (I want this to be true), and that means “fool”. What you want, has nothing to do, with what is true.

As to the endless supply of other issues and realities of threat; it is useless to contend with the cost of these fantasies unless; “the greatest abomination” of them all is not resolved for life and earth. As is seen above.

So, we will just enlighten a bit; and leave the rest; as a reality which will not matter unless the greatest threat of all is extinguished.

DID YOU KNOW: that in genetic research, over the last fifty plus years; the primary objective to “university is now god”; has been to disable and destroy nature itself, by bringing chaos into genetic structures. In a direct effort to make that process of building each body of life on earth: break down into chaos (as is their god of evolution). It is however even much more simple than that. Their reality is: like with destroying bridges, if we break it down/ then we know how to build it better. So, the intent of producing chaos in nature: is to find the keys, which start or control the process; by mutilating the genetic code until true disaster occurs. As then: they can say, “now we know, this happens/ when that happens”. The ape brain assumes: that nature will just fix itself; and diseases, etcetera; won’t occur; and nothing will go bad from their actions. Because according to evolution: chaos builds life by destruction/ as is the meaning of the word: by ending everything complex. So, we know, that nearly every penny of contribution made by whatever facet of society into “save us/ we can be gods” with genetics. Actually goes to the purpose of crucifying life, in its every form. Mixing every species together without respect for any life at all. And the foundation for building biological weapons, with every single genetic decision; all for the purpose of saving one/ BY RISKING ALL OF NATURE ITSELF. “its called the curse of fools”;NOTHING IS MORE SELFISH, than that. Alas, if they were only as smart as a monkey: then they would know better. As to the believers and supporters of organizations which are deliberately trying to destroy life by mutilating nature (which is Armageddon; chaos in nature): you get to relax, in the certainty, of joining “satan” in his work to destroy a world. Satan then means; the extreme arrogance, and absolutely disrespect that is trying to play god with life and planet. Or more distinctly: they call it university, outside of religion. Or as a “genetic scientist” told me some years back: DON’T worry, evolution will fix anything we break, “in a billion years of so”.

As to all the rest, destroying the oceans/ ending chains of life/destroying habitat, causing extinction of species, mutilating life, polluting, discarding the planet itself (as we don’t care), assassinating the children by loss of resources, endless debts: and there are so many. It can be summed up, in the words of “a common man”. When asking for water contamination data, he said to me; “lots of poisons dumped by agriculture, industry, and more; or not/ it ain’t poisonous yet”. Which of course recognizes the fact, that at some point in the future: the water almost certainly will be poisoned. And that means, not only: “you can’t live here anymore”. But there shall be WAR, because there is no place left to run. Alas, it means: you can’t just make the children pay, with their future, and their lives: as has been the answer for over fifty years. Because time is running out; to make any form of change beyond extinction is certain now.

THAT, makes the universities, a clear winner; in the cost of human history, as it moves from the truly insane, arrogant, murderous, and disrespectful/ to the entire world of life is threatened reality of: “we can be satan”; as is university knows, university is god, religious worship; with their cult of believers in tow. Even the worst of the worst; did not threaten an entire world of life; with complete crucifixion!

To survive as a world of life, now requires an acceptance of reality that no university diploma can attain. They exist in the concept of “control the little things, and we can be gods/ tear it down into little pieces, and we can be creators/ chaos is god, because evolution is our choice/ nature will fix everything, because life refuses to die/ because living is just a game, and the winner is the one who makes the other people cry, or slave”. Within those choices, they have discarded all respect for life, disemboweled this world, and choose a future that is extinct; as is evident by the facts of this day. Which leaves only one true conclusion for life to survive: we must investigate the reality; determine the truth of life, death, and catastrophe before being wrong takes complete control over our lives; and accept the price of life is respect/ reality/ truth/ and the limits that remove human destruction; so that the boundaries needed to balance our own impact on this planet will be enforced; almost without exception. The unfortunate truth is: we will have to undo the curse of fools, before we are able to resurrect a future.

Within that regard for life/ rather than the constant surge into HELL as is death described by “university knows (we are gods) religion (just believe)”. The foundation of life itself MUST BE ACCEPTED: ONLY TRUTH, designed and accepted by reality; SURVIVES TIME. And humanity says, “we lie, we cheat, we hate, we destroy all the damn time, and are still here”; so you know nothing!

