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Let us consider, the costs of resetting life; in a way that is beyond the abilities of men to achieve. History proves: “this is, the best men did do”/ and reality now states, we DO stand on the edge of our own extinction, because that, through their universities and constant choices: “is what they chose”.

CHANGE without the direction of men or universities; relies upon the decisions of women/ as we certainly cannot let the children choose for us: as has been the reality of the last fifty years. The universities suddenly exploded as people screamed “THAT IS WHERE THE MONEY IS”; and then gave away their own voice; to the children of the damned (we will never grow up) that university diplomas, came to represent.

And all men say: WE WILL NEVER! But life and planet say; you are condemned and extinct, without true change. So the choice is: let women try, or die a horrifying death. CHOOSE?

But alas: women are “just like men in so many ways, because like men; they just want what they want/ and they don’t want what they don’t want”; and few are those who can encounter any other form of thought or participation beyond self. The one constant of men however is war. While the one constant of women is peace through law; because that is our only true defensive weapon. A reality all on its own: that is the difference between a chance to survive/ and none.

So, let’s talk! Humanity cannot sustain peace, because whenever the possibility to take more for me arises/ they do, choosing weapons; forming governments; to defend that wealth from all the others. Thereby making those others slaves; because without resources, you have no other real choice; but war or death.

We add to that the constant of human population growth: which insures the conflict, because competition for resources grows severe/ and realities form which require, I will starve if not for this. So the intensity rises, and hatred takes control.

THAT means: two distinct choices must be made in order to sustain peace on earth. First is population control, without excuses. To create that, as did throughout history: those who are alike separate from those who are not alike/ so that the people who will not obey “the law of supply and demand”; as is this is now a finite planet, and it is FULL. Can be separated for consequences (you will obey this law, or face your own decisions without help): no running away. THAT is primarily a reality of women, because each and every one: represents the possibility of adding another human face to our world: men cannot. NO MEN are allowed to intervene in their decisions/ this is strictly upon women! Men will help them/ and they will pay them in accordance with how women do choose. No excuses or the world dies. As compensation: you get to write the laws; for all to vote upon. But make no mistake: WHOSOEVER MAKES THE LAW, DOES RULE THE NATION OR WORLD. So it is no small thing.

The second is primarily about men; as the constant of grabbing more is endless/ and the construction of war ALWAYS follows. Because greed and selfishness demands it. Therefore new ways of considering how to live, and what to share, must arise.


  1. real life is about life/ not possessions. The difference is, when other people take or consume all the possessions/ then need arises, conflict erupts, and tragedies strike. As is the constant of war.
  2. Real failure is, when living does not present a punishment for refusing to do your share/ that laziness invades society, and the curse of making others your slave: or forcing them to do their share, begins.
  3. The desire of women is for more, just like men: so they many times, choose according to “how much can I get”/ what will I have, that you don’t. Men respond with: I want more, so you choose me. Women respond with: go get me more, or I won’t choose you.
  4. That represents the door: which opens into many of the costs and consequences of how and why men and women treat each other the way they do. To remove the game, and establish love, through the disciplines of respect: it is necessary to establish clear equality will be found.
  5. Justice is the demand for personal freedom/ but it comes with the acknowledgment of liberty [you cannot go beyond this limit or boundary; we have rights too]. To accomplish that, the judicial system is required to be entirely open/ and every judge can be dismissed, if found less than acceptable; to our constitutional choices.
  6. The primary law of human society is simple: DON’T MAKE ME HATE YOU! To achieve that elusive goal, people must be fair with each other in all aspects of living and working and being in society. FAIR IS: I will not do “that” to you/ if you don’t do it to me”. Life is filled with the people who scream: “he or she did that to me”/ therefore I hate them, and all the people like them; forever. Consequently the decision, and the education, and the justification to forgive as life makes that necessary must be found. Not simple/ more distinctly, pay back what you can first.
  7. By world law, we make the people; outside our nation: “leave us alone”. Don’t threaten me, don’t look here for your solution to the problems you chose to create. More distinctly: world law is about insuring the boundaries are kept, because the leaders will pay if they refuse to control their own people. To achieve that value to earth: an army of us all, must exist to enforce, NO YOU CAN’T. Which will be applied to environmental, and all earth and life foundation truths as well.

To begin the assembly of time beyond the construction of male. The reality of population must be entirely stable, or decreasing. It is that simple/ nothing less can sustain peace. That is “a woman’s job”; because they control it; and if necessary, they will create their laws; that when enforced, removes the threat of all men intervening by force. The reason is simple: women create babies/ a million men cannot create even one. It is, “a woman’s job; to be enforced by women on women as they choose among themselves”. No man intervenes; or hell may erupt.

