you can’t


YOU CAN’T; is a statement of value/ as it points directly to the things which have no possibility of sustaining life or earth. Therefore change will occur/ or extinction will follow quickly; because you have taken the extremes of want, and produced a world that will not survive. The curse of tyrants, forcing you to hide from reality; with endless propaganda that is designed to disguise and distract from, “what is our truth”.

  1. You can’t; survive the ignition of a nuclear fire/ there are no second chances; no do it over; it burns the bond in atoms. Just like a chemical fire burns the bond in molecules that are resistant to each other.
  2. You can’t; survive universities changing nature into chaos; as is their chosen god of evolution built life one piece at a time/ purely by accident, without a tool, a brain, or the slightest thing beyond water or rocks. Go ahead make something out of rocks; are you not smarter than “a fantasy” organism?
  3. You can’t; survive the loss of resources/ that is a deliberate assassination of the future; just to create your garbage mountains; and a momentary job.
  4. You can’t; survive the destruction of every chain of life that makes living possible through habitat and every other source of base line chemicals that a living body of complex life will need.
  5. You can’t; survive the destruction of oceans; by all means humanly possible/ you will starve, war, and turn into cannibals. Because that is the truth.
  6. You can’t; survive over population of humanity; as every mouth to feed: requires more from this earth and all its life/ than will be possible to maintain.
  7. You can’t; survive global warming; which means you must stop doing what you are doing, and choose for life. Without the ice; there is no possibility of cooling the planet in summer. Without cooling your plants and land life dies. Without ice in the oceans; a major source of baseline food sources, for ocean life will disappear. No more air conditioning is only the beginning.
  8. You can’t; survive the loss of oxygen by all the fires you create/ even a small loss in oxygen concentration within the atmosphere, makes life much harder. Oxygen is an element; which means you can’t create it/ you can only release it. Proof already exists; that is not so easy as you believe it is to do.
  9. You can’t; survive the loss of trees which provide an interlock between the atmosphere and this planet mass. Once the atmosphere detaches from the planet surface; winds will begin to accelerate as proven on other planet surfaces. Reminding you: the equator turns at over one thousand miles per hour.
  10. You can’t; survive the endless pollution and poisoning so constant with human decisions in this day. Without water to drink; you’re dead/ or must move. With endless population that will be impossible/ and that will mean horrendous wars.
  11. You can’t; survive genetic manipulation of anything nature provides: it is a curse, and as already beginning to prove true, it is a Pandora’s box of horrors. That are just the beginning of HELL.
  12. You can’t; survive the complete disrespect of everything! Your universities have decided they can be gods; by taking your currency and destroying its value/ taking your infrastructure, and letting it destroy itself/ taking your children and teaching them to be dead inside, without a brain as all religious cults try to do/ THE LIST OF THIS IS JUST ENDLESS, as your university gods take life, into the grave with themselves, in charge. They have no brain; just a very simple minded want/ or none of this would be true. And it is all proven, or will be proven true.
  13. Because these are the choices you made, in following them. The critical truth here is VERY SIMPLE: your gods at university, industry, military and more have all been mutilating nature for over fifty years now; and that does not even include the poisoning, pollution, etcetera. The foundation for endless pandemics has been achieved; “pandora’s box” exists; with all manner of: “this is what Armageddon (nature in chaos) was predicted to be”; catastrophes’. As to where did the current covid 19 virus come from: answer is, anywhere in the world (just put it in the mail: who would know), just about impossible to track down! Because, even students can do it now; and even more people with just a little knowledge can participate. And anyone paying attention knows: the university cheerleaders, have been shouting, “lets all mutilate something”. To bring “evolution back”/ don’t worry, in a billion years or so, “it will be great”! That is what humanity has been doing, teaching, and demanding: after all, “there are no consequences for a university”. With the Crispr technology: it has become very easy to create endless biological catastrophes. But then there is every other form of catastrophe, hidden behind the universities door/ and waiting to attack. We are in fact surrounded with threats that can easily make our world extinct. Biological collapse into chaos: which is exactly what universities have been trying to do for fifty years; is just around the corner, and there will be NO place to hide. But its ok; cause there are weapons of mass destruction/ and igniting atoms on fire/ the collapse of the food and water supplies/ swallowed by pollution and garbage; just like the fish. Oh wait; soon there will be “none of those either”; because that, is what you chose under full and complete “university rules”. That, is just a tiny peek under the covers; but of course, as always: “YOU don’t care”.It will be great; after all, who wants “birds, snakes, turtles, frogs, butterflies, insects (a base line food source), small mammals, amphibians, fish, reptiles, or any other part of life”; all gone here. Sixty years ago, this was a different place: before the green desert, and all its poisons took over. But hey; after all, WE ARE HUMAN/ and YOU don’t need nothing else. Its all just a waste of time; stealing our money! Ain’t that so? Not to worry, the Yellowstone super volcano; will explode soon/ after all, worldwide, its just a billion deaths or so; who cares right. You sure ain’t going to let no damn gas underneath it escape/ cause the university is god; and they say no. “Got to protect the environment”; after all “its yellowstone park”/ you can’t do nothing there: HOW DARE you suggest such a thing. “he’s such a damn fool; stupid writer”/ ain’t that so?
