At its core descent: humanity demands, “I want what I want/ GIVE ME, what I want”. Refusing to learn, thereby demanding of university people, “that you learn, so that I may benefit without cost to me”. Wanting to play, in the pride of gods (we know everything we want to know)/ those given the power to decide: descend into the abyss of wanting, thereby claiming to know. The cost of that action is: what you do not know, destroys life; because want is never enough to decide what is true. The consequence of those who have reacted to believe (yes we can), what they want to believe; is the end of this world. CHANGE OR BE EXTINCT; SIMPLE, BUT TRUE!  Because realities of law, as truth defines them;  govern this universe.

When we ask for meaning: Soul shapes the order of this universe, identity is the discipline of a decision that becomes the essence of life itself, while thought reaches for balance in the creation of what can or cannot have, and hold the truth of what is value.

the search for life, focuses on the rise of order that is the creation of this entire universe: called soul. Only the most insanely stupid assumes chaos builds; as is the foundation of human insanity called evolution: their search is valueless. Order demands a decision, and that decision forms an identity. To achieve a decision, some level of thought must exist, as is life itself; to understand what a decision is by its construction of a creation; there must be a value achieved.

So the question of death: the end of time/ separates life from time by understanding soul is the beginning of time/ not its ending. Therefore to participate in creation itself: you must be “valued”. Only truth has value, because anything less does not, or cannot retain its presence beyond time.

The question of life, rises from the meaning applied by soul; as the order of our value to this universe. Nothing is more treasured than love, therefore as is your contribution to love; reality becomes you.

Soul initiates and controls the force that becomes energy (the evidence of time is motion). So we ask: is motion life/ or is the force controlling motion, life/ or is life the beginning of order revealed by its own creation? Reality demands life is, the beginning of order, and that constructs law. Therefore laws, assigned to determine the limits and boundaries of what can exist, and what will fail: determines what will become eternal (this shall not die or disappear).

The search for GOD recognizes, order is not achieved without the power to use knowledge, and achieve understanding, so as to produce the wisdom needed for assembling thought into truth; thereby creation itself exists. None of that is human/ none of that is possible for us to understand. BUT we are capable of love, and to be treasured as a contributor to life itself; is in fact a very great value in and of itself.

The search for truth, is the relationship of you, to your own existence/ the decisions that become your relationship with life and living/ the values you accept as your own/ and the destiny you search for with your time. These things give you dimension, and with that dimension, if it is sustainable; you have exhibited your place in eternity.

These are elements in the foundation: death separates us from time, to take those who are invited back to the beginning of where life rises in order, discipline, and thought. As is fundamental to creation itself. In that portion of soul, granted to you alone; your destiny is a decision that you will make, defined and chosen by your own truth. Your participation in “the soul” of our universe, will be defined by the values of your love; as does grant a home among the rest. JOY is “I belong here”; family is earned.

While loneliness is a form of shaping the truth in you/ reality reminds us, that the heartbeat which keeps you alive is not “simply your own”. You, do not control it, or cause it to exist: your heartbeat exists with you; and that does mean, “you are never truly alone here in time”. While love may be elusive or lost, truth never is. When your love is truth, you cannot be lost: search, and let your soul decide.

Energy is: time in motion. Therefore time either existed first, or as an equal partnership with energy itself. The question of separation rises to ask: if we have begun, through the division of what can be/ rather than what is. Then the value of that separation is thought. Rising into the ascension beyond time itself, as is consistent with energy under control; we find “the living”. Therefore the question is: in death shall we continue to rise above time/ or fall back into the elemental darkness? Soul will decide: to continue beyond time, is to pass over the divide and become as energy shaped by life itself, will allow.

So that it is clear: throughout my life, I have never searched for perfection/ but desired only to be “adequate” to the work I have been given. I regard perfection as unattainable, and without the reality I need to survive. Others assume, I have had no value since not being perfect is what they do focus on. Even so; let it be known to remove all doubt: no possibility exists for me to save you or this world/ you are the problem threatening: which makes you “the humanity of this earth” the solution as well. JESUS IS “my savior/ teacher/ friend”; while you cannot understand that as reality. I offer it only, to enlighten you: as in “this was my search”. In an alternate conception: a world wide flood, (as in Noah)/ is a proven fact. Because reality proves:  water is the only mechanism, that will gather together living organisms and bury them in “large holes”/ to be covered up with thousands of feet of dirt, rock, sea, etc. It did not get there by magic; and that would prove; all the university conceptions of historic time are false. So says the evidence, or our reality. Universities deny it: because that ends the claim “of no consequences for us/ or you”.