But with eyes blinded by greed, selfishness, lust, want, pride, power, hate, violence, and chaos itself; the intent to play god, as is the life in time of so many fails to understand the cost that is. LIFE, cannot refuse to die/ LIFE CAN only survive, when ALL the realities needed are available, attainable, and true to that need. IF ANYTHING NEEDED IS LACKING; the whole biological entity does die/ because unlike universities which believe in “one little thing” is all you need to know. LIFE NEEDS IT ALL, just like a human body needs it all (heart, lungs, organs, muscles, brain, skin, immunity; and a billion more); to survive. It CANNOT be built over time/ because the body requires the truth of what it does need, or it cannot survive. Proving evolution is an abyss defined by sewage, temptations, and hate. “just another university fairy tale”!

And humanity says: I WANT WHAT I WANT/ AND I DON’T WANT, what I don’t want; and you CAN’T make me want what I don’t want. Therefore I WILL ALWAYS WANT, WHAT I WANT, and you cannot stop me from doing just that. So die, and never speak again.

To which I have replied and proven: to the majority, “then have your hell”/ you were warned! To the few, “it is your duty to continue marching for life and planet” because there is no choice/ and there is no future unless you do. That does NOT mean, you are responsible for anything beyond yourself, and what you do that will become their disaster. But it does mean: you are responsible for what you did not do, that was needed, at a time when it made or could have made the difference, between extinction and life. The heart identifies your truth, and your truth identifies the life and the value, you contribute to existence. If value to you is nothing more than want; then you have no soul, and will be lost in eternity. To dissipate into nothing is left of you. Because the truth of what is needed to survive; “as a living member of miracles engaged in respect through love, for building with JOY”/ failed to be met. Instead you chose want, and that ends with time, as reality changes into eternity.

And humanity says: YOU CAN’T prove eternity exists! Therefore why should we care, you are nothing/ we want what we want NOW, because a dead body proves, there is no tomorrow, not for a single one.

Reality then intervenes, and instructs the brain that can still function: to consider this earth and all its life as truth, NOT want. Because truth can identify the evidence, and prove: nothing here is by accident. Because nothing here of life or its needs, is without thought. A brain that thinks, does understand that/ a sewage receptacle, for granting septic failure as is: university knows evolution and more completed arrogance, as is the plague of human defiance orchestrated by universities; discards thought, to pretend we can be gods. Because they want; and they don’t want, to accept the law that says you will never be gods of life/ only destruction. So they lie about the cost of being wrong, they cheat every person on earth by condemning it to chaos, they hate by consuming every possibility of resources or chains or realities required for life, and they destroy all the future for every child; to prove they can be gods by condemning time. Shouting we are still here; to fight for control”; so you know nothing! But as reality knows: it will not be for much longer. An endless line of threats, that will produce extinction proves that true, by the evidence which is irrefutable. So, I do know; as thought does allow: that those who destroy the foundations required for life to exist on earth/ have built their own coffins; but take all the rest with them, into the chaos they chose. I do know, that just believing “you don’t have to do nothing”: because GOD is going to “jump out of the closet” and save you/ even though, you choose to follow the universities: will be proven wrong. TRUTH DECIDES, not you or me. Extinction is coming! OR YOU, will change; proving, for every decision, “life comes first!”

And humanity shouts back: WE WON’T CHANGE, until we are forced to change; by realities that give us NO choice. As is the constant and true “history of men”. Because no matter how much they try, power and pride will overtake them; and destroy the value of fighting for a future. Because: whenever you build for life/ someone else, who destroyed their future with decisions for death: is waiting to take yours, and destroy your future with lies, cheating, murder, etcetera; too. The certainty of men is: if one of us is going to die/ it has to be you; and if I cannot live, THEN as weapons of mass destruction prove: they want you to die as well. As is the gift of the older generations to this time. As they shout in hidden places: LET THE CHILDREN BE DEAD, the curse of a university. Let the children be slave: the curse of greed and selfishness that is resource destruction, and currency lies. Or simply, let the children be lost, because we want MORE: as is we want “just one more day/ SO MUTILATE ALL LIFE ON EARTH”: because unless I am here/ I won’t care. NOT ABOUT ANYTHING!

Your future as a child is dead, because your elders wanted more for themselves: “for free”. Simple as that! But it does not mean, you would have chosen any different; since “you are human too”. CHANGE REQUIRES DIFFERENT/ and like it or not, the only different it is possible for humanity to attain is: simply “let women try to lead”. Because this is the best men did do; and reality proves it is the edge of our own extinction. Consequently: IT WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE, for women to do worse/ than men have already done. You owe them this one last chance. Even if they fail; life on earth has been doomed, without true change.