  14. And all the world said: you can’t make us do anything/ we won’t learn anything/ we want what we want, & we don’t want nothing to do with what you say/ we are going to be rich, & don’t you do nothing to stop or change that/ we don’t care/ the universities are god & you are nothing/ nobody wants you OR, “your GOD “. get lost, you damn fool. Or, they just ran away to hide.
  15. Even so; an entire world of life is at stake, including your own children; and I have continued my journey to the end. Because extinction matters.THESE ARE: THE LAST DAYS OF CHOICE ON EARTH/ and the curse of “university gods”, to keep you contained into extinction. Is to make you fear, the only slight threat that is covid 19/ to distract you from the reality of all the real threats of actual extinction; that have you surrounded. Either pick up your head, to search for life and truth; investigate reality: or die. Even you, can understand the costs of what is written above. Even you, can understand: the universities will not save you from all “the things you wanted”/ and all the things you chose NOT to: “want to know”. Even though, they are the core truths describing is this world can survive. You are believers: which means, we don’t give a damn about truth or reality/ because we believe whatever we want to. And we don’t believe whatever we want too. And nothing else matters, because we have formed ourselves into a herd of believers; to keep “people like you” OUT. Because we have a right, to believe whatever we want/ therefore you can’t make us believe anything we choose not to believe. PERIOD. And so it is; as reality changes from a living world/ into a dying world; that cannot be stopped. I REMIND YOU AGAIN: DON’T BELIEVE ME! RATHER INVESTIGATE AND BELIEVE THE EVIDENCE, BY ASSEMBLING THE TRUTH OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE WRONG. Your want, cannot save you! Like a hurricane, what you don’t want; is irrelevant and worthless/ because you cannot stop a truth.YOU believe the only things that matter are what you want/ or don’t want. Unfortunately for you; the only things that matter, have nothing to do with what you believe you want or don’t want. Because it is your want, that makes this world, border on extinction. It is what you don’t want, that will determine life or death for this planet; because the middle easy ground is dead. And that, will soon pass away, past the point of no return: without true change. You can hide/ but you can’t run away, from an entire planet facing extinction; because of what you did do. Accepting the fact that you were wrong/ makes no difference; when reality proves death will come. But hey, listen to me; I write as if anything mattered but your pride. WANT A SAMPLE?
    1. Stop the universities, and prove what the consequences of being wrong are.
    2. Stop global warming: turn off your air conditioning/ insulate/ etc.
    3. stop destroying everything
    4. prepare dead human bodies for fish food; because the ocean is now starving/ and then so will you.