As to all the rest; the decisions are rather simple. With a stable population, property and possession can be justified by our own choices with limited capitalism to prove how much anybody can obtain or control. Limited capitalism: is by vote, we the people choose our own limits for yearly personal income; both upper and lower as we need to do. That means: NOBODY gets to buy or obtain an army (power) against the rest. We all share the basic opportunities of our environment; and if we fail; by world law we are only allowed to war among ourselves. Which means basically all borders shall be closed: to enforce, you did this to yourselves/ you fix it yourselves. Nations or the like who do behave properly and with justice; are open to each other; world law decides.

The reality of more is simply this: without resources there is no future for life/ which means, what you take now and destroy: assassinates a child from the future. So you do have responsibilities to accept. Which does include all forms of “the least damage possible” to life, and our world.

To achieve happiness, it is fundamental: that men and women must remove the games, and work to toward the values that make being ALIVE the reward for life. Love “tops the list” of how we do that. Respect initiates the journey. Sexuality cannot remain as animals hunting prey: DO BETTER.

What we can do, “to have more” is to share the blessings of what we can do for each other and ourselves. Men divide who gets to take whatever they want with money; making a game of business, to create the boundaries. Reality proves that is lacking in stability. The value of our contributions to society, vary widely, person to person/ and cannot be considered the same; not ever. So the question of money tries to resolve that by giving someone else more or less. The end result is: many work to hard, others work to little; and the majority are forced into work they would not otherwise choose to do. BUT WHAT MATTERS TO SOCIETY IS: we need what we need, and we desire to play, or be happy, when and if we can. A need is not a want; learn the difference and decide how best you wish to proceed as a shared society; in that participation, required for all. To play is about freedoms, and it means a wide variety of choices are possible; when we share the tools and information we need to undertake our choices/ we get to recognize what our own category of freedoms truly is. Unfortunately people lack respect, and commonly play the fool; because in grade school; boys do that to each other. NOT a girl, don’t know what they do. But boys need a more vital and responsive level of teaching HOW AND WHY society needs them to learn how best to live. The current education system lacks in nearly everything. To be happy; requires that you care about others as being equal to yourself. If you accomplish that, you will achieve friends, and even lovers and that will make you happy; all but a very tiny few. Those who try and fail: need an education that is appropriate to what is lacking.

The reality is: SOME will hate, no matter what life is or is not for them; because life itself is a choice. That choice is: either you will love/ or in the opposite of that you will hate/ or life is simply about survival, and you have never picked your head off the ground far enough to learn any different. One of those three choices is true for you. The rest of human behavior is “the middle ground” as in I want/ I pride/ I power/ I die. Refusing the choice of love or hate confronts them “with the middle”; is all that is left, and it (the animal) lives or dies with time. Separating hate from love is required, for a society to be “truly at peace”.

Other elements of choice are: that all resources belong to life/ not to self; but that includes the future not just you or now. Business and industry have their incomes set aside for their work: but we limit that to the reality of need/ the truth of workers involved/ the fifty/ fifty ownership of business and industry by local society or more/ and all that is in support of obtaining balance, protecting life, and cherishing this planet as our only home. On an individual level: you can create a greater income than the maximum allowed, by training your competition; proven true. Primary ownership of resources does not preclude or limit (without truth) secondary ownership; as is the reality already in use (don’t pay their tax/ they will sell you out). The list of choices is long, and they are entirely dependent upon what each nation would choose for itself/ therefore not worth doing. But we must protect the water supplies; which means limiting all forms of herbicide, pesticide, and more. As reality limits us! One method of doing that is to begin moving vegetable farming into the cities; in high-rise aquaculture facilities. To control weeds and insects and runoff. To stop ocean farming of fish on the shore (or you will lose the sea to disease, parasites, and more)/ by releasing them, to use feeding stations (kept close) out in the open oceans. Collection of the fish by “invited trawler”; the food a resolution to use dead human bodies: so we the living, have a chance to survive. You will insulate MASSIVELY, and stop heating more than you need/ discarding air conditioning and choosing for life and planet as needed. With world law, the military will be reduced by over three fourths/ and so will their impact on all things. No more “welfare for the universities”. No more ownership of drugs (only a nation can) or genetic changes or methods by which a few own it all/ threaten us all with tragedies they create. No more monopolies in retail or other; what is best for the whole of society shall be done. One method of doing that is to establish an accounting system by which the small vendor has an equal chance: “we guarantee by this symbol; our increase over our price, shall not be more than this”. And so on. Media is owned ONLY BY WE THE PEOPLE from this point on; and every journalist is paid according to what they produce for the benefit of society, the protections of life and planet: once a story has been valued as important, you get a stipend for the next five years. Etcetera. The judiciary and the lawyers shall be graded on a case by case basis; and they shall NOT remain employed or employable, UNLESS they achieve “justice and fair play for life, planet, child, and society”.

