The challenge of life, is time/ but the challenge of time is living as the essence of life, “being alive”. While all things physical are about time, the foundation of all that life in time or beyond; can become: is as thought will allow. The difference between life and alive is love. The tragedy of life without love; is a desperation to fill the void, of what can my life become? A reality divided between want, pride, power/ or its consequence, as is hate; which then causes thought to descend “that human”, into chaos. In those words we identify the truth, that we are in charge of our own destiny/ by the decisions we make, or the path our thoughts will take, when confronted by time. Limits and boundaries are the substance of an identity/ discipline, order, and balance assemble life into the framework of our own construction as conceived by our choices. It is elemental, that thought ultimately controls all functions and foundations of that identity. And it is identity that forms destiny beyond time. Therefore the quest is: to understand how, why, what, where, when, and who produces the variance and crossroads; of a life destined for love/ or a life left behind in chaos by hate/ or a failed existence that cannot choose its own direction, and is left behind to dissipate, as if you were never there.

We begin in that decision: to understand, the foundation of love is a desire, that forms the trust needed to accept love as the value we share with life, as caring will allow us to participate in that relationship; we gain or lose our first steps. Love requires courage; because it does not allow for fear to separate us. Therefore truth must be the anchor of our lives, as nothing less will balance the flow between our lives. We then understand: we are participants in love, because we chose to accept the value of what that relationship means; by the identity of our trust. We form trust, because truth allows it: therefore we find in that truth of our time shared, that the balance of who we are together forms the decision, how we care. Nobody shapes their own life in love, because love needs a value to know desire, and where that search must lead us. Desire is a destiny, therefore a path into the energies that are the definitions of an environment without time.

Hate in contrast is a personal decision, shaping your world; by the decisions you made. Discarding trust/ denying truth/ destroying disciplines, balance, and order: the value of violence is proven; to be the fear you can control. But it will fade into oblivion, and terrors will rise in its place.

Fear causes people to want: “time is enough for me/ give me everything I want”{because I do not accept eternity is possible}. Therefore the people who “sit on the fence”; are those who want both love and hate; as that gives them the greatest range of experience and expression possible in a herd or pack; as human life in time. To alleviate the boredom, life must be a game/ if not forced, survival itself! But alas, there is nothing in time, that can survive beyond “a moment lost”; death is its proof.

So the critical question is: can eternity be proven true?

That is an answer only thought itself can resolve; because people who hate, have already descended past the point where time matters to them. People who want have already made the decision that time is all they want; and what is or is not eternity does not matter to them. And the people who love, cherish the value of a relationship with their Creator; because the source of love itself, is both heart and soul. These are gifts from GOD and you will not inherit them, unless you accept the value of “being ALIVE”.

ALIVE means: time has lost its meaning, CREATION has earned its own! Therefore we search into the treasuries of love, to identify where we “live beyond self”. The essence of a universe, means to construct a value where living is never bored. Where freedom is never bound. But where identity rises within the limits and boundaries of our own true desires, to protect us; from our own extinction. As energy is ultimately neither friend or enemy; but a value that can never be ignored. It is, what it is; which means we must accept and respect the critical laws that are true.

Elements shape us: because they are governed by law, examples of what an atom, and its energy can become. All of chemistry, and most of biology and planet are constructed from those things. Thought allows us to encompass the construction of law, by our own identity, as would serve us best. Without an anchor, thereby to remain stable regardless of the storm; we will be lost into this universe. Therefore we must accept an anchor, and be bound to the endless desire that hold can give. GOD IS THE ANCHOR of our universe, and our lives. Without HIM we do not exist. As is the elemental truth called RESPECT. JESUS is the guarantor: we were not given life to be abandoned. JESUS is the guide, to all things love can become.

Unlike religion chooses to teach: JESUS spent his nights after preaching or teaching the crowds/ in a tent with seven women. The disciples who surrounded that tent in order none could surprise JESUS or the women; became jealousy. So we ask of religion: why would HE be considered celibate? The answer: religion likes that better, so they adjusted the story to comply. Being human; it is easy to see why, because one man and one woman; “is trouble enough, love enough; for both/ most of the time”; in so many ways. But the story itself, loses something when you rearrange it to your own desires or design: how is that not so? I personally regard it, by the cost of what he was doing in those crowds of people. To take upon himself, the problems of someone else. I prayed once; to share the cost of what troubled another/ and learned how truly hard that was: and I never did it again. HE, accepted the cost of “how many; I don’t know”; but clearly a reality, that had to be removed in the night/ because the next day or so, he was doing it again. Or more simply; as is always the case of gossip/ just because we known one tiny thing; does not mean we know anything of substance or value as would be the truth of their own situation. It is not for us to judge/ nor is it for religion to judge. Rather the value of HIS LIFE, speaks for itself.   

Religion says: WE DON’T like this/ “we want what we want to be true; pure as the driven rain so to speak”. But they do avoid the truth: the only true temple of GOD  {where Creation meets life}  on earth, “is woman”/ the only true worshiper in that temple is man, by the honesty of his love: nothing less will do. Religion does not like that either: because it is a reality of equality between the sexes, that does not give men superiority. Since they don’t like “lots of things”; I will add this one, “for conversation”. The symbol of “a romantic heart”, is well known, and does not represent a physical heart. However, if a male raises his knees toward his chest, “there in the middle, minus one item”; is the sign of where that symbol comes from.

I leave you with one final statement of reality: starvation is not kind, neither is war, or the realities of Hell. As is the consequence of making media your savior/ universities your god. CHOOSE BETTER, or the end of this world will come. And no amount of begging or pleading or sacrifice will matter; because religion too; has made these their gods as well. Go to court, and investigate your realities: MAKE DECISIONS FOR LIFE AND WORLD COME FIRST/ NO GAMBLING WITH EITHER. RESPECT, or nothing will be left for you, but death!

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Jim Osterbur

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