Unlike the religions of old: NO desire exists to discard or destroy any human life created/ these are your decisions alone. LOVE IS, “THE GREATEST TREASURE” in this universe of our human existence. That alone is desired, and searched for: among those who choose it. While it is true: GOD, is not your “santa’s sack” for pulling out whatever you demand, or believe/ and we do have to live, in the same environment, as all the rest. The critical question is: what is honestly true, in you? Truth is hope, as that alone stands within, the test of life. Shape your life with truth, choose your desire with love, honor and respect this opportunity to be ALIVE; and your journey will proceed beyond your time.

The message given to me, to present to humanity on earth is: CHANGE, OR YOU WILL GO EXTINCT. Because your gods of university lead you to death/ your failures to respect life and each other; are unsustainable, and will end in horror. By the choices you, yourselves have made. NO, it will not be free to change/ but it will be extremely cheap, when compared with the only other choice you chose to give yourselves. CHANGE, OR LIFE ENDS. So ends the delivery of this message: YOU HAVE BEEN TOLD. Fight for your world, or you will lose it; organize/ investigate/ choose for life and planet come first.

To my own great surprise: adequate only became possible after opening the spiritual door to female/ because the bottom line: “something will change” decision for male, is war. Balance was sufficiently achieved; when it immediately became clear, there was an alternative method: to remain “strictly by the law, let democracy rule/ never sacrifice, it always fails/ you are not responsible for their decision; just your own”; eternity lives, only in those who do not choose, or act upon hate. EVEN if this world is lost; do not lose your own eternity/ that is then their own choice; not yours! When you do, what you can do honestly and with law: you have no shame in what was done; even if they do. Male and female must work together, or you will fail life and planet. 

No matter what your situation in life is; “we all, understand the difference between love and hate”. That is your choice, to decide; which direction belongs to you/ therefore same, regardless of circumstance. YOU are your judge! Fail to choose within the boundaries of life, the limits of love; and you will enter the chaos, beyond time; that is a second death. Because hate is a truth as well.

LIFE IS, THE DESTINY; not time, because time is limited by its own reality. The question of life itself, begins with existence; the opportunity of desire. To accept, more than time is real. So the question begins: HOW can the space identified as existence, be filled with the expression of an experience? Or more distinctly, if desire has arrived, then how does life itself begin? “we will walk only a tiny distance in this”! To prove the university vultures (we pick apart and destroy, one tiny influence at a time) are wrong.

Destiny is the elemental creation, of what hope can bring. Therefore the struggle to exist, arrives with the desire to identify self, in an environment belonging (aided and abetted) to me. So the question of life is: to exist/ to desire/ to identify and assist. Each of these are the essence of thought, and thought is the creation of all that does exist, apart from elemental influences that are the basis of this universe.

Hope elevates life, desire controls and confronts it with value, destiny shapes the influence of desire, “with what is, to be desired”; and creation identifies what we can aid and assist in the survival of our hope. Love arrives here, as the values assisting joy, while respect constructs the future, or it is destroyed. Male at its functional core is desire/ while female at its critical core is “to be desired”; thereby creating the shape of destiny, is a creation of each one sharing life as the core of caring will allow.

The universities satan; is the elemental curse of pride, power, and want; the realities of what destroys life, by influences in thought that will fail. Every form of deceit, delusions, defiled, disastrous, vile, and destructive; is found in the fantasy of those who believe themselves to be “gods”. While living throughout history proves: these are “devil” instead. YOU WILL NEVER, “be gods”; and the extreme attempts to prove “yes we can”; are the gravestone marking, your epidemic in fools.  It is not knowledge or understanding that defeats you: it is pride, power, and want combined with a complete lack of wisdom and respect; as proven by what you do. That brings EXTINCTION, by human hands. Their focus, is to prove they are more than time allows for them to be: their reality is, they have proven to be less than what time can sustain, by the laws which govern us all.