    5. Accept the future has rights
    6. use limited capitalism and world law and policing to change this world
    7. do what needs to be done; whether you like it or not. America should be especially proud; you have proven what good cult members you are/ never asking, nor questioning what you are told to believe. Even surrendering your face, your business, your home, your schooling, your job, your future, your world; to those who have performed perfectly: as now they control, absolutely everything, and you can be their true slave, begging, and selling your life. But don’t worry at least your safe, from a “kills one in 3270 people or so” disease.  why its terrifying!   After all: “can’t take that risk”;  why I am so sacred, ready to faint/ and everyone of those damn people not wearing a mask; should be shot: SO THERE! Don’t worry, “they discovered a sugar pill, to cure that disease”. Don’t worry, there is lot’s more to come with university in charge, and all opposition destroyed.  NOW, with robots taking control/ computers deciding if you are allowed to buy food; why shucks, you got lots of numbers; but no control/ everybody forced to join the cult of university knows or bow down;  and much more. “it will be great”; right? Its called law (they do whatever they want)/ and justice (as gods they get to decide EVERYTHING); until you are dead. Then truth decides. Just for the sake of it; “I watched most of nova first 4 billion years” of; witch-doctor based, fantasy and delusions. Very little can be proven true; yet the cult demands you believe. “colored lights, and movie making; don’t make anything simply true”. But you aren’t worth my time in discussing more correct conceptions. You have no brain; as is proven by the assumptions, that are believed “of evolution”. Produce a court case: whereby the evidence must be examined for proven facts (not theory), and I and others, will talk. Beyond that, when reality, as is the true evidence of this day; has been accurately assessed: we can talk theory or conceptions, in true public court. YOU WILL go first; establishing exactly what you can prove/ and then you may offer what you believe in theory. When you are done, establishing that is so. THEN, it will be “my turn”.NO MOVIES, NO DRAMA: SIMPLE classic courtroom evidence, as can be understood and recognized by the public: as the decision to explain as best we can/ exactly what the information that has been gathered will prove. The theory that bears significant merit so as to be considered plausible by how that could be so; or better will allow. The cost of being wrong, will be included.Strictly as if it were a murder trial: only the evidence of reality, NO embellishing the truth, no altering the evidence, no assumptions or theories or creating something out of nothing, just because you want too. Some might argue, “we have a brain”/ but alas, reality proves “being a monkey” does not qualify, as complex thought patterns, purposes, desires, conceptions, love, or other; its just animal, as you chose in evolution, and universities, to be. Reality proves: that every form of life is a relationship created in thought/ every form of balance created through living, is a design of thought/ every possibility of environment that gives birth to the elements of time in life; is a development of thought/ every elevation of life into love, the desire for living; is greater than thought (because it sustains life)/ every conception of order, balance, disciplines, and purpose that is a living body of life itself; as proven by time: comes from thought. Every aspect of respect is an acceptance, “within thought, we can achieve a purpose higher than ourselves”, because the possibilities of an eternity do exist. And yet the universities insist, “they cannot be more than monkeys/ because they refuse to think”; and must simply act or react as the sewer spews out their name on a diploma. Hardly a design that can function with order/ or fundamentally accept discipline/ while all their assertions for balance is as “dead man walking; zombie”. And yet these are “the leaders”; as the herd of humanity wants whatever it wants/ and it don’t want no damn responsibility or respect to life itself; as that is last “on the list of man”. Proven by all the endless threats, that will make life on this earth extinct. Because that, is what men and their universities chose. Women prefer “to just go along”/ so they can blame men for all their troubles; although that statement exists, because men have always stood in their way. Even so, as has been proven by women I have known: they are not really much different than men. Given the possibility of pride/ power/ want/ and more of what makes life a tragedy; their response is largely, the same. Don’t worry, the cost of being a fool (we want to be monkeys) is extinction/ not long to wait. Don’t worry, the cost of being liar is: no more truth, you past the point of no return/ and are at death’s door. Don’t worry, the cost of being traitor is: no other life left on earth; its just humanity, and “the cannibals”. Don’t worry, the cost of being terrorists is: now you get what you deserve, crucifying life/ igniting the world on fire/ why