Do to the extreme vile disrespect, disgrace, and destruction of massive; “university is god cult worship”/ and their rendition of “everything forms from chaos, strictly by accident”.

I have asked and accepted: that we can examine the primitive environmental elements which affect us as human beings here on earth. Because nothing that exists; is by chaos (the removal of all that can become or is complex). Evolution is a construction of fools, the blind, deaf, and dumb who live only to destroy; because they want to play god. The reality of failure, the fantasy of delusions, and the curse of liars; whose underlying purpose is to destroy what exists, to make themselves god. Even though they cannot; “they believe”/ which leads them to the greatest lie of all. “yes we can”; which becomes now SATAN. (destruction of our world).

THE FOUNDATION OF LIFE IS: “YES, TRUTH CAN, that is a participation in thought”. We cannot add or subtract from that “elemental direction” without destroying something. Because truth and thought are fundamental to life. Lies are functional only to destruction.

That begins with the understanding of dimensions: NOT simply the shape of things you can see. Instead, dimensions defined: are those realities which add complexity to both experience and expressions of mass, energy, and space. The primary dimension is life; but we will not be constructing that.

The universities claim a 3 dimensional existence; because that gives space to the box (I can put stuff in here) they recognize as something to be known through the expressions and experience of manipulation. It has walls, a floor, and a ceiling so to speak; thereby the beginning of my house/ or sphere. Something I define as usable to me, therefore a value.

The fourth dimension is time itself; as this indicates movement over distance; which is our elemental recognition of life/ because without movement, we assume death. This gives humanity its dimension by constructing; the elemental space of a presence we left behind, through each moment of time we spend on earth.

The fifth dimension adding complexity to existence is light/ while the sixth is darkness. Each presenting us with a wide variety of different experiences, from which we can express different constructions of life, living, and time.

The seventh dimension, recognizes that truth purified to a state of law; constructs the spiritual world/ because law and truth identify what can or will survive.

The eighth dimension is thought, or more distinctly the critical values of participation that will lead to life.

The ninth definition of physical formation, is the addition of cold or heat; as these add a very specific ingredient to the possibilities of what mass can do.

The tenth dimension is space: our relationship, as speaks to the realities of loneliness in time or beyond.

The eleventh dimension is: our own state of decision, that isolates the fundamental desires which give rise to the identity we have chosen to become.

When combined as one; they form the human definition of time; a reality of relationships which add complexity to experience or expressions. BEYOND THAT POINT; “are the other worlds”.

Complexity is the assembling of “parts and pieces”/ that can then be used to construct the value of what we are attempting to do. Just as genetic material is the parts and pieces of constructing the physical forms of life/ without all the pieces, parts, purposes, timing, realities, laws, elements, directions, decisions; AND A BILLION MORE. Life does not exist.

The universities are satan; by the tools created and being used, their destruction of life and planet is severe, and will end in extinction; because the universities are used to destroy complexity “one piece at a time”. Thereby injecting chaos/ where none existed before. They take life and realities we depend upon for existence apart; believing they can then learn how to be gods/ and control or manipulate life, and you. They destroy societies and create confrontations to produce war. Promising lies/ delivering HELL and WORSE.

Which brings us to the decision: ARE YOU GOING TO PROTECT LIFE, PLANET, NATURE, CHILD, EVERYTHING? That is clearly under attack, by the damnation of university playing god/ OR, are you going to let them finish making all life and world extinct? Removing complexity/ demanding chaos, as is “university is god”; destroying the foundations which keep us alive. Ending the future for every child/ OR A RETURN TO REALITY. THEREBY, at least the chance to survive as life on earth. Playtime is over. The dead and the fool, have come to take control: so make up your mind, LIFE OR DEATH? Because the middle ground, of we want what we want; has failed you.

We now examine the reality of universities; as is, evolution is their god (chaos to life/ no thought, no complications involved. Plain and simple “poof” all done, except for killing off a few trillion examples of that didn’t work; which does require “a brain, to know”. Specifically, geneticists have reduced the building of life through genetics; as a two dimensional surface. “its just math”/ therefore we need not be concerned with anything else; because evolution comes from chaos. So more chaos will just create new and different life; by their delusions.

That is of course blatantly untrue, and unsubstantiated; other than adaption which is the sign of “perfect design” as is: I knew this would be needed, so it was prepared for the toolbox of life and living. Nothing chaos about it. Complexity builds life! Simple as that, the physical body is not functionally or fundamentally the result of “math”; how is that not plain? Let them prove it is not so.

