Monkeys in the control room. THE FOUNDATIONS OF LIFE, ARE NOT A TOY! The biggest liar in the human universe; is built upon evolution. LIFE IS BASED IN ORDER, DISCIPLINE, BALANCE, THOUGHT, RESPECT FOR THE LAWS AND ENERGIES INVOLVED, AND LOVE, as is essential to all understanding of why. Evolution offers only chaos, accident, and time without the resolution of reality; YET THOSE WHO INITIATE AND CONTROL evolution: now offer, “they can play god”; without consequences; as is the noted religious description of SATAN on earth.

In order to understand that RNA is a critical portion of genetic creation; the extreme arrogance of fools MUST NOT control the outcome. Wake up or die a horrendous death; stop the monkeys from shitting/ pissing/ screaming/ throwing/ and doing all the things monkeys do; when finding themselves in a new situation.

So, we begin with quantum physics; and recognize

that a point in space, represents time.

That a line between two points represents the measurement or distance of time.

That 3 or more points, each connected by lines creates a two dimensional plane, that can be curved.

That 4 points or more each connected by lines, can create a dimensional environment.

And that a single point in space can be expanded to create a sphere, or its related shapes.

We then assemble the associated questions:

WHY is there time? The separation between; space and mass, gives us the required beginning and ending to the question.

WHY, is there distance? Because relationships are formed.
WHY, does a two dimensional plane matter? Mass does not exist beyond a point, without order and discipline.

Where, does three dimensions come from? This is directly related to the rise and fall of electricity. As is positive is the expulsion of flow/ whereas negative is the conduction in lines of flow, that return to an originating location. Or the opposite as the case may be. This establishes expansion: therefore it is the key to environmental rise.

HOW IS expansion formed from a single point in time? The rise of an atom, is determined by the compaction of primordial space. Contained in that form of a proton, the reality of pulling time (mass gathered) is determined by the “dark energy” (opposite of expansion/ inward force) that is OBVIOUSLY holding the atom together. Once the primordial parts are gathered, that energy of contraction surrounding the proton (neutron); has forced the expulsion of debris that is the electron/ but to do that effectively, it creates a passage through the poles of the proton, through which electron debris now flows as an outward force. It returns through conducting lines of flow, from one pole to the other. The electrons of force do not simply circle “at the equator”. They pass through the poles, thereby gaining and sustaining an energy in motion. While excess electron debris is held firmly in place around the equator, to replace an errant electron which is lost from its orbit.


the originating of dark energy will not be discussed/ however the fundamental origins of atom building, after the big bang have already been released on the websites (somewhere; can’t find it/ you can pay to have the links hooked up on the old sites; write a comment/ search for dark energy or related) or a simplified version is in the book written.

As to observational effects, on extremely tiny objects of mass: the observer represents a gravitational force not unlike “a planet to a moon, asteroid, or comet”/ the flow can be bent. Even so, the effects of electricity are foundation definitions, applied to of all mass and energy; therefore separated into “this is the positive part/ and this other is now the negative part of that same electrical construction” they will respond accordingly. YOU are positively charged on one side of your basic two dimensional plane/ and negatively charged on the other side of that plane; even though further expanded to create three dimensional space: the impact of positive or negative forces are related to the description of that plane. MORE force on front and back than the sides, for instance.

We then conceive of force as push or pull; and construct discipline through order.

The interweaving of electrons as are the necessary bindings to construct the order of atoms into larger compositions of force both shaped or applied: is dependent upon three things. Similar shapes, producing consistent orbital characteristics (proton spin/ similar energy patterns (the outer shapes and energies of its electrons)/ and whether or not the poles of the proton can be adjusted; oriented by methods which allow binding to occur. To achieve true solidity: the atoms must be aligned like chain links: one vertical, the next horizontal, and so on. How effectively this is done determines density, and flow.


the critical question is: HOW do electrons bind atoms together into shapes or flows? The critical answer is again: dark energy what pulls us together, and holds us into place/ the neutron of an atom. This is fundamentally stronger than what pushes us apart. Which grants the second phase of development in the ordering of mass. Elements represent the various differences in both power and shapes of the atoms represented by that group. Or more distinctly every element of chemistry is a development created by the differences in atomic shapes (pushing out) constructing, or energies surrounding the proton, and various wrappings composing the neutron which caused the mass to be gathered and condensed.

So, let’s imagine swinging a mass on the end of a string/ you are the anchor which keeps the mass on the end of the string from simply “flying off into space; and losing all its contained energy to gravity”. How then, does the mass signature (an electron shield) of one atom; approach the centralized pull of a second atom. The shields must intermingle, without destruction; or there will be an explosion or radiation as both are being decomposed.

The critical definition of time is: space and its primordial mass, (where does originating “blackness [light does not exist], found as the surrounding universe come from”) have been separated, into distinct differences. That leaves “holes in space” where the originating debris was to be found.

