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LOVE, is a discipline, not a guarantee. The cost of that truth is: we know not, how long it will last. The value of it however, is literally beyond measure, because without love/ the desire for life itself, will fade away.

Therefore the critical question is: what does cause love to fail? Love being the desire, to have, support, and sustain a relationship with another life, as one if not the most valuable treasures in your existence. The very nature of love is, to express joy and happiness through the ones we love; therefore it lifts the heart, and lets the soul ascend; beyond the measure of time.

The list of costs being destructive to love; is long, and the realities are varied. However the most common truths are the same throughout history and humanity. There are four primary costs. Each is a decision based upon: I am more important than you.

  1. To live only within want, to view all life and all decision by want or don’t want. To ignore the realities of life in favor of what you want, and to describe others according to how they fit into your wants or don’t wants. Explain, that truth has less value than want. While truth will always survive as a core foundation of eternity/ wants can never survive, as they are the basis and foundation of every lie that can or will exist. While humanity shouts “I want/ or don’t want”; as the most common way of living there is throughout all of history; thereby screaming, “my wants are not a lie”. The reality of truth is: you need not want, what truth will provide. Want illicit s the decision: to tempt, manipulate, control, threaten, steal, plot, plan, lie, cheat, hate, etc.
  2. pride forms the most common second means of describing yourself as more important than another. Because pride is the demand to play games/ and games are the demand to form “winner/ or loser”; thereby more as in arrogance & disrespect/ or less as in jealousy, revenge, etc. the purpose is to be superior/ and if not, the purpose is to define yourself as a loser, thereby “this is why, I have not succeeded”/ or by darkness: as in this is where I will get my revenge, proving you did not win. Both create the opportunity NOT to view self as a truth, formed by the realities of what we do, or choose not to do. The constant of want, which hides underneath pride.
  3. Power forms the third decision to “be superior”; as it takes the games of humanity; and terms them into a war. Power is the descent from being human, to being something else: as will create a fear/ or a violence intended to produce a fear. Power uses fear to control, and control is a want to prove I am superior; by making you do, what you would not otherwise do.
  4. Those who pass by these three are few; but they do exist and will then assemble your contribution to their lives, in whatever form best suits them according to the influences that have made a difference in their own wants. If you are perceived to want like they do; then they understand everything about you/ as you are just like them. If you do not want like they do; then they understand everything about you/ as you are still just like them. But if you do not conceive of the same as they are: then hidden behind the curtains of their mind; are all the things that enemies do. Some being overridden and useless/ while others are a danger that cannot be ignored. Gossip & bullying are used as the primary tool to illicit your response to their games; so as to determine if you are, or are not a danger to be feared. Or you are used by bullies to determine who among the people who hang with them, are to be trusted or denied.

None of these contribute to love or relationships, therefore they are about hate: the desire to remove someone from your life, by establishing why they cannot stay; even if love exists. The primary cause for that is: LOVE HAS A COST/ it requires both truth, the value of your time, and trust, along with honest and real respect; or it will not survive. Many are those, who have climbed the ladder of trust, to peer over the edge of truth, and identify love/ BUT THEN removed themselves from the cost that is your own contribution to the purity of what love must attain; in order to be eternal. Fear invades, and the heart hides; because it is not “free”.

As to life and living; without discipline, there will be no true order, and without order there can be no true balance to your relationship; sharing and caring arise because the value accepted within respect, allow that to be so. Therefore we know, to a large extent: what cannot come of a relationship, where there is no respect or discipline. Discipline is not so simple as: someone is overweight/ or refuses to be honest with their money/ or is not committed to building a life as one. Rather discipline conceives of what we care, and why we share, and gives acceptance to respect as the valid and true treasures of life, is life/ not something less. If you accept another living desire in you as a “trusted truth”/ and they you; then you have both, in fact gained a treasure worthy of spending your life with. Without truth your relationship will fail, because that means want controls it; and want brings with it all the chaos of a life without discipline or true value/ respect stands on the brink. Without trust you cannot bond to each other, because a true bond lives inside each other, and does no harm. Love is surrendering “a degree” of freedom, within this world/ so that you both can achieve a greater freedom inside each other: a reality of desire even more precious than time.

Let us then return to the conceptions of want, to ask why? The reality is, that want makes life simple; and by having life be very simple in all its considerations, there is control and manipulation to be found. “no messy truths”, as would be consistent with life, love, truth, realities, and even eternity. You can simply believe: problem solved.