More distinctly, the universities have elected to create this vaccine for their purposes; creating through their web of lies and liars/ failures and fools; the assertion this is needed; when it is not. Releasing a disease they created by altering the flu or something else; as is consistent with all those who want more power. Taking control over our world, by demanding: FEAR, DAMN YOU FEAR/ BELIEVE WE ARE YOUR SAVIORS/ OBEY OR DIE. No portion or part of that is “friend”/ rather it is enemy, proven true. Or there would be vital proven true evidence from life and reality itself/ not this one or that one died; but critical foundation elements that let us all decide for ourselves.

The simple mind says: a box (3 dimensions) is all I need! I can live inside/ or I can live outside/ or I can disassemble the box with math, to rebuild it with the pieces I know create: as physical to me.

The more complex understanding of life, recognizes: that from one identified point (occupied) in space, there is no line between two points (two-dimension), unless a relationship exists. That foundation asserts math recognizes the relationship, and identifies that a correlation between two points exists. 3 or more points expand the construction to communication between these points, in order to make a plane. If there is no communication/ no plane exists. Not unlike RNA AND DNA as the composite drawing, of this is more than math.

EVERYTHING PHYSICAL, is made out of atoms; and atoms in order to create a plane; must interact.

In order to assemble complexity as is existence of a plane; they must capture the correct “parts and pieces” to work with, or chaos will erupt. Which means the reality of an existence, in time; will disperse.

I am going to add: the primary difference between life or death, in the processing of construction: IS TIMING AND DIRECTION. These are an interaction between DNA AND RNA, as they participate together in the formation of a living mass called the bodies of life. And that does not even include, the essence called thought, or the dimensions which attach to create life.


That brings us again, to the close of this work. Establishing, as both a nation and a world; you are SEVERELY INJURED and dying; because of the choices that universities have made. PROVE THAT IS NOT TRUE, or die. Because without true change, only extinction is left. What you believe, as has always been true; has no basis or relationship to reality: UNLESS IT IS TRUE. That cannot be determined by what you want/ or what you want to believe. FAITH is the existence of truth proves reality, without lies; the consequence being, we have recognized the laws and definitions of life (miracles), that we can depend upon as our guide. Want does not govern here, only truth by the evidence of what is real, proven over time, and granted the access in you; to organize, disciplined examples of thought.


Religion hates, “that I do demand, DON’T just believe/ because all beliefs are based in want/ not truth. That does not mean, you can’t believe; as there are numerous realities which cannot be proven by human methods of conception. It does however mean: wherever truth and evidence can be used to identify the value of what we do know/ that must not be replaced with simple beliefs. By the evidence of miracles: I KNOW that GOD IS REAL/ by the evidence of JESUS, I KNOW that we are not simply born to be forgotten. By the truth of complexity that is beyond question: thought builds life/ nothing less can. But wherever the value of what we know is lacking, the acceptance of life comes first cannot be challenged/ because the cost of being wrong is too high. Wherever life comes first: GOD COMES FIRST; BECAUSE CREATION is all around us, and a lack of RESPECT is enough to cost you eternity. On a personal level, I therefore do not believe (want is abandoned)/ but I do accept, my lack of knowledge presents the disciplines that identify a level of thought exists here; so far beyond my own comprehension, that nothing other than “GOD” can be true.

While that is true for me; others, with a university diploma assert they know everything.

So the question is, can they be wrong/ could they be lying? A large asteroid will come close to our earth or moon or both in 2029:  predicted to miss earth by 19,000 miles; they could be wrong, as one tiny impact into that asteroid by something small along its path; even a shadow allowing for sunlight and radiation to occur on only one side (nine years away);  can change its trajectory. A solar flare; and suddenly things have changed; etc. While those who shout FEAR, DAMN YOU FEAR;  provide nothing of value/ and intend to cause chaos as with covid 19. Their purpose being control over you. The reality of real life evidence; like an asteroid is again:  trajectories can be changed “like a bat and a ball” with an atomic explosion in the correct position. When that explosion occurs soon enough in advance. To play with chance is not wise/ but to be clear: an absolute “space” construction of all meteor possibilities that could influence this trajectory is critical.  As if too close, too late; we no longer have options. The same being true of all other human failures:  as is mutilating nature/ trying to ignite nuclear fire/ destroying resources, chains of life/ climate warming/ habitats/ extinction of species; and all the others costs and fantasies of “university is god”.

the alternate theory of course is:  at 19,000 miles this asteroid could easily and completely destroy the ozone layer protecting this planet from intense radiation; leaving us with the biblical “skin aberrations” predicted.

