We look now, into the future: to recognize, there is only complete catastrophe as designed by “university knows”/ or there will be true change, as is consistent with all life deserves respect, for this entire planet; and the health as is distinct sustainability, without sacrifice for and of this earth come first. Humanity then comes in third, or less; because under university leadership, you absolutely didn’t care.

The catastrophe is: that every foundation of life and planet are under siege by “university leads”/ the cost of what university does, did, or at least takes credit for. We extend that, by recognizing there is no greater human influence on the planet nor its direction: than is male. So we combine them into the realities of cost; and find the following is true.

  1. Overpopulation of humanity, a growth rate at the constant historical average of 3%; means another 240 million more human mouths will appear over deaths per year: demanding food, water, resource, habitat, more. A reality denied by university; as a possibility to survive: but as is the constant of university purpose, “they LIED”. We cannot survive this, nor can the planet or its other life. Extinction is certain, and soon.
  2. The takeover by universities of the military; have built weapons of mass destruction so numerous and so deadly; that one simple misinterpretation, one asinine failure of human leadership (and there are so many)/ constructs a scenario that is the end of our world, in just a few minutes. World law, and world policing; TO END all weapons of mass destruction/ and other excessive traitorous acts by human being animal; are critical to survival. No more games; extinction.
  3. Endless poisoning and pollution of water, oceans, life, planet, everything: must be stopped. Because there is nothing else, than this planet to be our home. It is not a game; and just because you want your life to be “easy and rich”; has no bearing at all to a legal or democratic right. What this world needs comes first now; because more damage is not reversible: we will face our own extinction/ and that can be, and already is: proven true. The words: “hasn’t happened yet”/ is an assassination attempt on every child; because you know, IT WILL. Extinction.
  4. Nature is: the genetic structure of life through DNA; the reality of what builds a living body of life, for this whole living world. The monkeys at best of genetic research through mutilation and crucifixion of anything, and everything they can touch MUST END IMMEDIATELY; so that all of biology can remain. FAILURE MEANS; all of biology, including you, will be throw into chaos [the university demand, in worship of their god called evolution]. So stop them, or die a horrendous death; as is the cost of your apathy or outright cult worship for those who are “(university) gods of death”. They assume life will correct anything they do/ but like a disease, they constantly attack; and life itself can fail. Extinction.
  5. The four “R’s” of human endeavor as has been seen over the last few decades; is endless, the curse of men on life/ unless they are stopped. RAVAGED (let’s mutilate all biology; crucify and entire world, and play with energy like gods)/ RAPED (lets take every resource for ourselves)/ RANSACKED (we the universities, can hide complete ruin and human chaos: IN THE NUMBERS they can’t see; causing war. Proving we are the gods of TOYS)/& RUINED (every child should know: your future is their garbage: because that, is what they chose. NO RESOURCE-NO CHOICE/ NO LIFE). Are the bywords of human reality, the cost of animal worship as is the truth of human wants. Life has no meaning to a human animal; until death is at the door. Because the human animal wants more, and it lives in search of more/ rather than in search of life.
  6. The release of energy into all forms of heat; ARE, what causes global warming. THE EXCUSE of green house gases; is to remove the cause, and subject that reality of our planet, to the assumptions we need not refrain from anything we want/ or don’t want, to do. Little is less true. YOU MUST DO what this world needs for you to do, and that includes extreme behavioral change. Or extinction by horrors, will come. The demand to save these oceans (feed it/ clean it/ protect it/ respect it; or starve); is no less true, than to save the land, the water, the atmosphere, the wind (disconnected from the planet; because you cut down the trees: a 700 mph wind is coming). PROVE it is not so. Extinction
  7. leadership is NOT the answer; as that is what men have chosen to do throughout history; and reality will prove: the result of it is war. The distinct decisions, that are available through the critical passage of laws that will then protect our world and our everything: can only be done by ourselves. WE MUST DO THAT/ WE MUST CHOOSE THE LAWS, that define and protect life, society, and earth. Nothing less will do, because we must obey those laws; and that means the vast majority must agree and know what those laws are. Limited capitalism IS the method to protect ourselves from armies building by choice. Critical truth and understanding; by LAW: IS the method to protect ourselves from armies building; because they have no choice/ their resources are gone.