LIFE itself, is the creation you are working towards; not time. EACH is granted existence, in order to achieve the recognition of time aids and abets life, by granting an understanding in knowledge, assembled by wisdom. YOUR CHOICE, is to ascend into the desires or destiny of values constructed by respect, or to fail in either the animal element of living on earth, or die by the destruction of: what cannot survive the living. Either way, it is your choice.

this human world now stands as a participant in the destruction of earth; the end of a living source of life in this universe, as GOD OUR CREATOR MADE IT TO BE {every single miracle}. The cost of that participation in rendering this earth and all its life extinct is:  “even Hitler/ a fuel for the fire of HADES (where GOD destroys); will be above you”; as is the cost of eternal SHAME. the army of the dead, the valueless source of all that hate can become, as is called DEVIL.   “But hey, your god is university” so who cares right! after all, what could death do/ AS every believer knows: “cause you know everything”? Oh wait, “you have a mask, to declare yourselves the army of the damned/ the assassins of time on earth”; how great you are, right.   “don’t worry” now that you have joined the dead in their march to extinction;  reality will soon pick you apart, to begin CHAOS on earth.

It is chaos to fear/ the consequence, to deny the order of life. It is tragedy to obey fear, thereby discarding the disciplines of life. It is faulty and without knowledge, to believe; because truth, as the validity in evidence, of itself is absent. Pride is an enemy; it knows only “winner or loser” [making life a game: IT IS NOT]. Want is a fool, only truth can decide for life or world. Power is the descent into arrogance, the first step of insanity.

Religion offers “believe we know/ what we don’t know, because we know nothing else, but that which is what we want to be true.” However religion that bears the test of time, offers an element of living, that can be constructed with values that share life, and its decision to be among the living (we are miracles). We are, the destiny of our own choices; because truth alone survives beyond time. To reassemble the relationship we share with existence: requires love. Because love shapes our soul. Soul “is our own, allowed; universe of life”. As life entered, without a single decision, or reality, by you or me; so too, shall it be beyond time. Truth survives, animals do not. Truth survives; but that includes hate; dependent upon the direction you chose, is the environment you enter. Truth survives, because love identifies value. Therefore this creation is: to find those with value, and achieve happiness as another life expands into joy. While distance from GOD OUR CREATOR is determined by purity; whosoever has value, as is shaped in the decisions of love; can be conceived of with distance. Because eternity CANNOT become polluted.

Universities offer to be “great”/ finding a few trinkets, toys, or trophies to prove they know something. But only life is important, not simply the living as time; but life as is the evidence of existence; and the universities fail to achieve an understanding of what that means. With tiny advances in knowledge; universities declare themselves to be gods (we have real power now). But power like knowledge is its own enemy, and those who fail to respect the realities of life or planet will always fail. Arrogance is a disease, that infects and then destroys if not resolved by truth.

one last time:  you cannot beat the living dead, with a gun/ they are already technically dead inside, and will respond only with hate. You cannot beat the diseased brain with “what you want or don’t want”/ they want more than you, and will hate you with passion.  YOU CAN ONLY win the fight for this USA, even this world; with LAW! As is the constitution/ is the government (no employee is); and that requires you to understand:  in a democracy, WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE/ not our employees. THE LAW IS:  OUR FREEDOMS/ OUR LIBERTY/ OUR DUTY TO DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION AS IT IS, “OUR CONTRACT TO UNITE THIS NATION”.  Our purpose as a nation or world, to be the values we accept, as our society to be: by understanding the law we make, and accept as we the people;   is our government. NO employee is! Together we choose, by each owns a vote.  Let the rebellion, including the lies, and all the tragedy of “university knows”; be revealed:  CHOOSE REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, and take our employees to court/ to prove by the evidence what is real. WHAT ARE, THE CONSEQUENCES FOR BEING WRONG/ EVEN IN THREATS GUARANTEED TO BE OUR OWN EXTINCTION.

