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The art of living; is to construct a value beyond self, as will be defined as love.

The critical curse to be overcome: IF I DIE, or am unhappy/ THEN the world itself, means nothing to me! Or, more simply “I” am, the only thing that matters to me/ nothing else counts, to me. Which is the base foundation of selfishness itself.

Before we can love as is to accept, the value of life is beyond me; as an individual entity to be “made happy”. The elemental construction of living, begins with: “then if I am alone”/ I can never be, truly happy. Consequently it is not death, that confronts us with an ending/ but the consequence of that death which is separation from life itself.

We then ask: if death is a separation from life/ then what does that separation, as an identity constructed by freedom of my own decision; an entity separate but distinct, within life; “entitle me to be”? Or, more critically explained, the question is: life grants existence as a body/ the body demands existence is removed by death/ but is not life explained by the construction of thought, and is that thought, “its purpose and desire” not functionally identified by me? Leaving “me” the third and integral member of conception? Or more simply, “I want what I want/ and I don’t want, what I don’t want/ and you can’t make me want, what I don’t want”. Is NOT an element of life itself; but is distinct only to you, as your own choice, “outside the boundaries of what is simply, life itself”.

We then search conception, to identify what is truth? By its limits and boundaries. Life is: the existence of freedom, the action and reaction of time, the search for more, and the balance that grants peace through order and disciplines. Death is: the removal of body, to prove existence is no longer an action, reaction of time, or the possibilities to gain more in the context of earth. Identity is: “I had a choice/ and I made my own decision”. These are the elements of simple conception; as would be helpful in determining value.

The liars would have you believe: that everything about a living world, is based simply “by accident, over a billion years and more”. Disregarding everything that is based in thought, found by discovery, controlled by discipline, identified by order, balanced by truth, conceived by laws, or fundamental to the realities involved. Or more simply: they scream, “WE WANT LIES”/ and pursue hate, as constructed by chaos; as within their decision or purpose, for living. Fools follow, never questioning truth/ freedom allows it, because lies are not enough; to cost you life in time. Only the loss of eternity, happiness, and value. “what, could be more stupid”? Answer: making others fall into the delusions or fantasies, which took your own participation in life away: there is, “a price for that”.

Let us examine:

What is an identity, cherished by the value it creates? We must first begin with “space”, and the incremental structures which allow for it to be occupied. As life itself is an environmental adaption of energy/ we must occupy that space within the environment, by accomplishing the construction of what will be “formed from you”.

It is unnecessary to discuss “space, environment, energy, and structures”; because you are far too limited to understand/ as is the evidence of your threats accepted; for extinction. So, this is limited to “formed by you”. The critical conception is: the freedom to decide, as is separate, from the life given to you/ the body inhabited by you as is the space inhabited, and the energy formed for you in time. The critical reality is then: the conception of a decision that then identifies YOU. Or more distinctly, as an element conceived by time; what is the value you exhibit as a characterization of what your eternity could become. Value constructs life, by answering the singular question: does your desire form love/ does your purpose, sustain life?

There really is no questioning the value of love to life/ all those who believe it is a question, have chosen hate; and will be lost. Therefore the critical question is: when YOU are confronted with life and time, your answer to the decision of what must or should I DO; in terms of love. Is in fact the identity that decides what your contribution to eternity will become.

Here, we must assert, the “what and why” an eternity could exist; as it is an expression that cannot be proven apart from “the universe”. Or more distinctly, the reality of time, mass, space, energy, and laws which govern the universe itself; are distinct from the standpoint of “forever, has been proven true”. Even if chaos [the loss of discipline, order, and balance (evolution)], by its own description; is intermixed in the reality. Before laws {discipline/ order/ balance/ truth/ courage/ value/ love/ respect/ structures/ chains of life/ energy controlled/ and thought are constructed}: what is, “disaster coming”/ must be dealt with, in order for eternity to survive.

What is needed, has arrived. Why this is needed, cannot then be denied.

The list is very long as to needs for both life and universe; simply look into your own body to understand: IF EVERYTHING is not basically perfect/ there will be chaos. Chaos is the destruction of everything complex; and the body, life, planet, and even universe is complex by its very nature of being sustained. That in itself, has destroyed every possibility of evolution: as you need it all (body, heart, lungs, organs, skin, blood, stomach, acids, ETCETERA)/ or life cannot exist. Same is true for all manner of order, and the disciplines which sustain it through balanced actions and reactions that allow for peace and harmony to exist. Therefore we come to existence as the relationship which must create, in order to defeat chaos (your university god).

Life is a relationship with energy, confined by space, balanced by thought, and integrated with the freedom, that you as an identity separate from the rest; do exist. Making the body, is a house/ life is an opportunity based within a relationship conceived by governing energy/ and space is the distinction of what we did do with time “like writing on a wall; this is, who I am”. It can then be said, “that we occupy space, as our only connection with the reality, of who and what we are.” Life allows for more/ but identity does not, unless eternity grants you that permission.