  8. Politics are largely dead; because the law works for us, thereby removing the leader with that law. The building of society, is then done with the choices we make with taxation; for very specific purposes: a percentage of the total collected; as we the people decide. The element of welfare, for all parties including universities; is disengaged. The jobs society will choose, available to all; shall go to the descriptions of endeavor that you will create for yourselves. Humanity hates that, because it removes the game/ and lets life be what life can be: a reality without trophies/ so there are no winners or losers. Which means the worst a human can become will rise/ unless you make it fall, and hide.
  9. Healthcare is simple: let none die for “small causes”/ let all die for major causes; because this world cannot support the population of humanity that already exists. Which does mean: SOMEBODY has to die/ or there can be no more children born. Who better than, as nature demands: the old/ sick/ malformed/ etc? Reality says: there is no such thing as a “winner (I won)” in life/ although being lucky in the roulette of how your body comes out, and what it can do; is a true thing (this was your gift, by nature/ by human choice in selecting a mate). The cost of it is simple: in order for us each to have “our own identity” in this world/ WE MUST be different than one another. That requires an endless search, to create those difference which make us individually recognizable “without sniffing each others ass”. The game is dead: the reality of choice, BECAUSE YOU CHOSE IT; has arrived.
  10. Religion is, “everybody gets/ what everybody wants”: until such time as one group believes it can overtake and control or remove the other groups, and become the superior ones “WINNER”. Which makes the majority of religion just a game, which people like to play; “my way is better than your way”. Every game is a detriment to the future; as our reality has surpassed the point of our survival unless: “playtime is over”. You need to gather together all the best information and knowledge of every religion; assembling for all, the greatest understanding we can account for by truth/ as well as the various assertions of people. And form a new religion that knows, what we do, and what we do not know; as fact/ and as a foundation to be searched. It is religion that should instigate a new language for this world; accepting the task: let the deaf decide what we need to know, IN ORDER TO COMMUNICATE effectively as best we can/ as an entire world of humanity in search of peace. Unfortunately religion and universities walk hand in hand: while collecting some useful data from time to time/ it is the interpretation of that data, and therefrom its use; that drags the whole thing into the gutter. Which is why religion finally chose to simply say “the book is god”. While universities continue to say “we are gods”/ but alas, only gods of death. Neither is useful for a future to life on earth: universities must “give up the spoiled child temperament of failure and fantasy or delusions”/ while religion must accept, that a book can only go so far; YOUR participation is necessary; and the search must include the assertion “if we let truth decide/ we can learn more”.
  11. Dividing the resources, which includes the future; IS NO EASY TASK/ because you cursed so much, as humanity fighting to be rich, to have slaves, and to have so much more: you can throw it all away. AS YOU HAVE DONE. Ultimately that means you will have to share/ you will have to care/ you will have to respect/ you will have to reuse, rebuild, renew, recycle, work and live in different ways, give up a large amount of freedoms to abuse and the toys, trophies, and trinkets you worship: in order to keep this earth alive. You will fail, and try again; doing better each time/ with real results; or go extinct. It is your choice, as a world.
  12. And all of humanity says: I WANT WHAT I WANT/ AND I DON’T WANT, what I don’t want. But the world itself replies: either you change so that life itself can remain on this planet/ or you die, and take this world with you. To solidify that argument: an accurate and true investigation of the consequences “to be wrong”/ that are applied to our lives and our existence by the threats so largely created by “university knows” MUST EXIST. In clear public forum, and with absolute truth, as best we can. So that everybody knows the price for being wrong. Extinction or life!

THE FUTURE IS NOW DEPENDENT UPON OUR HUMAN CHOICES; we have defeated nature through university controls; and that means nature no longer takes care of us/ we must take care of nature and earth or we die. Because we are so many people on earth; that soon, by any and all means of true threats: we will be extinct if we don’t. Because the point of no return: we CANNOT put back the things which keep us all alive/ will pass by. Even if you don’t realize it instantly; death will not be far behind. But your choices will not; pass the point of no return on many realities of life and living: we do, become the living dead.

