The elemental presence of time, discovers the three parts to existence: as the force to confront/ the force to bind/ and the comprehension of force, that makes energy move; as completed by an identity. Therefore eternity becomes the quest, to either conquer or continue within the energies that exist, by conceiving of a creation that includes the value of existence itself. Thought comes here, as existence surfaces within the decisions that make life free.

It is the fundamentals, of discipline and order, that construct self. It is the balance that discovers freedom, which becomes our presence in the value of living. But it is respect, that allows for life, to have a home. So the critical journey of eternity becomes: as is the essence of female,,, the binding principles that conform in sequence, to create and define: the boundaries and limits of what can be allowed, here in the presence of life without struggle. What is vital to life, is the cause for living; and without the confrontation of energy itself; the elemental rise that is “one step at a time” beyond our existence; that lifts life into eternity. Eternity is NOT a given; because it is your eternity; and you must inherit within your own soul, the desire to live it. Therefore the critical passage between time and life eternal: is the creation of a value, that will not be denied by the foundations we choose to identify ourselves. Every human knows, life is not free, for male or female. Every human learns: the struggle to define ourselves will include the passage between what is want, a surrender to death/ and what is truth, an elevation to life. Life in time is a body that we inhabit, as an animal based in moments of function chosen by ourselves, or inflicted upon us by others, or life itself. Every animal is a listing of wants, and within those wants it defines its life and living. Every human being alive; elevates his or herself, into the creation of passages beyond time; so as to achieve a conception of eternity, that is, or is not true; based on religion/ or based upon truth. Religion provides belief (don’t question, believe). Truth questions everything, and provides the stepping stones that will become the door into a spiritual world. What we must learn: is how to combine thought with energy, so as to survive the essence of forces beyond what we can expect as human. Religion offers mercy; the right to pass beyond the worst of these forces: simply because we accepted the truth, “ GOD CREATED ME/ YOU”. Even so, the passage beyond time; is the occurrence that our own truths, now govern our eternity. Death means: truth for you, cannot be changed further. We then understand: to elevate ourselves, we must identify the purpose of time, the cost and consequences of body, the value of love, the destinies of thought, and the desire that will accept living is eternal; by our own choices. THE RESPECT inherent, to participation beyond ourselves; is first elevated in the gender roles of male and female. Failure here, can be seen as tragedy for you.

Because it is unexpected, the journey to contribute, continues for a time. “past the gate”; laws must be obeyed. The elemental purpose is then to define and create the fundamentals of female existence, thereby understanding the interactions between the two forces which comprise our universe. Participation begins: with the question of gender roles, and the conception of “why do these parts exist/ or what do they represent; and how is that important to eternity”? The initial response is: that female becomes a home in the creation of energy as “the body of life”/ while male elements, becomes the presence of “heat”, as is the conduction from time to life. Critical to that understanding is the desire for male presence in female/ because it cannot be forced. The question then revolves around freedom, and the presence of that freedom in life itself. In turn, the question of male revolves around the quest for a home; the value of someplace safe and friendly, where life cannot be threatened by time or other consequences of energy. The elevation of both life forces is then recognized to be, an invaluable or unlimited asset to the other; so long as they are true to the desire of life itself. Without love, there is no distinct value to living or life. Therefore it is love that decides if male and female can coexist. We begin here, by parting ways with “animal”; and learning of truth, by experiencing or expressing love.

The critical role of male, etcetera; in all things life, is a construction of where do we go, from here. And will be dealt with, whenever I so choose.

Let’s be simple for now. Answering the dilemma: what is life, beyond the essence of time, where the organization of “simple cells”; presents the freedoms called a body. The critical answer within that description is the organization/ or order arranged within a complex set of boundaries and limits; by which freedoms to understand decision, dimension, desire, truth and consequences, love and hate, thought and the passage between life and death all arise to distinguish the simple element: that life, is a living within the purposes which keep these relationships with self, from drifting apart. Rather like the skin of your body keeps the essence of what is inside, even though it is much more important than skin: from dying. You need each one, to make the other alive/ as is true of all things inherent to life itself. We then have described an environment, as is time modulated into creation; and its inhabitant, as is called self.

Biological complexity presents, the living called a body of life; which simply means that chaos has been removed. Limits and boundaries are the in-habitation of a specific environment; and that means, not only order and discipline have been found or implemented to give this conception, shape and context/ but balance is achieved. Balance is the beginning of knowledge, as is consistent within: the freedoms associated with thought. So the critical question arises: if a body is life by measurements/ then what is the elemental shift, that gives freedom in time? The conceptual answer is isolation; because within the grip of life itself/ there is only the distinction of space, and purpose, and the potential of thought. So the journey begins, because there is no solution without it. Here the question of life itself rises, within the quest that is a solution. But before it begins, a decision must form: to seek life itself. Complexity then does rise, as the passage between life and death must be found.

