Power is either like a bad storm/ or a slow sprinkle of rain that will not stop, or just keeps coming back: to prove, you cannot do what you need to do, for yourself: one way or another “we consume you”. More distinctly covid 19; is the disgrace of leadership as it takes control over life and society. Even trying to take control over this world; by university says, leadership. Thereby moving from a reality of freedom/ to the cult (university is god) controls everything. Wherein they get to decide/ they get to use, own, lead, manipulate, tempt, abuse, or any other reality of disgrace as has been constant with all tyranny (we rule you) throughout history. Every rule, is designed to isolate someone from the rest/ unlike laws which are intended to be about and for everyone. A rule is about controlling someone, or many by designing “an imaginary line in the sand: beyond here, we play god with you”. Every tyrant worships the rules; because with rules you measure; and with measurements you judge, and then play god. Power is the intent, to play god; and since men and women cannot build to any degree/ they learn quickly they can destroy, and in that destruction: they can make people fear, which then proves they are god of death. A reality of hate, that is one of the two directions allowed to life. Where there is love, there is very little power, and very few rules; because we build life with values that make it happy and true to the decisions that we make for the future of all life. Hate which is the opposite of that; obviously does what love despises; and hides that effort, until they feel in complete control through weapons.

So, like raindrops in a quiet “spring rain”; the rules invade our lives as with covid 19/ and suck out the value of living, by reshaping life and society into the fears that will then prove “like weapons”; EITHER OBEY or we measure you as the enemy, and that gives us the right, to consume you for being “free”.

When people assume they can protect themselves from death, by simply assigning something trivial as their savior. They then see their enemy as the ones who do not accept that savior/ as their salvation from death. Consequently it becomes easy and simple to measure and judge those, who are not “following the rules”. And that becomes we must follow the rules even more specifically, because that keeps us safe.

But life is not governed by a set of rules, life is governed by the acceptance of risk; and risk is governed by the assembly of what is true. Therefore all decisions as are a part of life and living must be governed by truth (what the law of reality will prove)/ not by rules (we measure you/ and all who disobey, shall be judged). There are only two things you can do with judgment: measure them as the enemy or worthless/ or measure them as “gods”, which enables the stalker and like conceptions to emerge; until reality comes; which enables murder instead.

Society exists, because it enables us all to do “one little thing” to survive; rather than doing every single thing, as is needed to survive, without other people to help you. It protects us when ill, and guards against extreme behaviors with laws and enforcement of what we all agree; is in our best interest. None of that exists in covid 19; as the reality is not about truth and information/ as dictated by the consequences of this occurrence. Instead It is, as can be clearly seen: the deliberate actions of those in leadership who want to take control over everything, and set themselves up as gods. Who then prove they can destroy us all, by taking any form of threat, and making it into an army or horde of terrorists who must make us fear. The constant media event is; FEAR/ FEAR/ FEAR/ FEAR/ NEVER FORGET: FEAR DAMN YOU! Which is, the foundation of all tyranny; as history will prove.

It is, as with all exercises in taking control over life and society; a question of why? The answer is: human animals need an excuse or reason to live, therefore they create a game/ and in that game, there are only two trophies that matter. One is I win/ you are the loser. The other is, if you don’t bow down to me as the winner/ then I judge you worthless, and since I am the superior one: I judge you dead, a disease that must be snuffed out. As every judgment comes with the truth: you cannot build love this way/ but you can destroy with hate. And the vast majority of people who worship the demand for “winner”/ choose hate. It makes them believe, they are superior; and that is why they choose it: “to believe” they are gods (compared to you)/ or with tyrants who did take control, they believe they are god; simple as that. Because warriors obey them, and will kill you to prove it. Why? Because enemy warriors want an excuse to kill/ while hero warriors, will only fight for life, as consistent with peace and harmony. See the difference?