It would be amiss, not to include one last warning; even though hope MUST remain, as life cannot survive without it. THE HUMAN FAILURES OF UNIVERSITY ARE HORRENDOUS; and these include everything from destroying nature, to destroying the planet, to destroying nations with their lies, theft, corruption, betrayal, terrorism, and more. But the worst among them all is the geneticist (we can play god) and the physicists (we are gods, and can control the sun) and the biologists (if we create disease/ then we can sell our solution, and manipulate the world). Among these worms and parasites are a tiny few with value; but all the rest believe they can be gods. They are: DEVILS (we hate you enough, to kill everything you love) HIDING BEHIND THE CURTAIN CALLED “UNIVERSITY”. And so they do, kill our world. Poisoning the water/ destroying the foundation of every food source (removing the genetic realities that protect the species itself)/ corrupting every government with fraud and conspiracy through counterfeiting/ denying life, by collaborating with the courts to prove the powerful will win. And that is only the beginning, of what is now an intent in America: to consume every possibility of freedom, liberty, and life from this nation; by injecting fear, through disease and manipulation of the fraud that is media. They believe themselves saviors, “near god”; but they are parasites, eating the flesh, and hiding in plain sight as they become responsible for the cult worship that is “universities are god”. The list of human failures, particularly in America; is horrendous and vile. The sewage at the bottom of fools in charge, animals at the slaughter house gate.

I do not leave without reminding you again: you are one step from the end of time on earth (at best); because the vile disgrace of fear (the enemy at your back; consumes you with covid)/ the extreme believer (like every religion; cannot question their belief, no matter what the evidence is)/ and obedience (reminds you, if you do not do as you are told: DEATH will get you). Even though eternity proves that true, making time irrelevant, apart from your own truth (all you get to take); the universities satan, demand, “they know, dead has no punishment left”. But the miracles of life which surround us, are NO ACCIDENT; and reality proves that every day. Making the possibilities beyond the grave, a reality none can prove does not exist. The fantasy is; “humans believe, university”; discarding truth for lies.

Without a food supply the ocean dies; because of what you did do. The planet warms making life die; because of what you did do. The chains of life are dying; and you don’t care; even though extinction is certain. Over population of humanity is war, and all the horror insanity will bring. Even Yellowstone volcano will soon erupt, changing this world; because you would not listen to the reality (without a pressure chamber to explode), this volcano can only copy the Hawaiian version. Failing the water supplies. Discarding truth in all ways; to assassinate your own child. Failing life itself by allowing the purpose of covid: which is to remove all stumbling blocks, to the massive invasion planned by geneticists to prove they can be gods; and are now able, because they have a factory machinery to invade and change all species. FUNDED BY COVID PROPAGANDA AND DESTRUCTION; by fools in charge, and animals willing to be slaughtered, rather than challenge the cult, or investigate the evidence claimed by; university knows. Thereby creating ARMAGEDDON (nature in chaos); which will be, “now you know, you chose to become the living dead: with NO FUTURE for life. The apocalypse is certain: the world painted red with blood. HELL is certain; beyond the gates of insanity, every weapon of mass destruction will be released. The ignition of atoms on fire, is highly probable, and may even come first: proving this earth shall in fact, become a sun. “alas for religion”; their rapture will be “sucked into that flame, a million miles high”.

A snake has more honor than a university diploma. A prostitute has more value than those who worship the cult called “university is god”. To your eternal shame.

gather together as one group; DEMANDING THIS DEMOCRACY DOES NOT ALLOW; FOR OUR LEADERS TO REMOVE CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. AND YOU HAVE PROVEN NOTHING VALID (before the entire nation in a courtroom of law decides the evidence must be true) TO ASSUME OTHERWISE.     we therefore REFUSE TO OBEY/ DENY YOUR AUTHORITY TO MAKE US BELIEVE/ AND DEMAND THE PROOF OF WHAT WE MUST FEAR, because you say so.     NO, I am not going to fight for you; after forty plus years of fighting for you/ I quit.  EITHER FIGHT or DIE; by your own choices; because that is all you have left.

