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Throughout human existence, all that is vile, searches for what you are willing to trust; and as parasites do, they creep and crawl into these places: so they can appear as something valuable. While the intellectuals among them, lie/ plague/ cheat/ steal/disease/ and other, unthinkable things (to those with value); in an effort to take control. That Is the fundamental description of “religious devil”. An existence “without a heart or soul”/ disguised, as if it does. The descent into “religious satan”: is their decision, to destroy all life on earth. NOTHING IS SO ELEMENTALLY TRUE IN THE EVIDENCE OF THAT AS FACT: AS IS, TRYING TO IGNITE A NUCLEAR FIRE/ OR MUTILATING NATURE OUT OF OUR EXISTENCE INTO CHAOS. Not even the facts proven true; that the water is under severe attack/ every resource is being callously destroyed/ every chain of life ruined/ every habitat ravaged/ EVERYTHING “by the leadership of university, and the purposes of media” removed from truth, to be subjected to the purpose of lies, liars, thieves, and terrorists. WAKE UP, prove that is true, or not true: OR you DIE, without a fight among the whole of you; cowards to the end.

Evolution” is just one of those parasites, and it has wrecked your understanding of reality; because so many want, there to be no consequences for vile and unacceptable behavior. “universities can be god”; is a death wish, it means your life has little value to you/ because the entertainment media and its university counterparts; taught you how to be vile instead of friend or family.

The powerful will say: YOU CAN’T DO THAT/ WE WON’T ALLOW IT {RETURN TO REALITY}! Those are the serpents who slither and crawl “through tall grass (hidden as best they can)”, in order to bite you (I will, kill you first) by surprise.

But reality says, they have no say, as in America and other nations; the currency is nothing but a game/ and the players do have a right to change the rules. Look to your evidence: do not be misled by media, as they have been doing for decades. In America pointing to federal deficits; which are only what congress does/ and REFUSING TO REPORT; debts in all other sectors of the economy; which ending in 2014 total assets and liabilities for the USA; table L.5 (go search) were roughly 205 trillion (2.05 million per each of one hundred million people) in claimed assets, and 153 trillion (1.53 million per each of one hundred million workers) in debts. A reality realized: because the university diplomas, who got most of the money, to spend on any toy, trinket or trophy they desired; prove it so. Bribery to build their army of you can’t stop us now; and the trickle down effect, to keep the people at bay. While the universities who took control over EVERYTHING: stole your world, your rights, and your choices. TAKE CONTROL BACK, establish REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, and fight for your nation/ world/ and democracy; as WE THE PEOPLE HAVE LEGAL RIGHTS AND OWNERSHIP OF THIS NATION. WE THE PEOPLE OF THIS WORLD, CAN ESTABLISH WORLD LAW, AND ENFORCE IT: SO WE CANNOT BE THREATENED ANYMORE.  

There are those (led by media entertainment) who will claim, “a gun is our only answer soon”/ some because of hate, the vast majority forced, because the believers;  know not what else to do. But if you choose violence, and allow hate to rule; you have lost life on earth. It will spread; weapons of mass destruction will be used (because billions of people cannot be refused without)/ that decision, will end life on earth. You will face starvation, thirst, mutilation, biological weapons, chemicals and more; ending all hope of peace, or life or planet, forever. Therefore THE LAW IS OUR ONLY CHOICE. While we hold ownership of this democracy we do have legal rights; the most significant of those rights for “we the people” is LEGAL REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, AS IS our documented CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. “just like the rest of the first amendment it is not there to be a toy/ it is the law, which governs ourselves and our employees in government.”

So the critical issue is: HOW DO WE use that law to govern ourselves; and remove the plague of insanity that is the result of “universities playing god”? Answer: we demand a courtroom (you know how to organize a rally, demonstration, and more); by making it clear WE THE PEOPLE OWN THIS NATION/ AND WE DO HAVE A LEGAL RIGHT to demand a true and accurate accounting of those who gave us their oath of office; to do specific things on our behalf. Deciding to make the universities our god, IS NOT ONE OF THOSE THINGS. Deciding to gamble our planet/ destroy nature itself with genetic mutilation/ crucify every child, by assassinating their resources, the chains of life and living that keep us all alive: HAS NO DEMOCRATIC BASIS OF OPERATION. As such it is not only treason, but terrorism; and that has; LEGAL consequences. WE DO, DEMAND TO KNOW WHAT IS TRUE/ AND WE DO DEMAND A MORATORIUM ON ALL “university options or experiments or decisions or realities such as a vaccine”; SHALL NOT BE DISTRIBUTED OR ALLOWED TO CONTINUE; without our own expressed legal decision as a democracy with legal rights as we the people OWN THIS NATION; NOT you.