Which makes this primarily a fight for the young/ or an inclusion by the old, because they know: it was their choices, which put this world at risk. And that does have eternal consequences. Step outside your comfort zone; and fight for your world, with law. Because nothing else, but law: will aid the journey we must take, to keep our world of life; alive. It is that simple, and the price of being wrong is extinction; and that means you have no choice/ except to choose death for this whole world, and all its young. “its future” everything. OR COMMUNICATE, THAT CHANGE MUST COME/ AND TO DO THAT, WE MUST KNOW: WHAT IS TRUE!

The human court is a constant source of failure; because the powerful run it, and they do control the judge, to insure only what the powerful want, shall be executed in that courtroom; as reality proves true, the law, democracy, fair play, etcetera does not matter. Because humanity worships money, pride, lust, and want. The only thing that changes the courtroom is a big enough herd of people standing outside the door; to enforce what they want. Media is suppose to be a mediator/ but it is a propagator of anything and everything the powerful do want, just like the cults of university, politics, and more: meaning It is not only without value/ but an enemy to life and society.

Even so; the herd is dead; in a world that nature no longer protects. Because the herd only wants what it wants/ or doesn’t want what it does not want; and that is not enough to sustain a planet. EVERY INDIVIDUAL DECISION matters, and if you don’t enforce the reality of what we can no longer survive as a world: “human to human”/ this world goes extinct. Because even a few, can undo what a great many strive to create. Life or death, is no longer a simple game of let nature do it/ nature is dying, and humanity is the threat. Either get up and work for life and planet: or it will soon not be necessary anymore/ as your days on earth will end.

Just the machines, which are trying to desperately ignite the same energy source here on earth as on the sun: prove that true. As reality states: same energy source equals same energy result: here on earth. Because fools can be wrong/ and the ignition of a nuclear fire, cannot be extinguished. LET THEM PROVE IN PUBLIC, WITH CLEAR EVIDENCE; that they can be wrong, and this earth survives. It ain’t no game. Just because they want a fire that does not produce greenhouse gases/ does not mean: reality will allow it. And they are playing with energies that burn our skin in summer from 91+million miles away/ with enough radiation to kill our world, if released inside this atmosphere.

Media means: the will and protection of the people exists, because the vast majority can participate/ and make their voices heard by the rest. That no longer exists in America; where all media participation is owned by a very tiny few: who can then determine “what, who, when, why, how, and where: ANY information is given”. Those who don’t comply are removed by the editor/ those who do whatever the liars want, will be given more power over you. Because the purpose of control “by news”; is manipulation/ temptation/ and abuse.

As is the constant in all forms of power; the universities are just men and women interested in collecting their toys, trinkets, and trophies/ and they don’t care how that is done, so long as they get “their share of the plunder”. The old way of believing the universities are your savior; is a sewer dump for fools. Belief is a terrible thing; as it washes away all contributions of truth and evidence: to assert very simply, “I believe/ because I want to believe”. Makes life very simple; but dying in a horrific crash is very simple too; just push down the car accelerator, and drive it into a concrete wall for instance. Truth will then prove to you: you were wrong/ belief is not enough.

{is covid 19 not an invasion of everything you think, do, say, work, family, friend, religion, organization, laws, rights, foundations of existence, homes, business, industry, and more?} just over one thousand deaths per day in America claimed to be covid 19 related; IS NOT a pandemic in a nation of 327 million people; its simply another disease.

