VERY SOON; we begin the final descent into chaos; that is, “the university serpent, encircling its prey”.

Ultimately the serpents surrounds the pit of animals, that have lost their ability to survive/ as they see their world in only a very tiny focus of “its all about me”.

The critical construction is quite common to all of history. Humanity plays a game, of winners and losers/ as all try to become “rich (let the others be my slave)”. That always results in only a few now hold all the prizes/ and they having lost interest in the game; turn to reducing the others to tears. While the majority (the prey) now facing the truth of their losses; because they were willing to play: begin to plot and plan and take control away from their predators (the rich).

As is the result of this day, the pit of animals forms like this: the prey (lets call them democrats) having rising past the level of containment by population growth/ form a battleground through government; which then lets them take control by a vote. They then attack the predators (lets call them republicans); who scream I HAVE WEAPONS/ you can’t take my stuff; “I am the winner”. But the prey don’t care; because they want more than they have.

The serpent lies in wait, constantly screaming: FEAR/ FEAR/ FEAR; and then BELIEVE IN DEATH. Because that gives them control over the individual. And once the individuals are separated by their fear from the group: the feast soon begins. Because control is established, once the head is encircled by its own tail: the gate is closed. Chaos takes over, as all resources end. The republican predator no longer sees a purpose to the fight for more/ the game is dead. While the democrat prey who is absolutely dependent upon the predator for its food source: finds themselves without a source to attack by over population. The crisis now begins, as the serpent waits for each individual it will attack as they separate from the herd, into fear and belief/ or in the case of republicans try to escape as a predator would (with teeth bared, and weapons raised. So the war begins; because chaos cannot be contained.

Now the serpent simply waits for the animals in their pit to kill themselves; making the feast extremely easy to gorge upon. A serpent because: it needs no immediate meal/ it can wait; because it has already feasted long and with ease; so it is fat: on all the realities and resources, stolen from the rest.

The animals are trapped by their fears. The predators are trapped by their beliefs. The serpent accepts “he is god over his self induced chaos”/ but is unaware, life on earth has changed; and there will be nothing left for it either; as all will perish in the cost of chaos; as it takes control, as war across the boundaries all over this earth. Because over population cannot wait (starving for more)/ and the rich cannot surrender (war; fear us) without joining those who are in chaos and crisis; because the competition is severe, and the resources are now few.

To shift from extinction, back to the slightest possibility for survival: the serpent must be undone, and may even need to be destroyed. Because the foundation of life is nature and it is under horrendous attack by the serpent of university is god. Because the function of living, is absolutely tied to the realities of this planet: and the entire planet, resources, chains, everything: is under attack by the serpent of university is god. These serpents of university have indeed been extremely fundamental to the road of human decisions that have become “a thousand threats of extinction”/ we now face as a planet. But they are not alone; as all of humanity worshiped them, and even plagued them with “just do more”/ so we can play like gods too: ending with 99% all concluding “I will die/ before I have to pay all this chaos back”. Alas for them: “as is, apparently they died”/ because the bills are due.

That leaves us without leadership of any kind: which animals CANNOT endure/ they must have leaders, because the majority hate to be responsible for their decisions. INSTEAD they worship the idea, let someone else/ and then we can hate them for making a bad decision; or like a hero’s welcome; we can cheer for an hour/ and then move on, to forget these ever existed; as is constant.

THAT MEANS: WE STAND ON THE EDGE OF EXTINCTION; because world war CANNOT be undone. Weapons of mass destruction will insure it/ endless masses of humanity that cannot be turned back, will enforce it. Neither can the planet survive what you do: so the choice is change or die. Neither can nature survive: men taking control over life itself; as is, a university plays god.

CRITICAL CHOICES THEN EXIST: do you want to die/ or do you want to change? And humanity says: I DON’T WANT TO DIE/ AND I DON’T WANT TO CHANGE: AND YOU CAN’T MAKE ME. SO THEIR TRUE DECISION IS EXTINCTION, because without change, there is no future or potential for life on earth. The quest to ignite the same fire as is on the sun here on this earth: will absolutely insure that: with FIRE! BUT, truth and reality know: this is the choice of men, as history proves it is so. History also proves: men will lie, and say they commit to change in order to resurrect their options to play the games they love. BUT ONLY TRUTH CAN SURVIVE NOW, AND THEY WILL FAIL ENTIRELY.