So the question turns: if there can be “holes in space”/ that then requires space to be an environment “connected” in and of itself. So the question, turns into three parts. Is the vacuum of space containing something besides mass/ does mass itself, represent life/ and is their an “eternity (shaped without time)” beyond the limits and boundaries of this universe?

The first question is obvious: as is the presence of electricity.

The second question is: the compaction of primordial debris, is not life.

The shape of life without time; is beyond the limits and boundaries of what we can understand.

We then return to “holes in universal space”; as the functional rise of electricity itself.

There are three primordial forces in existence/ a fourth completes eternity. The three are: the 2 dimensional motion that constructs an action or reaction (push)/ the opposites attract, as is consistent with light and dark (pull)/ and the electrical effect (complexity rising).

Push is not three dimensional until electricity is involved; meaning it has only one choice, either this way/ or that way.

Pull is not three dimensional until electricity is involved. Since it does not occupy the same defined space as motion/ it is a vertical expression of that force compared to then horizontal effect of its competition force called motion.

That leaves electricity as the fundamental source of three dimensional constructions.

Descriptions have already been given regarding how shapes and wrapping influences chemistry/ as well as how primordial mass was collected into one “big bang elemental description”.

We then turn too: the core grid, that controls the universe of laws. The interference of forces between push and pull, light and dark; represent all constructions of our physical world in time: by adding the complexity of electricity. The core grid (interrelations between the vertical dimensions and the horizontal dimensions) create a 3rd dimension; laws limit what electricity can do, or not do.

Three basic laws exist.

  1. There is a space between an action and a reaction, which balances the impulse and directs the flow.
  2. There is a space between the creation of light or dark; which balances the crush of effects.
  3. There are holes in the participation of a core grid, which allow for interference in that flow, for either force.

The critical question is then: what can occur without balance present?

The critical answer is: spin, the conservation and control over energy as the electrical effect occurs. Laws rise up. Three are distinct/ one is essential to human life.

  1. What is at rest tends to stay at rest, until an energy source affects it
  2. What is in motion tends to stay in motion until an energy source affects it.
  3. Gravitational energy controls relationships
  4. cold and hot form the boundaries of life and death.


I will finish the rest, when it seems useful to me.

Instead of that, I will shift to something more valuable; as is the conception of eternal life.

While the examination of disciplines, cannot be left or understood as, “unquestionable”; we can assemble some degree of certainty.

The elemental creation of life beyond time; is as truth will allow here on earth. That life is thought and energy combined into the freedom of movement which gives us choice, and allows for desire. The body is an environment that controls the basic reference of our time on earth, and presents the basic feedback, that is a lesson in what our choices will become as a consequence to the decisions that we have made. What is love asserts a direction, and a value that is either “a treasure” to you/ or it is not, as chaos will attest is hatred, becoming destruction and violence.

These are the four elements (thought/ body/ choice/ consequences) most in use, as a description of human life. The other elevations of time through life, as are without hate; construct a destiny shaped by our desires. Desire then conceives of eternity, and thought reveals the relationships we must achieve to experience or express that destiny within ourselves; by the treasures we have accumulated on our own.

We then shift to assert and accept: what those treasures for life, can be?

RESPECT is the foundation of every relationship, without it, there is no relationship, simple as that. Therefore RESPECT YOUR CREATOR AS IS CONSISTENT WITH JESUS is our guarantor, of not simply being, discarded or left behind. There is no other figure written of in history, that can be identified with that claim: believe it or not.

LOVE was HIS TRADEMARK of participation as written; and it is without doubt that HE did change the direction of this human world; thereby teacher, and even friend. Love is a grace, that allows for each to be equal; even if reality cannot prove that true. The passion for value attests, it is not necessary to be equal, in order to have value.

DESIRE is the element that shapes the direction of your decision, when it is governed by a distinct purpose. Once that purpose is established, desire moves you to participate, even if you are afraid. The identity of those who do, is then subject to the value of your own purpose, by its real life desire and acceptance of courage.

COURAGE does not envelop us all; it is your own personal decision, to accept the consequences for the decision you are about to make, or is being forced upon you to accept. COURAGE steps within death, as a value only GOD can correct. Therefore it is by your choice to accept GOD IS REAL that critical elements of courage will arrive. None should expect that death is simple or without confrontation beyond anything known to human; because it is more than that. But the miracles of life itself, the reality of planet and environment are fundamental proofs; there is more to life than time.

TIME is your option to participate as best you can, to search for understanding: thereby creating the foundations upon which your eternity may rise or fall.

ENERGY, is what gives movement, and creates force in mass, heat, cold, and life. It is not simply “the kinetic response: because something must create the initial truth, by which all of movement, in everything, responds.

TRUTH IS THE CRITICAL SOURCE, of whether you can survive or fail.


There are more, but I stop here for now.

We then take these 7 treasuries of time; to construct, the home of heart and soul.

That begins,

I AM STOPPED; why is not relevant.

I will NEVER ask those questions/ the work is over, unless required to begin again.

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