Ever since the beginning of recorded time: we see the struggle between those who take, choosing hate/ and those who work for life and family, which elevates love. Those who hate, fail to work and make decisions that will accomplish their goals/ leaving them without what they want or need. So they attack those who do better, and take what they chose to accomplish for their lives. And that is the simple explanation of all human history. Those who could not or would not, failed themselves/ and were then forced to accept: either we kill those who did what life needed for them to do/ or we die. Armies formed, when populations grew; and made forcing slavery on just a few much harder to do.

Today the critical curse of a human population explosion; has now given us “the university as god”. Because they made some of that population increase possible; healthcare is an example/ extreme resource destruction another reality. Because it is hate that rules; and it is hate that exhumes from a university, to influence and control all leadership. Turning the rest into slaves, as has been the constant of human life; wherever any large amount of people, or density of living exists. Today the weapon is a disease/ and the army (DO WHAT WE SAY) trying to take control is, a foundation of capitulation (we are the superior ones)/ do what we say, DAMN YOU. Or soon if the disease ramps up a bit; we will make you the enemy; and every enemy should die. As is the constant and true historical solution of men.

Reality states: NO MAN OR UNIVERSITY can play god claiming to be superior to the rest, by knowledge or any other aspect of leadership; as is let the herd follow me. Every (we are the same) herd then believes it is superior to the rest/ and either forces the others out, or considers them to be either predators, or to be trampled upon.

REALITY KNOWS: that it is not the man or woman that can be superior/ rather knowledge itself can attain a higher degree of purity, which when understood properly, can then lead to a better relationship with the consequences of what we face. The universities all say: WE ARE the ones who know truth/ therefore we lead! But reality proves, they are the least in many regards of reality; because the consequences they have created all point to extinction. That is then following the “gods of death”/ into HELL, and HORRORS.

Which leaves us with the singular conclusion: we must identify as humanity on this earth, what is true for ourselves/ because we are now so many people, anything less than “sufficient purity” of our reality: WILL END with our own extinction. Because the evidence will prove that is true. The only way forward is then: to use our authority as life, and lives, and planet, and future ARE in danger. To establish a trial, and within that investigation of truth; we the people must determine for ourselves, the critical path of life or death that we will take. Because to be even a little more or less, than this absolutely “NEEDS TO BE TRUE”; is a failure for all life on earth. Less costs us a world/ more becomes a distraction, when we all need to focus on survival, instead of anything else; so the children are not assassinated, by what you did, or did not do.

Truth is not to be dictated by a tiny few; because life or death for a world is now being decided by what we all choose to do. Or fail to respect; as our own choice.

There are endless (more than anyone wants to deal with) threats; that will result in catastrophe and hell on earth. Because that, is what the universities chose, by completely discarding life, earth, and reality from all decisions that they made. By their taking over governments (nobody but a diploma). By their taking control over business (we decide/ and have now removed the competition by this covid 19). By taking control over industry claiming MINE, MINE, MINE with regard to every resource; and commanding “let the children DIE”. By taking control over every courtroom (be damned with democracy/ we are better). By taking control over media: every fantasy/ every delusion/ every form of cult worship SHALL BE WORSHIPED. By taking control over religion (god is dead/ let evolution lead). By taking control over education (make us slaves, memorize and obey: BELIEVE or be cast aside to beg or die). By taking over currency: MAKE REALITY INTO THEIR COFFIN. By taking over the military with weapons of mass destruction. By destroying every possibility of life by survival on earth; so the masses all fall down in worship of “the university alone, can save you”; as they then consume this entire living world by chaos in [genetics/ energy/ chains of life/oceans/ oxygen depletion/ global warming/ poison/ pollution/ resource lost/ habitat destroyed/ the rise of hate/ the curse of debt/ the lies of traitors and terrorists/ the threat of an entire planet BURNING; and more], as is their chosen god. And so on. The game is dead; leaving the only question: being buried alive, can you breathe/ or will you fight back with truth comes first. We the people will now choose, for ourselves/ as best we can.