FINAL CHOICES THEN EXIST: they list as: WILL you surrender want, so that truth itself (as best we can by the evidence) can lead? WILL you surrender pride, so that reality can live without a game (so that a future can be found)? WILL you surrender the thirst for slaves, trophies, toys, and trinkets (so that we can share, and find justice for all: OR, WILL there be HELL on earth? Because the door is ready to open; and it will not be closed.

FINAL CHOICES: include, NEVER again seek to play god with anything/ NO EXCEPTIONS. NEVER again seek to gamble with all life on earth. NEVER again, try to be god over life. NEVER again let want control the future/ or pride control the living. RESPECT LIFE AND PLANET AND GOD! NO EXCEPTIONS.


And all of humanity says: “we hate you for this”/ BECAUSE WE WANT WHAT WE WANT; and you begin to make us fear, we cannot retain that option.

But like all lies; the truth in that statement is very minimal; because the reality is “you chose to pay me no heed at all”/ as you drove yourselves to this cliff overlooking your own extinction. The reality is: you do NOT fear me/ nor am I the cause of your fears; because I did not threaten you at all. Throughout the forty prior years: my only demand was, STOP DESTROYING THIS EARTH/ AND GO TO COURT TO PROVE WHAT IS TRUE. Yet you refused that entirely, and are now faced with your own evidence, or what humanity did choose to do. You are faced with your own cult worship of university is our god (including religion)/ and must now choose for life; or you will inherit DEATH. None of those decisions, discarding truth for want: are a reality attached to me. As from the beginning, what is true is true, I am a messenger telling you “CHANGE OR DIE”! Simple as that.

The summary is simple: you can choose to kill me, as that would be the desire of many/ but it will not save you. And it would take away another possibility, ending the option “perhaps you can survive”? If you would turn to your Creator with RESPECT/ then perhaps I can be used (as a messenger), to help you understand; the value of your choices, “in a different light”.

Either way: I am not your savior/ nor can I save this world. I am simply, “the messenger: YOU have your chance, to change”. WHAT YOU CHOOSE, is entirely by your own design, decision, desire, and purpose. That quite literally has nothing to do with me/ and you know, that is true.

On a personal level; I have proven to be, “an investigative reporter; of the kind that the founders of democracy had in mind”. I search, and report the evidence of my findings, as they relate to the decisions that must be made to insure both life and nation should survive. The fact you do not find that interesting: but wallow in selfishness and greed; is not my concern. I can only do, what I can legally do.

As to more distinct measures of life as a human being: I will repeat one last time/ that after searching for even the slightest possibility that men could save this earth from extinction: I FOUND NONE.

Therefore, I turned to women; and asked them to help me find a way/ they refused, scoffing just like men, “you can’t do nothing”. So I turned to the spiritual world, and in time then turned to female in that world; simply to ask the question; WHAT WOULD women do to save this earth?

But it turns out: as is a constant of the spiritual world (where only truth survives) / you cannot learn, unless you participate. And men will never be able to understand women/ because they are ultimately from a different dimensional space in time or truth. Nonetheless, I was pushed into that spiritual world, and as is constant in the spiritual realm: CANNOT escape it, unless I truly do learn what it means to be female. Not a game/ not really a choice: a last ditch effort, to find the solution this planet needs to survive the cost of men.

Even so: I remain FAR LESS than able to understand, what female truly means; even though my life has dramatically changed. NOT transgender, homosexual, or any other description of perversion: I am simply confronted by “different truths”/ which must be understood before I can proceed. BUT, the problem is: I now live in a different spiritual dimension, and even if I learn “exactly what it means to be female”/ I will still be living in their dimension; and the passage leading into here was permanently closed in my presence. No going back, utterly trapped, with no possibility of escape. No clue how it ends, or even how it proceeds from here. Reality suggests, “it would be impossible for anyone, to be ; more surprised than me”. THIS SEVERE WARNING IS REPEATED: no male is “sexually allowed here/ NOT by any cause or reason or fantasy” (if you were not born with female parts and pieces/ you are NOT female). At the cost of your eternity in HELL/ YOU WILL respect that single boundary or pay more than you can imagine. Whatever the cost or prize or consequence: “it is, between female and me”. Male is not found here; you have NO say/ YOU have NO sexual rights here: or the price will be “unending terrors”. This warning applies ONLY to that one issue of life, between other males and me! That is NOT a temptation; no trophy to be won; or other; only the cost of being WRONG. it is a warning, NOT given or enforced “ by me; as I have very few rights or realities of choice; in this place, where women rule. ITS COMPLICATED!