the constant of course is: “unless the universities tell you what to think, media reinforces that daily/ demanding it cannot be true (unless they say it);  cause they are gods you know”.  They do particularly delight in ridicule, as is the trait of all bullies (a blight or plague to life). But one prediction they scoff at did come true: the Mayan “end of the calendar 2012” was real. More distinctly 4/1/2012 was the first true experiment that could have ignited a nuclear fire on earth just like on the sun [It burns the bond holding an atom together/ just like a chemical fire here, burns the molecular bond, to release the atomic elements]. Making life or death for this earth, unpredictable (the calendar dies) from that moment on. Machines are running, and everyday they grow nearer to turning our planet into a sun. The cost of being WRONG; is then beyond any true comprehension called human. and that of course is ONLY THE BEGINNING of the constant curse; as history proves throughout. Nature being destroyed by genetic mutilation is only one more of many descriptions. As always, “if men find a single clue, to anything”/ they immediately describe themselves as gods, and try to control the world; as fools do. They immediately describe history as fools who knew nothing, unless they agree with “us”. The Mayan calendar ends properly; because humanity has succeeded in making tools, that endanger all life and planet with extinction. Playing god, as men choose to do; ends with horrors as always: because the best they can do is “I WANT WHAT I WANT/ DAMN YOU”. Never considering the consequences past one second too late to change it now. the few control, the rest die; as is war. Changing that means:  we the people decide/ NOT “you the few”. And all the people say: YES, we know what we want/ & what we don’t want/ and that is all that matters, because we can’t all be wrong. But alas, want and don’t want; is not enough; its only guide is to fantasy/ and the delusion of lies is for fools. giving the possibility of survival a less than one in one thousand chance; that you have enough sense to accept only truth and reality can decide. NOT you, but life and planet comes first. The very last thing “Universities” have proven to choose.

But as history proves, “every single time”/ men will never be gods; apart from destruction and war; the purpose of chaos (the religion of universities; “we can’t all be wrong/ chaos will fix it”);  as history constantly proves is true.

And the universities say to me: WE, are gods next to you/ you are worthless, and a blight upon humanity. But truth demands: whenever they have managed to cross a “mud-puddle” without getting their feet wet/ they do proclaim themselves to be gods. Whereas, as I have climbed a step or two in the search for life itself; I stand at the foot of “mount everest (just for size of conception)”/ and know, I am no god; and a thousand years more is NOT enough to ascend to that level. That is the difference. In response, the universities demand Evolution is our god/ while I demand even without thinking required: that the university witch-doctor (we can dance and shout) “magic-garbage-regurgitated-sewage”/ is not enough to prove a single word. Making evolution, the curse of university; man’s greatest failure of fools. Proving the one thing they found to be true: “together: didn’t need no damn brain/ chaos destroys it all”. Whereas, as is consistent with life, order, balance, disciplines, respect, and truth: THE VALUE OF MIRACLES, so far beyond the concept of humanity as to prove “this had nothing to do with humans”. The very essence of thought, is beyond the possibilities of doubt. MAKE THEM PROVE with real world evidence and reality; that Evolution is more than the shit leaking from their own diapers.

Religion seeks better; but they are cemented in place:  because the leaders “have it good”, and don’t want to risk:  they might lose more than they gain. They want to be gods (we know everything we need to know; just believe) too. Thereby value is discarded, for greed and securities.

Religion offers to me: “you ain’t no god/ we don’t want you; YOU, are just upsetting our sheep”. After all, they just want to feel safe, they don’t want to fight with anyone, they just want to hide and run away from everything, but what they want & are thereby, willing to believe. YOU WRECK THAT/ AND WE HATE YOU, because we like this world, or at least this nation; just the way it is “mostly”. But alas; want has nothing to do with reality, and truth has little to do with pride. The value of life cannot be found in a blanket of fear/ and YOU cannot run away from a world on the edge of extinction. Which means: YOU fight/ or YOU die, as a coward, cowering to the enemy who consumes your world! Religion offers: WHERE is your great diploma/ that we should believe; YOU are NOT “perfect”/ and YOU cannot prove “you are a winner; in the games humanity plays”. WE WANT WHAT WE WANT/ DAMN YOU, for upsetting that! But alas: I offer only evidence, and provide only information that is sufficient to prove: IT IS NECESSARY, to identify the cost of being WRONG. In threats born out of universities, that are going to make life and even planet EXTINCT. The fact I demand, YOU have been warned, of your impending fate/ if you fail to investigate and prove what the future will be. Has nothing really to do with me; as from the beginning I have said; “I am simply the messenger”. Like a mailman who delivers the mail; what you find in your information, was sent to you/ not to me. I am NOT your judge, nor your savior: therefore I need not be perfect/ nor any great “winner” as you expect to follow; by believing the universities are, “your god”. Instead, reality will prove: I have simply done the work, so many others have refused. How is that “to my shame”?