HELL, “its all good, after all YOU CHOSE IT”. And did not one damn thing to avoid the truth of your own reality, as is proven by your own decisions: HIDE/ HIDE/ HIDE/ RUN AWAY/ DON’T DO NOTHING, as is the constant of those who fear; and will be removed from eternity. Etcetera/ etcetera/ etcetera. Oh, pardon me: I forgot you get respect/ after all, only gods can destroy an entire living world/ or even threaten a solar system itself, by producing another sun. yes sir: “YOU, are the winners”/ even though life was not a game. You can’t call that “thinking”; so I end with the sewers are leaking, even though it does detract from “monkeys”!The satanic toxins that are the poisoning of life/ the destruction of a planet, by all means and methods available through the universities: and their theft of currency, politics, and every version of freedom or rights throughout society and the world of humanity: to play their games of death. Are over now, the games are dead; even if you don’t know it/ the opening door into all elements as described by the worst of biblical prophecy will now begin. Because the end result of killing a world with arrogance, and absolute apathy; because you are believers, and can never investigate your gods at “university knows”; is the end of this world. You had your chance; and you said: HELL NO, the universities are god. Because that, “is what you want”. The destruction of all genetic life/ the destruction of all balance/ the destruction of all resources/ the destruction of all order and discipline/ the dissolution of all respect/ and the opening grave of complete failure to life; comes next. As is the reward of your gods, to life on earth; as you seep into the slime, and then fire; that will come. It is after all, “your choice”. As all believers shout: “NOTHING can make me doubt, what I believe”/ not truth/ not evidence/ not rights or freedoms or consequences or laws or failure/ NOTHING can make me question what I choose to believe; as is “the universities are god”. Alas religion (I am a believer); in this most toxic of all its possibilities; as is university is god; destroys us all. Your game is dead. NO, it is not my job to “save you”/ it was your job: to investigate and prove the price of being wrong; as is “find a brain”. You refused. NO, it is not my job to “save you”/ it was your job: to investigate and prove the price of being wrong; as is “find a brain”. You refused. NO, IT IS NOT, my job to make you afraid; you do that, with your own truth. No, you cannot make all the threats which surround you go away, “simply by killing me”/ I am merely the messenger; you are the threat, as university/ or as their believers who cannot even muster a single purpose beyond “HIDE, RUN AWAY, HIDE”; this is not what I want. No, it is not “a brave new world” universities bring you: it is Armageddon. No, it is not, “save them all”; that universities profess as your right/ it is the Apocalypse; as reality proves the lack of water is now life or death. No, it is not a game: as CERN begins to slice and dice this world of atomic order; “like a chainsaw”. No, it is not “just for fun”; as ignition of atoms into nuclear fire erupts. No, it is not wealth, just because you have an endless supply of numbers; which have proven to be the biggest liars of all/ it is war. No, you will not get out free; “for crucifying an entire living world”. No, you will not escape eternity; without paying for the curse, corruption, and absolute disrespect that is, the vast majority of human existence on earth. Yes, if the point of no return has not pasted; IT IS, extremely close. The need to wait has disappeared.Just so, there can be NO DELUSIONS: I did spend my life, fighting to avoid all these things/ demanding investigate the cost of BEING WRONG/ identifying the means and methods by which change could come/ offering, the possibilities of help; and spending what was to become my lifetime. Because you simply would not listen to any truth, not any evidence, not the slightest cost of being wrong: because the universities own your soul. That is to your shame, not mine. I did do what life allowed me to do. I cannot offer “a billion dollar marketing campaign”; it is not of value, because if a few cannot be convinced with reality; as life did prove/ more will simply “circle the herd” to insure, and prove: not a single word is heard.Every person then says: “I CAN’T”/ not even if the law can! NOT EVEN for all life on earth!Because if you wait: nature itself will be mutilated into death and disease/ the planet itself will become a sun/ every child will be assassinated/ and every option to stop the madness, will be over. That is, the price of failure! While the courts all say: “you AIN’T nobody/ so the law, or the reality don’t matter”. NOT EVEN, “life or death for our world” is enough, to question rather than believe; the university is god. Truth and evidence are only found by universities; nobody matters “but them”. The end of it for the majority being: if you don’t lead/ then I can’t follow. But if I lead: you will fail to change yourselves/ and the earth will fail: because the real threat includes “humanity itself”. Only the law (you choose) can save this earth/ and ONLY IF GOD SAVES YOU now. Because you have chosen to damage so much; by believing in university knows. By believing they can put back, or do over; the things they destroy; even though that is absolutely untrue! That too, is entirely about you/ NOT me. You are believers/ I, simply follow the evidence, to wherever it leads; and let truth by knowledge, understanding, and wisdom decide what I must do next. That has always been:  “we cannot let these people be WRONG”.  