There are lessons in life, some are subtle, some are simple; but they all point to the conclusion: life is about love, hate, or simply survival. Everything else is just a game. The constant of that is: life is about love, the building of values sufficient to accept the truth I desire life. Hate is about chaos, the destruction of values sufficient to accept, everything you choose to do simply leads to death/ therefore what we do, matters only in this moment; what we choose is only valuable to me. The middle ground between these is survival; and it does not play, but insists at the points of no return that a decision will be made.

Out of these conclusions to life, are the assorted relationships we form: some for work/ some for love/ some for power, pride, and greed; but all are either the result of a desire or a want. Desire being: that my heart lives better, and my life knows happiness when the realities of my truth include you. Whereas want exhibits: the things I possess, make me a winner/ and prove you are a loser to me; therefore I want, what I want to prove superiority. A value/ a reality; you cannot deny to me.

Where there is love, there is desire and a purpose that includes the value of all life; because it is life itself and the living among all that “is not a rock/ and even all that is a rock”; that does give life its definitions which lead to desire. A barren place lacks influence on life.

Where there is hate, the intent to control, manipulate, tempt, plot, plan, lie, cheat, steal, destroy, violate, and prove a decision that identifies you as something or someone to fear; as is the decision of power. The realities of life among the living lack little more than an excuse to exercise both predator and prey. The predator kills to survive/ the prey fear to survive, and have cause to believe “we are never truly safe”.

Survival is merely the evidence life will die, if a sustaining and sustainable truth is not found. It does not elementally include love or hate; merely a defiance of death. With decisions that will either recognize love or hate as the basis of our final purpose.

Sex establishes humanity; because it recognizes without the chemicals that keep us alive/ we die. We therefore seek the chemicals which make us know our bodies are alive. Sex releases powerful chemicals, that can and do alter life and living by the consequences of our action/ or the reaction of things set into motion we cannot defeat. Love shapes sex into “the values of my heart”/ whereas hate shapes sex into the curse of chaos knows who wins and who loses here.

The definition of friendship is: someone who cares/ someone who shares, and spends time with me. Without time spent, friendship lacks value. Without the value of honest caring and sharing of life itself, the disciplines which balance our lives; will fail to respect the cost of what our lives have become.

Marriage is the boundary of where life can take us, as two people joined together to avoid loneliness/ accomplish sex/ collect possessions/ or attempt to unite in the experiences of being truly alive, because we share life, within each other. Only being alive will grant happiness, while the rest can offer contentment if you succeed, and are not overly abused or used.

Children know more than their parents desire them to know; as a consequence, they are more definitively a friend rather than a possession. As friends with different jobs to do; the value of our creation as a family is found in living with an understanding for each other. The realities of listening to each other, and treating each other with respect; rather than “master and slave or servant”: creates a family that sustains itself, because we did care. Without honest caring, and deliberate sharing of a decision that affects us both; we lose faith in each other and relationships collapse. Spend the time, listen with your heart, be honest: and understand, no matter how much you may wish to keep your child close, as a parent your job is to insure they are prepared for a lifetime without you. A reality of choice, that will only include you, as a life choice: if you have listened to them and care, by sharing what does have value.

Governments exist as the words which bind us together/ they are not individual citizens or employees. Government is the law which grants our place, our rights, and our freedoms by which we do share this place, and earn our decisions cannot be undone by others: unless it affects them too. Power wants a military to enforce fear. Pride wants a military to enforce superiority. Want is the purpose of the rich, and those who want to be rich. While reality serves us all, only when justice and fair play are the elements which guide our society in truth. Power/ pride/ and want hate fair play and justice; while they only use any form of truth, as a weapon for themselves. It is as simple as: “love and hate are opposites/ and cannot combine as one”. Yet the masses want both love and hate; because they want value/ and yet they want revenge as well. Its called corruption, and that invades governments across the world. The masses want “riches”; and yet they want opportunities (opposites): for themselves (just not others; so they can prove how superior they are). Which always ends in war, because the rich love to make the poor know how inferior they are.

Collusion exists, to secretly identify who will choose as we want them to choose/ thereby setting the stage for selecting those who will govern or judge in accordance with what the rich man or woman wants. The subtlety is: the intellectual plans well in advance; seeking greed as their primary motivator, with pride and power identified by wants. Collusion invades life; and defies law by injecting purposes that have nothing to do with societies intent to live free, and enjoy life with honest happiness.

Crime is the revenge, of those who believe they were cheated. Crime is the organization of hate, to prove I don’t value you. Crime struggles with the reality of needs, versus the constant truth, “we want chaos to reign”/ thereby giving freedom to the violent, and curses to the weak.

Policing is a relationship that serves the middle ground of life itself. Society as a mass does not know the purity of love or hate; which means it cannot deal with either effectively although it tries to confront hate; even though hate is concealed, until the trap is sprung. Policing is then the distance we place between ourselves and what we hate/ while the judiciary is supposed to be the distance we accept between ourselves and what we want; as society or life. Unfortunately both can be corrupted easily; by both society and self. The failure to respect your policing is blind arrogance by society. The failure to understand: “no, you are not an army, unless absolutely needed”: policing is “one of us”/ not one of them. Therefore the shackles of endless rules, need to be thrown away; and the values of life and respect form the basis of where and what we need to be in each others life. “a bill of rights” between us; forms the basis of our understanding. An open courtroom, whereby all observers are asked to grade the reality of the courtroom to protect society from corruption (judge/ lawyer/ police officer must be removed) shall exist. As our defense against invasion of failure and fools.

The military is, as the military does: for/ or against, the people of this nation.

Business is our defense against death by lack of what we need to survive. Therefore it is everybody’s business; and yet nobodies business but our own. The reality of survival is inherent in business; and that means we all have a legitimate right to participate; and not be competed out of our own chance to survive. We owe each other the opportunities to succeed for ourselves/ and that does not include welfare. Reality however searches for wealth/ while overpopulation of humanity enforces: NOBODY should be wealthy now, because this forces us all to share, or war.

Industry is what nature and earth provide; which means it is not your possession but ours. Therefore the curse is: if we open the door to all/ all will march in to take everything they can get; and the resource is gone/ and war to survive commences; because someone must die, or we all die. Therefore deliberate decisions which include the future must be accepted/ and the end of garbage mountains: is without doubt the sign of true rape (you took, used, tragically impacted; and abused what was never your right to possess).

The planet is our home; “our everybody’s home”/ therefore none have a right to destroy it, or abuse it beyond what is honestly necessary to survive. It is the failure of hate that causes that destruction/ and it is the reality of hate identified; that produces the cause of judgment. Because hate can be destroyed in order to preserve the rest which does have value/ hate does not, it is the enemy. But make no mistake: only the law can decide, because people are rarely “right”.

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