The critical issue is: as has been demonstrated by James Frank Osterbur in US supreme court cases 08-1339 and 11-100 filed and docketed (all categories met) for trial; then discarded by the clerk of the court: without a legal signature from a judge; as is treason. Proves even though it is the law: the power of leadership refuses to obey our constitution. These cases still exist: because they were never signed by a judge (so they could hide from the law, that does govern our nation by the constitution which unites us). BRING THEM BACK, if you are refused: because no legal right to refuse exists/ therefore ANYONE STANDING IN YOUR WAY: is a traitor. You do, know what to do with them! Is that not so?

The legal demand is simple: WE DEMAND THE RIGHT TO KNOW: THE REAL LIFE EVIDENCE, that will determine our own future/ from choices being made by leaders, under the influence of “university knows”, that cannot be reversed. The most blatant of them all is: “we can control the same fire as is on the sun/ a fire that burns the bond in atoms to release gravity and radiation so extreme it will literally vaporize anyone within a hundred miles upon ignition”. Universities say “we can control it”: an atomic fire, will just extinguish itself; “not enough gravity here”. THAT IS THEIR DEFENSE/ but if it is wrong, our entire planet becomes a sun. And their delusions about how the sun actually works are pure fantasy; absolute theory, without any substantial evidence at all. Same like their delusions: involving genetically taking control over nature itself; as is with this covid vaccine.

THE COST OF BEING WRONG/ THE CONSEQUENCES OF NO SECOND CHANCE, TO GO BACK IN TIME/ THE REALITIES OF FAILURE/ THE TRUTH OF EVERY THREAT, THAT CAN MAKE US EXTINCT: MUST BE FOUND OUT. Because this is our world/ it is not a toy for universities to play with; and we hold the ownership of that world, to be STRICTLY our own. No gambling, no destroying the future, no risking life itself, no choice other than: LIFE AND PLANET SHALL COME FIRST; the job of governing is to insure that is true, without adding to the danger. The reality of government in this USA is: THE CONSTITUTION ITSELF, BY THE LAW WE AGREE TO SUSTAIN AND CONTROL OUR NATION FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL: IS THE GOVERNMENT. Everything else is, “you are our employee”/ not our leader/ not our ruler/ and NOT allowed to be, the rebellion, that is trying to destroy our democracy. We demand an accounting; and because of your oath/ because of the severity of being wrong: NOBODY pleads the fifth/ or to prison you will go.




REALITY KNOWS: that the cursed, the damned, and the living dead; are positioning themselves to take complete control over life on earth. To do that they are destroying genetic order, discipline, balance, and respect: with the full intent to “make themselves gods”/ because once genetic stability is erased, “who you going to call”? You will kill them instead, because they cannot repair what they have done; but arrogance believes it is god; so they believe you have no choice.

The reality of money is very simple: but lets stick to the current methods of taking complete control over society. They are: lets remove coinage and all things that are not electronic with lies, temptation, and manipulation. “stolen identity” proves its not fail safe as is their claim. HOWEVER, once they have taken away what you can personally possess/ they have removed your right to do anything without their permission, or “their take”. Which includes; “push of a button”/ and you no longer have a penny to spend. Without currency you physically own/ you have nothing but their promise, “they won’t steal”:  but alas,  in this USA they have already stolen trillions by claiming asset accrual, WHICH DOES NOT exist. with nothing but electronic money:  push a button, and they can tax you at any rate they wish;  claiming legal rights. With a courtroom dedicated to keeping the powerful in position without any damn democratic constitution; as has been proven true.  They expect you to get a gun/ and will hide until you finish killing yourselves.  As is their (we are gods) plan, throughout history, without exception.

Horrifying is the push to establish “facial recognition”; as that takes away ALL the possession of currency/ and makes you their slave. Even to the point of at any moment you stand in front of that machine: it can easily be used to kill you. As there are poisons so toxic, a single molecule will kill you; “well the machine just spit”; right.


The difference is: the army is on the inside of government; controlling public propaganda with counterfeited money, and the allegiance of mass hypnosis (memorize, don’t think), as is the cult of religious indoctrination (hear only us/ believe everything; question nothing; or we throw you away) of “university mice (I want; give me what I want; and i obey)”.

THE ATTACK: IS AGAINST EVERYTHING LIVING; by those who now want to be god/ and have formed the tools to take control over death; by assuming they know what they do not know. Lies and liars/ thieves and cheaters/ traitors and terrorists: have aligned themselves with the propagation of media: to destroy your ability to know what is true, until it is too late for you to fight back.