So then this space, that is occupied by your time: is the identity you create. What then do you value, as the desire of your soul (a relationship with life and its call to eternity)? That begins with the purposes of your heart (the value you place upon living, with friends). Or, more distinctly: what is the writing of your heart and the living of your art, in the creation of your own “Infinite world”.

Life begins and ends within a controlled environment; death which awaits us all, removes that environment, and demands: whatever truth has provided for you, is now “the infinity of your existence”/ because truth survives. Even if you do not. That, in and of itself, is a conception: but it does not complete the reality, until a relationship is born. So the question is: what can truth become, if it does survive as the identity you chose to create? Value enters here.

We begin with hate; as is the birthplace of chaos/ you will disintegrate, dependent upon punishment earned. We turn to apathy, as is the dissolution of time into, the emptiness of space itself. We identify “the fear to live/ the fear to die; as a purgatory (a prison) for those who just could not choose for themselves; but remained without a commitment to love or hate. We consider mercy: the possibilities of life “in a different world, among those most like you”. And then we conceive of eternity, as the gate beyond which life can return, as the truth you chose to create. To achieve that value, you must travel back into creation itself, [the cost of death] with the life that gave you existence/ and is now returning to its source. If you are found worthy by the truth which you created for yourself/ the reality of gaining control over your own existence, can be made real.

Here, we construct “friend”; as the concept of Creation controls the value of your heart. Without an element of eternity to the existence of life itself/ time constructs animal, and nothing more. In the grace of heart and soul, religions form the basis of looking beyond an animal; to find or search for something more. Therefore they do have value; even if not a critical participation beyond time. Friend means: I am not alone, another life shares with me, because they care for me, that I should remain as a participant in their time, and they in mine. In terms of time; it is not the accumulation of people that crowd around, so that you have an excuse not to search for your own identity. But instead, it is the essence of why you desire both life and love, that gives rise to the elegant definitions called soul. “the heart” is that essence, and reality turns the reflection of what we see within ourselves, into an action or reaction that then defines what our participation can and will be. The unfortunate truth of animals is, they can only participate as a herd. Which means, they want the crowd; not the love. Or more distinctly they are searching for trophies, toys, and trinkets; TO WIN/ rather than to ascend into the grace and truth of what we can choose to become; as the friend of life itself.

Respect identifies and solidifies, what you choose to be within your heart as the evidence which defines you. If there is no respect, there is no heart to be found; only animal, and its various lusts, greed’s, and selfishness.

Where there is truth, there is respect; because truth is not found, or created, for free. Not in love or hate; only in animal.

So, we write with our blood, the values we are willing to sustain by our truths. We write with our love, the very essence that living can or will mean to life itself. We write with our soul, the grace that is, “I THANK YOU, as my GOD “; for all that you have meant to me. I write to my savior as is JESUS as written within the bible; the truth, it is you, that guided me into life beyond self.

Some will ask: WHAT, happens to an infant that dies; and thereby has had no time, to understand or decide what their own truth might be? The answer to that is: they will become “the living artwork” of everyone who made a difference in that life.

As to death itself, and why? The reality is, that nature builds a body of life/ and realities assigned by nature take it away. That is the essence of liberty, or more distinctly the reality of chance and risk, by your own truths; which include environment and hereditary; that will decide.

Forgiveness can cover a multitude of sins/ but it only exists within a living soul, a reality of repentance formed by the relationship you have earned with your Creator.

I have seen purgatory; a place without hope. I have not seen what mercy will do, in relationships “with another world”/ I am only allowed to know, these exist.

As for me, the value of my life as a man; has been or is being replaced with the questions that lead to woman. Not because I chose it; I simply desired to ask a question; many years ago. “it did not go as planned”. But nonetheless, the ascension of life itself, as a participation in both forms of energy {both push and pull} as are completed by the identities of “male and female”: constructs a very different view of life; by the forms and foundations that I have been allowed to view. The critical discoveries, that allow for life to become “completely free” in eternity; are simply not to be missed. They have value, beyond the form of male or female; and it becomes a quest to understand “the second half” of life; by destiny. The shapes, desires, and complications of what can truth do, where love is alive. I DID MY JOB for you/ what is left, is a preparation for eternity. Although my reality has now, proven to be: the spiritual world of female, has far more control than me. I literally cannot predict how that turns out, as I have little connection with the essence called female. Not a gamble; but it was an invitation of sorts, I cannot necessarily refuse. “its complicated”! I am literally just doing the best I can; accepting the reality of life as change is required of me. 

What I can tell you of the difference between male and female is: “tits are weird”, on the inside; male has no words to describe them, no connection to what they are; and that is only the beginning.

      Perhaps it is, an element of force; to prove to you that your change, “want it or not”:  is required of you, as well.

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