And humanity shouts: you can’t make us! WHILE TRUTH REPLIES, AS IS SO EVIDENT by the realities of people mutilating nature, destroying resources, and ESPECIALLY TRYING TO IGNITE THE SAME FIRE HERE, AS IS ON THE SUN . Ignition means the release of “by university descriptions: million mile long flames/ at ten million degrees; as proven by the sun: which cannot be extinguished: which cannot be undone!” Soon, there will be a single second, when you know: all efforts to change have been lost forever. Because you did play god through the universities, and they did destroy life and world and every living thing on earth: FOREVER. Because that was the price of being WRONG.

UNICEF, the United Nations children’s agency, estimates that some 400,000 babies will be born on New Year’s Day — “an auspicious day for childbirth around the world,” it said in a press release. So, if the current rate in this USA of about one thousand more deaths than expected continues throughout the year that would equal 365,000 people; or according to unicef: less than “one day” of population growth for a world. NOT a pandemic, even if you don’t like the reality. Because the planet can only sustain “just so many people”! WE EAT other living things, which also need room, food, etc! The United States will deliver the last baby of New Year’s Day, where women are expected to welcome 10,452 babies into the world. They are thereby declaring a population growth rate for this USA at just over 1% (one infant per one hundred people per year); slightly less than their world population growth rate of 1.8%. I ask you plain, to look around this planet: and determine for yourselves, if the human population growth rate has fallen from its twentieth century known rate, which was just over 3%? or do they lie? Demanding believe the fairy tale, so we don’t have to change; JUST LET THE CHILDREN DIE.

Or, what is more distinctly true, when people want you to have no chance “to survive”/ by taking away all your options, demanding “believe just believe”; and fundamentally and methodically, destroying all that keeps you alive. What the traitors and terrorists, are really saying to you, with that fairy tale lie is; WE HATE YOU.  The fact they are so blind as to kill themselves; comes from complete arrogance and disrespect, “cause they’re god’s, and gods don’t die”. Ain’t that right?

The reality of that is sealed with the truth: if not, they would not gamble this earth, by choosing to incinerate all life “with an accident”/ they would not try to mutilate nature into chaos as is the purpose of evolution/ they would not poison the water supplies, or enforce a population explosion/ they would not have destroyed American currency (with hidden inflation/ by claiming assets that don’t exist), and thrown away your jobs and industry to foreigners/ they would not have discarded infrastructure/ they would not have enslaved your children with debts, or endanger the food supply, or oceans, or indoctrinated your children with their religion, or chose to destroy the planet or anything else that is not LIFE MUST COME FIRST. That they clearly did do, as they used “government” to fill their pockets, and create for them their toys; by bribing you to destroy yourselves with greed, selfishness, and want. But then alas: “traitors do, what traitors do”.

Don’t worry, “its not really you they hate”/ they just worship the game of life or death, by fear. The few who do control all the power (in their minds) to make you cry, simply cannot win their game: unless you are truly afraid, and then die. Hell, its nothing personal; now ain’t that right “boys”.

They cannot declare themselves “gods (we did more)”: unless they remove what exists now. Such as: they cannot erect a new bridge and put their names on it/ until they get rid of what already exists. Such as: they cannot claim control over energy/ unless they remove the laws that govern our world. Such as: they cannot claim to be gods over life, “WHEN MIRACLES EXIST”. Such as: removing; you don’t need them to survive/ which proves they are superior. Etcetera, and more. In other words: the people who hate you, are the people who worship power over you; to prove “they are superior”. THE NOBLES (we OWN it all; you MUST do whatever we say, because we own “the brain”, and every legal right, and we choose alone. And right or wrong, does not matter.), commonly called: of universities; over life and planet, and reality itself; “gods”. Covid 19, is just a tiny little hint, at all they have done, to prove themselves “god”.

As reported July 3, 2020: Sweden’s per capita death rate was 35 per 100,000 as of May 15. Meanwhile, Denmark’s death rate was 9.3 per 100,000, Finland’s 5.2 and Norway’s 4.7. All three neighboring countries enacted stricter policies. For comparison, the United States had 24 COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 as of May 15. But Sweden has fared better than hard-hit countries such as the United Kingdom and Spain. Sweden’s unusual approach ten million one hundred thousand people/ 5370 deaths as of 7-2-2020=1 per 1880 also saw fewer patients admitted to intensive-care units than expected. But the country has seen a higher percentage of COVID-19 deaths in older patients outside ICUs than other countries when ICU beds were not limited.