To all of human life itself, as a world then: I do declare to you, that your fear here is to find out “the universities are NOT your gods”. That makes you afraid of both life, and eternity; as the safety of being told; “NOTHING alive, can go beyond time”; ends the idea of being punished, for failure. So you worship them, and believe you will escape, the eternal consequences of death: therefore as disrespectful to life as possible. But alas, you are wrong! The foundation of life in time, is the atom; which builds every body of life by truth conformed to thought. That is not an accident, and you know it is true. Arranging and assembling an infinite amount of atoms into the construction of a living mass; granted the freedoms of life; is no small thing. Humanity/ university; has no clue, to your shame: they want, what they want & by their brain, “being so small: life ends there”. Nonetheless by your own law: energy is merely transformed/ not destroyed; rather it becomes something else; unless lost to space by dissipation of order. LIFE IS AN ENERGY/ because nothing less moves. Therefore your own physics law convicts you; of being wrong. So the question is: CAN LIFE REMAIN within the framework of thought, as the order of energy becomes something else? The critical choice, opens a door I refuse to open/ but make no mistake: as it is with this day in time. The cost of being WRONG is horrendous.

I suppose, one more element of life and living must be addressed before ending this work. The Christian religion expects: JESUS to return in the last days. But HE left that as “the son of man, will come” presenting information you will recognize as uncommon. Claiming “the son of man: is by some degree a description that allows: GOD IS HERE to save this world”, once again. I AM NOT, “JESUS”/ by anyone’s description; but the message this world must be saved “Once again”; cannot be denied. Any expression beyond that, is not from me; and deserves no recognition. The influence of my learning, the realities of life and death which I have experienced, the expressions which are allowed to teach you: cannot simply be attributed to me. Simple as that. So then I leave you with your own decisions, WHICH DO NOT include me. To decide the truth: DOES THIS WORLD NEED TO BE SAVED; once again? Because men are men, and this is the best (edge of extinction) they did do. So the question is: did religion learn anything after 2,000+ years? Make no mistake; “as a messenger” I need not prove anything.

As to punishment, I will however offer you this: unless you desire eternal life, within love; you need not worry about it. Cowards do not come, only truth survives: both of these are “Your own decisions”! As to the majority, who live as an animal, whether predator or prey to the other animals; you will simply dissipate quickly from death into extinction. THAT DOES NOT mean you will escape the extinction you allowed or caused; from this earth:  nor the assassination of all future life, because you just didn’t care enough to even try.  LIFE OR DEATH FOR A WORLD, is treated differently!   IF however YOU chose hate, and destroyed or damaged a relationship between GOD and one of HIS children; chose to destroy or mutilate HIS CREATION/ the punishment for that is real, and you will not escape. Do you see the difference?

YOU, on the other hand: will prove the cost of being WRONG, by investigating the truth of what threatens you. OR, life ends.

Animals are not judged; they merely exist as time spent/ life lost.

As to me, one final conception is: that to remove all possibilities of claiming or believing that I could be “JESUS” (I am not). The realities of being trapped in the spiritual realm of female; ends that (its complicated). NEVER intended by me; but proved necessary, to balance male and finish this work. But it also proves, “any assertion of more than a messenger will fail”. Beyond that I have no clue how it ends for me. Simple as that, it is a spiritual thing and a real world thing; in me, I cannot escape. Nonetheless, I am “Biblically recognized”; in both Revelation 12:1 “the spiritual woman seen on the moon stands on something foreign, which is a man (me)”! Where the prophecy divides between what happens if men are left in charge (1-11), and what happens instead if women are allowed to lead (12-22. And then again in Revelation 17: there are two women described, the first a prostitute (universities). The second a spiritual woman who delivers the evidence of royalty; as she sits on a “scarlet beast”; to prove she is in control. I am the beast (a man, in her world now). Scarlet to prove/ to describe; what men have done to women (not me) throughout history. Verse 4-6 are the descriptions of men, and religion, regarding her; even though they cannot deny her proof. As evidence of “their voice”: being heard. They do not like the concept, they are no longer in charge. And seek to demand NO! BUT will fail. Or the world will be lost.    even so, I am not the decision you are allowed to make.  HUMANITY IS THE THREAT, UNIVERSITIES THE WEAPON, and that means:  your decision is about whether you will pay the price for life to survive on this earth/  or not?  Simple as that.

No clue, what happens to me; I am done with the work/ but the spiritual woman is not done with me.  She is going to decide, whether I like it or not. I don’t know why? 

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