The reality of pride is: by making life into a game, the essence of being alive is then limited to “winner or loser”/ and all that life can be, is then the quest of searching for the game you can win, in order to proclaim yourself as the superior one. After all, who wants to be the loser/ and if you ain’t the winner, then you are the loser in every game. Living is then very simple in all its considerations; but there is jealousy, revenge, temptations, plotting and planning, theft, cheating and more; because nobody gets to be the winner all the time. And if loser: the quest is how to make those who win/ lose anyway, “ain’t that right”. After all why should you have more, “that ain’t fair”/ so violence changes the game. Lies then prove “I WIN”.

The reality of power is: by destroying what is fair, I have proven superiority, and the game is over: I get to be god/ NOT winner, but god. Who can deny me ANYTHING; now?

When comparing my life to your life/ my influences are the basis of your influences/ my fears, your fears; and so on: the end result is that I have come first in all these things: therefore “WINNER”. By knowing what you are going to say, before you say it; I have established that as fact. Which means: LISTEN to me, because I know way more than you do: I was there first.

In all these things, RESPECT cannot be found; as each decision represents a value that can only achieve selfishness or hate. Without respect relationships do not form; or they exist, because the fear of something such as loneliness overtakes both lives involved.

LONELINESS; is a creation of time, the recognition I stand alone in the consequence that will become death. Therefore loneliness exists in all, and the need to defeat it; is a desire to hide from death. Unfortunately death will find you, regardless where you hide/ therefore wisdom searches for what will death be? As to loneliness itself: when love exists, that value does not need to hide, because we share this time, and search as one into the eternity that will become our home.

So the question is: does the desire for love, equal an opportunity beyond time, to share a home, that cannot die?

I will stop here; as reality proves, I went too far before; beyond the simple boundary of human existence/ and will limit that accordingly.

it occurs to me to revisit the realities of depression, as are associated with loneliness instead of want. Those who want, but do not attain their wants, “or don’t wants”/ become depressed by their own decisions.

Loneliness however is not caused by the demand for more/ but the reality of less, than life can be. We are all faced with the truth, our lives exist in time; and time is a distance that we are forced to travel, until death takes that freedom away. The desire for life is dependent upon our acceptance of truth, and our ability to identify the value that is sufficient to provide and sustain the reality of “going forward”/ not back.

More deliberately, freedom is not enough on its own, to sustain life or living is a value; love is required. Freedom however does present us with happiness, when our gift of life, is more than simply about “me”. The endless parade of “I, this or that or the rest”; has no inherent value beyond want, and its decision to believe in selfishness.

Loneliness examines life, and in particular your life: to explain the difference between life and death. Hate rises up to scream, “I am more important than anything else, including you”. While life rises up to understand, being alive in heart (my life is greater among “the rest of you”); grants us a ladder to ascend into love. Unfortunately, the vast majority understand heart as a herd, not a soul: which limits their ability to be human (what GOD intended for us to be).

We then shift our attention, to the decision: is life more/ or is time shared among ourselves, the best we can become? Religion expects you to believe, that what you want, is enough/ which grants the reality of many different religions to choose from. So you can have what you want, “within, limits’. People expect, that they will be unable to compete with, or for any true reward; therefore they surrender, to what they want instead. But being human in its full description, allows that we must then search within ourselves; to find the life inside our own Creation, as every miracle on this living earth does prove is there. That is the beginning of soul, and soul eliminates the vast majority of loneliness; for all those who achieve it.

So the question of loneliness is more directly tied to soul, than it is to heart. Heart finds love among “the animals” desirable/ soul finds love with GOD an acceptance in truth, that will become trust. We are then “not alone”/ and we will not face death, without a reward, that is true to your own identity as chosen here on earth.

The steps to be taken within the desire to remove loneliness, are then these.

  1. If you stop wanting, and live in truth: then your life is not measured by what you did or did not do/ judgment stops, and life goes on.
  2. If you achieve in “your heart (the foundation of a beginning love)”, the decision to respect all life, and thereby accept both humanity, and all miracles, without judgment. The opportunity to share or care beyond self will arise for most, if not all. This is a road, where you may join as a participant in the majority purpose.
  3. If you respect life, and choose truth as the direction of your path, into creation itself/ there will be opportunities to learn beyond the others; as is essential to the understanding of trust. Trust limits loneliness, only GOD can remove it. The soul is where you are recognized as a participant in eternity; it is not simple or plain. But life shared by love, because you cared enough to try.


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