The curse of university satan:  has stolen your hearts (no friends allowed)/ your business (obey or be accused; etc)/ your money (every penny counterfeited/ the children damned by their control)/ your world facing extinction; because they played god.        AND YOU, ARE THEIR CULT/ TO YOUR EVERLASTING SHAME; FIGHT FOR LIFE AND PLANET;  or you go to your grave to find HADES (eternal terror).  known to exist; because life itself exists; while evolution the god of universities around this world; which means, by their claim (we built ourselves one piece at a time) has no reality or truth at all.   can you exist with a heart but no blood;  how about lungs with no muscle to operate either;  OR A BILLION OTHER REALITIES OF  “WE NEED IT ALL”;  or this body dies~!

TO YOUR SHAME:  you let your former classmates from school, convince you to be their fool;  and they do want you to pay, like so  many others, “for what happened fifty years ago” or even more. because nearly everything starts in school, where the universities manipulate life, and fail our future as an entire world.


while the curse of fools say; “we don’t care”/ REMIND THEM  WWW.ITER.ORG  is the purpose to ignite the same nuclear fire here; as is on the sun. NO ESCAPE, not for one single life on earth; is the price for being WRONG.        coming very soon, as is the point of no return!

The university claim:   “no need to worry, the fire that burns the bond in atoms, a million miles long “says science”; will just extinguish itself: not enough gravity here to sustain the fire”.   you get one ignition, to try their theory;   NO GOING BACK.  all or nothing left but fire;   which from 94 million miles away;  “burns your skin in summer”.          GET OFF YOUR ASS, AND MAKE YOUR OWN DECISION;    damn cult fool!

Humanity; has CHOSEN to create, “individual geneticists/ people” who can, and do  threaten this entire world, by mutilating life into disease/ your worst possible scenario. Humanity has chosen to allow: individual groups, to threaten this entire world; by using computers to initiate energy consequences we cannot survive. Humanity has chosen to disavow reality: so they can play god, and believe fantasies are true. Humanity has chosen to submit; to the children of the dead; who fill this earth with lies/ theft/ terrorism, and traitors;  as is called “university knows”. the filth of their delusions, now fills this earth. In the history of this earth: you are the dumbest, and most vile creation to have ever lived: because you chose to throw away life, self, child, and even planet, to appease your gods of university.  SHAME ON YOU.  and the horror of your cowardice; blatant apathy; and arrogance without heart!

There is literally nothing so vile; as a criminal organization/ a university diploma; that weaponizes (even a little) a biological disease; just so they can make money “On their already prepared, claim of a vaccine”. covid is a flu varient, like any other year. The difference: “now we can sell/ market/ and control; as gods over them (savior)”.  UNTIL you understand; if the vaccine is a weapon too, that will invade, and then transform the nature of body, into a transformation, that gives geneticists complete control over you. Even the satanic excuse: to ignite atoms on fire, and burn the planet killing all life/ is less sadistic, that purposely reducing the lives of billions; “into slavery”. (as humans scream; SAVE ME; to their gods of death and destruction; called university).   WHY, in this America; do they want you broke and broken? Answer: people whose only focus is on survival; know nothing else, and are easily manipulated and controlled by the promise of better “for them”.  In these things: the whores (only money matters), traitors (you have no value to me), liars (believe in me), thieves (greed rules me), and terrorists (let all die, but me) take control. Governments are changed, “we must”; but one is worse than the other, and failure is war. [WAR IS: the end of food, water, peace, business, society, homes, resources, the future; etcetera; just to give you more of the same or even worse]. ESPECIALLY, if they can pit one group against another group, “to play war”; thereby giving the excuse:  “THE MILITARY MUST OBEY”; FREEDOM AND RIGHTS, REALITIES OF LAW AND DEMOCRACY; are now dead.  BECOME AS THE PURPOSE OF YOUR DEMOCRACY IS:   TO DEFINE, DEFEND, AND CREATE OUR SOCIETY;  BY OUR OWN LAWS, THAT WE SHAPE AND CONTROL AS    WE THE PEOPLE DECIDE!  NOT, our employees.