The cult of the damned/ the army of the insanely arrogant/ the failure of fools; all stand guard to demand “the universities are god”. Which means this is a war, and it will not be resolved for life; UNLESS YOU TAKE THEM TO COURT/ AND DEMAND REAL LIFE PROOF, of what the consequences of being WRONG are.

HISTORY PROVES THROUGHOUT TIME; that when too few people, get too much power; they take control, and become “horrifying, to the rest”/ as reality changes, and hatred consumes hope.

THE GREATEST THREAT EVER CONCEIVED IN HUMAN HISTORY: is control over nature itself, particularly by those who then own the realities of what can or cannot be done. Making all the rest, their slaves; as is true of every weapon of conquest: YOU CANNOT COMPETE, we own the power. That is clearly proven true with “covid 19” as the release of a slightly altered flu virus; has gained the genetic scientist; ten or more trillion dollars worldwide/ all aspects of pride and power possible for society to give/ and the potential to use that money and that power in any way they want. Including the release of any number of new diseases they have already created: enslaving a world, with fear. Pretending to be gods/ when in fact, the enemy instead.


as was the original intent of American democracy: to remove all power from the few that it is possible to do/ we gain our freedom, establish our liberty, and control our nation for ourselves; by the truth we all have options, that make it impossible for a few to control us all.

As is the constant of human history: the few have manipulated/ taken control over every “trusted thing”/ and aligned themselves with propaganda that eliminates the right to question who owns this decision. The hidden inflation of US currency; being the greatest insurgency of all. The critical demolition of life, resource, planet, EVERYTHING that is being done; dislodges all hope of peace, and brings us HELL, and more; as biblically predicted. Because once the point of no return has pasted; reality proves it is extremely unlikely that hate can be turned back/ until the violence has become too much for even the most vile to accept.


Limited capitalism/ world law/ NATURE decides, not universities/ real life currency, by bankruptcy to return us to reality/ JUSTICE not corruption/ truth not the plague of propaganda/ value not universities are god/ LIFE, AND PLANET; COMES FIRST. NO excuses.

Americans say: “we have it good/ don’t rock the boat”. Yet the nine trillion dollars of inflation that has been added to the currency each and every year for over a decade(s) has given the university diploma: an endless advantage over all the rest. “when money is free/ or when all you need to do to get your bribe is to join the army of the insurgency: you are the nobility”. As history proves; “that ain’t all bad”. Everybody else pays, as they cannot compete with “free money for some (destroying reality for others) as is the result”. The most critical losers however are the young; as reality has already proven, excess currency WILL cause extreme resource loss and destruction. NO resource/ NO LIFE here. Media reports “No inflation”/ but reality proves asset accrual by the numbers given does not exist; even if debt creation does. Media never reported: they sold the gold in Fort Knox to provide for Reagan’s economy (he removed the gold from US currency to sell it) media knows of both, and continued events; as does wall street, and the courts; as I told them. Won’t here it/ refused to even acknowledge they exist; where they are located; to their shame. Because people want what they want, and they all want more for me; “after all, someday I have to die: so I won’t care about you”.

Alas: it is that hidden inflation, which produced many of the major threats we face/ it bought tools and more. So your “great life of chasing trophies, trinkets and toys”: bought the potential collapse of this world. And nearly all nations did the same; because the university is everywhere now. So we have a world on the edge of financial and real world collapse. We have a world prepared with weapons of mass destruction; “to keep them out”. We have resource destruction beyond imagination. We have extinction of species at horrendous levels. Ocean life dying; and much more. As the universities all say: TO HELL WITH THE FUTURE, WE WANT WHAT WE WANT RIGHT NOW. LET THE CHILDREN BE DAMNED. As is proven in every choice they have made for at least fifty plus years. The great curse is then “university knows/ university leads”. And SATAN on earth is “university is god”; as the realities of experimentation proves.

The foundation being: NO DON’T GO HIDE. INSTEAD, do go to court, and return this world to the realities we must face in order to survive/ and the knowledge that truth will provide; as we sort and choose what we can do, to regain our lives and our future from those who have clearly sought to make us extinct. REALITY KNOWS/ TRUTH SURVIVES/ REAL WORLD EVIDENCE creates the decisions that determine life or death of our world; and every living thing on it, or that would be born.