I NEEDED FEMALE, to help me fight for this world/ male ran out of options or possibilities; a doomed planet (nothing left but war: a guaranteed failure for life)! SHE NEEDED ME TOO; to fight for this world, for women on earth: so we joined forces! THAT IS over: we have accomplished our goal. Where I go from here, is beyond me.

In contrast to that: I am told, “let women try to lead”! In the valley of the dead, as where we stand on this day: THAT CANNOT BE AS MEN OR THEIR UNIVERSITIES LEAD. But must turn to the evidence of female, and understand: together, they can resolve what they accept as the value law would give to life and governments/ identifying change as would then be voted upon by all. IT IS THE LAW THAT RULES SOCIETY/ but it is the resources that rule over life. So the question of want dies/ and the realities of truth and justice will decide what they can or cannot do for this world.

That, ends the discussion of my life/ my work/ and my time on this planet destined: for either life or death, by the choices of humanity. As we are far too many people; for any other educated decision to allow, as truth!

As for you: as it was in the beginning, YOUR DECISION: must be to research the evidence, and decide if you can survive ALLOWING PEOPLE TO MAKE DECISIONS, WITH CONSEQUENCES THAT POINT TO YOUR OWN EXTINCTION. BECAUSE WRONG MEANS; you have no further options to change your mind.

IF YOU DECIDE: WE MUST NOT, let these people be wrong/ we MUST protect life, future, planet, chains, resources, oceans, and SO MUCH MORE! THEN YOU have no other choice, but to work, choose, and legally do all you can do for the sake of all life on earth/ including every future life and child. That means you will stand up and be recognized/ you will work and communicate our need to learn what is true (as best we can). And make decisions as WE THE PEOPLE, for our world/ as a world. Because nothing less will save this earth. THAT IS YOUR DECISION, I HAVE ALREADY MADE MINE: to work for life and planet and a future that could survive.

IT IS NOTED, AND WILL PROVE TRUE: that the evidence itself, will decide what our reality can survive/ whether you make a choice or not. Your lies have run their course; TRUTH will decide/ your games are over. Our best effort to understand the choices we can make/ the consequences we must endure: is the only chance we now get, to survive as a world. Or, if you prefer to do nothing/ and let this earth die: so shall truth prove that true as well. My job includes the message: THERE WILL BE NO SECOND CHANCES! CHOOSE, and accept your decision; as you have chosen/ and the reality, you have believed “you and the universities can play god”. OR BACK AWAY FROM YOUR DISGRACE/ END YOUR DISRESPECT: AND RETURN TO LIFE COMES FIRST.

As to the countless tragedies of “all scream in fear, for covid”/ as is media propaganda. The critical truth is: YOU CANNOT “shut down the world”/ to either save the elderly or the sickly or the few who happen to be on the wrong side of the immunity spectrum for this disease. In a world of 8 billion people/ and crashing resources: death must come, for those who are “in the path”. I do not say that lightly, “as I am 67 years old; family and friend are old; etcetera”. Death is NEVER a small matter. But this world must live; and if anyone has to die/ who better than the old, or very sick? Life is not a game; eternity is not a joke. Fearing death will NOT make it go away: therefore decide to participate. Which literally does mean: in the moment your life is leaving you, GO WITH IT INTO ETERNITY/ because if you turn back to this earth, wanting: you have been left behind. Time dissolves all death, and that will be true of you then as well. ETERNITY CHERISHES LIFE BY LOVE/ and hates chaos, as is less than love by truth. Keep it in mind; because you only get one single choice.


You will CHANGE the fantasies of “university is god”/ and revoke the concept of “NOBODY dies of old age”! Reverting back, to EVERYBODY THAT DIES PAST THE AGE OF 65; dies of old age, and shall not be counted by any other source of cause. AS IS THE PATH OF NATURE KNOWS BEST! Whether you like it or not/ the world itself comes first.

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