Because it is:  life or death for our world! Making the cause of this work: primarily about what universities do.Extinction for life on earth; was never my desire. In contrast: by all that universities have done; it is theirs. their god after all, by their own decision called evolution:  IS CHAOS.     Even though chaos can only destroy.The end result of it is: that people don’t want to know/ what they don’t want to know; because that requires them to change, and they don’t want to change. Just like a believer cannot accept truth nor evidence; because that would threaten their belief/ and the last thing they want, is to lose their beliefs; even if proven wrong. It is their safety prison; where the screaming is “you can’t get me here”. Not even when it is flooding with water, and they will soon drown. Reality has proven: even if I can drag you out of your hole “with a bulldozer of truth”/ it is rare and almost nonexistent; that within a few moments that same person, even after admitting they were wrong; the evidence is true. They will still race back into their hole; because fear is an enemy they cannot defeat. I, nor truth and reality; can defeat what you believe you want; as was proven to me in the very first year. I cannot defeat religious cult worship with evidence, no matter how powerful, or accurate that was: because you don’t want/ what you don’t want. I cannot defeat the herd, because the herd only knows “predator or prey”/ and I don’t fit in either category; which makes all of them angry, separated/ we don’t care; or afraid. I cannot defeat your fears; because you believe that fear, will save you. I can only tell you: we are surrounded by threats, as proven by the evidence. That nearly all consequences: will result in extinction or horrors and then extinction; with no possibility even a tiny few could remain alive on earth. Not a game, reality. Our only defense is to investigate for truth, and identify the price for being WRONG. Making changes as life itself requires us to do. NOTHING IS SO CERTAIN OF THAT; AS IS TRYING TO IGNITE A NUCLEAR FIRE HERE ON EARTH; the worst being
    8. You have refused, to consider the truth: there are NO SECOND CHANCES/ no going back in time to remove what has been done. No survival possible, not in energy/ not in nature/ not in resource or life or planet or ocean, or habitat or anything you have done to our world. In response, I have moved back: “into preparations for my own eternity”. Just so its clear: I do not condemn you/ or judge humanity, or its cause, “you want what you want/ and you don’t want what you don’t want; and I have no right to tell you you can’t have what you want/ or refuse what you don’t want. Because that is what freedom is! As is true of all things. Unfortunately for you and our world; humanity rests upon the common trait and consensus of universities everywhere, as is: “NO DAMN CONSEQUENCES for us/ we can do anything we want; as in play god”. That will be proven wrong, for all. Even the unborn. Neither do I condemn the universities; as this is the choice of all humanity; to follow you, to your reward. Freedom allows it in time; even if your wrong. But not, in eternity; only truth decides there! Just so its clear: there will be no “winning or losing” for me/ as I do not play games with life or planet. Only you do that. Eternity will judge me; as to whether I did do my job or not to the best of my ability/ or at least well enough to accomplish the purpose of that job. It will not be you/ and I pray for mercy, as we both know, “I ain’t perfect”; this is simply “the best I did do”, as truth will prove. Just so its clear: these final statements are “consistent with the command given to me: DO NOT make them fear/ they must choose for themselves. As my contribution is knowledge and understanding, that you may use to stop the descent into the consequences of what you chose. I cannot do less than to make it clear at this time: YOU DO have cause to fear yourselves, and your universities/ but no cause to fear me. As I am, “merely a messenger”. I did do, “the best I could realistically do”/ a long way from perfect, and you probably think you could have done better; or GOD needed to send someone more perfect than “him/ me”. But reality knows, if you had helped me; even a single one/ I would have done better. While some might contend that they helped a little bit: the reality is unless you accept the price of “being visible”/ as in sign your name, and be identified with this work; accept the cost. It is not actually helping; even if it is working. It takes more than a decision/ you must practice living what you chose. You must prove, this is the testimony of what I represent. The gift, I give back to GOD .