I have reconsidered, as it is futile to “talk to the animals”/ at 67 years old now; what matters to me, is life or death of a world/ and my own eternity. Your concerns are selfishness, greed, lust, arrogance, power, pride, want, and hate; all of which, have no value to me. You are who you are. Just as I am, who I am. The critical time shall soon pass forever by.

But you have pride (arrogance and greed)/ you have power (selfishness and violence)/ you have lust (let’s be animals)/ you have want (lies, hatred, manipulation, temptations, corruption, collusion, and war)/ you have universities who play god (reality cannot touch us, we have fantasy and delusions; we make people BELIEVE, so they no brain). Don’t you understand; “we own the world, and everything in it” as is the scream: MINE, ITS ALL MINE. A reality that removes truth, therefrom you die forever; because that is what you chose.

This world is like the scenario: of a man who cuts down a section of forest, leaving the very best trees, to replant the area over time. Yet hidden just behind the rock; are hordes of men/ all of which are waiting to cut down the trees needed for replanting; because they want what they want/ and the only way they get what they want is to steal from the environment, the habitat of everything; what it needs to survive. And they all scream “we are gods”/ while the owner says, “it was worthless, to leave anything for life”; the future is dead. Every threat defined is enough to make this world extinct. Yet even if you resolved to fight for life itself/ unless the human population explosion ends: there will be ONLY HELL to come, soon; one way or the other/ as it has been predicted. A reality of choices/ NOT a sentencing of death: YOUR lack of respect. SINCE YOU worship pride, power, want, and easily fall into hate; THE ODDS of your survival are very weak. You worship your games, and disrespect life and planet; making further fighting for you, as pointless as your hate. Only truth survives/ only love matters to eternity.

The fundamental is simple: either you find a brain, instead of cult worshiping the universities: and recognize the evidence of your own reality is consistent with extinction of this world. CHANGING WHAT MUST BE CHANGED, in order for you and life on earth to survive. OR, you do not, and every horror imaginable will come. Either way, I did my job, and did prepare for you what have now become “the most powerful words ever written”; as they speak to changing life on earth, so that it will survive by truth. They are not the most important words ever written: as those belong only to the biblical description of JESUS as is called the Christ (the one, who proved the value and reality of love, respect, and eternity).

That literally did, change this world/ and saved it from hate.

The critical question to survive, in the realities of this day is: basically everything the universities taught you (we want everything/ and will take it) to do, is wrong/ as is the constant description of men in charge as has been going on for thousands of years. This is the best they did do, and we stand on the edge of extinction.

That would mean: you simply define everything that universities and men have been doing/ and change all that into what will respect life, planet, and living with a future for our world. The unfortunate truth is: an endless amount of damage has already been done/ and it will be no easy task to undo any of it. Nonetheless, there is no other way; because our earth is a finite place, and fantasy aside: we have nowhere else to go. This world is saved, or we go extinct: simple as that.

Nature can no longer fix itself; you have destroyed too much.

Universities can no longer govern themselves: they proved to be terrorists.

The planet cannot be discarded; because you don’t care/ choose to care.

No weapons of mass destruction can be allowed; choose world law and policing

no opportunity exists to continue unless zero population of humanity and less can be found. It is a woman’s choice/ men will provide “the money.”

the water supply cannot be poisoned, without an apocalypse

the food supply cannot be put at risk, without catastrophe and war

nature cannot be mutilated without Armageddon (nature in chaos)

the planet cannot be disengaged from the atmosphere, due to forest losses

you cannot continue with air-conditioning/ it is the primary cause of global warming; and real world insulating must result.

It is a finite world, and the future has needs like you: NO MORE GARBAGE MOUNTAINS/ the resources shall be protected.

Every living thing on earth has value, and you don’t know how much/ because you are not gods, and never will be. Therefore be very careful about losing anything.

Stop being bastards, whores, failures, fools, tragedies, liars, hateful, and all the rest; or you war/ because that is what you chose.

SAVE THE OCEAN LIFE, or you starve and war beyond descriptions of sanity.

Choose truth, not want; and live accordingly, even if it is not what you believe you want. Truth survives/ want does not.

Share the blessings; so that you can be happy. Protect justice, so there will be peace; or tragedy will come.

Construct opportunities to care about each other, so that value will protect each one. Choose a bill of rights, and enforce it.

Make your own laws/ because whosoever makes the law, RULES THE WORLD. Leaders only lead, when allowed/ or they have weapons and warriors to enforce slavery. THE LAW RULES, when the people make it their own. Without weapons and warriors; as are limited by world law (we the people decide) and world (from every nation)/ the cause and cost of military rules is over.

People make rules to play god over you; limit them.

Use limited capitalism; to create a new world/ where the very rich no longer exist.

Separate hate from love; because these are, the only two real choices for life. Everything else is simply survival or die.

Separate government into its pieces: so that each can be controlled individually, by vote. Separate war into our decision; whosoever is in charge shall protect and defend our border/ but not go beyond until we the people have had our say, by vote.