WHILE GENETIC ENGINEERING IS THE GREATEST THREAT EVER TO BE CONCEIVED BY “MAN AGAINST MAN/ MAN AGAINST LIFE ITSELF”. It still remains a playground for the cult worshiper, as they intend to “be healed of humanity, even death; and play god too”. So, you will put that second on the list of threats to be dealt with in court.  DEMAND A MORATORIUM;  NO MOVEMENT OF ANY KIND BY UNIVERSITIES, OR ANY OTHER;  ON GENETICS

FIRST IS: THE ONGOING ATTEMPTS, TO IGNITE A NUCLEAR FIRE “JUST LIKE THE SUN” HERE ON EARTH. Because unlike the playground of a cult. THIS ONE IS LIFE OR DEATH FOR OUR ENTIRE PLANET AND ALL ITS LIFE; IN ONE SINGLE INSTANCE OF IGNITION. Thereby nobody is going to defend it: when they understand the reality that is there own life or death: GAMBLED on delusions. Even the world itself, will participate; because unlike the leaders who have been reduced to cult worshiping (we believe and will never question). The foundation of truth is very simple: same energy source released/ same result is completely possible. EARTH BECOMES A SUN. THEREFORE LET US ALL SEE THE EVIDENCE, OF WHAT YOU TRULY KNOW; WITHOUT ANY DELUSIONS OR THEORIES. STRICTLY TRUTH AND THE CONSEQUENCES OF BEING WRONG. By vote, our world, our lives, our loss: OUR CHOICE.

You will accept NO CLAIM of a failure to prove clear and simple language, as is necessary and important for the masses of humanity that need to understand the decision they are intending to make. ANYONE who says, we cannot reduce this math or these statements or these theories or anything of the like: shall be thrown into prison, UNTIL they figure out how to do it. If they fail/ BACK into prison they will go; UNTIL they get it right. ANYONE FOUND TO BE DELIBERATLY LYING, OR HOLDING OUT ON THE TRUTH: IN THIS MATTER OF A “WORLD THREATENED”. Will be executed/ no exception: ONLY THE PUBLIC ITSELF, by vote shall be allowed to reverse that decision..

Reality will prove: without significant death increases over average, there is no pandemic. You were brain washed to believe; the vile purpose of it (they want you to beg; and then die; as history proves true/ because less is not fun anymore), propagated by media (FEAR, DAMN YOU FEAR/ BELIEVE YOU BASTARD YOU/ OBEY OR DIE BRANDED A TRAITOR), for money against you; simple as that. Instead the intellectuals of universities, have designed an insurgency to take control over the nation and even world, by attacking you with disease they formed themselves (nature has resisted)/ but soon their vaccine, will make you beg for nature to come back. It will not, as no mercy will be allowed: you chose. You failed, and like in China a century ago “the people then killed the intellectuals”; for making their lives miserable; that too, did not work out well. You failed: when a nation must (not this time, only a lie; but it is coming now) change for a pandemic. The banks, etc must also change/ NO ONE COLLECTS due to the pandemic/ that includes the bank; as they are only people too; no great organization or other claim for a prize; all share the burden. If they refuse: identify them as a traitor (people deliberately attacking the people & the nation, in favor of someone else taking control; for their own benefit). So go back; make them return what they stole/ make the universities and media pay the price of their treason, and traitorous intent. Identify the people who caused and established the misery; the people who stand on the forefront demanding “the mob shall form”; to enforce the mask proves you obey. And determine their punishment too.   all of these are realities to be determined by law. LAW IS:  as we the people make it to be, in this OUR DEMOCRACY.

MONEY IS: A RESOURCE OR THE TIME, EFFORT, AND EXPERTIZE OF SOMEONE WILLING TO WORK FOR YOU. IT IS NOT; “a dollar, coin, promise, or other” unless you accept that in payment. Those who lie, are called counterfeiters or thieves. Therefore the endless debt/ the claim of numbers that have no basis in reality/ and the questions of who has the right to claim property or resources: becomes a decision formed within the boundaries and limits of “limited capitalism”. Where we the people shape our world or nation; by demanding “no more billionaires” for instance. By vote (removing money is power/ control is for the few) we bring ourselves a world that cannot be destroyed by the greed of a few who take too much. BUT IF YOU REMOVE THE TRUTH OF WE WORKED FOR THIS/ WE OWN THIS BY THE REALITY OF JUSTICE/ WE DESERVE MORE, BECAUSE WE DID MORE; you end up with war, misery, and the complete collapse of human society. KEEP IT IN MIND, and use your brain, not your want.

so, you get one last piece of advise: GO TO COURT/ PROVE WHAT IS TRUE/ EXAMINE THE EVIDENCE FOR VALUE AND REALITY/ UNDERSTAND THE COST OF BEING WRONG: AND MAKE THE DECISIONS, ALONG WITH THE LAWS; THAT WILL DETERMINE YOUR FUTURE, FOR YOURSELVES. If you are fair (highly unlikely)/ you might salvage something. If you refuse justice/ you WILL WAR, and end life on earth. IF YOU DON’T CHOOSE LIFE AND PLANET COME FIRST/ all the horror and terrors beyond your imagination will come; and “eat you alive”.

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