    9. Just for the sake of it: “think your safe, just because you wear a mask”? Well, “the germs” that are consistent with human life; are controlled within the mouth and nasal passages, by immunity responses as needed. Outside the body in the close up environment of your mask; they incubate, and can alter themselves into something else; with outside influences, or simply over time. Your breathe makes it an almost perfect environment, to grow bacteria over a surprisingly small amount of time. Still feel safe/ you ate something didn’t you; touched it with your fingers?With a filter “catching germs” right in front of your mouth: whatever you breathe out, you mix with anything trapped/ and then you breathe back in; whatever that concoction will become; over time. Its just like turning the filter around in your furnace or other: even though its filthy/ it helps because the contaminants don’t go through. But if you turn it around: now you have all those contaminants concentrated, and going through the ventilation system in your “house”. Ever use a mask twice/ forget to wash it/ couldn’t afford it/ somebody else tried it? etc. Just so you know: the simple reality is, that at least a million people around the world are working on disease, being taught in university, industry or other/ but truth knows: of those, there is a high percentage that are making diseases, so they can then find a cure; and become “super-rich”/ and every-bodies hero. Because hey, that is, the universal human dream; is it not? Don’t worry, what could possibly go wrong; “with thousands of new threats”. After all, these are “university gods”; and they don’t get greedy, or selfish, or blatantly uncaring; “they’re gods”.  alas, “get used to no face”, or trapped inside; or “just take your chances”. oh wait, you don’t have any rights to do that. Because people are afraid.

      I did do, “the best I could realistically do”/ a long way from perfect, and you probably think you could have done better; or GOD needed to send someone more perfect than him. But reality knows, if you had helped me; even a single one/ I would have done better. While some might contend that they helped: the reality is unless you accept the price of “being visible”/ as in sign your name, and be identified with this work. It is not actually helping; even if it is working. It takes more than a decision/ you must practice living what you chose. You must prove, this is the testimony of what I represent. The gift, I give back to GOD . just so its clear: I don’t/ never did, manipulate or tempt/ control or ridicule/ buy or sell/ use fear or pride/ any degree of advertising, or any other mechanism of marketing to make or ask or beg someone to help. I simply used information, and after the first year; it was evident, your attention span would be small/ and your fears too large to contend. I did not bribe; even though I could have with means given to me/ that would have been the easy way, and you would not have faced your own truth, and need to change; thereby failed. I had the option of potentially leading you: but that could only lead to armies and war/ a reality that must not occur to any large degree; or the world dies. I could have forced religion to fear; but that removes love, and the desire to help/ becoming only sacrifice. Which then turns to hate. You surrendered to the assumption of knowledge by universities/ so, I have contended with them; about the information they use: as is consistent with wisdom. Unfortunately, a religious zealot, cannot be forced to recognize: what is or is not true, by the evidence. Because he or she is locked in their own little prison, and won’t come out; not even for life. I never asked for more than an investigation: to prove the truth, and the price of being wrong. In the reality of university ways, we simply cannot survive. Making dead is dead; the consequence of your actions. These are the elements of my work, the realities of my life; as it was exhibited to you. People became scared, and made up lies; but living with the reality of “what all these things do mean”/ is not easy for most; and they want it gone. People were forced away (never going to help), by whatever means was useful. People wanted me to be what they wanted me to be; but I could not. People wanted to be what they wanted to be: but refused the price. Etcetera, and more. You now know me, better than I ever intended to provide; as lots of expectations arise, that are unsupported by facts or my own desire/ as like the bible, people misinterpret as they desire it to be instead of as it is. Nonetheless; It is true as the saying goes; even a great storm starts as a single raindrop. The reality is; how many raindrops will there be? This is truly a last time effort: to say I will help you, if you fight for life on earth/ and planet to survive. I will not help you be rich or other selfish or simple causes that have no bearing on whether this planet will survive, or life remain alive. End of the story; you must choose. I have allowed for women, to come to my home: IF THEY WERE GOING TO FIGHT FOR LIFE AND PLANET; nothing less/ by July 7, 2020. Since you have made no plans previous to this: all that is left, will be small, if at all. Women alone are invited, because men have run this world for thousands of years; and this is the best they did do. Consequently our only real hope is to let women try; it is the least, men owe them, for all the heartache some have caused. Beyond July 7; do not come: make your decision now/ gather up whatever strength of character or purpose you have; and make a commitment to life and planet to do what you can do. OR DON’T come to me, I have NO desire for games. Plain and simple: I will help you save this world if it can still be saved. No guarantees. No preparations will be made; as none have ever arrived to help me with this work; in over forty years. If you expect a need/ provide for yourselves.

      If you read through the homepage here; you will find several “class action petitions”/ at least one of which holds my name and address.


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