Different is NOT BETTER/ it is only different. JUSTICE IS BETTER/ LAW BY TRUTH IS A FOUNDATION, WHICH BUILDS LIFE/ FAIR PLAY, UNDERSTANDS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PEACE, REALITIES, EVIDENCE, AND WHAT IS HONESTLY TRUE. Change the courts, control the government, identify value, and let only truth decide what can or cannot be “our ways”. A wise nation would end its descent into chaos with I want to be rich/ AND CHOOSE:  “limited capitalism” instead/ by which we the people decide just how rich anyone can become; by our vote. Thereby creating opportunities for the masses. ANY society with a brain; would not fall victim to the “dead vault, cult worship” that is “covid”. MAKE THE PROVE THE PROPAGANDA; and then make them pay, for the destruction they caused. “noted”; if the average age of death is 76; then anyone, other than by criminal conduct; over that age dies of “old age” and nothing of importance to society; else! Simple as that; the children need your place; so they can live! Society NEEDS its living; only the dead inside, demand this game!

Of final things you should know: is the truth, that covid is just the new name for Nazi; as in “ww2 fame”. The claim is; we must take over government “to protect the people”; because an enemy is near, just like nazi. The claim is: we must take over news media and communications, because our purpose is justified and clear; “the enemy is near”. The claim is: we have a right to destroy the foundations of this government, because they did not protect us as they should have. The claim is: we are your saviors, we are your “gods, who will bring you happiness, by wiping away every tear”; just like the nazi’s did. By discarding every voice of opposition, through news propaganda and bribery; the foundations for taking control over the military became real. Just as, if any real violence is created: the military will be used/ and the hatred of any particular group shall be established as “we must”. While in Germany: the target of “their anger at the chaos of their society, and lack of opportunity and food” was directed at the Jews [because they controlled the banks, businesses, and property, foreclosing and redistributing wealth to themselves as bankers do]. In America; with a foundation of endless people who want more: their direction is easily shifted, to “the white people” are our enemy. As is what news media does today, always fanning the flame, and demanding violence is the answer “just like them; fight with your enemy, use force” (because without controversy, news means nothing; nobody listens, because you cannot use the conversation to prove, you have a right). Isn’t it great, how humanity never changes, “with men in charge”? Because the game never changes: “I want more/ pride (I win/ you lose)/ and power (yes, I can make you, or take anything I want). Alas it is sad but proven true; women cannot do better. But it is also true: if you throw away want (the road to HELL), and seek life through justice and fair play as men and women acting and reacting together for the HONEST benefits of life,  child, PLANET, society, and each other; then the world itself will change. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM; WHICH MAKES YOU THE SOLUTION.   CHOOSE LIFE! or die.

I can leave you now, with the words:  save yourselves, or die. and the people say “how dare you”/ because they want, what they want: DO NOW, what we want, “its your duty”!  But I say:  I gave up a lifetime, tolerated your ridicule and failures, discarded the fundamentals for happiness here in time;  because the threat is so severe, and yet you laughed (we want what we want__).  alas, mistakes were made/ pushing you away did not help/ even demanding once, of a young man “somebody has to help me save this world”.   But I was wrong;  NOBODY has to help me save this world; it can be lost, if you will not  change what is wrong.  Simple as that: your choice!     it IS, the price of “free will”.   Your own fear, is the enemy (the voice inside) that surrounds you with cowardice; until you realize, “this is the seed of hate”; and refuse to accept that hate;  or you will fail. The difference between “animal and human” is:  HUMAN accepts, everything about this living world is a miracle, far beyond our own understanding.  Therefore the essence of death; can be more than we expect, or can conceive of as well. EVERY living thing dies;  which makes eternity the critical choice you make, as is “your truth defined and created by you”!  NO lies allowed, only truth can survive beyond time. In the abundance of your “university lies”; you have dug your own grave:  CHANGE OR DIE.

Final advice:  none know the time of death, abandon it. Instead do the best you can in time, but accept, “nobody should die of little things/ but we all must die of the big things (with only very rare exception)”. When life calls you back into existence itself; abandon the house you call your body/ and return to the Creation which gave you life with RESPECT/ not for rewards. IT IS, your only hope, for an eternity/ or you will be left behind. LIFE is not a game/ neither is death; choose that truth.