Unfortunately, life on earth has changed: from nature takes care of us all/ into, the descent of what universities did choose as our ending, the destruction of our living world, called planet earth. Life is no longer “whatever you want”/ nor is it a game you are allowed to play. Rather life or death stares us directly in the face; as a decision we must now make for ourselves/ because we have overcome nature, changed the environment of earth, and become the greatest danger our world could imagine. Because nothing the universities chose; involved or were related to: respect for life or planet. Instead, they chose to play god/ even believing they were gods, as the mutilation of all life through genetics/ the assertion “we can control the sun energy”, as is machines to ignite that here/ and more. They worship chaos as their god, through evolution/ and chaos is what they have brought to life on earth.

No you can’t “save them all”; as reality proves: too many of any species/ simply becomes the death of every species. Without true birth control and zero population rise; there is no purpose in trying to save whatever is left. That is a human decision, that involves all of humanity; and it cannot be dismissed or discarded.

No you cannot mutilate nature and survive. No you cannot play with energies beyond what is safe for this world. No you must not assassinate every child with resource destruction. No you cannot dismiss reality, just because you want too. No you cannot fantasize or lie about your currency; war erupts. No you cannot have weapons of mass destruction/ only world law, as created by all “we the people on earth”. And so much more it is pathetic; “thanks to, universities play god”. Alas, they have proven to be only; “gods of death”. They are so arrogant, and so blatantly proud, and so utterly consumed by the demand for power; that they will not surrender what they want/ not even for a world. Which means, there will be a fight/ and then there will be a war; and the difference between life or death for our world: is what happens right now. As in taking away their weapons, so as to limit their destruction. “without a microscope, or a computer, or a machine, or electricity”: etcetera.

What we can do, is to invite them: TO PROVE WHAT IS TRUE! Simple as that, those who believe they have the answer, are always willing to tell you what to think. But when faced with real questions, and real evidence, and real consequences for their beliefs; that dynamic changes to fear. Because being wrong does have consequences for them too/ no more hiding behind the door. Out in full view, to all: as is, prove the truth.

The fundamental is: LIFE IS NOT, about what you want/ because want uses lies, to manipulate truth, corrupt reality, consume the consequences by hiding, or it runs away from anything you don’t want; by believing whatever you do want. None of which allows truth, to simply be truth. Noted is the truth: humanity “loves a fantasy”, because they believe in the rules. By creating rules, they then get to have whatever the fantasy displays, because with rules, they get to be gods. And that means: they can actually have what the fantasy promises. Reality disagrees, and as such: the conflict between what can and cannot be, begins. But forever it will remain true: only truth itself, will survive.

Instead: the foundation of living is: that truth leads to a destiny in life and living which supports and defends happiness through peace and justice. Truth is a family of compositions that make us all better, by creating joy. Truth becomes the path beyond ourselves into Creation, as it builds in the essence of love what we need to know, to understand, and to achieve by wisdom as we ascend into the blessings of what truth can provide for even an eternity. Because truth alone survives, it is the platform for life beyond the grave.

Of things that should be taught: is a lesson from a long time ago, for me. Searching for the spiritual world, I was finally invited, by the presence of “an image in the sky”: an illusion of sorts that constructed the question, is this real? So, I questioned the image, in all manner and ways, arriving at the conclusion: this is not REAL enough, to be true. But then it questioned me: with a decision, that I could not answer with complete certainty. So, I decided “just to be safe”/ I would remove the issue, that was uncertain. Leading too a long list of consequences, only one of which had value. To enter within the spiritual world, it is absolutely necessary: to accept what is true for you, and for life. Because anything less would be used against you. That does mean: all decisions must be made to establish your own identity with truth that is sustainable by your own choices. That does mean: the difference between knowing what can or should be done is limited, with wisdom must lead. Wherever a true decision cannot be made: then you must wait, until understanding and knowledge find a way to be sure. While it is not in our composition to be “absolutely certain”/ as there is no significant purity here. It is also true, that respect for the realities which are known to be true; give critical insight into the decisions that we must make, in order to survive and continue on into the world of life, beyond ourselves.