While this may or may not be a disease of “natural causes”/ but is more likely a cause established by university mutilation of nature, poisoning nature, altering food supplies, or endless changes in chemistry caused by universities. The reality of it does not care, where it began. Today, the very old, compromised, and medically weak are being sorted out for death; as nature does in every aspect of this world environment. Because there are too many for life to be sustained, when it does not. Consequently to date: covid 19 can be assessed on a global scale as a good thing {I am 67 years old; and we all do have to die; fearing it won’t help}; even if individually it is a bad thing. What happens with the disease as it intermingles with the more healthy people and changes itself in accordance [just like the flu does]; will decide if this can be a pandemic or not. As to the rush for a vaccine: you DON’T know what the long term effects of this medicine, or any part of the medicines being used will become. And you won’t, until it becomes obvious; therefore too late to stop, just like another disease. The foundation of human intervention; while in the past, “the little things we could change were identified; just like antibiotics were found”: have all been done. Now, the more intricate realities of biology will come into play; the consequences of billions of elements involved/ instead of hundreds or less; are going to make “the universities” far less effective. Although like claiming “heart disease in women is catastrophic”; so they can get money, and the freedom to mutilate nature even more. THE REALITY of heart disease in women is: nobody dies of old age anymore. And like fire in a house; they blame anything that cannot be proven on electricity. If this disease were “global warming” the powerful don’t want no change; there would be endless experts claiming its just an aberration. Since covid 19 multiplies the power of the few, and consumes the power of the many: experts claim, FEAR THE WORLD/ HIDE IN YOUR DAMN COFFIN; WHERE ITS SAFE. “like fools”. Disease is disease: the spread of sexual diseases is even more significant than covid 19; so why is there no response?

of note, is the truth: when black lives matter to black people, they will congregate into their own cities, and take care of their own people; create their own jobs, and support each other: just like every other group. NOT simply blame other groups. Where we join; as is the truth of society: NOBODY gets to claim superiority. NOBODY proves that more than in policing: and to insure policing is done properly, we must all cooperate and create a BILL OF RIGHTS that establish, the rights and the punishment for both police and public. For ourselves; no waiting for someone else to do it for you: DO IT YOURSELVES, TOGETHER; and then vote on it, until you get not less than a seventy percent acceptance.This is then our law, and our rights.

The elemental truth of human existence is simply this: that it is easier to walk, hide from, or run away from realities you don’t want/ because “it will wait, who knows maybe I will even die before I must do what reality demands”. Of course that want, builds on a lie: that you can escape the truth of your own reality/ you cannot. Not even in death, because the only thing of you, that can survive into eternity is your truth. History is littered with the lies of humanity; you ran away, hid, etcetera; and it always ended in war/ because truth itself, will not die. Which does make everything you do, a very important decision you made, not only for life and society; but your own eternity.

You have run away from every important decision for life, world, and planet; in America and no doubt throughout the world of humanity; because it is easier than facing the acceptance of what reality now requires of us all. The powerful NEVER accept the need for change; because that takes something from them; and power never surrenders anything for someone else: it is, with few exceptions; the trophy of selfishness, and greed. Neither, will survive the eternal dimensions, of truth and law.

Throughout forty years +; Americans in particular, have run away from truth and reality; forcing the curse of greed and selfishness upon this nation, with everything they were willing to do. The demand for trophies, trinkets, or toys; a massive abyss they could not escape. The consequence being; they let the universities decide everything/ because the universities control the propaganda, education of children, politics, currency, and every other form of power that exists. Truth states: they had only one true plan as an university army, using religious tactics to subdue the people: to destroy this earth, this nation, and this world of life. Because that is what they have nearly accomplished. Trading money for numbers without reality (to force war)/ trading resources for garbage (to insure no future)/ trading life for poisons (death to every chain required for the living)/ genetic mutilation (to force chaos in nature)/ a population explosion (to insure cannibalism)/ even the machinery & intent; and trillions spent (inflation pays) to ignite the same “million mile long flames” as are on the sun; here on this earth (to insure extinction). And that does not include all the other tragedies and disgrace; as is the cost of “university knows”.

But people want to be believers, and so they are: because it is easy to believe, “you can literally have anything you want/ or don’t want” if you believe. And so they do; building walls around themselves to create their own little prison: YOU can’t come in here; not with truth, reality, justice, evidence, knowledge, understanding, consequences or ANYTHING that does not fit into their beliefs. As is the constant of religion itself; which is why and how universities get to be called the cult; and since their final assessment is death to our world by the actions or reactions they created: the religious word for their cult is SATAN. Believe it or not, it is fundamentally true; as the cost of their work is extinction to this world.