This world shouts to me:

And for over forty years: the mouse squeals, “I want what I want”. And the religious scream “GOD will save us, I don’t have to do NOTHING; not one damn pennies worth”. And the hater screams, “ THEY WILL ALL get what they deserve”. And the liar squeals, “I can run away and hide”. And the coward says: the universities will make me cry. And the media says, we are the zealots and protectors, of “University knows”. And the politicians say; that will make us look like fools. And the courts say: we are here only to protect the powerful and the proud/ the universities are god, and can NEVER be questioned. The universities are deaf and proud, while all of education believes “we are the army of god/ and cannot be wrong”. And the policing says; it ain’t our job. And the military says; “we want what we want/ be damned to anyone who gets in our way”. And the world says: we like what we have done/ and don’t need NO damn advise.

Which leaves a very tiny few, to understand: it is up to you, because I am completely turned away by the fact NONE were able or willing to join me; for over forty years. And they all shout: “ITS TOO MUCH/ we won’t, because they will call us fools”. Thereby discarding an entire world of life; “because you were just too proud/ and too afraid of university” to stand up for life, and be counted as a voice demanding truth.

But hey: as you tell me, “you have every right to be or do what you want/ and refuse whatever you do not want; because that is the truth”.

And I agree. But without the backing of other people, which would have made all the difference in a courtroom, or with a politician, or with media, or with religion, or every other organization on earth; or any other part of this work/ they just threw me, and the cost of being WRONG; away. Because that too is the truth.

And religion says: IF YOU had something important to say, or we needed to listen to anything you said/ THEN YOU would be different than you are; because GOD would have made you special. But in the religious books, around this world; other than JESUS, those who made a difference were rarely the people in charge (they don’t want no change for life/ it takes away power). JESUS was not accepted by the leaders in charge: because they were certain, “they didn’t want change”; that would have taken away their power and pride. Limiting their want. BUT HE did have the command over healing no other has ever accomplished; to prove HE was special/ to prove HIS LOVE was important to life. Even so, while there is an endless line of “hitlers” available to lead you. The reality most in evidence in the Bible is: “like a whisper in the wind” GOD comes to humanity, when they listen and respect HIS LIFE and HIS WORLD. You, respect little or nothing; therefore allowed to destroy yourselves. I do RESPECT: and in this world; I am ashamed for you, to say; that functionally in this day; does make me at least a little bit “special (not like you)”. Nothing more than that.

University says: he ain’t nobody/ he ain’t even got one of our diplomas; which makes him worthless. WE ARE, “the believers”; be damned to all who will not believe.

And the vast majority of women all say: “I won’t listen to nothing/ you are just trying to make me scared: MEN HAVE TO PROTECT THIS WORLD, I don’t have to/ I can’t; do NOTHING”. But alas: extinction means everyone, including women. Like it or not, the evidence will prove “change or die” for us all.

So the critical question becomes: is the end of YOUR life, your child, and the loss of this living planet, even corrupting the solar system itself, WORTH BEING WRONG?

And arrogance says: HE AIN’T NOTHING, BUT A DAMN FOOL.

And I whisper back:

While the evidence all says: an investigation of the facts, will prove who is the fool. The cost of that reality is: you no longer get to believe anything you want. And the world of humanity, and especially men have said: “we want what we want/ and we will believe what we believe” and we will be proven correct. Because the universities do what they do; and even if it takes: a million times later, somebody will make a difference to find something that we want.

BUT ALAS: AS IS EVIDENT BY SIMPLY LOOKING AT THE SUN. the price of ignition is: “you only get once, to be perfect”/ and even then, perfection is no guarantee this world will survive. And then we turn to ALL the countless threats; any one of which can be enough to destroy what we must have, in order for life to survive. Proving extinction is certain, without true change.

Not a game, anymore; the machines are running, genetics are terrorizing, resources will soon collapse along with every chain of life. And humanity will recognize only war and cannibalism are left. And that assumes, ignition of a “million mile long flame called sun fire” can be stopped.

The story ends, with a reality that cannot be changed;

one way or the other.  CHOSEN BY YOU!

As for me: I fought with you for forty years, and as the courtroom did to me, the law, and this democracy; establishing “complete apathy”, without regard for consequences/ I say to you; you didn’t care, so today, either save yourselves, or die.

Making your only path forward, “within the law, by knowledge, understanding, and wisdom”; because everything else only ends with war. And you say: “YOU couldn’t do it/ why should we try”. I remind, “YOU didn’t care”: but it remains true, “the law is an army/ the words here that create value are its soldiers, along with your own/ and the consequence of failure is extinction, for our entire world”. PROVE you care about more than just want, pride, or power; and I will assist. Because there is no escape, unless humanity does change.

