the war


The art (I can paint a better picture than you) of war; is deception. Or more distinctly; by enveloping what is important into a fantasy or delusion/ I then lead you into the crucible of where you die. Evolution is that fantasy/ the assertions we need not change from the leadership of universities; is that delusion. The crucible of failure that is their deceit: will be extinction itself.

By controlling media, to propagate the valueless delusions of universities; the constant parade of NEVER question your leaders/ NEVER doubt the sanctity of what the universities say (they have a book): SIMPLY BELIEVE, and you will be saved by their superiority of intelligence. As is the foundation of all religion; asserts like all religion, that belief is enough, no matter what that belief is: to identify what is true. But alas belief is, by its very nature of existence: the decision to accept whatever you want to be true/ must then be true, because that is what you want. Want is, the foundation of every lie; because its purpose is to deny truth, and accept that want you want will become true, by deception, manipulation, temptation, hate, fear, threat, fantasy, or any other method of forced change that is available to humanity. Alas truth is truth, and it is not subject to human wants; other than what will or will not become true in human.

Of all things “university; we changed this world/ to what we want”. The reality is, that universities intelligence; whether by theft or lies or an actual contribution: has changed this world/ and will soon have changed it into a completely different experience. That is utterly irreversible; because that “is what they chose”.

So it is absolutely necessary to investigate and determine what they did do; prior to the irreparable truth, that will become our extinction. Among the foundations of university filth, fantasy, and delusions most severe: is the extreme arrogance and utter contempt for life, as is every decision to bring chaos (hate/ death/ poisons/ the end of diversity/ pollution/ loss of every resource/ end of chains that make life possible/ water destruction/ food corruption/ energy without control/ disrespect for OUR CREATOR; and much more) into this world.

Where the opposite reality of university knows is: the clear and certain balance of nature, discipline of life, order of living, truth of intelligent investigation, thought forming the conceptions that exist, freedom to express and experience, life choices, the elegant transformation of love into hope and joy; and so much more of value, that it is conceived of as “heaven, even an eternity to come”.

The only comparison between life, and the elegance of living with nature/ and the cost of accepting university is: LIFE OR ITS DEATH, by university cursed decision. BECAUSE it is clear to see by the evidence, that any existence of thought would plainly see by the evidence: this as universities have built, will not last long. They are, the death of this planet called earth/ and it may in fact be too late already, to turn back what they have done to survive. Soon it will be forever, a living world sacrificed to extreme arrogance, and “the lack of a brain”/ the art of war, proven against our world called: “university wins”. So how did or do, they do it? And as every religion knows: NEVER LET THE PEOPLE INVESTIGATE or learn what is true for themselves; because that, “would make them human (we are more)”/ instead of a herd of animals (only want matters to me/ us).

As all the evidence will prove: it is the universities that have had their way “for the last hundred years” or so. Proving what they can and did do; as is the evidence of our world is in fact dying; and we cannot let that continue, or we go extinct. And all the people say: WE DON’T WANT TO DIE/ therefore the universities helped us, and they are great, “let them be gods”. But alas: now faced with a population growing at the historical average of 3% (over the last century); that means another quarter of a billion infants over deaths; will arrive to be fed and more just this year. A reality none can deny is the ending of life on earth. So it turns out; that death is your only salvation/ unless you learn and accept true zero population control, and less than that as a means to return to balance; so that nature itself can survive. Consequently not your saviors/ just tempters, to lead you into chaos: as is “we cannot survive this”. Because what you want, has nothing to do with truth.

The curse of evolution: WE WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THE REALITY OF TRUTH; we can play gods now; and make our own decisions with life and world. AS THEY DID DO. But alas: trillions of tons of poisons, pollution’s, radiation, resource destruction, habitat extinction, life losses, ocean devastation, atmospheric horrors, planetary alterations, genetic mutilations, “satanic energy experimentation’s”; and more. Has proven beyond any realistic doubt: that the future is completely certain, as chosen by university leadership: EXTINCTION COMES QUICKLY NOW. Death is their contribution/ chaos is their god, as is found in the foundation of their religion called evolution. And the herd of animals, who sold their very soul: for greed/ lies/ want/ selfishness/ hatred/ the assassination of every child, and even the world itself; so they could play “little gods”; by claiming trophies, toys, and trinkets are enough. Will soon find themselves in the vomit and diarrhea of what the universities did do, with their assistance. Making them the followers, that made hell on earth possible.

SO I SEARCH ONLY, for the remaining tiny few; that did not sacrifice their brain to the delusions of war/ and the fantasies of ridiculous belief, that is “satanic (we can be gods) worship”. Of these few that are left standing among the pollution of fools; I am searching only for those who can accept the price of life: is a fight for truth/ that they must enter in, to prove: LIFE IS IN FACT, worth my decision to be what, reality calls me to be.

REALITY DEMANDS: THERE MUST BE AN INVESTIGATION OF THE FACTS, THAT THREATEN OUR WORLD/ and a clear discovery of why, what, how, who, and where did all these threats come from. So as to be certain: we do, what we must do; to close that door forever/ and protect what does have value, BY THE CERTAINTY OF ITS OWN TRUTH.

REALITY DEMANDS: that only truth can decide/ not want or theory or any form of fantasy or religion; only what truth itself can and does prove.

REALITY DEMANDS: only by the evidence of true value; can we make a decision that changes the natural world/ and its future.

REALITY DEMANDS: that we assist the creation of truth, by understanding the knowledge that can be assembled. But by no means, is that understanding allowed to gamble with our world, its life, or its future. As is the command: NEVER PLAY gods, again. Search, but no disrespect for all that this world is.

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Jim Osterbur

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