one broad and elemental statement about relationships is:  for men, STOP making “love” to your penis/ and start recognizing the woman you are with; is NOT a toy or trophy; “but a miracle of life”.  As for women:  STOP shopping and trapping men with sex; it only devalues you. IF you don’t enter a relationship fairly, consequences will arise. No manipulation or control by devious means;  have respect (I accept you for who you honestly are), for the man you are with. He ain’t no toy or trophy either.

As to children: they are a gift/ NOT a possession; remember that and accept it as true. IF you want a relationship with your child when they get older/ THEN YOU must listen when they are a small child, and be there when they need you to participate with them in their lives. IF you desire respect from your child, and their own acceptance of your value to their lives/ THEN YOU must talk to them as they begin their own journey into adulthood; which is about 9-12. IF you wish to create a lasting friendship that will not die or be devalued over time/ THEN YOU must create their ability to recognize how best to get along in this life without you. As is the need to make their own decisions/ but the reality to do so, with the best evidence, knowledge, and understanding that life itself can provide. They must prepare for a life without you/ which means even though you might want to retain their presence in your life and time; you must make it possible for them to choose that on their own. Like it or not. Throughout the living: NOBODY gets to simply complain, you didn’t do for me what I wanted you to do for me. The reality; DO IT FOR YOURSELF, is a necessary lesson; that will aid and abet them for life. NO EXCUSES, LEARN! Then do the best you can, regardless of the rest.

In the truth of our reality as a nation or world: NOTHING WILL SURVIVE WITHOUT REALITY AND TRUTH DEFINING THE WAY. In order for that to exist, all the fantasies, delusions, illusions, tragedies of foolishness, corruption of governments, failures of the mind, curses of “we won’t care”; and constant bickering for more will end/ or life does. Simple as that. RESPECT THE TRUTH, AND LET THE EVIDENCE OF OUR REALITY DECIDE.

Which means: every threat of extinction/ every cost of being wrong/ every intent to play god by universities everywhere/ every lie, terrorism, and traitorous event that has occurred in the last fifty years or more; MUST BE REVEALED within its own truth, without compromise or lies or tainting the reality of what is real. So that we can begin again. Starting with life and planet, working for safety and peace, disciplining ourselves for a future that will support every child; and ending weapons of mass destruction/ university cult worship/ the lies of currency/ and more. Because truth is truth; and lies will never belong where truth does rule.

FIND YOUR BRAIN; which means stop believing anything you are told by media or universities: THEY LIE, to take more/ they cheat to win/ they steal to enslave/ etc. YOU MUST THINK FOR YOURSELF; and that literally requires you to balance the best we can be, with our reality, by understanding what truth can reveal. NOT WANT/ truth decides, or you will fail life itself. These are NOT “hard concepts”; which means you have been warned.

And humanity says: “I want what I want/ and I don’t want anything less, than everything I can possibly get; SO MAKE ME RICH/ OR get out of my life”. But truth replies: the day of endless resource is over/ the day of acceptable competition is over/ the reality of constant aggravation has begun/ and the reality of war peeks around the corner and will not go away on its own. Because so many want so much/ and now computers and robotics and artificial intelligence has arrived to compete with you even more. VAST AND UNENDING UNEMPLOYMENT for roughly a billion people around this world and growing is without doubt/ and it will only get worse, until a war ends all hope of survival, or a return to life. Your universities threaten Armageddon (nature in chaos)/ your universities and governments threaten TO BURN THE PLANET, just like the sun/ your water supplies are nearly gone; which will bring the apocalypse (bloodshed beyond compare) as you fight for water, and fail to survive. Resource losses/ chains of life lost/ literally a world on the brink of complete chaos and death. As did the universities choose. Yet they believe “its all good/ cause evolution will just bring life back as something else: in a billion years or so”. Sound good to you/ or is it just more science fiction? Either way: life as you have known it, is over. The choice you get to make is: LIFE, and PLANET; must come first/ or, to “HELL” with it all, the world itself be damned. CHOOSE! Because there are no second choices: one is all you get. LIFE OR DEATH: CHOOSE!

I am a messenger/ not your judge or your savior. Therefore you CANNOT choose for me/ or against me; as I am not the choice you get to make. humanity is the threat destroying this earth:  which means you are its savior/ or its satan! 


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