The direction of life is either love or hate; because that is the foundation upon which every other decision will be made. The decision of fundamental survival stands apart as “within the middle ground”; because it tries to stay in time, rather than accept the decisions that lead to eternity. Which makes time, functionally the choice of which direction will you personally choose; to prove, this is you? Or in the middle ground, it is simply which herd will you choose, or be forced to join; as animals do. To your shame, this world has changed now; and the middle ground has been erased. Eternity knows you as only one direction; you cannot sustain both love and hate: you will be lost, or you will honestly choose.

Because survival itself for our planet and our lives and your children, are no longer sustained by what human history has done in the past. Today, if you do not face your own reality, with truth instead of lies so constant throughout time; you will go extinct. Because the universities have insured that will become true; by methods few understand. Leaving this entire world on the edge of extinction; because they did play gods, and you let them; instead of standing up for truth itself. They beat you down with “we are the universities”, and then bribed the herd of animals to look away; to your shame. But they are not the universities: they are merely a handful of people “who write the books” all students are required to mimic and believe. As religions do. They are not some great organization of “minds over matter”; they are merely an endless line of people doing the same experiment millions of times (creating chaos/ crucifying life). Hoping someone will observe something, which all the rest can then claim to be as; we are “great”. Chaos is their god; ask any evolutionist “the college religion”. Yet chaos is the method of complete destruction, used to attack anything complex; and force it down to its most simple form. Universities say: that makes us understand/ but reality says, that undermines life and planet itself. Which is proven by the cost of consequences that stand in witness as threats so grievous, that we may have already past the point of no return; where life can rise again, with a future for even one child.

To the tiny few who may or may not work for life through this site; I offer you a little advise. The constant is, if you are not perfect/ then you must be a fraud: because if a fraud (not perfect) then whatever evidence, truth, consequences, or realities of we cannot be wrong: not even when it is life or death of a world, can simply be discarded as worthless. Because you are judged worthless, if not completely perfect, and everything you say is not one hundred plus percent correct; in the mind of that judge. So my advise to you is: do what you can for life, because it is your duty. But if judged, make it easy for that person to judge you even more; so they can then discard you. Because once discarded; you are not part of their life/ and they are no longer part of your life; and if that is not possible. Then there will come a time, when your judge will “boil over”; because the content here is: nothing less than news nobody really wants to hear. They all want to hear, believe, think, see, etc; whatever it is they want to hear, believe, think, see, etc: because that, is what a judge does. It is necessary, to separate from a judge as much as possible; because if you don’t being called worthless will come next; and that leads to all manner of tragedy, in the mind of a judge; including murder. Past that point the person making that judgment must then confront themselves: and they will then choose love or hate, as best they can. But what has been done/ has already been done. Fear is a cancer of the mind, if it lingers; and then causes harm.

If you are depressed, I remind you that the menu on top of this site; is available to answer many questions, bring about a number of serious discussions; if you are inclined to read it. Most are too lazy. Regardless: the foundation of all depressions, can be found in the simple words, “I don’t have what I want”. The critical answer is then very simple: “stop wanting what you do not have”; and depressions will go away. Choose what reality will give you, and remember: everyone, is about 97% whatever they received in birth, from genetics; and only the rest make us what is left of body defined by life. That is different in the mind; as about 50% is a gift, and all the rest must be cultivated by you. Do not pine for what you do not have; do the best you can with what you do have.

If you still cry for a different body or mind/ then the least you can do, is not give that body or base elements of a mind to the next generation; as would be consistent with a child, you made to come into this world. Yes they may have better than you; but they may also have less. The world is full, bear that in mind, with honesty. After all, nobody complains about having too much, or they want less: do what you can if you bring a child into this world, to give them the best you can. But understand this as well: pride is a terrible thing, as it leads, where no life should go.


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