Separate the various groups into their own designated areas: because the moments are coming, when just because you failed yourselves/ that does not mean, we are going to sacrifice ourselves, or the future of our children. You fail/ you pay: not us. Nothing less will work.

Choose the price of life ends here, “in your medical disaster”/ because we are too many for any other way.

Choose the social security is a percentage of GDP/ because it is a reward for what you did do; and if that ain’t nothing for the future/ then you deserve nothing for your past.

Choose and enforce: man and woman are equal, throughout this earth. Ensure it is a reality you protect and enforce with clear truth, and consequences. NOBODY gets beyond what is fair/ but everybody gets justice, as truth expects happiness and respect, would be; for both.

Teach properly, NOT cult worship and control; as is the constant of “america”.

Let religion find its soul, and establish truth as best we can: learning from each one/ the best we can be.

Choose to create a new world language: let the deaf, identify what needs to be, and what needs to be done. Give every nation “some of the words” to be created as new or same; but used here as your contribution (keep it simple).

GIVE THE CHILDREN THEIR CHANCE; or eternity will cause yours to fail.

The foundation of a new world exists ONLY when a different perspective is found to govern it. That functionally would mean: give women a chance to change this world/ because without change, there will be no world for you, or any life to survive. Ultimately not only justice and truth must prevail/ but the elevation of male and female from a game; into a destiny shaped by what we chose.

The very first lesson in that journey is to understand: don’t lie/ don’t cheat/ don’t steal/ don’t tempt/ don’t manipulate/ don’t threaten pregnancy/ don’t chain/ don’t control/ don’t abuse/ don’t use or disrespect/ don’t judge or measure/ don’t assume, just ask/ don’t use sex, cherish it as your contribution to our discovery of who and what we can be, in each other as lives shared, because we chose to care. Don’t use religion to get your way, or deny someone else theirs/ don’t use hypnosis to convince yourself that all is fair in love or war (it is not)/ don’t demand a trophy or use a child as your excuse/ don’t believe life is for your wants, it is not (it is for love)/ don’t forget to listen, and accept participation means; TO SHARE the choices we make. Don’t make each other a slave, do your share. Don’t hide the truth/ don’t use money for a crutch/ don’t give away, take or claim, what is mine/ don’t behave: choose/ don’t hide in emotion, accept reality/ don’t overspend/ don’t force me to make a decision, I have already told you is I won’t/ don’t believe you have a right, that I do not/ don’t assemble purposes for me, that are not mine/ don’t shape my future, nor let me shape yours; we must choose as one/ don’t ridicule, even if you can/ don’t shape our relationship, with stories of someone else/ don’t share sickness with me/ don’t run away, when I need you/ don’t run to someone else first, tell me what is wrong.

DO share your love, in ways that can never do you harm. DO care for me, even as a mother would do; if I need honestly; work and life can be hard; family should be easy and safe, because it is shared as caring will prove. DO understand; that sex is a value to be shared: NOT a chemical to be released: the difference is, we both enjoy each other/ our hearts learn to live with each other. DO accept what I can provide. DO learn how to be happy, with me; “moments count”.   And that, is just the beginning. NO, it is not “free and easy”/ rather it is learning to be trusted and true, within respect and value.

As to me, I am not a decision for you to make; “just a messenger” or mailman if you prefer. I am not what you expected, nor are you what I expected; as I considered from the start, “you just didn’t know/ you just didn’t understand enough”. But you did, and you wanted what you wanted anyway. Regardless of the consequences, that I did prove true substantially and with merit. If we take an accounting: you achieved most of the greed and selfishness you desired; “be damned to the future”/ was the price you chose to pay. I instead fought to learn, how best to blockade this road with knowledge, that you did not care to hear. You were happy mostly in your games and trophies/ toys and trinkets. I experienced “substantial joy”; but the majority of life was given to pain (physical elements), and the realities of working alone. It taught me how to focus, and be disciplined with orderly thoughts; as that was needed to survive: I recommend it to no one/ only a fool would try. You were busy building, without the slightest concern for a future on earth; with extreme pride, and the demand to win. I was changing, and rearranging life and whatever was needed: to enforce this is not a game you can win; you laughed and ridiculed; even refusing the law. Women would be a reality that could no longer be touched; as I learned very early, “I am pregnant: even when not/ even without intercourse” was going to chain my life. No trust developed, and I quit; which after a few years made me neurotic (like a woman)/ and then faced the truth, no more indecision; no more want: yes to sex and women/ or no, this is done. My work is more important to me, was the answer. Accused of many things; none true/ but people want to categorize; and one tiny scrap of information was more than enough “to write a book”. People got tired of being afraid, and lashed out. Religion was “touched on”; but became less, than absolute truth. Therefore I searched “with heart and soul”. The words are many, because unlike you; I refused to surrender a world/ and must do the best I can; it is not a game. Simple as that. I provide information of me: so none can be confused, or make up their own story; about who I am.


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