This, is America; the land of Satan/ leaders of the damned, as we enter into the destruction of all things valued; the mutilation of nature/ the beginning of Armageddon/ the realities of an Apocalypse, even more; as the poisoning of water increases. The potential for Yellowstone to erupt multiplies. The most vile as are the believers(truth and reality do not matter; “they believe”) in cult worship; as is “the universities are god/ we cannot question them: they ARE, god”.  Even though this world seeks its own death, by the same methods/ by the same realities of trying to ignite atoms on fire “just like the sun”/ right here on earth. To your eternal shame; you even sacrificed your own children. And the religious say: NOT us too! But reality turns to examine the evidence; and finds evolution, the very foundation in nearly all that is a tragic disgrace; at the foot of your idols, as they replaced Creator and Creation in your lives. YOU, are just as guilty as are the rest. YOU chose, as did your leaders, lead so as not to upset “the university”; your god.

We do live within the second prophecy of biblical Revelation: chapters 12-22/ the critical question begins with chapter 12. Wherein the question of woman in charge begins the quest for extending life on earth. “while I cannot show her to you in more than words/ she stands on male (the moon, what is foreign)/ she stands on me”: making it very clear to me, that she is in charge. The universities are “the beast”; having chosen to disavow both nature and miracles; even respect for all life/ they turned to animal, and believe themselves to be gods. Whether there will be people who stand up for life and planet or not; determines if and what now occurs to our world. Angels are truths, and all truths rely upon reality, in one form or another. The critical failures of humanity regarding their obedience to “the cult of universities”/ determines what level of tragedy will be endured, or prove so destructive nothing is left to survive. Chapter 17 divides the work, into what can or will survive. The end of power and pride follows that reality. What people want shall then be determined by your truth. IF this world shall live, the greater portion of want will die/ then they shall live in a very different way than it is today; the games are over; life decides.. IF you pass by all these things, and remain alive in GOD YOUR CREATOR; then, what has value will be realized and recognized as truth. The battleground, to determine if you can enter eternity; will then end.

I am the messenger, sent to say: {CHANGE OR DIE}. I am NOT your savior/ or your judge/ or your healer/ etc; as is JESUS. By the essence of truth, the value of HIS contribution to this world, which HE did change.

In the valley of honest religion, there is a value set apart from being an animal; by transforming the relationship of life away from want, and into the grace and beauty of miracles; that are clearly true. Religion offers an escape from pride, the enemy of life itself. It offers a discipline from power, to understand and recognize: the ending will come/ and then eternity does begin. The question of JESUS: is, can you accept LOVE, courage, and the dignity of RESPECT? If so, then you will achieve an understanding of grace (the value of our soul; as nature calls us to be alive in our own truth).

Humanity the animal cannot achieve this; because an animal only wants, and with that want comes pride and power/ or revenge and jealousy. You cannot hate, and be alive inside. You cannot survive, if you lie/ because only truth lives in the law that governs life itself. GOD is; “beyond our comprehension”; simple as that/ never question it for truth, as there is no other truth, than this.

As to eternity, the question is not “how do you achieve it”. Rather we inherit the destiny we create, as an identity in love/ or a reality of fate, as is the cost of hate. What you believe has no value; as functionally, that is merely humans shouting “YES, I am right”/ but cannot question their decision, without cost. What is true decides for life or death, or dissipation for animals who have lived simply “as predator (without true violence) or prey/ without hate”. What is true ascends, in the disciplines of law; to the gate of our own reality as a life we formed, within ourselves. YOU cannot escape yourself/ therefore the foundation of your own judgment is self: as only truth will allow.

The question of life beyond the grave is dependent upon: will mercy decide/ or can your own identity survive, without time, to hold it together for you? Therefore identity as is the reality of your truth, with all lies removed: becomes your home. That home lives within the energy that life gave to your body here in time/ when it leaves your body as death takes the body away: you MUST enter within that energy as is your life, and accept its destiny without fear. To fear/ removes trust: without trust, you will not survive the journey past time.

Evil wants you to fear; as is the constant of “fear/ believe/ obey; given as cause; to worship the cult of universities are god. Fear is your failure; even if some limited degree exists/ because a body of life, knows the cost of death. Accept the truth: when life calls you away from time, do not turn back/ but seek the future instead, with your soul.