You should remember: that unlike the constant human decision, to demand “I know/ when in fact like gossip, you know very very little”; the reality of a spiritual world is: that is not enough. FAILURE is inherent in the decision, which is to believe you can lead and choose; when in fact reality does not agree.

You should understand that forgiveness is only granted to those who do repent of what they did do, that was clearly not justified or valued. Without repentance as is: “I will make amends/ I will never do that again/ I will learn; and so on”; it is not repentance, and forgiveness will not come. Consequently while forgiveness is necessary to maintain any long term relationship on earth; your decision to forgive is determined by the reality of respect that is fundamentally fair, and justified. Your decision to forgive, remembers the fact: you, are not perfect either/ be honest, kind, and gentle as the situation deserves.

You should understand, that perfection is not attainable; and every effort to make it come true, is because you want (the foundation of every lie) more than life and truth will give you. Discarding the value already achieved. The critical purpose of life, is to attain survive-ability; and then happiness, by the decisions that you choose to make. We are not perfect, accept it; and understand that you will never deserve “eternity”; because it is not yours to give or to earn. Only through mercy can we accept, within the boundaries and limits of respect; identified by love. Want is an enemy, pride the demand for perfection is never a friend: accept your own limits and boundaries, and let love itself be your friend. Love is found, in the creation of your own design: because it is “the best, you can be”. Love is not perfect/ love is, cherished; a heart that sings because of joy. Joy does not measure or judge, it is what it is.

We then turn, to the disciplines of religious prophecy, I prefer Christian to the rest. Christianity assembles the biblical book of Revelation as its prediction of what will happen when the end comes for life on earth; as this is a finite planet/ that is only basic and thereby true. Order comes first: as the book of Revelation is divided into two distinct parts. The first eleven chapters is about what happens if men are allowed to rule the last days/ while the last chapters starting at twelve rule what happens if women rule this earth. If men rule, there is no hope; as all that they have done is to prepare for wars, by producing destruction; and that war will then end life on earth, as destruction proves failure.

We are in the later part of Revelation today: at the precipice between life and death, will be determined by the choices that are made.

The critical question is: can we as life and earth survive this time of potential chaos, and ultimately change that will then decide life or death; and what that will become. The answer is: “yours”/ not mine, as the choice is for all of humanity, not me.

You cannot avoid the question: IF HUMANITY WILL CHANGE, SO THEY CAN CONTINUE TO LIVE ON EARTH? Because everything that has been done, will force you into that reality of change; either for life/ or by death.

So the critical question is: are you too proud to search for truth/ and do you want so much, that reality will be sacrificed for a few trinkets, toys, and trophies. The answer to both, up to this date is: yes too proud/ and reality is sacrificed, as your garbage mountains prove. That does mean: time has run out, and the critical decision proving your choice; will be made. Because you cannot escape your realities. Past the point of no return: there will be no future, for a single one.

The old testament book of Daniel 12 started with “the great abomination”: nothing could be more of an abomination than to threaten this entire planet by trying to ignite the same fire here as is on the sun/ which threatens this solar system as well; with another sun, for being wrong. That is the great abomination: it rose as a threat on April 1st 2012; the first experiment, with the first machine that could ignite atoms on fire, “just like the sun”. Whether you believe that or not it is true. The ending of Daniel 12, by the countdown of days is then in the spring of 2021.

But we are governed by the book of Revelation, unless you make no commitment to change, refusing reality as you have done in the past. Or more simply: the end is near/ because all the evidence says so. We are not condemned by any religious prophecy as that is not its purpose. We are informed: IF YOU DON’T CHOOSE BETTER THAN THIS; as is predicted/ then you will fall into the chaos you chose instead.

Predictions are for the religious; as they are intended to stand in the breech; and fight for life because “they know, we must”. Unfortunately, the cult of university knows; owns religion, and it worships chaos.

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