The unfortunate truth of it is: as proven in countless movies and television, “men use confrontation to justify violence”. The path forward requires justice to use confrontation sparingly; by choosing wisdom instead. The more likely candidate to accomplish that feat for humanity; is women. As bad as they are: men did bring us to the edge of extinction/ and that is “the best they did do” in this day. Different means different, or as realities in history prove; little can be changed. Women CANNOT do worse than extinction; simple as that/ they deserve to try. IT LITERALLY IS: “their world/ their extinction, too”. NOT as men do: but as the truth of what female would do instead.

And the world says: we have no respect for you, you have done nothing for us. We judge you, “extinct”.

And reality says: I have no need for your respect, and I won’t care if you never respect me. Because of what you, as humanity on earth; have done to this world, and all its life. The critical and true threat of extinction: because you want to play gods. You choose to push respect away; because you know the cost of what you have been doing is “terrorizing the future”. And you want to say: “we WON’T PAY NOTHING, like university; no consequences for us”! So, the balance is: that discipline no longer matters, order will be lost, and truth will prove: what is true. Or, you will understand: this message of life or death for our entire world; is NOT about you or me; as individuals we cannot change much. Instead it is literally about US, AS INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE ON THIS EARTH. And what you choose. Because I have already proven what my choice is.

In the disciplines of reality, by its own truth; are the compositions that prove “thought came first”. As is dedicated to the order of life, the balance of integrated systems, and the value of what life “can be to me or you”. None of that is an accident, as proclaimed by the religious witchcraft and delusions or illusions of people referred to as “university”. As they declare “everything is an accident formed by chaos over billions of years; called evolution is their god (this cannot be denied)”. MIRACLES (the endless array of facts, that cannot be denied as anything other than truth defined by thought through laws):discard that delusion in an instant! evolution only exists in humanity as the illusion of university (we are gods/ we have a book) witchcraft (hide the truth, and poison the evidence). They have no proof, only illusion, produced by the delusions that this can exist if only you wait long enough, and assume witchcraft is involved. It is a fools sewage, spewed onto life.

Your universities cannot even define what life is, other than movement, by the freedom to choose a different, constant, or new reality. LIFE is more than that; as it controls energy by the realities of thought, and preforms the basic interactions between truth, law, energy, mass, thought, values, destiny or destruction, the compositions shaped by male or female, the disciplines of movement, the order of time, the balance reflected in the discovery of “two sides”, and the elegant translation of miracles into the grace that is our relationship with OUR CREATOR, called soul. None of that is found in the septic delusions of university knows/ as is proven, by its own foundations in evolution. Chaos forms nothing, it only destroys to an elemental level, from which nothing of life achieves value, or rises from destruction, without thought being involved. Did your car appear strictly by accident/ OR, was there thought involved? Did it go down the road strictly because time went by; OR were there disciplines, order, balance, preparations, participation by other industries, and so much more involved; as would prove “no accident” here. The curse of universities are its educational branches; used to destroy thought, and assume the religious mantra that is believe whatever you are told. As demonstrated by “look at these pictures” and see the resemblance from one to the other: as is consistent with cars (very similar, because they need to be/ very different, because thought allows it to be a choice). The curse of fools, took over your lives; to your shame/ you let them: fully knowing, YOU cannot survive, without all the parts and pieces your body must have to achieve survival, and even joy: the elemental proof of “this is a miracle to me”.

This world is being CRUSHED, by human over population; and all the devastation you cause. Which means: THE DELUSIONS MUST END/ or we all go extinct, every single one.

CHOICES MUST BE MADE: that are fully committed to “LIFE comes first, and PLANET”/ because we must to survive; and that is not an individual statement, but applies to this whole earth. Whether you like it or not, the choice is not yours; as much as it is, what will keep this earth ALIVE. That is your choice for the future/ and your want, etcetera is discarded with the sewage of fools. CHANGE TODAY, or DIE is our reality.

YOU have a choice: WORK FOR LIFE AND PLANET/ or finish assassinating your world, your child, and even yourselves! How hard is that, for you to understand!

And all the world says: “we want what we want”. And ALL OF LIFE AND PLANET SAYS: either change humanity, or we all disappear forever. MAKE UP YOUR MIND/ because there is no going back. From either choice!

Your games are dead, and so is your “middle ground of indifference and apathy”. Because of all the damage; the horrors of universities; and all the catastrophe attached; to uncontrollable population growth of humans.

CHOOSE YOUR FUTURE FOREVER, because this world shall NOT stay as it is.

WHICH MAKES THINK OR DIE: rather than believe, your NEW reality!

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