Tyranny, is the constant curse of humanity screaming: MINE/ MINE/ MINE; even when they simply “took” what they found, whether free or not. That leads to the others screaming: MINE/ MINE/ MINE; and society fails. Because the courtroom is built for the powerful, screaming: MINE/ MINE/ MINE; who hide behind every closed door; so justice fails. Cults rise up: “as the herd screams, “LEAD US, to what we want/ and we will obey, by believing anything you say”. But they fail, because leadership is not about want; which drive all to pride, and then power over the rest, which forms predators.

The most fundamental want: is to resolve loneliness/ thereby making life happy, if we can. Most believe “marriage, and children; will resolve that”/ some succeed and some fail; because most marry whomever they find willing or can buy with sex, or money.

Happiness is linked to freedoms, without freedoms happiness can fail; and result in the cost of death. Most consider marriage, a locked door/ you cannot escape; which is not freedom, so happiness begins to fail. Happiness is constructed through hope; which is why people are willing to want/ rather than let truth decide. With want, you get a road to the destiny you choose; until corrupted with lies, sacrifice, or worse. With desire truth decides what can or cannot become our destiny in this life or beyond. Few want that, and choose for pride. But only truth survives, and pride tears all relationships apart: because somebody has to lose the game, or there cannot be a winner. To hope in the truth, recognizes that religion has a consistent value; because it guides humanity away from want, pride, and power: into the greater quest, which is life itself/ as creation proves it to be. While religions are stuck “in the door”; both trying to escape and enter at the same time/ they fail the challenge to learn. Hope limits us to our existence; because we must own the truth, to desire hope. Lies cannot earn hope, only “trophies, trinkets, or toys”. Hope builds happiness through the exchange that reminds us “life is good, when relationships are respected: both sides”. These are foundation markers of love, and it is love which guides us into the path called “I am ALIVE”/ where joy exists. Love rises in the ascension of thought, as we begin our journey beyond time; where passions meet purpose, and desire becomes our own decision to participate beyond self. In that passion, love replaces loneliness, and true happiness can begin.

People search for commitment; as a means to marriage. It is a sign of life involved, but commitment is not love. People commit, when they understand: YOU, can and I believe you will; journey with me in my life and living on earth/ that is a powerful thing, when true. People also commit, when they believe: YOU, will bring something into my life and my future, that I desperately need, and cannot find for myself, beyond you. Which is also a powerful thing, on the road shaped by choices made. What you don’t get is love; because love is not a powerful thing in or of itself. Love is only a giving thing, built upon the truth; that I am not asking anything more of you; than your love for me.

To that love, many a woman and surely some men offer: I do, or will love you/ if only you love me too. But then comes the reality: my life, my living on this earth, is built upon a different purpose than we will share together/ therefore I cannot go, where you want. The discipline of life has intervened; and it is not beyond the balance of what must be done for our world. To order the destiny of love, and give it substance; so as to survive, the most critical thing we do: is to accept ONLY GOD knows, what my life will need/ what my work will require. Therefore let me be hope, and my soul; the love which gives me life; as I search in Creation for home; beyond self.

That brings us, to the elemental rise of “religious fervor”: the assertion that GOD IS, watching over “his people”. So the question is: WHAT does it mean to “accept only GOD knows” where or what or why, my life/ my world, in time will be? The answer is complex: because the statement is not simple. TRUTH RISES AS WE DEFINE OURSELVES BY LAW. Within that confinement, the realities of this universe align with “me/ you”. By constructing the values destined for life, beyond time; we enter within the soul, that Creation itself has given to each one. Within soul: we have formed our relationship with GOD , and that is the foundation upon which a life can claim “to be known”. As to what that exactly means: life does not answer/ and requires you to accept the boundaries and balance living in time demands.

To find soul: requires you to look, “within the miracles of Creation itself/ to find thought”; as there is no other means, to become ALIVE, in the essence of our existence. As truth would define it, beyond time. Thought is: “where LIFE, becomes its own miracle of existence”/ as destiny shapes the motions, and meanings, of our contribution to soul.


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